2017 NFL Draft My Broncos Big Board

RANK PLAYER POS. SCHOOL CLASS HT. WT. PROJ. ROUND My General Scouting Notes Broncos Projection My Broncos Evaluation
1 Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M Jr 6’4” 268 1st Has some serious speed and acceleration and some quickness (although not super flashy) at the snap. Shows great power and lower body strength in bull rush and very good speed rush skills. Not really fluid while running in open field. Looks to have room for gaining weight, strength and power especially in the upper body. Does not have really quick first steps at the snap for a top 5 picks. 1st – top 15 I think that he does not look to be a surefire first pick overall or even a top five pick at all. He will have to develop his body and his way of playing to be consistently effective in the Pros.
I think he could be a situational pass rusher as a rookie in both 4-3 and 3-4 schemes and after bulking up and becoming more powerful he might have better potential as 3-4 DE. Still a top 16 pick in a talented draft, he might become one of the top picks in this draft that looks to lack top end talent.
2 Jonathan Allen DT Alabama Sr 6’3” 291 1st Strong and aggressive, plays really physically and keep his motor running. Has some quickness in his first steps but lacks ideal height. Double teamed in college, will have to learn to stay low and use his burst to be a consistent LOS disruptor in the Pros. Shows strength and power to play at the next level as a starter in day one. 1st – top 10 He might be the best Dlineman prospect for teams running the 3-4 scheme. His quickness at the snap, power and strength could let him play as DE or NT. I think he could have less potential than Garrett but is much more ready to play right away in the Pros and could enjoy having a surprising productive year as a rookie since probably he will face less double teaming than in college. Solid top 10 pick.
3 Solomon Thomas DE Stanford rSo 6’2” 275 1st Lack a bit of height to the ideal size, will need to learn to place his hands better in order to take leverage against Olinemen.  Has very good power and strength combined with very good lateral movement. Has some quickness especially in delayed rushes and plays hard with good motor. 1st To me is more of a Dlineman than an edge, even though he has some quickness that could let him become also an edge rusher in the 4-3 scheme. His strength and lateral movement could make him a very good defender in the NFL if he could overcome his lack of size that could make him a liability against bigger and more powerful Olinemen in the Pros. He’s still a very good 1st rounder.
4 Malik Hooker FS Ohio State rSo 6’2” 205 1st Great size, very good range playing as deep S. Inconsistent at times with his tackling angles. Little bit more confused when playing underneath: has some tendency to overrun a bit the play and misplacing his position while the play develops.  Rumors reports that he had surgeries and will not be ready to work out before the draft will come. 1st Only one year starter that made the most out of it: played hard, showed great instinct as ball hawk and plays physical against the run. At times overrun the play but good coaching might help in that regard. I’m not concerned about his surgeries because the same rumors that report that he won’t be able to work out before that draft it also informs that he played part of the 2016 season with those injuries, and he played well against Michigan and Clemson, showing, if nothing, toughness. If he’s there at 20th overall and the Broncos doctors gave the green light he might have too much talent to be passed even though the Broncos drafted two safeties last year. He could become an elite FS in the NFL, given the time to adjust to the power and the speed of the game.
5 Dalvin Cook RB Florida State Jr 5’11” 206 1st Very fast runner that has homerun speed when hits the open field. Could be more patient when receiving the snap. When the hole is not there, he could do a better job grinding out another way to get some yards. Has some goods receiving skills and his speed could be used as a big weapon in the passing game. Still has to get better in his body placement as a receiver out of the backfield. Very elusive, has the speed to make several guys miss the tackles. Not a tackles breaker. Unstoppable on open field. 1st There is no doubt that he could become a very special player in the NFL, but for that to happening he’ll need to end up on a NFL team that has a good Oline unit that will be able to open some holes that he’ll hit fast and once on the second level he will find a way to make defender miss tackles. Behind the Broncos 2016 Oline he would have been a total bust. How good will Denver Oline be in 2017? I won’t draft him in the 1st round if I don’t think I’m able to open some home for him, not because he does not have elite talent, which he does have, but because his talent in nowadays NFL is not usable if not combined with some good Oline play. He also will have to get better as a blocker and as a pass catcher. If the Broncos could improve their Oline in FA and he’ll be there at 20th overall (between the two the latter is the less probable to happen) they can think on take him. I just think he’s not worth to trade up for, because of Denver poor Oline. He won’t be there at 20th overall and if, the Broncos could be very interested on trading down because some team could offer a lot to get him.
