2019 NFL Draft Denver Broncos big board 2nd round

Here below my own Denver broncos bog board for the second round:

School Height Weight Projected My Round Broncos Take
Drew Lock QB Missouri 6’4” 223 1st-2nd 1st – 2nd Rumored to be the most liked Qb by the Broncos in 2019 class. Has good patience, able to read downfield, has the legs to move around a bit if pressured. Has good but not superquick release of the ball. Inconsistent with decisions at times, could get a bit confused by pressure. Can make great throws in small windows and then take very bad decisions the very next play. Inconsistent.
Damian Harris RB Alabama 5’10” 214 2nd 2nd Very good patience and visión. Very good body language. Has some speed and burnst to get across the hole, able to take one cut and go. Good hands as a received out of the backfield or as pressure escape valve. Does not fear contact and is able to get some extra yards after first contact. The Broncos won’t be in the market for RBs but Harris has the talent to be a very productive running back for long time on a west coast offense as the Broncos look to bring back.
Jawaan Taylor OT Florida 6’5″ 312 1st 2nd Has great size but looks less athletic than ideal for a NFL LT. Very powerful and strong in the running game. Quick at the snap, set up quite well and is able to keep the block engaged with the pass rusher in pass protection.
Jachai Polite OLB Florida 6’2″ 258 1st – 2nd 1st Has just average size for a 3-4 OLB and a bit undersized for a 4-3 DEin the NFL. Has speed out of the snap and great acceleration. Has the possibility to become a consistent pass rusher in the NFL. UPDATE: Elways said that the Broncos don’t have any 1st round grade remaing on the board, so either they actually graded him lower or they don’t have him on the board
C Gardner-Johnson S Florida 6’0″ 207 1st – 2nd 1st – 2nd Has good size and looks athletic. Looks to be costantly on top of the play and has the quickness to shed blocks and make plays on the LOS. Looks to be a solid tackler and really physical player. Can cover also. Complete player that might have to bulk up a bit for the NFL but looks to have great talent. Played also gunner in special teams.
Lonnie Johnson CB Kentucky 6’2” 210 2nd – 3rd 1st – 2nd Aggressive tackler that is able to make quite good tackles on open field. Has good quickness and acceleration to come in run support and plenty of athleticism to go and tip jump balls. Quite fluid running in pass defense. Played a bit more of zone concepts in Kentucky but looks fluid in his footwork to at very least become the starter as nickelback.
Trayvon Mullen CB Clemson 6’2″ 190 2nd – 3rd 1st – 2nd Phisical corner that is very dynamic. Lacks elite athleticism but is very quick to get to the receiver just after the ball hits him being able to break up passes and delivers hits that results in incomplete passes. Has great size and makes it matter when he can with receivers. Lacks elite athleticism but is quick and fast, has no fear of tackling in run support and makes good tackles on open field.
Austin Bryant OLB Clemson 6’4″ 271 2nd – 3rd 1st Had pectoral injury at the combine. From his tape he’s a 1st round pick. He has some issues at times shedding blocks even thought he’s big and looks powerfull he can’t get out of the blocking T at times. Other times he flashes out from the outside and can cut back in the inside. Looks to always make a play in the backfield. Not mauch experience in coverage, more of a pass rusher or Dline defender at Clemson. The Broncos need quelity depth at OLB, I don’t think thta they will use a 1st round pick at OLB, but if he slides to the third because of his injury, he could be targeted there early on by Denver. UPDATE: Elways said that the Broncos don’t have any 1st round grade remaing on the board, so either they actually graded him lower or they don’t have him on the board
Julian Love CB Notre Dame 5’11” 193 2nd 1st – 2nd Has average size in the NFL even a bit short iof to play man to man with number 1 receivers. Lacks elite speed but has very good body balance and is quite explosive in changing direction. A figther in coverage, spend most of his game on a island. He’s very stcky and is able to tackle quickly after the catch. Good enough tackler in open field. Kind of corner that the Broncos could be interested to brings some depth as a rookie and then a starter in year two or three. Underrated cover corner.
Byron Murphy CB Washington 5’11” 189 1st 1st – Top 10 Has good size and athletic skills, very fluid backpedaling and can change direction fairly easily. Loses track at times of where the receivers are placing themselves. Played in a zone scheme oriented defence but can play man to man due to his athletic skills and his speed (not the speediest but very good). Can be physical and impositive as the Broncos are rumored to like. I think that this trait will be important to be on Denver board coming draft weekend. UPDATE: Elways said that the Broncos don’t have any 1st round grade remaing on the board, so either they actually graded him lower or they don’t have him on the board
Dalton Risner OT Kansas State 6’5” 300 2nd 2nd Has very good size and body type. Looks to be able to put up more pounds if asked. Has quiestionable feet and backfooting, a bit stiff in pass protection, lacks elite athleticism and balance. Looks to be better suited at OG in the NFL and then maybe at RT. looks powerful and dominant in run protection. Looks quite ready to go at the NFL level, the Broncos are looking for OG help and T depth and he could be the perfect combo. They may have to trade up at the end of round 1 if they wants to secure him, he might not be there when the Broncos will select in the 2nd round that is where they might naturally look at him.
Marquise Brown WRS Oklahoma 5’11” 185 1st – 2nd 2nd Has great athletic skills and speed. Also explosive and very aggressive on the field. Looks like a perfect outside receiver athta has also teh quickness to run inside routes. Injured is ACL training for the Draft so I might fall some in the draft. No signs of blocking skills. I think that the Broncos might have him on their board if their doctor clear him out, and He might have a 1st round grade, even though after his injury he won’t be in conversation at 10th overall. But in the 2nd round he might be the target.
Cody Ford OG Oklahoma 6’4″ 329 1st 1st Has very good size, looks a mauler in college game. Very powerful and sturdy player that looks solid on his stances and that can be a great run protector. I think that he could be targeted at 10th overall from the Broncos and started at RG as a rookie with the chances to be playes at RT and LT if necessary. He would then compete for a T spot down the line. Looks like the best T in the class. UPDATE: Elways said that the Broncos don’t have any 1st round grade remaing on the board, so either they actually graded him lower or they don’t have him on the board
Nasir Adderley S Delaware 5’11” 200 1st – 2nd 2nd Has average size for a NFL S, played at a lesser level in college. Is a sideline to sideline type of S, quite rangy, lacks elite explosion and change of fdirection but looks quite fast and has some speed. Quite fluid coming in run support and good tackler in open field. Has some issues at times understanding his gap when coming in run support. Lacks elite athleticism. I think the Broncos could see the good tackling but would wait until the 2nd round before evaluating selecting him.
Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina 5’11” 214 2nd 2nd Very athletic and thick receiver that can play in multiple positions at the scrimmage. Looks more like an outside receiver potentially being deep target although does not create anough time separation by pure speed or running routes. Has very good vision plays very well the screen. Lacks a bit of physiscality ans will to block. From Bronbcos standpoint he could be the new Emmanuel Sanders as type of players but would need to see if he’s team oriented as Sanders finally is or not. Surely a weapon that if Sanders could not recover from his achilles would be very interesting to see playing in orange & blue.

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