Week 12 Broncos 24 Steelers 17: Broncos “upset” Steelers and win big

This is a big win, because the fun it was. And the hope it creates. More than playoffs that playing like the past Sunday and barring key injuries (Lindsay, Miller, Sanders and Chris Harris in example) could be quite a reality, moreover for how the team played and how Broncos coaches dominated opponent coaches.

The Broncos player looked much more prepared mentally and scheme wise for beating the High flying Steelers that were coming from a seven game winning streak.

Love to play teams on long (more three) winning streak because if they truly aren’t a great time and they have some flows, this flows come back to hit them if you play solid and focused picking your pill.

That is what happened against the Steelers: try not to let them the big play and they would come up and down the field but would make costly mistakes, as they did.

The Broncos are not a great time, but just yet. They could become with even more talent injected and consolidating the experience the coaches are making. Yesterday both on offense and defense had great game plan that suited perfectly the roster and the weakness of the opponent. The head coach showed great signs of growth through the past two games. Really solid, smart and on top of situations.

Love also Tony Romo enlightening the game and giving dimes of knowledge. It was great.

Great optimism, I was eager to see what would have happened after the win against the Chargers, and what I saw gives me great hope that the Broncos are back on track to be relevant and dominant again: the coaching staff gives signs of great improvement and accountability. This only would help the front office to find free agents that might find comfortable playing for them.

Now keep on the level of performances and let’s see what is coming. Cincinnati is a though opponent because the Bengals looks to be in the dog-house (they should be): the Broncos they have to go back at being the dog wanting to get out of the dog house.

Go Broncos!!!

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