With the 82nd pick overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select…

Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech.

Grade A+

Incredible, the only concerns is that he played outside in college, could he get used to play inside in the NFL?

Great pickup.

Here’s my personal scout sum:

Carlos Henderson WR 20 Louisiana Tech rJr 5’11” 191 3rd – 4th
My general Notes My Broncos Grade My Broncos Projection
Lacks ideal size for nº1 or possession WR. Has ideal size for a slot receiver or for a nº2 receiver. Quick and shifty, great body balance while running with he ball, has great acceleration but lacks second gear in open field. Able to gain many yards after catch. Really good quick movements after the catch that make defender miss the tackle on him. 2nd Broncos interviewed him at the combine. He’s a playmaker in college, playing in a division where few DB can compete with his athleticism and speed. He also has very good hands and quickness. Still he’ll be a nº2 receiver in the NFL, and he could be converted in a slot receiver but the “conversion” will be a project. On the other hands he has all the looks of an athletic and quick nº2 receiver that can get a lot of yards after the catch.

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