Denver Broncos 2017 Own Free Agents

Position Player 2017 Team Projected Compensatory Pick My Notes
WR Marlon Brown TBD He will be let go. Often injured and brought in training camp and then during the season most probably mainly by Kubiak that had him in Baltimore.
RB Justin Forsett TBD He will be let go. Brought in during the year because injuries and lack of production by the other running backs.
LS Thomas Gafford TBD Interesting to see if the Broncos will keep him or Kasey Kreiter that is an ERFA.
WR Jordan Norwood TBD He will be let go. Didn’t have a good year and the Broncos are openly looking for upgrade at both returner and slot receiver.
DE Vance Walker TBD He tore his ACL at the beginning of training camp. What alarmed me was that Elway in an interview at the beginning of the Combine mentioned that he could be a possibility (to be retained) but Broncos FO has no info about his recovery. Does not sound good at all in terms of him wanting to come back to the Broncos.
LB DeMarcus Ware TBD  Retired from Football Uncertain here. It will go down on if he wants to remain in Denver and he will, most probably, take his time in FA to see what is going on and where he’ll fits best. I don’t think it will be about money, he may want to get back to Dallas too. If he goes what the Broncos will lose most is his leadership and the respects the other plays pay to him in the locker room. Hard to replace that. On the field he’ll be a situational pass rusher and also may be the time to give other younger player more playing time to develop them. March 13th UPDATE: He retired from football.
LB Dekoda Watson 49ers  6th round I would try to retain him. He did not have enough opportunity to show his pass rushing talent in 2016. Played special teams. He should not demand big payday and could be a very good depth player again: March 18th UPDATE: he signed with the San Francisco 49ers. 3 years 6 Million
CB Kayvon Webster LA Rams  5th round The Broncos know his value and openly came out commenting that they wish to retain him. Point is that he wants to have much more playing time at CB and in Denver he’s a stud in special teams that never sees playing time in defense. Most probably he’ll move on to another team where he could have a chance to play CB as Bruton did last offseason even rejecting a bigger money offer from Denver.March 13th UPDATE: he signed a two years deal with the LA Rams to play agains under Wade Phillips. 2 years 8 Million (with incentives to get to 12 Million)
NT Sylvester Williams Tennessee Titans 5th round He will move on in case any team will offer him as much Denver will offer. I guess he could be a very good rotational player and together with a more solid run stuffer 3-4 DE he could plays good football. This not qualifies him for a payday from the Broncos and it’s the reason why the Broncos didn’t sign him to the 5th year option. March 10th UPDATE: He signed with the Titans.  3 years 16,5 Million
DE Billy Winn TBD The Broncos will probably keep an eye on him in case of training camp injuries as they did last year. Did not really impress in 2016 so to warrant a contract early in FA by the Broncos.
OT Russel Okung San Diego Chargers 3rd I hope he could agree with the Broncos for something close to 3 yrs 30 Millios¡n with 18 to 20 M guaranteed. Still it looks like he’s the most wanted OT out there. March 9th Update: he signed with the LA Chargers. I cannot blame him, the contract is huge.
Position Player 2017 Team Round assigend Restricted Free Agents
C Sam Brenner Retired from football Retired from Football He retired from football because of the concussion he suffered in training camp in 2016.
LB Todd Davis Broncos 2nd I don’t think a first or second round tender. So original draft tender worth north of 1 million should be the right way to go. I don’t think teams will get in line to give him a better offer. REACTION to Tender: at first I was thinking that this was the opposite mistake of last year CJ Anderson. I think that Davis was solid last year but all in all during the draft some LB could fall to Denver and replace him eventually. Then I learn that RFA tender money is guaranteed only against injuries. This means that if a certain linebacker from Alabama falls to Denver in the Draft and the Broncos FO thinks he’s not a liability, they will select him and the re-negociate or just cut Davis. This said I think Davis is a solid starter in Denver defensive scheme, he was above average in run stopping and a bit below in coverage. Still it was his first year starting and was quite promising even by PFF standards. I Forecasted an original round grade but since he went undrafted that would translate in a right to make him a counter offer or lose him for no compensation. Therefor the 2nd round tender.
PK Brandon McManus Broncos 2nd Not sure if Denver will re-sign him. He had a good but not great year in 2017. Maybe the Broncos are thinking to draft a much cheaper K at the end of the draft? If tendered it will be an original round tender, teams will not line up to offer him a much bigger contract. REACTION to Tender: as for Davis I thought that a 2nd round tender would be a bit to much but then again the money is no guaranteed (only against injuries) and it gives time to the Broncos to eventually define a long terms contract with McManus that would be giving him more guaranteed money (maybe only in signing bonus also) but averaging a lower salary. I think McManus is solid but still a bit inconsistent. He became hot during the SB run and last year was good but not great (see the FG missed against KC that would have completely changed the Broncos season: it was a 60 yard FG but at Mile High it’s quite possible, especially from a kicker like him that has a huge leg). still I do understand the advantage of tendering him with a 2nd rounder, discouraging so possible suitors and giving time to negociate a long terms contract.
Position Player 2017 Team Offered ERFAs
LB Zaire Anderson Broncos Yes I will sign him, if he decides to go on play football, his first interview after the Raiders game was revealing in the fact that he never mentioned that he will be there for training camp. If he desires to play, I will sign him to bring him and compete in training camp.
LB Shaquil Barrett Broncos Yes No brainer, sign him and then make it a longer contract. At least he’s high quality depth.
RB Kapri Bibbs Broncos Yes I’m not sure he’ll get the tender. The Broncos are looking at almost all RB in the draft; I don’t think it’s a good news for him.
C James Ferentz Broncos Yes Matt Paradis was playing with both hip injured and Ferentz never received a snap? I don’t think he’ll be tendered.
WR Bennie Fowler Broncos Yes He might be tendered because get to the Broncos roster as UDFA before Kubiak came to town so he might be Denver FO pick. He could be brought back so that he’d compete in training camp and then if cut at the end of the camp.
LB Quentin Gause TBD Not Tendered I really don’t know if he’s really a ERFA. In case he really is, the broncos interviewed him at the combine in 2016 (or after that) and then they sign him off the street and at the end put him in the 53 men roster. He’ll be in 2017 training camp. REACTION to NOT Tendering him: Well this is a surprise. The only player not tendered. Not really clear why. Also I didn’t really understand how he could be a ERFA, he’s a rookie signed to practice squad during the season and then signed to 53 men roster…do this qualify him to be a ERFA?
LS Casey Kreiter Broncos Yes I think he could be signed because cheaper than Gafford. I still think Denver will sign a LS UDFA to compete and eventually win the 53 men roster spot.
CB Taurean Nixon TBD Not ERFA He will receive the tender. I don’t think he’ll be in the 53 men roster at the end of training camp thought.
C Matt Paradis Broncos Yes No brainer, he will receive the tender and depending how he’ll be back from the double hip surgery, he’ll receive a contract or not, considering also the switch to a more power oriented Oline scheme where he could not be a great fit.
WR Jordan Taylor Broncos Yes I think he should get the tender and should fight for the roster spot in training camp. Did not have breakthrough year but did some nice things that make him a valuable training camp participant.