2017 NFL Draft,my favorite prospects for the Denver Broncos

5 Dalvin Cook RB 1 Florida State Jr 5’11” 206 1st Very fast runner that has homerun speed when hits the open field. Could be more pacient when receiving the snap, when the hole is not there could do a better job grinding out another way to get some yards. Has some goods receiving skills and his speed could be used as a bog weapin in the passing game. Still has to get better in his body placement as a receiver out of the backfield. Very elusive, has teh speed to make several guy miss the tackles. Not a tackles breaker. Unstoppable on open field. 1st – top 10 There is no doubt that he could become a very special player in the NFL, but for that to happening he’ll need to end up on a NFL team that has a good Oline unit that will be able to open some holes that he’ll hit fast and once on the second level he will find a way to make defender miss tackles. Behind the Broncos 2016 Oline he would have been a total bust. How good will be Denver Oline in 2017? I won’t draft him in the 1st round if I don’t think I’m able to open some home for him, not because he does not have elite talent, which he does have, but because his talent in nowaday NFL is not usable if not combined with some good Oline play. He also will have to get better as a blocker and as a pass catcher. If the Broncos could improve their Oline in FA and he’ll be there at 20th overall (between the two the latter is the less probable to happen) they can think on take him. I just think he’s not worth to trade up for because of Denver poor Oline. He won’t be there at 20th overall and if, the Broncos could be very interested on trading down because some team could offer a lot to get him. 20170305 UPDATE: I have to retify: he has patience and vision. Still would have not had a great year behing Denver Oline, but for sure he’s one of the best talent in his draft. If for any reason he pass the 15th oevrall, the Broncos should trade up to get him. APRIL UPDATE: I had him as a top 10 pick grade for the Broncos. After the combine there are question about the people he surround himself and anbout injuries. I won’t lower the pick to 1st because of the injuries issue, cannot say anything about the charactr concerns. The Broncos met with him at the Combine, I’m sure that if they have him on the board they will have an high draft pick.
7 Reuben Foster ILB 1 Alabama Sr 6’1” 236 1st Fast and atheltic linebacker. Really quick in reading the play and reacting to it. Has the skills to be side to side LB in the NFL. Will need to bulk up a bit in order to be able to assorbe the hits and tackles in the Pros. Will also need to become more powerful. 1st – top 20 It’s always complicate to evaluate film on Alabama’s prospects because it’s not easy to understand if a success of one of the players is due to his skills or to the skills of the others plyers around him. Was Foster very good against ethe run because of his fast read and reaction and his football instinct or because he was playing a mountain of a DLine for the college ranks? Was he good in his side to side hustle because of his athletic skills or because disruption at the LOS obliged opponent QBs to take more time before to throw the ball to the RB? Inaccurancy and not being good at targets reading was the reason why he wasn’t challenged that much in passing coverage or the latter hasn’t ahppened because he was a strenght in that regard? In my opinion since he looks to be very good in run stopping, he looks to be very good in covering the RB and screens plays and looks to be one of the flowless coverage LB in his class, he deserve to be a top 15 pick. He lacks the ideal size and maybe even power and therefor I would not say he’d be a lock at top 10 selection in a most elite talented draft. But this draft lacks of this top end prospectsa and so he could be chosen in the top 10. If he’d be still on the board coming pick 20th, the Broncos will select him (barring character concerns or injury reports that are not discoled jjust before the combine). He could really compete with Todd Davis by day one and has tegh potential to become one of the best ILB in the NFL playing in the Denver Broncos 3-4 all aggressive scheme. APRIL UPDATE: a part having a quarrel with an health assistant at the Combine he had a medical re-check which results says that his injuries might need another surgery. I’m not really scared by that, he played through it and worked out in his Pro day. But, unfortunately, on top of that, a report camen informing that he did not pass the sustance abusing test because of diluted sample. Maybe here there is one reason of concern too much. I start to have doubt on the Broncos having him completely out of the Board. I has him with a 1st – Top 20 grade, but I’m downgrading it to 1st: I’m sure the concerns would make other 1st rounder a preferrable pick in the 1st round than him or at least a comparable pick to be talked off if he’s still there when the Broncos will select. I don’t think Denver FO will trade up for him anymore.
11 O.J. Howard TE 1 Alabama Sr 6’6” 249 1st Incredible size. Great athleticism for a guy that tall. Good strenght and very good play execution. Very good blocker in the running game and in the passing game. Looks to continue and finishe his block even if the play is developing far from his field position. Looks to have a real sense on his assignment with line movements and routs. Has goods hands. Looks to have room to bulk up and get even stronger. Has good quickness and turn the corner quite well for his size. Complete package at TE. 1st – top 10 I think the Broncos will have him really high and will have to trade up to select him. He’s so talented and still has so much potential as NFL 3 downs TE that could be one of the 5 best prospects in the 2017 Draft. Does a TE go in the top 5? Usually not. Could he? Yes. The Broncos desperatly need to find a real three down TE that could be a reliable target on critical downs: on third downs and in the end zoen. But also he would provide great help at blocking both at LOS and lines up as eligible receiver. TE is not a sexy position to select in the top 10 but he’s a top five and fit also one of the biggest need for the Broncos. Hauerman and Darby are still projects and Green looks to me as a very reliable nº2 TE but lacks something to be a true nº1. Howard looks to have everything to be a true nº1 from day 1.
