With the 20th overall pick, the Denver Broncos select Garett Bolles

Grade: C

It’s not fancy at all. Not firing up nobody. And he’s 4 years older than any other prospect in the 1st round and 2nd and 3rd. Maybe he was successful because of that.


This said, I have a 6 months old son, seeing the guy thta the Broncos selected agaisnt the fans will at t20th overall bringing and cheering his newborn son in “his” day……it’s simply outstanding. Speaking on getting it about not being IT, about being part of IT. Great, Love it. Consider me one of his fan from now on.

Come on Garett!!!

Go Broncos!!!

Here’s my scouting on him:

Garett Bolles OT 3 Utah Jr 6’5” 296 1st – 2nd
My general Notes My Broncos Grade My Broncos Projection
Has very good size and atheltic skills. Older prospect that bends well shows very good power and very good balance. Get flagged some. He has very good feet and athleticism but would nbeed to get bigger (and he looks to have the frame to be able to do it).  Can pull some and gets to teh second level quite easily for a guy of his size. 2nd He’s an older prospect and I cannot bypass that by placing him in the first round. I think he could be a solid player in a couple of years, I don0t think that he could be an upgrade if drafted and immediatly started at LT, especially with the expectation of a first rounder.  He might be really interesting for a zone blocking scheme theme as teh Brobncos were under Kubiak.

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