With the 145th overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select….

Jake Butt, TE, MIchingan.

I like the pick in the 5th round, the risk that he would have a slow recovery and that he may not get back at the player he was before the knee injury is worth the pick.

He is a complete TE, can block and makes tons of catches in allm the zones of the field and can be a starter for years to come if he can get backfrom his injury.

A TE was needed, the fact that the Broncos FO went for an injured player that would neot produce much in 2017 means also that the new coaching regime is not completely unhappy with the roster talent and there are some spots where they may see potential.

Grade: B+

Here there is my personal armachair evaluation of Butt:

Jake Butt TE 6 Michigan Sr 6’5” 250 3rd
My general Notes My Broncos Grade My Broncos Projection
Torn ACL in the bowl game and will most surely lose his entire rookie year. He’s great size and runs very good routs. Block also quite but will need to become more powerful and strong in the NFL to repeat his college success in this department. Has good but not great hands and his size does come in his way whan he has to make some very athletic catch. Lacks elite athleticism. 5th The grade reflect his injury. If not injured I would think the Broncos could have used a late 2nd rounder to get him because of the lack of elite athleticism and the few drops here and there. He could become a three downs TE uin the NFL but will really need to become stouter and stronger to sustain  contacts and hits from NFL veterans. Denver already saw what means ACL torn on a rookie TE with similar characteristics (Hauerman coming out of college) and the time it’s taking to come back from and teh delay in prodcution. it could be  an important factor that erase Butt from Denver Board. I think he is very talented but will need to work and would have been not ready to become starter on a NFL team. With the ACL even less.

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