24 Christian McCaffrey RB 3 Stanford Jr 6’0” 202 1st Has very good size and bulk for a running back. Does not have blzing speed but is quite elusive, has very good hands and is a willing blocker. Intangibles are really there. Has physical style of playing that could lead him to take way to many hits in the NFL, maybe shortening his career. 1st – top 20 Three down player, in more top-end talented drafts he could be a late 1st or a 2nd rounder. In this draft, were to me there is a clear lack of top talent, he has one of the clearest one and look to be a safe pick because he’s quite developed in the three phase of the offense (running, blocking and receiving) plus he’s a weapon in the returning game. He could even be drafted in the top 10 by a team that desperatly needs a three down RB. This said he could also slide towards the end of round one but I really don’t think he’ll slide to the second round alltogether. At 20th the Broncos could be well placed to trade up 5 slots or a bit more and selecting him, if they really like him. I don’t see the dire need at the position to back up the decision to trade the house into the top 10 in order to select him.
26 Takkarist McKinley OLB 2 UCLA Sr 6’2” 258 1st – 2nd Has good size for a 3-4 OLB. He is very quick at the snap but then lacks elite explosion to finish the Olineman. Also looks to anchor well when setting the edge against the run but will have to become stronger in order to have the same success in the NFL. May not have a big room for adding weight. No real experience in dropping in coverage. 2nd – 3rd This evaluation of mine is prior the combine. If he’ll test well there the Broncos will have to spend a late 1st  rounder at least to select him, if they really like him. He looks like a less explosive DeMarcus Ware. Has very good quickness that helps him getting on the Dlineman but at times allaws the opponent to get back at him because the lack of elite explosion that would let him hit another gear on the top of the linemen: that kind of skill that Ware and Miller have. Will need a bit of time to develop his game in the NFL and will have to commit full effort. This is the reason why I would not be happy with Denver drafting him in the 1st round but he’s a 1st round talent at 3-4 OLB. UPDATE: he had back surgery. It’s never good to enter the draft with that because you never knows if a player will get back 100%. being young helps a lot but the draft status will take a huge hit. I think he can fall into the 3rd round or end of 2nd. I watched more viseos od UCLA he always looked a man among boys, I still think he’s a1st round talent but I think the Broncos alñready have a couple of starters at OLB and one very good backup. They won’t look at him (an his surgery) in the first round and even with the 51st pick (the actual second rounder). If he’ll be there in the top of the 3rd, they migh move up to grab him because he’d be a very good depth OLB as a rookie in the Broncos scheme.
33 Dan Feeney OG 1 Indiana rSr 6’4” 304 1st – 2nd Quick and decisive in his blocks, has good feet for a interior Olineman of his size. Has the frame to become even bigger. Not the most powerful blocker but really solid and always looks to be not only on top of what he’s doing but the offense in general. 1st I like Feeney videos a lot. He’s dominant and plays like a general. He was able to lift the level of performance of the entire Oline just by his relentless and alway precise play. He’s a perfect fit for the Broncos and I would say that  in this draft he might be the  best Olineman overall. He has very good size and great movement in the running game while being also more than solid in pass protection, with very educated feet while playing at G and quite adecuate aldo at RT. Impressive, in this draft I would not complain if the Broncos takes him at 20th overall.
35 Forrest Lamp OG 2 Western Kentucky rSr 6’4” 305 1st – 2nd Lacks ideal size for a T and have all the look of a G in the NFL. He has a wide and big body that use well in pass protection, lacks elite footwork but on his own is not that bad. Very powerful player that may lack top athletic skills but looks to have great balance; very fluid when running to place a block, dynamic olineman that could develop and play at T and G in the NFL. 1st Broncos interviewed him at the combine. He’s very powerful, athletic and quick at the snap. Looks to be always on top of what the offense is going to do. I think that the Broncos could and should consider him late in the 1st round or eaarly in the second round in the case he’d still there. he could compete for a T spot as a rookie and work also his transition to G. I won’t be shoked, if the roster situation stays the same as it is at March 23rd, if he’s be selected early in the 2nd round by the Broncos and may end up starting at LT for then as a rookie.
36 TreDavious White CB 6 LSU Sr 6’0” 184 1st – 2nd Lack ideal size for a modern NFL CB. Still is quick and tackles quite well the catcher just after the catch, not allowing almost any yardage after the catch. Really good man to man cover skills, able to follow the opponent nº1 receiver down the field and stick with him fighting for the ball. Plays aggressive. Has very good athletic skills. 1st – Top 20 I don’t think thata the Broncos would select him in the 1st round but I think they may have a 1st round grade on White, he’s one of the best CB in this class and I think that at the moment he’s underrated. He has a similar style of play of Chris Harris Jr but has some more speed. It makes him even more sudden both in helping in the run game and in the passing game. I don’t think the Brobcos would select him at 20th overall because they might look there at a player similar to Talib which White isn’t. Still A very solid 1st round grade, he could play the nickel position and develop into a Pro-Bowl corner.
70 Patrick Mahomes QB 4 Texas Tech Jr 6’2” 229 1st – 2nd Looks bigger than his listed size. Have a really strong arm and can make things happening with his feet. Takes bad decisions at times and look tooanxious to make plays in others, resulting n both cases in negative plays for his team. Has great poise as a QB and looks to have a good pocket presence. 1st – 2nd He looks to be a smaller but more ready to lay version of last year Paxton Lynch. I think ¡Mahomes could be a year away from starting for a team that likes tothrow the ball (like the Texans are). The Broncos interview him at the Combine and for this reason I maintain him in the board, because I would down grade him for his “lack of size” being him less tall than both Dysert and Siemian that are both 6’3”. I like his game until he does feel to have to win the game by himself and become very erratic in his reads and decisions, his accuracy goes down a lot too. Under good coaching he could learn how not to get “hot” when is unnecessary and still keep all his skills to make great strides. Maybe the best QB of this class.
