2019 Denver Broncos Big Board 1st Round

The following is my personal Denver Broncos Big Board, as per the 1st round:

Prospect School Height Weight Projected My Round Broncos Take
Rashan Gary Michigan 6’4″ 277 1st 1st – Top 5 Great size and power. Has some very good quickness at the snap and looks to have enough athletic skills to dominate at the LOS. Makes less big plays that what could be expected from his talent level but battled back injury all year. Still powerful and stout, has very good quickness for a guy of his size. Could become a force in the NFL both in pass rushing and run blocking. If he’d fall to 10th overall the Broncos could pull the trigger but I don’t see them trading up for him.
Devin White LSU 6’0″ 237 1st 1st – Top 5 Athletic, explosive, fast and plays very confident and focused. Lacks a bit of size but is a sideline to sideline linebacker and is able to get after the QB too.
Montez Sweat Mississippi State 6’5″ 260 1st 1st – Top 5 Maybe the best talent I saw up to now for this draft. Pure explosive edge rusher that has quickness, speed, athleticism and plays aggressive. Great size, perfect for 3-4 OLB position, dis not drop in coverage much in College and won’t in the NFL either. He has little less of athleticism than Von Miller coming out of college, but just a bit. He will be selected in the top 5 or top 3. The Broncos will need to tradu up and given that last year they drafted OLB at 5th overal, I don’t see it happening this year. Still best pure talent.
T.J. Hockenson Iowa 6’5″ 251 1st 1st – Top 5 Smmoth route runner, has very good athletic skills for a guy of his size. Catch the ball very naturally being able to defend the catch with his body in the catch process. Good inline blocker, not shy at contact and at blocking. Can be line up as inline blocker, WR, HB: brings a lot of flexinility in terms of scheme. Can be a seam catcher. Will bring size missed matches. I think the Broncos know that if he’s one of the top talent in this draft class. They should not be scared by the position and at 10th overall, in case he’s still on the board, take him as he’d most probably the best player available and one of the biggest need in the team.
Noah Fant Iowa 6’4” 247 1st 1st – Top 5 Has very good size and he’s very athletic. Has burnst at the snap, runs very smoothly down the field, understand route running and is able to make sharp cuts. Can play inline, at the slot and as H-back. Has some blocking skills but will need to become more powerful in order to keep better balance with his lower body. I think the Broncos like him a lot. He is the complete package for a west coast offense: he’s athletic and strong enough, has good hands and runs quite good routes. Needs refinement but look to be day 1 ready. Still I don0t see the Broncos selecting him at 10th overall, they should trade down or something big has to happen to let him be still there in the second round when the Broncos select. Most probably Denver will have to trade up in the middle twenties in the first round in order to select him and still he might be gone then already. A player whose best traits suit perfectly what the Broncos look for at the position.
Ed Oliver Houston 6’2” 288 1st 1st – Top 10 Has thick body, undersized for a NFL DT in modern NFL. Played NT or DT1 at houston. Received double teams almost on every plays and when on one to one was always able to create much havoc in the backfield either by pushing back the Olineman or passign though him with explosion, quickness and power. Able to hustle and to get tackle 10 yards down in open field. Plays until the whistle. He looks very undersized but is very explosive and could be really impactfull in the NFL. I won’t like the Broncos to trade up for him, but at 10th overall he could be a good target. Too much undersized for being a sure thing, still great motor and great football player.
Josh Allen Kentucky 6’5” 262 1st 1st – Top 10 Great size, very athletic and powerful. Does a good job against the run and has great football instincts. IMO lacks the speed to be a consistent pass rusher in teh NFL. Has the body type, athletic skills and power to become a very solid starter at OLB but he’s no Von Miller. Will the Broncos use a 1st round pick on him, no, even if he slides (which he won’t because to me this draft class is lacking of elite talent) because denver used a 1st round pick on Chubb last year. Sill he’s a solid 1st round pick, even thought I don’t think he would be a top 10 pick in a more talented draft class.
