2017 NFL CFA (UDFA) signed by the Broncos

I have waited some days to get the news covered by the Broncos official site that for any reason still has to put this list on. Anyhow several other webpage published this list of player so I would do it too.

I Had the chance to watch games on some of the players listed, on the most of them I couldn’t find games or I didnt see them playing yet. I will try to watch so that I could have  an idea of what they could bring to the team and if any of these players could have a chance to be on the 53 men roster or, anyway, to give my early practice squad projection.

Here’s the list:

Player Pos Ht Wt School General Projection Geneal Notes My Grade My Broncos Evaluation
Jamal Carter S 6’1″ 218 Miami CFA The Broncos brought him in Dove Valley for a interview
Tyrique Jarrett NT 6’3″ 340 Pittsburgh CFA Injured in 2016 The Broncos brought him in Dove Valley for a interview
Shakir Soto DE 6’3″ 270 Pittsburgh CFA Has below average size for an interior Dlineman. Will have to bulk up but has the frame to add the additional pounds. Looks more suited to become a 3-4 DE in the NFL. Stout, played most of the snaps counted into a regular rotation. Looks powerful and anchors quite well against the run. Does not provide much pass rushing skills but is able to disengage blocks with unsuspected quickness when the opportunity for a QB hit arise. CFA Developmental project that could give high reward. May not become an All-Pro but he’s very stout and aggressive. If able to add 15 to 20 pounds and the related strength he could become a factor against the run at least.
Josh Banderas ILB 6’2″ 220 Nebraska CFA
Kyle Sloter QB 6’4″ 214 Northern Colorado CFA
Deon Hollins OLB 6’0″ 230 UCLA CFA
Erik Austell OG/C 6’3″ 301 Charleston Southern CFA
Marcus Rios CB 5’11” 181 UCLA CFA
Ken Ekanem OLB 6’3″ 243 Virginia Tech CFA Has good size at 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. Has some quickness at the snap and looks to be smooth running. Lacks a bit of instinct, too patient at times and on other times he overrun the play. Became more powerful in 2016, displayed a better game against the run, being able to set the corner against outside runs. Lacks explosion and speed to be a consistent pass rusher in the NFL. Lacks strenght and power to become a great run stopper. No Kind of developmental player that has very good frame and skills to work with. I think he’s better suited to make the transition into NFL DE, getting up some weight, getting better functional strength and then playing strong against the run with some pass rushing ability. May become a functional rotational DE for a 4-3 team.
Orion Stewart FS 6’2″ 185 Baylor CFA
Anthony Nash WR 6’5″ 201 Duke CFA
Cameron Hunt OG 6’4″ 295 Oregon CFA Has good size, and good power in the running game. Able to position very well his shoulder to not let the defender grab his chest. Really powerful in the running game able to reach the LBs level and be a mauler there with all his size. CFA Interesting developmental prospect that will need some time to get used to NFL power and speed but has some technique that might help him develop nicely at least as a backup Inside Olineman.
Dante Barnett SS 6’1″ 185 Kansas State CFA Has average size, was a leader of his defense and plays really aggressive. In coverage has to get much better locating the ball and staying with his assignment. Lacks a bit of athleticism. Really quick and fast coming at the LOS for sun support. Able to make good tackles in open field. 7th – CFA I think the Broncos are all in in athleticism and quickness at the position. Playing aggressive also is a huge factor. This said the Broncos could be interested in his leadership so that could set the tone to draft him with a low round pick or make him a very good addition as CFA.
Jerrol Garcia-Williams ILB 6’2″ 216 Hawaii CFA The Broncos brought him in Dove Valley for a interview
Dymonte Thomas S 6’2″ 199 Michigan 7th – CFA Gunner in special teams at Michigan. Lacks ideal weight for NFL standards. Has a fine footwork and back pedaling technique when asked to drop in coverage, and is quite fast to coming up in run support. Played a lot of zone concept in defense. CFA Expereinced special teams player and defender. Will need to bulk up a bit but could compete in training camp for at least a spot in practice squad.

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