94 Tyus Bowser OLB 8 Houston Sr 6’2” 244 2nd Has short area quickness and explosion. Has very good size for a 3-4 OLB. Dynamic, does not give up on a play. Lacks strenght and power to be effective in the run game as he’s effective in the pass rush. Gets pushed around a bit to easely by Olinemen and blocking TEs. He looks much less productive when playing as DE in a 4-3 allignment where he cannot explode at the snap and use his speed. 1st – 2nd To me it depends what a team looks for. If a teams looks for a speedy and athletic pass rusher, he’s a 1st rounder. If a team looks for a good pass rusher that could play right away he’s not a 1st rounder. His speed and quickness are 1st round skills, but he need to get stronger and more powerful to not be a situational pass rusher. I think the Broncos are betwee thos teams that does not need a complete player and they can afford to let him be a situational pass rusher and meanwhile teach him how to become a better run stopper.
23 Sidney Jones CB 4 Washington Jr 6’0” 181 2nd – 3rd Has good but not great size. He’s really fast and quick. Is able to get down to the LOS quickly. Makes good tackles in open space  but is not the most policed cover corner, looks to rely a lot in his athletic skills and in his speed and that won’t make the cut in the Pros. Has very good change of directions skills. Plays aggressive at times. 2nd  -3rd He has 1st round talent: flashy, quick, fast and instinctive. I have some question on his awareness or motor, to me he looks to rely a lot on his skills in college and that trouble me a bit. Could have problem with physical WR. I’m not very high on his videos but I cannot deny his skills and talent and if the Broncos really like him anf they take him at 20th overall I cannot disagree. March 12th Update: he injured his Achilles tendon in his pro-day. 6 months out. He will fall from the top 15 picks but I don’t know how much. If the Broncos can grab him in the 3rd round (if he falls that far) he could become a steal.
69 Adoree’ Jackson CB 13 Southern California Jr 5’11” 185 2nd – 3rd Great athleticism, lacks ideal height, can play a role in the offense too as tailback or WR and is a good returner. Has great quickness and speed, he’s shifty and react well to the ball. Has the explosion to make up for the lack of height and looks to be a fighter. 1st Because of his athleticism and polyedric skills he could be a great addition in round one and be developed as DB but could be used in the three phases really. He looks smaller that his height but is quick and has speed. I would not be afraid if Denver decide to take him at 20th overall, thought I would not trade up for him.
74 Dalvin Tomlinson DT 7 Alabama rSr 6’3” 312 2nd – 3rd Big and strong and also fast Dlinemen. He lacks elite quick steps at the snaps and for thsi reason he’s a lesser prospect than his teammate Allen. He defende very well against the run and also is able to pressure the QB amd move Olinemen back into the backfield in passing downs. May not have a high ceiling, as the most of Alabama prospects under Nick Saban tenure: he’s NFL fit and received NFL preparation. 2nd Very underrated at this moment, before the combine starts. I think he has a late 1st round talent, because of his size and power and because he always looks to be on top of what he’s doing in any snap. He could need a bit of time to adjust his game to teh NFL speed, but has the power and the size to be converted in a successful NT for the Broncos that could provide also a bit of pass rush if asked. I would not take him at 20th overall, because the talent that should be there at others positions (CB, RB the more and the most) but if the Broncos decide to trade down into the late 1st round I will be very happy with his selection. From there on I think he would be a very good selection for the broncos since the litle struggle the Dline had in 2016 against the run. Don’t know about his football IQ and character concerns and also during Elway regine, the Broncos did not select any Alabama prospect (and Stanford ones to be fair) in any round.
82 Montravius Adams DT 9 Auburn Sr 6’3” 308 2nd – 3rd Has average size for NFL standard as interior Dlineman. Really powerful and explosive at the snap against the run. Has good body balance and is able to anchor well against the run game when the Olineman is trying to pull him. 3rd Dominant run stuffer and huge backfield penetrator. He lacks elite athleticism and explosion but alwats takes very good angles and is able to shed blocks or push back the blocker to then pass him and disrupt the pplay in the backfield. Not much of a pass rusher but in a division as the on ethe Broncos play a huge run stuffer is a good thing to have in the Dline. Late 2nd or even better early 3rd round because he won’t play many snaps and would play only in 1st and 2nd downs. Will have to get conditioned so that he would not heavily rotate on the lineup.
83 Tyler Orlosky C 3 West Virginia rSr 6’3” 292 2nd – 3rd Has average size and will have to beef up a bit in the NFL. Moves quite well and looks quite powerful. Looks always on top of what he’s doing and in command of the LOS. Has a great push in the running game and is able to reach the second level quite easily and there place his block. In the pass protection bends quite well and is able to bend and shield the pocket. 3rd – 4th I don’t really know if the Broncos will be o the market for a C, but he’ll need to bulk up a bit. His skills and style of play is really what an aggressive Oline is looking for. I wouldn’t mind, given the lack of depth at the C position, if the Broncos would use a third round on him. After one year of apprentice he could really challenge for the starting job.
89 Zay Jones WR 12 East Carolina Sr 6’2” 202 3rd Has good size but will have to bulk up a bit. Has great short area quickness and run very polished routes. Has the look of a slot receiver in the NFL, lacks elite speed on the outside. Is willing to place blocks both at the LOS and in open field. 2nd Has good enough skills to be targeted in the 2nd round: quickness, plays with a sense of urgency, had to make up to QB shortcomings, very good route runner and someone that once he’ll be ready for NFL speed and power, would be willing to place blocks and do whatever it’s required to help his team win.