Clelin Ferrell Clemson 6’4″ 264 1st 1st – Top 10 Has great size and elite athleticism. Better suited to play 4-3 DE, in the 3-4 scheme he should become a DE rather than an OLB because of his body type. Has very good speed and quickness coming off the snap, lacks a bit of pass rushing movements, he’s very effective and powerful against the run. Create havoc in the backfield. The Broncos might be interested at 10th overall maybe even moe if they trade down to the teens and he’d still there. It is Gotsis contract year and Ferrell athleticism is unmatched on denver Dline.
Quinnen Williams Alabama 6’3” 295 1st 1st Has very good quickness and lateral movement for a player of his size. Hable to use hands quite well against college level Olinemen. Very stout against the run, able to devine the block and move laterally and with power. Lacks quickness and explosion to be  as impactful in the passing game. Lacks idea size for the Broncos at 6’3”. To high pick for a run stuffer DE for the Broncos. Still a 1st rounder but I don’t see the hype os a top ten pick. Solid mid first round selection.
Jachai Polite Florida 6’2″ 258 1st – 2nd 1st Has just average size for a 3-4 OLB and a bit undersized for a 4-3 DEin the NFL. Has speed out of the snap and great acceleration. Has the possibility to become a consistent pass rusher in the NFL.
Christian Wilkins Clemson 6’3″ 311 1st 1st Lacks elite haight, resilient player that never gives up the play. He can be a spece eater and also create some good pressure to the pocket from the inside. Nor a pure pass rusher but is quite stout in both pass defense and run defense. Looks to have a strong lower body and very good balance for his size but could put up a bit more of a strength in his upper body to be more effective in the NFL. I don0’t see the Broncos taking him at 10th overall, he could be a nice addition around the pick number 17 if the Broncos could trade down, even a bit later.
Austin Bryant Clemson 6’4″ 271 2nd – 3rd 1st Had pectoral injury at the combine. From his tape he’s a 1st round pick. He has some issues at times shedding blocks even thought he’s big and looks powerfull he can’t get out of the blocking T at times. Other times he flashes out from the outside and can cut back in the inside. Looks to always make a play in the backfield. Not mauch experience in coverage, more of a pass rusher or Dline defender at Clemson. The Broncos need quelity depth at OLB, I don’t think thta they will use a 1st round pick at OLB, but if he slides to the third because of his injury, he could be targeted there early on by Denver.
Jerry Tillery Notre Dame 6’6″ 295 1st 1st Has great size and good explosion at the snap. Able to collect speed and be very powerful as pass rusher. Needs to do a better job at keeping his bpody balance at times. Has great athletic skills for a man of his size, good awareness too and plays aggressive. I don’t think the Broncos would look at him at 10th overall buut if able to trade down around the 22nd – 24th overall he could be a great addictin to the Dline being a rotational guy as a rookie and then taking over as a starter in his second year.
Cody Ford Oklahoma 6’4″ 329 1st 1st Has very good size, looks a mauler in college game. Very powerful and sturdy player that looks solid on his stances and that can be a great run protector. I think that he could be targeted at 10th overall from the Broncos and started at RG as a rookie with the chances to be playes at RT and LT if necessary. He would then compete for a T spot down the line. Looks like the best T in the class.
Andre Dillard Washington State 6’5” 315 1st 1st Aggressive and quick to get his position at the snap, looks athletic in pass protection.Really good in his hands positioning and looks to be very strong on upper body.  Has quite good funtional strength thatbhelps him in the run blocking. Very good prospect that the Broncos should have a 1st round on and mught be in conversation for the 10th overall pick.
Brian Burns Florida State 1st 1st Has great size, quickness and speed. Great first steps at the snap. Doesn’t showcase much more the speedrush and looks to lack elite lateral movement. Also a bit stiff pursuing the ball carrier at linebacker level. Used to cover a bit but looks more as a pass rush specialist as for his NFL beginning. I think the Broncos like him and have a 1st round grade on him but won’t use it because he won’t be a starter on this team any time soon if things go right.
