With the 172nd overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select….

Isaiah McKenzie, WR/TB/KR, Georgia

Well I saw the 2016 match of Georgia @ Florida and was not particularly impressed by the small and shifty athlete from Georgia.

I was expecting the broncos going after some  of the triple threath RB and they instead got one of these players from the WR ranks.

In these perspective, expecting him to play as slot WR, tailback and special team returner this pick is great. If any of the previously position is not covered by McKenzie, a late fifth round is ok but the fact that Broncos FO wasn’t able to spend  the late 3rd rounder on a versatile and speedy RB will bring a huge toll to the draft class.

Pick Grade: B

Here’s my armchair evaluation of Isaiah McKenzie:

Isaiah McKenzie WR 37 Georgia Jr 5’8” 170 5th
My general Notes My Broncos Grade My Broncos Projection
As punt returner he has great quickness and lower body balance makes his very elusive. As a receiver not a great route runner. CFA I think that he’s an option as punt returner because of his quickness. Anyhow I didn’t see anough as WR to warrant a draft selection. Still if undrafted, he could be an high commodity in training camp, competing for the returner spot on the roster meanwhile been developed as a receiver.

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