96 Isaac Asiata OG 6 Utah rSr 6’3” 325 3rd Quick and powerful at the snap. Able to square off Dlineman and to stun blitzing linebacker. Plays phisically, is quick in the run and able to get to his assignement at the second level of defenders, able to pull the opponent very well, powerful and quite domnant frankly. Can run down field and place a block on a DB showing unexpected athelticism and lots power. He has quite less success when his stamina goes down and in pass protection looks less dominant the in the run game but still quite powerful. Will have to get a bit more of quick feet to hold up well against NFL speed inside rushers. 2nd – 3rd I like a lot his run game and I can libe with his pass protection. A couple of years in the NFL could give him the necessaruy experience to become a really solid pass protector. His fury in the running game is unmatched at the moment by Denver inside Olinemen (a part Leary that is btw a free agent addition). I would really like the Broncos to finally take a nasty and rude high in the draft and I even thisnk that Bolles had a very good year because Asiata, that plays next to, had a great one.
98 Will Holden OT 9 Vanderbilt rSr 6’7” 313 3rd – 4th Quick to take his stands, looks powerful and energetic and dynamic. In the runninng protection he can run well enough around the LOS and gets to the second level comfortably and with aggession. Lacks a bit of balance to keep the block on the run when the defender is moving towards the ball. Great size, lacks a but if athletic skills but uses the good deal of ones he has. Footwork will need improvement but are not at the level of LT. Might be better suited to become a RT in the NFL. 3rd Might not be the OT prospect with the greatest potential and might also be better suited to be a RT in the NFL. He still looks powerful and aggressive in his blocks which lkooks good and what the Broncos looks to like.
110 Marlon Mack RB 6 South Florida Jr 5’11” 205 3rd – 4th Patient runner thatbhas some vision and has very good burnst into the hole. Is quite shifty and has very good balance. Can catch the ball out of the backfield. Has also the speed to be targeted downfield as a WR. As a runner has great acceleration and very good speed. Lacks a bit of quickness. Can place great block in open field, lacks a bit of strength to be a LOS or backfield reliable blocker. 3rd I think the Broncos should be interested on Mack because he’s a dynamic player that could be a three down back and could be used in any field and score situation. He does not excel in anything but he’s very good in most of things and while he has to improve in his LOS blocking he could still be used  and keep the defense honest. I really like what he’d bring the Denver’s offense.
113 Ryan Glasgow DT 12 Michigan rSr 6’3” 299 3rd – 4th A bit undersized for a DT in the NFL but looks bigger that is actual listing. Productive player that is able to create pressure and seldomly getting the sack in the college ranks. Has very good power. Lack elite quickness and will have to bulk up in the NFL. Has quick feet but lacks elite agility. Looks to have great motor and is really stout against the run, able to locate the ball carrier in the bacjfield and to step into the running lane. 3rd He could be another good option at NT or DE for the Broncos. Will need to use his rookie year to adapt to NFL speed but looks to be relentless in pursuit and anchor quite well against the run. A bit of physical development justify my grade: in the 3rd round he could very well be on their radar, IMO.I  will not be very happy if the Broncos will taget him in the 2nd round, based on his video. The lack of elite athleticism is what separate him from the top prospects at NT for the Broncos butis ability to be always present against the run makes him a perfect candidate for the Broncos aggressive defense.
121 Kareem Hunt RB 9 Toledo Sr 5’10” 216 3rd – 4th Has good size, will need to bulk up a bit for the NFL. Has great quickness and acceleration.Very shifty, hits the hole hard. Very dynamic, has great game speed and burnst. Has some vision and does a good enough blocks in the backfield. Even if not the biggest RB he keeps his legs turning and shows some power to break some tackles and get some extra yardage. 3rd He’s another electric running back that could be  athree down player in the NFL. He can block some, he can run inside the tackles and outside. Really dynamic might have to get better as a pass catcher downfield and be aligned at the LOS as a WR. The Broncos already used 3rd round picks in skilled RB players, he lacks elite speed and homrun skills to be in talk for an higher round.
241 Deatrich Wise Jr. DE 20 Arkansas rSr 6’5” 275 3rd – 4th Very powerful and dynamic. Has good explosion at the snap, Plays physically and with power. Lacks elite speed. Relentless in pursue. Has great size for both 4-3 DE and 3-4 DE. In case of 3-4 DE he migh need to add some lower body strenght to be stouter against interior Olinemen pulling in the running game. 2nd – 3rd I like a lot his size, his physical and aggressive style of play. Able to create pressure, has some very good explosion at the snap and can get into the backfield. Very powerful bullrush. Needs to get a bit stouter against the run. Playng 3-4 DE will need to learn to hold better the point of attack from the Olinemen that will pull him. Still very interesting and promising prospect that might have not super ceiling but could immediately contribute in the Broncos team in passing downs.
100 Noah Brown WR 14 Ohio State rSo 6’2” 222 4th Aggressive and energetic blocker. Physical player not afraid to catch the ball over the middle. Lacks elite speed but has great burnst and explosion. Very athletic has great body balance and has very good hands. Can make acrobatic catches. 2nd – 3rd A possession wide receiver that could be used in blocking or could be targeted depending on the matchup with the opponent. He does a lots of thinls in the offense and would fit the aggressiveness, sense of urgency and could be asked to do numerous things in a camaleontic offense as the Broncos are ready to set up.
135 Jarron Jones DT 14 Notre Dame rSr 6’5” 315 4th Great size. Looks lethargic at times, but other times is able to make big plays bit un pass defense and in run defense. Against the run is able to penetrate and distroy the play, against the pass he’s smart enough to be able to raise his hands and shut down some passing lanes, using his size and arms length to his favour. Lacks explosion at the snap but his able to use quickness at times. Had a long list of injuries at Notre Dame that may let his slip through the draft into the third day. 2nd – 3rd Playmaker at the NT position. Incredibly playing for Notre Dame he looks to be underrated at the moment (few days before the combine). He’s able to create havoc in the backfield and let his presence be felt although with his size he could have been more powerful and stronger. I think that under the right coaching (and the Broncos have it) he could become a dominant D-Limneman especially in an aggrassive 3-4 defense as the Broncos have. Barring character concerns I would pick him in the sencond round, talent wise. Unfortunately for Jones his long list of injuries might held him on draft boards (if not completely off them because medical concerns) until the third day of the draft. If the Broncos have him on the Board I would have a 2nd – 3rd talent grade but a 4th – 5th drafting grade taking in count injuries.
