NFL 2017 UFA that the Broncos could target

Below my list of the free agents the Broncos could look at during this tampering periodo or more probably down the line after the draft or during training camp.

Player Position Years Previous Team PFF score My Comment 2017 Team
Brandon Thompson DL 5 Cincinnati Bengals INJ Coming back from ACL injury that sidelined him for the entire 2016 season. He’s a run stuffer NT that could come in and pplay as rotational player. He’s be add to the team and battle in training camp for a roster spot. Maybe a signing after the draft, depending how free agency and the draft will go dowm.
Andre Ellington RB 4 Arizona Cardinals 63.6 Change of pace back that looked great in his first two season in the NFL but that then eclipsed a bit himself after David Johnson took the starting duties in Arizona two years ago. Down the line he could interest the Broncos as change of pace back depending on how the draft will go. March 14th UPDATE: he re-signed with Arizona.  Arizona
Latavius Murray RB 4 Oakland Raiders 72.0 There are several reason why the Broncor could be interested in him: first he’s re ally good running back. Secong last year Oakland offensive coordinator is not Denver Broncos QB coach. Third, Denver will get a good player from the Raiders. Still I’m not really sure when this signing would happen because I think the Broncos are targeting the three first round running back in the draft, hoping that one of them will fall to them at 20 overall. March 16th UPDATE: he signed with the Minnesota Vikings.  Minnesota
Ricky Wagner OT 4 Baltimore Ravens 84.5 No brainer here, IMO: he’s the best RT on the market and the Broncos have big needs at both Ts. The point here is how much money he’d want to get and that kind of money would fit in on how the broncos wants to pay a RT? March 8th Update: he signed with Detroit. Detroit
Vance Walker DL 8 Denver Broncos INJ Own free agent that ideally is a good rotational Dlineman that could play both DE and NT. Still unclear if either the Broncos or Walker are interested to get back together.
Ronnie Hillman RB 5 San Diego Chargers 64.5 McCoy signed him when realease from the Vikings last year. Denver darfted him when McCoy was the offensive coordinator. McCoy is back at being offensive coordinator for Denver. Depending on how the draft will go, he could be in the mix to be the veteran change of pace back that could fight for the roster spot in training camp.
Larry Warford OG 4 Detroit Lions 82.0 Nobody speaks about him and the Broncos. Still he’s one of the best G in the oepn market and performed well in 2016. Why the Broncos should not wanting him? March 9th UPDATE: he signed with the Saints New Orleans
Karl Klug DL 6 Tennessee Titans 81.3 Torn ACL at the end of 2016 season. He’s a productive rotational Dlineman athat could play both DE and NT for the Broncos. It depends if he’s healthy or will become healthy enought to play in 2017. March 10th Update: he re-signed with the Titans. Tennessee
Jelani Jenkins LB 4 Miami Dophins 32.1 He played for Vance Joseph in Miami. I don’t discard the Broncos to bring him in for competing for a starting job. Joseph evaluation will define if the Broncos will go after him or not.
Stacy McGee DL 4 Oakland Raiders 79.9 Finished the 2016 season injured. He’s my dark horse at NT adquisition in free agency. If healty he’s quite effective against the run. May be only a 2 downs player but also will most probably command little bit more money that the vested veteran minimum. He’ll compete for teh starting job in training camp. March 9th UPDATE: he signed with the Redskins. Washington
Lawrence Guy DL 6 Baltimore Ravens 76.2 He’s my dark horse at DL veteran help for the Broncos. Has very solid experience and he’s an productive player espacially against the run but in Baltimore he has some nice play in pass rush. He could bring nice rotational value. March 12th UPDATE: he signed with the Patriots.  New England
Tony McDaniel DL 10 Seattle Seahawks 72.0 Veteran run stopper NT. Down the line depending how free agency and draft will go. He could give depth at teh position especially if any injury will happen prior or at the beginnign of training camp.
