With the 253rd overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select….

Chad Kelly, QB, Mississippi

I love this pick. Mr Irrelevant could become, by the time and if does not kick himself out of the league, very relevant.

Watching him play at Ole Miss, I had the impression that he was as good as Trubinsky and that I liked more only Pat Mahomes in this year QB class. He could really become a starter in the NFL under the right coaches and working very hard. He’s injured (knee and thumb, if I’m correct) and will most probably red-shirt the 2017. Not a bad thing for a supposed 3rd stringer.

A 7th rounder gives to this pick no pain and a lot of upside. Best way to use Mr. Irrelevant pick.

Pick Grade: A+

Here’s my armchair evaluation of Chad Kelly:

Chad Kelly QB 9 Ole Miss Sr 6’2” 224 6th
My general Notes My Broncos Grade
Has very average size in terms of NFL QB. Has a quick delivery and a bit mechanical throwing motion. Throws balls with good spiral and good enough accurancy. Footwork will need to be fixed because he looks to have really happy feet and then he throws by just standing. Looks to be able to perform coverage reads while in the backfield and is quite fast in checking his WR targets. Lacks a bit of pocket awareness. Has some character concerns. CFA If he’s not been erased from the board for character concerns, he might be a college free agent adquisition for the Broncos with a great potential to make the 53 men roster, depending if the Broncos will decide to get a veteran QB to be the third stringer. I think that by takent alone Kelly is quite there with the other best QB of this class, a 2nd to 3rd rounder. For the Broncos he looks to lack a bit of size so that is already a factor to rest from his general projection and he looks to be more of a pocket passer with not elite athletic skills to run around and make plays with his feet. Plus some concerns about his temper and injuries. I think he has the best delivery in the QB class and his release is very quick and clean, giving the ball a very clear spiral and velocity, at times maybe even too much.

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