140 Corn Elder CB 19 Miami (Fla.) Sr 5’10” 179 4th Defense captain,  a smaller type of CB, will have to bulk up. Has very good acceleration and plays aggressive. Very quick in coming in run support, has good tackle technique, is not shy of contact and rarely allows many yards after the catch. Plays also gunner in special teams. 3rd Lacks a bit of size, but looks to be a football player. Can do a lots of good things for a speedy and aggressive defense like the one the Broncos wants to build unders new DC Woods. He’s always around the reciver and is very quick and sudden. Has the acceleration to be used as gunner in special teams and as blitzer in defense. Has the heart and will to stay with bigger WR and TE although in the NFL the size different will be a huge factor. A bit before the end of the 3rd round if the Broncos loves him or a 4th rounder shoukd be the draft range for him. Real football player I personally like him a lot.
160 Donnel Pumphrey RB 15 San Diego State Sr 5’8” 169 4th – 5th Very small RB that has speed, quickness and very good vision. His lower center of gravity helps him having great balance and being very elusive. Still will need to bulk up to be able to sustain NFL defenders power and hits. Great running the ball, his elusivenees helps him making miss defenders. He’s also quite a sure catcher out of the backfield. Given his size blocking is not really an option in the NFL. 3rd – 4th His size raise injury concerns for NFL standards but McCoy used Woodhead greatly in San Diego and Pumphrey is even much better runner. He can run good enough routes and be moved around the LOS just as or even as a more dangerous weapon than Woodhead was under McCoy. The Broncos were rumored to be interested in Woodhead as a Free Agent, Pumphrey could be the same or even more dangerous player for the Broncos under McCoy.
72 Bucky Hodges TE 4 Virginia Tech rJr 6’6” 245 5th Great size. Moves well on te field and is really versatile. Plays very physical, can run the ball and also has nice hands. Looks really natural with the ball in his hands and looks very athletic for his size. He blocks some but is not a good finisher, too many times his assignment is able to shed the block towards the ends and still get to the ball carrier. Also si not the most polished routes runner. Lacks a bit of quickness and athletic skills. 4th He brings a lot to the table and has several area where good coaching together with his wiil could rturn him into a playmaker in the NFL. Has great size and is very versatile. Will need to get stronger also to develop a better functional strenght (and in this the Broncos are one of the best teams in helping players to accomplish) and will need to learn how to keep his aeareness high so that he could break free running routes. I think the Broncos could have an higher grade on him than many other teams because of his size and versatility.
170 Channing Stribling CB 21 Michigan Sr 6’1” 179 5th Great height for the position, will have to bulk up. Has very good straight line speed that could make him a good cover corner in the NFL. Has very good awareness and makes good open field tackles. 4th He maybe not be the fastest or the flashiest corner prospect in this deeply talented class, but plays very aggressive and looks to be a good open field tackler. I think that both skills are really weighted by the Broncos and for this reason they might have him rated a bit higher than the consensus. And I’m really good with it.
172 Jeremy Sprinkle TE 10 Arkansas rSr 6’5” 256 5th Aggressive and stout blocker both at the LOS and in open field. Able to catch the ball smoothly in the short area and to run with it with power showing very strong stiff arm. Has very good acceleration and runs quite good routes. Lacks elite speed but has good balance to get catches on the run. 3rd – 4th IMO one of the best prospect for what it’s missing on Denver roster. He would be a terrific added blocker for the Broncos, very physical that can be used also in the passing game in short and intermediate routes. He’s not a vertical threat but might just be the most powerful blocker TE in the class.
134 Dan Skipper OT 12 Arkansas Sr 6’9” 317 5th – 6th Huge size, has a bit of a slow feet. Very powerful in the run game where he’s able to pull away defenders, also lack elite footwork and athletic skills to be a LT in the NFL but has the power, balance and the ahletic skills to be a mauler at RT. Plays with some kind of nasty streak too, aggressive and with awareness. Could have probelm in the pass protection with speed and quick rusher. 5th He could become the RT of the Broncos for the next eight years. Will need a year to get ready for the speed and power, could be used meanwhile as added Olineman in some power formation.
198 Trent Taylor WR 27 Louisiana Tech Sr 5’8” 177 5th – 6th Undersized WR that has quickness ad very good burnst. Good hands. Also a willing blocker in the passing game but cannot rely on his strength and power to block in the NFL. Runs good routs and is able to make defender miss the tackle. 5th – 6th I love what I saw in his videos but i wonder if he can take NFL hits with his actual size. Does not look to have much room to get bigger and what it would be the impact of that on his style of play. This said he’s a very good football player that uses all the skills he has and has great football IQ. A perfect slot WR projection
238 Joshua Dobbs QB 10 Tennessee Sr 6’3” 216 5th – 6th Has good size wbut will have to bulk up. Looks natural throwing the ball down field, has very good arm strenght and very good downfield accuracy too. Is very good moving around the pocket and scrambling. Able to prolongue the play and find some open receiver looking downfield. He will have to work on his footwork in order not o rely much on his athleticism. Still have to get better in pocket awareness. Inconsistent play, when he’s a bit off time he really struggle making decisions. 6th Strangely he could be drafted higher than Siemian. Well Siemian was injured during the draft process and was rehabbing plus played at Northwestern without being the clear starter (funny how life repeats at times). Still Dobbs has a very goos arm, quite good delivery, good spiral. his thows has always speed and power. He can scramble very well and is a great athlete. He still have to imporve drastically in some basic NFL QB things like footwork and decision: pocket awareness. If the Broncos are willing to darft a 3rd string QB late he could be the one also because his game has some similarity with Lynch and could become a very good backup on a system that primes what Lynch does best.