Datone Jones DL 4 Green Bay Packers 71.9 I liked him a lot as DE in the 3-4 scheme but he failed at that positio in Dom Capers Green Bay system. He was a bit better as 3-4 OLB there but I guess the Broncs could put a flyer on him as rotational player back at 3-4 DE. I really liked him back during that draft. He could be a 3rd wave of free agency signing, a la Jared Crick. March 14th UPDATE: He signed with the Vikings.  Minnesota
Dekota Watson OLB 7 Denver Broncos Own free agent that played well in special teams and did well also when called to play few snaps on defense. Especially if DeMarcus Ware won’t resign with the Broncos. March 18th UPDATE: he signed with teh 49ers.  San Fran
Donald Butler LB 6 Miami Dophins 49.0 Played in Miami with vance Joseph. His play is not what it was in San Diego. He could be a training camp addition in case of competiotion need or injury. Joseph knows better than anyone if he still has some fuel in the tank or not. This said McCoy could still have some bad blood with him.
Perry Riley LB 7 Oakland Raiders 84.2 Played very well for the Raiders as run stopper mainly after been cut by the Redskins. Looks to have something left and had a very good year in 2016. Denver could think at him as an upgrade to Todd Davis?
Cornelius Washington DL 4 Chicago Bears 63.3 Rotational player in Chicago that has tremendous size and could be still developed into a very good DL n the 3-4 scheme. March 9th Update: he signed with Detroit. Detroit
Robert Woods WR 4 Buffalo Bills 73.2 Denver could look at him as slot receiver. Very instinctive but a bit inconsistent. March 9th: Signed with LA Rams. LA Rams
Jarvis Jenkins DL 6 Kansas City Chiefs 50.4 Depth if in training camp injury will require to add bodies. March 22nd Update: he re-signed with the Chiefs. Kansas City
Marshall Newhouse OL 6 New York Giants 67.2 He could be interesting as a power running RT for the Broncos. He might could be sign in the second wave of FA three or four days in the FA period when the salaries and guaranteed money are quite lower than in the first couple of days. March 10th UPDATE: He signed with Oackland to take the place Menelik Watson had. Oackland
Tyson Alualu DL 7 Jacksonville Jaguars 47.0 The Broncos could target him as a rotational two downs player to be stout against the run. He may not demand big time money that other run stopper might ask. March 21st UPDATE: He signed with the Steelers.  Pittsburg
Riley Reiff OT 5 Detroit Lions 67.5 He could be a player that the Broncos could target to upgrade the RT position. March 9th UPDATE: he signed with the Vikings. Minnesota
Ron Leary OG 4 Dallas Cowboys ???? He’s one of the offesinve guards that could be targeted by the Broncos. He’s a powerful blocker that will look for a payday a part from a starting job. Still the Broncos could be scared because Stephenson had the same backup role in Kansas City the in 2015 and the Broncos got him to be a starter. That backfired.March 9th UPDATE: he signed with the Broncos. Denver Broncos
Kendal Reyes DL 5 Kansas City Chiefs 44.0 He was deeply scouted by the Broncos in the draft he came out of college. Never developed in the player he was envisioned to be. Still could provide some rotational snap.
Billy Winn DL 5 Denver Broncos 43.6 Own free agent that the Broncos could call up in case of need in training camp.
Domata Peko DL 11 Cincinnati Bengals 42.9 Brother of the actual NT the Broncos signed as UDFA in 2016: Kyle Peko. He played very well in 2015. He could be a rotational player and he’s a player that Vance Joseph knows very well from his days in Cincinnati.March 11th UPDATE: He signed with the Broncos.  Denver Broncos
Andre Smith OL 8 Minnesota Vikings ???? RT that always had some motivational issues. He played in the Bengals when Vance Joseph was DB coach there. He could be a veteran “cheap” addition for playing RT or RG for an year or two. March 14th UPDATE: he signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.  Bengals
Matt Kalil OT 5 Minnesota Vikings 36.9 He has been often injured in the past years. Still had a ton of talent and could be rejuvanated by joining back his former coach Jeff Davidson now Oline coach in Denver. March 9th UPDATE: He signed with the Panthers Panthers
Jordan Cameron TE 6 Miami Dophins 63.4 Overhyped player that could be brought to training camp as veteran that has to win a roster spot. Vance Joseph could now from his past year coaching in Miami. March 10th UPDATE: He’ll retire from football. Retired
Andrew Whitworth LT 11 Cincinnati Bengals 91.3 Vance Joseph could be the connection to bring him to Denver in case Broncos FO has the sense that he could have at least one more good year in him. March 9th Update: Whitworth will sign with the LA Rams. LA Rams