Tony Romo at CBS and actual Broncos situation at QB

So, finally, Tony Romo decided to retire and take the job as broadcaster at CBS.

I personally start to dislike all of this drama and the fact that Romo himself rode this situation for time and time and time until he got the best deal he could by broadcasting company.

I wasn’t convinced about him being the answer at QB for the Broncos from the beginning, but then I have to admit that I also doubted that Manning would have been too…. so what do I know…

The funny part of all of it is that Romo mentioned that the Texans (didn’t even mentioned the Broncos) were his top choice. So far so good Houston, now go get a not ready QB in this NFL draft and good luck with that.

I’m wondering how all of this is a slap in the face to John Elway and Broncos FO, they look to be waiting and waiting that he would become a free agent to get him to Denver for good…..and now that he was released he immediately retired and not only that but also he basically said that the Broncos would have been a not good enough football team if he were going to keep playing.


So far so good Tony, nice to remember when he could not handle the snap on the potential winning field goal in the playoffs.

I think Romo was a very good QB but not as elite as media always portrayed him… the end being the Cowboys QB and popular and undrafted… become, because of the media, an elite QB even though you’re not.

Have Romo won as many playoffs games as Jay Cutler did?

And if he was to be that good, why the Cowboys should get rid of him? who said that Prescott will be a dominant player in the league as Romo supposedly was/still is?…..Vince Young was fantastic as a rookie, Robert Griffith III was even better than Andrew Luck…..and then they never really developed in a true NFL QB.

Let’s see what Prescott will be, having Romo as co-starting and backup, since the Cowboys are paying Prescott peanuts, was making a lot of sense, in my honest opinion.

Cap space? If you need a dominant QB to win a championship, cap space is needed to land a dominant QB, and if you have it, you just keep it and you need much less cap room, isn’t it?

Too much media hype in all this situation, is offseason and football needs dramas and stories to keep stealing attention from other sports.

So now what for the Broncos? I have two thoughts:

  1. The Broncos clearly don’t have a franchise QB, yet.
  2. The Broncos are on their path to have one or at least are doing all the right things to develop one, which is the conventional way to be successful in the NFL: Peyton Manning free agent situations are one in a GM career time.

I admit that I like a lot Trevor Siemian.

This said it does not mean that I’m not wishing Paxton Lynch to become a dominant QB.

About Lynch I wasn’t happy with Denver selecting him in last year draft because I thought, and maybe I was not so far from reality, that he was going to be a two year developmental project: watching his videos at Memphis I saw the few good things he did as QB and the big potential he has for developing into a QB, but given the draft class I was wishing the Broncos to get a 1st round pick that would immediately contribute as rotational player on the defense (Dline) or offense (Oline). The Broncos felt differently and last year was the first year of no playoff appearance under Elway as GM (let’s add to my unhappiness the Gotsis pick in the 2nd round when I think there were still ready to contribute prospects opposing to a coming from knee injury raw and developmental Dlinemen with potential).

Now, since Lynch was selected and he played a bit as a rookie and his many developmental areas were disclosed, his first year of development is done and he has one year left to work on his game. I think that if he wants to be a NFL QB he will now put in the hard work and will be able to really challenge Siemian for the starting gig in training camp and eventually may just come up short.

Siemian will only benefit by this close competition and finally his real ceiling will be disclosed. I think that by now Siemian is a very good backup QB, but I also think he has more potential than most people think. He played very well for a first year starting QB and fantastically for a 2nd year player and 7th round compensatory pick. I don’t see why he should not get much better in his second year as a starter, waiting for the blossoming of Lynch.

Bottom line, if Siemian won’t improve enough and/or will get hurt again and Lynch will show any improvement over last season performance and presence in the building, it will mean that the Broncos will have a high round pick to be used to have a chance at selecting a new high potential QB.

Rookies are always rookies, in most cases what make the difference between busts and Pro Bowlers is the willingness of an organization to help them develop into the player they could be by enhancing their strengths before they are able, mentally mainly, to face and get better at their weakness.

This is what the Broncos did this offseason for Lynch and might turn out to be also the best thing to see what Siemian could become too.

Go Broncos!!!

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