My take on Broncos first moves in Free Agency


Player Position Contract Previous NFL Team
Ron Leary OG 4y/36M 18,5M guaranteed Cowboys
Menelik Watson RT 3y/18,4M 5,5M guaranteed Raiders
Domata Peko DL 2y/7,5 M 3,8M guaranteed Bengals
Zach Kerr NT 2y ????? Colts

About losing the starter LT and not signing anybody else:

I guess, as Vance Joseph said in a combine interview, the Broncos will see if they can trade with some team for their established LT. the money thrown to FA left tackles has been shocking. I don’t think that hugely overpay LT is the good move. The Broncos didn’t like enough Okung one year body of work to pay him top ten LT money. They saw him like middle tier LT in the league and refused to pay him more money.

The risk was that somebody will “overpay” him and it happened.

The same happened with 35 years old Withworth.

Beachum I think was never in the mix (6’2’’ height does not combine well with what the Broncos looks to like in Olinemen).

Kalil was an interesting case because he had some good year (but also injured a lot) under current Broncos Oline Coach Jeff Davidson from his days as Oline coach and Offensive co-ordinator in Minnesota, but the Broncos seemingly did not made any move for him. That tells about what Davidson thinks about him.

The only veteran still out there is former Broncos dear Ryan Clady. Will the Broncos try to sign him? And if, would he sign back with the Broncos? I don’t see it happening.

I’m sure the Broncos have a plan that most probably include a trade for a veteran or, if not possible, a high round pick (1st or 2nd) competing with Stephenson (that restructured his deal to count only for 2 M against the cap until knowing if he’ll make the team)and Sambrailo (that has to prove that he can stay healthy and finally show what he can do).

About letting go first tiers RTs in the first two days of FA:

Look, I’m not sold on paying 9 million to a RT, already what they gave to Watson (6 M and something) is quite a lot, is good starting caliber money (but it’s also a one year deal with option to a 2nd year and then a option to a third).

Point is that I think the coaches identified which characteristics were missing on the Oline the way they want to play next year (so independently on how bad this unit was last year) and the FO fixed the top price they were going to pay at any position.

What we know is that 2 “mauler” Olinemen have been signed; I really liked Leary because he’s a very good player that was not the starter only because the Cowboys wanted to develop Collins (who is actually a lesser player than Leary but supposedly with higher potential). He will open running lanes.

Watson…I see what they see in him (he looks HUGE in videos on and is really strong and nasty (of course…a Raider) and we just signed last two years offensive coordinator as QB coach. I guess he knows better what Watson can do IF healthy.

If he cannot stay healthy he will be released after one year and 8 million. You can do much worse.

Maybe the Broncos were not looking at Reiff and Wagner and for sure they were not looking to spend 8 or 9 Million per year.

About Dline signings after “missing out” on free agency big names (Baker, Hankins and Campbell):

About the Dline: again NT is not valued high by the Broncos and is really the right way to go if we think that last two free agency period best NTs (that made huge money within the process) where:

  • Damon Harrison to NY GIANTS: drafted in round –>UDFA
  • Brandon Williams stayed put with Baltimore Ravens: drafted in round –> UDFA
  • Chris Baker: to Tampa Bay Buccaneers: drafted in round –> UDFA

I like bringing in a seasoned veteran as Peko that could show to younger and inexperienced players how to be professional, how to reps day by day. Also Vance Joseph knows him well from his days in Cincinnati and sure he got the last word on Peko.

Kerr to me is not a DE, he’s a real NT (another UDFA) and maybe one of the reason why he was let go (RFA not tendered)by Indianapolis  is because he was a former GM Grigson guy. These are the kind of acquisition that could surprise (I wrote “could” not “will”).

About Romo and QB:

I didn’t want Romo before I don’t want him even more now. I will become really upset if the Broncos will trade for him. He has been injured the past two years and he’s 37 and he’s no Peyton Manning. If he would be, he’ll be put back as starter of the Dallas Cowboys. If the Cowboys think that Dak Prescott is better than him so he’s not a top 15 QB in the league anymore. Let’s give the chance to Siemian and Lynch to compete and develop. I hope the Broncos will bring in a rookie with potential and then in training camp could bring in a third stringer if the rookie is not quite good enough


From these movements, at this point, I see that we won’t draft a NT (maybe more UDFA coming) and we’ll go after DE (really high on draft day), OT (really high on draft day), CB (deep draft class really) and TE (they are all around the draft board).

In the draft: I hope that they’ll take McCaffrey in the first round if he’s still there at 20th overall: he solves so many problems for the Broncos (change of pace back, slot receiver, returner) but I would love also TE Howard,  LB Foster, RB Cook to incredibly fall to us.

I would be ecstatic if the Broncos will pick up CB Sidney Jones (that injured Achilles tendon in his Pro Day and will fall from the top 10 picks) in the 2nd round (given than he will fall that far): he’s really good, quick, fast and plays aggressive. He’s young and he’ll be back full speed in one year…..when Talib may be gone.

Remaining of Free Agency: now there are no hole anymore in the roster, any new movement will reflect a opportunity that the FO sees or a player that Broncos coaches really like.

Go Broncos!!!