NFL Week 11: Broncos 23 Chargers 22

Too strong title, but a minimalistic one.

So the Broncos got a great comeback win against the hated Chargers, that we forgot to hate because back to irrelevant for some years but 10 years ago we would be oberjoyed by a win like this and asking and saying that we’d guve whatever we can for beating  the top of the class Chargers like the Broncos did yesterday.

It was a great win, one such that a 3-6 record team usually doesn’t have because it would find a way to lose.

I won’t mention referees that were quite bead at very least, this win was about believing that we could do it because the stars players did show the way and some rookies decided to come up big in big moment to show that they could be stars too.

It’s a great win, now it comes to see if the players believe in Vance Joseph, the head coach or not, it comes down to Vance Joseph to come away with a even bigger week and find a way to convincingly win the Steelers at Mile high.

It comes down to that because the Head coach has to be the catalyst of great moments and making them bigger than moments: making them reality.

I do beliebe that this team is very talented in quite a few positions while being average or below average at others (QB and T in first place). With a Roby like the one of yesterday, we still need a speed CB that could stay with speedy WR, but we have a reliable fighting CB that pairs well with some of the best WR in the NFL. Stout and aggressive. Lacks end speed and top and elite athleticism but has great instinct for making plays that makes up to the rest.

The offensive coordinator looks solid with some bonehead call at times but looks to know what he does and knows how to find weak spots in the opposing defense when it matters most, quite consistently.

The defense is not the best in the business anymore but looks solid at times, at times more disconnected between themselves with the defensive backs assuming that they are still the best in town while the real stars are the Dlinemen: huge guys that have started making a lot of plays. Inside linebacking is an up and down and outside linebackers are less out of space than we want to recognize: Von is great and Chubb could come to be as close to Vin as possible, still we don0t get as many sacks and impressive plays to sustain our talks of them being the best in the business.

They are great, but still have potential meanwhile the free agents backups have problems making stunning plays.

D-Line is very solid, all the five guys involved in the rotation could start in the NFL and the sixth (DeMarcus Walker) is too undersized and body type to ever could be in conversation for a starting role in the NFL and is a bit to big and slow to be in discussion to be part of a reliable rotation with Von and Chubb: love his talent but it was more College effective than NFL ready and might always be like that.

About Oline I still think that Bolles could make a great OG or RT but that the Broncos need to find a true LT. For sure the backups are playing to make the starters looking expendable and some of them will be let go at the end of the year if a couple of performance like yesterday one will be delivered by the actual Oline group.

Things are looking brighter than yesterday and not because the win but because the way the win was accomplish, it could bond the team and no better opportunity to seek better glory than to face the Steelers at home next Sunday: either this team has what it takes ot yesterday was a fluke.

It all comes down to the Head Coach and if the team believes in him after this hard enough one year and half of misery. Is really Vance Joseph a leader of men? We’ll see in one week.

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