200 Stevie Tuikolovatu DT 20 Southern California rSr 6’1” 350 6th Aggressive and powerful, lacks ideal size but he’s still dynamic and stout. A little bit older than the usual prospect, his will and desire to play Pro should be tested in interview and meetings. Has quickness for a guy of his size and looks quite explosive at the snap. 5th – 6th I like his aggressiveness and he could be a very good pick up and NT towards the middle of the third day of the draft. He0s able to create havoc from the NT position against teh run, can anchor well and might require double teams to be moved away, freen¡ing in Denver case one of the quick LB to jump in and make the play. I think the doubt on him it might be if weight issue.
201 Jordan Sterns FS 8 Oklahoma State Sr 5’11” 196 6th Average size but very thick and stout body. Not afraid of collision, quick and powerful in coming to the LOS to make a tackle. Has good enough tackling technique. Able to deliver big hits on receivers in coverage. Lacks elite but has good speed. Lacks elite athleticism. Stout in goal line situations, able to come and deliver the tackle. 7th – CFA The Broncos drafted two S in the 2016 draft, so I think it’s quite doubtful they woukld draft another one especially during the third day of the draft with the exception they will keep the last two picks in the draft. I like a lot the video I saw on him, he’s a real football player, a bit undersized but aggressive and playes really hard in the box. If he would be staill there at the end of the draft, given the deep class at S, I would lreally like the Broncos to select him. He could compete for a DB back-up spot as a rookie.
205 Michael Roberts TE 12 Toledo Sr 6’4” 270 6th Physical player that is not afraid of contact. Has some very good explosion and could place an effective block at the LOS. Is able to overpower LB in blocking and trhen explode into be a out of the backfield receiving target. Looks smooth and comfortable running. Has very good balance and is able to start and maintain a block on the run. Lacks the speed to stretch the field bit has very good short area quickness and athletic skills to gain some very good extra yard after a catch. Struggle to get separation running intermediate rounts. 4th – 5th Roberts could bring a lot of flexibility to the Broncos offense, if the Broncos are looking to bolster their TE group  withinthe middle to late rounds. In this case, Roberts could bring in a three down capability, is able to line up at the LOS as added Olineman, as  slot WR and as TB in the backfield. Can place very powerful and aggressive blocks both at the LOS and in open field and can catch especially in short distance situations. Not the tallest or the biggest TE in the NFL but could be really useful to a McCoy offense or a New England offense.
220 Javarius Leamon OT 18 South Carolina State rSr 6’7” 328 CFA Has some athelticism and spme decent footwork to play RT in the NFL. Really big, mountain of a man with certain athleticism and very good power and surprising balance. In the run protection he looks a bit slow getting to the second level of defender but is effective putiing on the block mainly for his size. Lacks the footwork and athleticism to become a LT in theNFL but has the potential to become a RT and could play some G after he’ll spend some time adapting at NFL speed. 6th – 7th The Brobcos brought him to Dove Vally for a visit and interview. He can play. I like what he can bring to the table, did not embarass himself against top competition in college, doing a fine job and showing skills. A very draftable grade for a prospect that may need one year of development before he could compete for a G spot. In three or four year he could become a starting RT in a power scheme in the NFL under a good coaching and if he puts the work in.
234 Johnathan Ford FS 9 Auburn Sr 5’11” 200 7th Quick as reyurner, looks to have the range to get help covering WR on the side of the field. Has quite good speed and acceleration pursuing the ball carrier. He puts himslef always close to the ball also getting to the ball carrier in the run defense and helping making the tackle. Not afraid of contact. Good read and reactions in short passes and screens. Able to make good enough open field tackles. Aggressive. 6th I think he’s a bit underrated. He could compete as special teams returner and backing up at S while he would need to get use to NFL power and speed. He has an average size with good frame that should allow him to get some extra pound and will need a better functional strength that would alow him to mantain his
343 Hardy Nickerson ILB 14 Illinois rSr 6’0” 236 7th Lacks ideal height but has speed and plays aggressive. Looks to have very good range and could be a side to side LB. As very good north – south speed. Needs to get more powerful and to learn to take better tackling angles. 6th – 7th He has teh speed and the athleticism to be a good two downs ILB in the Broncos scheme. Has the range and the speed to be developed also into a reliable cover LB. A bit of a project but could contribute from teh minute one in special teams.
301 Joe Williams RB 27 Utah Sr 5’11” 202 7th – CFA Does some blocking. Has quickness and speed, has some elusiveness and able to make defender miss in open space. Instinctive runner but lacks elite vision. Has an extra gear when in open field, very athletic and with very good balance. Not the best pass catcher. Has great burnst when he sees the hole and hits it hard. 6th Although he really needs to get a better pass catcher, he has the kind of burnst the Broncos lack and that could add a weapon to the Broncos offense. He will need to get stronger to be able to absorbe NFL defenders hits and cannot be counted on for more than 20 runs a game, but could be used in tandem with a more power oriented RB. The lack of vision would most probably not make him a highly drafted RB, but his skills will have suitors especially in teams as the Broncos that weren’t stellar in their running game in teh recent past.
304 Chase Roullier C 8 Wyoming rSr 6’4” 312 7th – CFA Quick at the snap, reaches well his assignment and is bale to use the hands well to block him. He’s more pushing than pulling his assignment and at time does not look comfortable mocing to the LB level meanwhile lokks very good movng at the LOS. Lacks a bit of balance and footwork will need to improve. 6th – 7th Has great size and some power to work with. I like his movement at the LOS and could provide some versatility as inside Olineman. Will need to get stronger and gain more power together with a better balance. He may need one year of practice squad to get ready for the NFL but could heve some unexpected potential.