Chris Lindstrom Boston College 6’4” 308 1st 1st Get to his stance quickly and has very quck feet to mirror and block not only one opponent buth to close any opening that migh come. Has issues at times with anchoring against powerful Dlinemen. He’s really quick in his block but if he has to extensively mantain the block could face issues too. Really good in blocking angles and in acting as team in blocking. I think the Broncos have eyes all over him that could start right away at both RG and C probably. For sure he has a 1st roun dtah for zone blocking scheme teams, maybe Denver would feel unconfortable to darft hi 10th overall. I guess that 15th overall there would be no doubt he’s the main target.
Drew Lock Missouri 6’4” 223 1st-2nd 1st – 2nd Rumored to be the most liked Qb by the Broncos in 2019 class. Has good patience, able to read downfield, has the legs to move around a bit if pressured. Has good but not superquick release of the ball. Inconsistent with decisions at times, could get a bit confused by pressure. Can make great throws in small windows and then take very bad decisions the very next play. Inconsistent.
Jonah Williams Alabama 6’5” 301 1st 1st – 2nd Has creat size and short arms. Very powerful and strong at the point of attack. A bit robotic in his kickback, not very very fluid and some issue at times with lateral movement. Looks that could have fit in the NFL with quick rusher that could catch him off balance if not helped by a TE.  Might become a very good RT in the NFL but to me lacks a bit of athletic skills to be a all around LT.
C Gardner-Johnson Florida 6’0″ 207 1st – 2nd 1st – 2nd Has good size and looks athletic. Looks to be costantly on top of the play and has the quickness to shed blocks and make plays on the LOS. Looks to be a solid tackler and really physical player. Can cover also. Complete player that might have to bulk up a bit for the NFL but looks to have great talent. Played also gunner in special teams.
Lonnie Johnson Kentucky 6’2” 210 2nd – 3rd 1st – 2nd Aggressive tackler that is able to make quite good tackles on open field. Has good quickness and acceleration to come in run support and plenty of athleticism to go and tip jump balls. Quite fluid running in pass defense. Played a bit more of zone concepts in Kentucky but looks fluid in his footwork to at very least become the starter as nickelback.
Trayvon Mullen Clemson 6’2″ 190 2nd – 3rd 1st – 2nd Phisical corner that is very dynamic. Lacks elite athleticism but is very quick to get to the receiver just after the ball hits him being able to break up passes and delivers hits that results in incomplete passes. Has great size and makes it matter when he can with receivers. Lacks elite athleticism but is quick and fast, has no fear of tackling in run support and makes good tackles on open field.
Julian Love Notre Dame 5’11” 193 2nd 1st – 2nd Has average size in the NFL even a bit short iof to play man to man with number 1 receivers. Lacks elite speed but has very good body balance and is quite explosive in changing direction. A figther in coverage, spend most of his game on a island. He’s very stcky and is able to tackle quickly after the catch. Good enough tackler in open field. Kind of corner that the Broncos could be interested to brings some depth as a rookie and then a starter in year two or three. Underrated cover corner.
Jeffery Simmons Mississippi State 6’3” 301 1st 1st – 2nd Has good but not great size for a NFL Dlineman, looks more suited as 4-3 3-technique. Looks powerful occupying blockers and it’s able to create havoc in the backfield at times because he has a great burnst at the snap. Noty elite speed but really good one could help him against inside Olinemen. His lack of size could hinder him, lacks elite core strength and not able to get always the best body balance with his feet. He’s undersized for Broncos liking but could be taken as depthbetween the end of round 1 and beginning of round 2.
Garrett Bradbury North Carolina St 6’3″ 306 1st – 2nd 1st – 2nd Has average size for NFL standards at OC. Has quick first steps and is able to take good blocking angles and move quickly into his position. Lacks elite athleticism but quite enough for an OC. Reaches well the second level of defenders and is able to block one on one linebackers. Able to make quick adjustment and moves at te LOS. Has issues at times to set his feet and lacks a bit of body balace: powerful Dlinemen could throw him out of his stance. All in all a very solid OC that has only average size and has knowledge of zone blocking sheme. team captain with some athleticism will force the Broncos to get a look at him early in the 2nd round in case he’s still on the board.

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