313 Delano Hill FS 13 Michigan Sr 6’1” 207 7th – CFA Interesting stout S with very good size. Plays agreesive at the LOS. He has some good range tough not elite, has very good body type and plays aggressive. Lacks elite speed. 6th – 7th I think he’s a bit underrated and could actually develop in a very good starter in the NFL because he has the size and power to tackle, the technique to locate and hit the ball carrier either in run support and in the passing game. Lacks elite speed and in a very talentet class of DB he’ll be push a bit down. Denver could and did a lot worse than him in several draft with 6th and 7th rounders. If they will be able to interview him that could be important. Anyhow the Broncos selected two safety the past draft so they will draft him only if they really like him, and even liking him they might try to see if they can sign him as CFA. I thinks he will bring serious competition to Parks and Simmons.
342 Scott Orndoff TE 20 Pittsburgh Sr 6’5” 254 7th – CFA Has great size, looks to have the frame to add some more pound. Lacks elite speed and athleticism but looks very smooth and conformtable running with the ball in his hands. Asked to be a sound blocker in college, does a fair job blocking. Has some drops in the pass catching category. Targeted several times in critical downs as a receiver, lacks elite speed and explosion but id able to use his size in his favour. a bit flying under the radar at this point. 6th – 7th I think that he won’t be the field stretcher WR but a contributor that given the time to get used to NFL speed and power could become a three down player because of his flexibility and blocking and receiveing the ball. Something that is very important in today NFL and that has been a bit underrated in this TE class.
348 Ralph Green III DT 31 Indiana rSr 6’5” 305 7th – CFA Suspended for hitting a woman. Has great size for interior Dlineman. Strong and powerful big man that can bet the Olineman and create havoc in the backfield. Lacks elite explosion and quickness at the snap but very powerful could outlast a non perfect block and get to the backfield. Hustle the play as a linebacker when he’s free from blocks. High motor and plays aggressive. 5th – 6th In my opinion, depending on interview or report over character concerns, if the Broncos have him in their board, it should be between the best NT prospects at the beginning of day 3. He has the size the Broncos loves for their Dlinemen, the will to hustle the play and the aggressive style of play that is trademark of Denver defense.
352 Pita Taumoepenu OLB 28 Utah Sr 6’1” 242 7th – CFA Has speed and quickness from the edge. Plays with agression and is sudden. Pass rusher specialist athta add power to his speed. Has average size for NFL 3-4 OLB (the position he would translate into) and that could be his limit on draft nights. Very productive player that needs to get bigger. 6th – 7th I think he’s underrated, he’s sudden and shows power also to beat the Olineman. His speed off the edge is undeniable and just a bit shorter to what the Broncos look at as a pass rusher. It’s look to be a deep class of pass rushers and he could end up with the short stick because of that. I really would like the Broncos to add him to the roster without the risk to losing him as CFA. I think he’s worth at least a 6th rounder and in his pro-day (23rd of March) he could show his athletic skills and define a bit more his draft stock.
Rodney Adams WR South Florida rSr 6’1” 189 7th – CFA Has very good burnst after the catch and can make defender miss with it. Has speed and some short area quickness. Very dynamic with the ball in his hands.Looks to be also a willing tackler in open field. 6th – 7th I think he could be a huge competitor for theBroncos returner specialist spot in the 53 men roster. He’s very dynamic and has grea burnst with some good vision too. Very worth a look in raining camp. Also he could be very dangerous in screens and these kind of plays that are integral part of McCoy Offense.
347 Zack Johnson OG 22 North Dakota State rSr 6’4” 346 CFA Has great size and some athleticism. Looks very powerful, in the run game is able to move comfortable around the LOS and getting to the LBs level pulling with balance and power. Lacks a bit of explosion at the snap but quite dominant at his level of competition. 4th – 5th I think he’s underrated and is flying under the media radar: To me he can play and big time. The only concern (and for this reason I would prefer the Broncos to use a 5th rounder to select him) is his weight: will he be able to handle it? Has power and shows very good athleticism for a massive man of his size.
418 Ukeme Eligwe OLB 33 Georgia Southern Sr 6’2” 239 CFA Has good size at linebacker. Was dismissed at Florida State, enrolled then at Georgia Southern. He’s athletic and has an aggressive styleof playing. Played at a lower level of competition in 2016 but looks to be quite dominant. Quick and fast in run support, identify and fill the gap very well, looks to have very good instincts. Looks to be quite good at side to side hustling and tackling. Cam make open field tackles. In coverage he’s raw and will need to get much better. 6th Tpo me he’s quite similar to Danny Trevathan. I don’t know the reason of his dismissal but had to be something serious given that he’s projected to go undrafted. Still he has all the skills and all the potential teh Broncos look at a LB. If he’s on the Broncos board he’d for sure a draftable grade, since Trevathan was a 6th rounder, he could have the same grade. But the upside is there to become a started in an aggressive 3-4 defense as the Broncos.
419 Bug Howard WR 52 North Carolina Sr 6’4” 210 CFA Big target, has great height, will need to get bigger ans more powerful. Quite smooth running with the ball in his hands in screens and reliable pass catcher in traffic. Will need to do a better job in route running and placing himself where he could get some extra yards after the catch. 6th – 7th Productive player that is a big target in the middle of the field. Has good enough hands and size to create problems to linebackers and nicklebaks. May not have the game speed to be a deep threath and has to get better in his route running to be more consistently open. Denver needs desperatly to find a third guy that could be come a weapon in third down situation and across the field. He could be developed in that, it may take one year for bulking up and getting stronger in order to absorbe linebacker and defensive backs blows.
429 Fadol Brown DE 33 Ole Miss rSr 6’4” 273 CFA Has some quickness and power at the snap. Lacks elite athleticism. Part of a rotation at inside Dlinemen at Ole Miss but played very aggressive. Has some explosion at the snap too and looks very athletic. 5th – 6th I like his game a lot,he will have to add some bulk but he could be a diamond in the rough towards the end of the draft. His power and athleticism con make him a great dusruptor if he could add some punds and keep his game. Very aggressive.
Akeem Judd RB Ole Miss rSr 5’11” 224 CFA Has good size. Hits the hole hard and with explosion, lacks elite quickness but shows good enough patience and some vision. Powerful running the ball more than shifty but able to make defender miss a bit. Is able to provide some blocking skills at the LOS and in the backfield and on open field too. Also csapable of catching the ball out of the backfield. Lacks elite speed and athletic abilities. 6th  Ilike a lot what I saw in his game, He lacks elite athletic skills and speed, but has patience and some vision. Can be a three downs player since he can block some and pass catch some too. Looks very smooth with the ball in his hands. I would not discard drafting him before the end of the draft.
Casey Sales DT Ohio Sr 6’4” 289 CFA Has some quickness at the snap and uses his huge body to overpower the Olineman. Able to create pressures in the pass defense. Plays aggressive and has very good power and some speed too. Is able to use well is hands in the pass rush to shed Olinemen blocks. Lacks elite athleticism and has questionable short area quickness. 6th A penetrator DE in the 3-4 scheme.  Will need to ger use to NFL power and speed but has the size and the tool to develop into a very good 3-4 DE.
Ladell Fleming OLB Northern Illinois rSr 6’0” 230 CFA High motor defender that lacks ideal NFL size for DE but could be converted into 3-4 OLB. Has some quickness and power at the snap, some explosion and speed. Has trouble in disangage blocks with big Ots. Lacks the power ands strength and straingt speed to be able either to bullrush or to come from the corner against NFL Olinemen. Will have to bulk up and maintain his quickness. 6th – 7th Had a great Pro day showing explosion and some good enough speed to warrant some calls for competing in training camp. His size is a lmitation at 6’0”. He’s still an interesting undersized player that is a project because will have to get bigger and stronger but that has some tool to work with. May be candidate for a year in practice squad.
Daniel Brunskill OT San Diego State rSr 6’5” 273 CFA Converted TE, played in his senior year at OT after playing in 2015 at TE. Looks dynamic and raw. Lacks ideal weight and will have to get his weight up some to be able to compete in the NFL as OT. Looks really strong and athletic in pass protection.  Looks to run with ease and pulling very well on the run. Dominate the second level of defenders when he’s required to get there. Impressive plays for his 1st year at the position in college. 7th I think that he could be a very good developmental prospect. If able to get some weight and strenght on, he could become really good and at least a swing T in the NFL. Has the height and the lenght, needs more technique, hand placement and repetition. A late rounder, snce Denver has some at the moment could be well spent on him.
Kai Nacua FS Brigham Young Sr 6’1” 205 CFA Has good size, plays aggressive and looks very athletic and at times very explosive too. Able to make good open field tackles. 6th Looks to be in the mold of aggressive and physical S that the Broncos like, able to play bot S position if needed. Will need to test well in training campo but he’s way flying uder radar now. Had a great Pro Day testing very good in all categories.
Dane Evans QB Tulsa rSr 6’0” 210 CFA He lacks height  for NFL stabndards. Has good armstrenght and good accuracy. Great pocket awareness and the ability to scramble looking downfield. Can prolongue the play and has some speed, quickness and elusiveness to be able to run some himself. Footwork need to be taken care and throwing motion should be a bit corrected. Still a very dynamic playmaker that lacks size but show great poise in the pocket and is able to take some very good decisions. CFA I like him a lot. He look to me like a young Tony Romo, very active and slinging the ball around the field. Safe net are his legs with whom he can run around very smoothly and can grab some first down also. A two years developmnet and if the Broncos look for a 3rd stringer with potential and since were interested in Romo, he would be my guy.
Joe Scelfo C NC State rSr 6’0” 293 CFA Transfer from Alabama. He lacks size, will need to bulk up. Powerful Olineman that is able to get hands on the NT and pull him away or keep him from busting running lanes. Strong and physical. Able to run and looks not in total disconfot at it. Lacks some athletic skills but more of a power blocker. In pass protection struggle a bit with his lack of size, but is still able to hold on to the NT bullrushing him enough time to allow the QB to scramble away or to deliver the ball. 6th – 7th I think he’s completely flying under the radar. If he’d be 2 inches taller he migh be considered a 3rd or 4th round pick. He could put on 10 pounds more and be even more powerful. Athletic skills is not his best suit, he’ll have to learn how to play being a bit undersized but if he’ll put in the work he could become at least one of the best backup inside Olineman for power blocking schemes.
Rashaad Coward DT Old Dominion Sr 6’5” 322 CFA Huge Dlineman that has a wide frame and could add some weight too. Very athletic for his size, powerful and with some short area quickness. Has quite good pursue for his size. 5th – 6th The Broncos had a private meeting with him. I think he’s quite underrated, from his videos he could very well be a mid round pick. He played at a lower level of competition and is not a work out worrior but has an incredible lean fram for his size. May have to develop his game a vit but could be immediately put in some package to play against the run.
Tanner Gentry WR Wyoming Sr 6’1” 208 CFA Has average size but very goos athletic skills. Can make very good catches. Lacks a bit of game speed to get open easily. Can block some in open field. Will have to get bigger and stronger. CFA He’s a local prospect that the Broncos might want to brong to training camp and check if he can develop his body and his game to be ready to play in the NFL. May have to spend one year in practice squad.

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