6 Jamal Adams SS LSU Jr 6’0” 211 1st Superfast and athletic, looks a bit smaller than his measurement. Looks to be always around the ball and plays often reading the QB eyes. Has very good football instinct and hits hard in run support. Does not look to have room to bulk up. 2nd I don’t think the Broncos will look for a S, but a new HC in town there is no such a thing as job security. This said I think Adams plays like a true 1st rounder (thought not a top ten pick) but I have doubt on his size and his ability to take the toll in the NFL from the day 1. He might have the speed and the change direction and all the athletic ability but S is a physical demanding position in the NFL and he might need to wait a bit, backing up and play as gunner in ST for then taking over with a more NFL ready body. In this scenario he might become the new TJ Ward, which was selected in the second round.
7 Reuben Foster ILB Alabama Sr 6’1” 236 1st Fast and athletic linebacker. Really quick in reading the play and reacting to it. Has the skills to be side to side LB in the NFL. Will need to bulk up a bit in order to be able to absorb the hits and tackles in the Pros. Will also need to become more powerful. 1st – top 20 It’s always complicate to evaluate film on Alabama’s prospects because it’s not easy to understand if a success of one of the players is due to his skills or to the skills of the others players around him. Was Foster very good against the run because of his fast read and reaction and his football instinct or because he was playing behind a mountain of a DLine for the college ranks? Was he good in his side to side hustle because of his athletic skills or because disruption at the LOS obliged opponent QBs to take more time before to throw the ball to the RB? Inaccuracy and not being good at targets reading was the reason why he wasn’t challenged that much in passing coverage or the latter hasn’t happened because he was a strength in that regard? In my opinion since he looks to be very good against the run, he looks to be very good in covering the RB and screens plays and looks to be one of the flawless coverage LB in his class, he deserve to be a top 15 pick. He lacks the ideal size and maybe even power and therefore I would not say he’d be a lock at top 10 selection in a most elite talented draft. But this draft lacks of top end prospects and so he could be chosen in the top 10. If he’d be still on the board coming pick 20th, the Broncos will select him (barring character concerns or injury reports that are not disclosed just before the combine). He could really compete with Todd Davis by day one and has the potential to become one of the best ILB in the NFL playing in the Denver Broncos 3-4 all aggressive scheme.
8 Mike Williams WR Clemson rJr 6’3” 225 1st Tall and super athletic, played basketball and shows a lot of body-control. Does not run very complicated routs and block some but could not hold the opponent for much time. Has rare speed for a player of his size and knows how to use his body to defend the ball or to get the catch. Had some drops. No Quite difficult prospect to evaluate with a Broncos point of view. As a prospect he should be a 1st rounder, in top end talent populated drafts he should be selected between the 20th pick  and the end of round one. Too much potential to pass up when selecting with those picks. IMO he does not showcase elite talents to be a top ten pick, which easily he’ll be in this 2017 draft, because although the potential, he is not as dominant as he could be and he eclipse himself at time. Plus, could he run more difficult routs to break free from sneaky NFL CBs? Can he block steadily on CB and/or S? I would not want the Broncos to trade up for him and I would have hard time to understand Broncos FO using the 20th overall pick on him. If he’d be there I would prefer the Broncos to trade down if any other higher ranked prospect on their board is available. So my grade is: No, although I think that in the right situation Mike Williams could become a dangerous weapon.
9 Leonard Fournette RB LSU Jr 6’1” 230 1st Has great size for a RB and a very fluid run style. For a big runner as him, he has pretty shifty moves and lots of quickness in getting the second gear. Has good patience at the LOS for find a hole to hit. Has problems when no hole is there and cannot find where it could come, gets stuck and could generate negative yardage trying to escape coming defenders. Very dangerous after hitting the hole having remarkable speed for his size but also knows how to use his body to break tackles and more important has great body balance. There are injury concerns on him, especially with his ankles. Can be a liability in blocking in the NFL. Has good pass catching skills out of the backfield. 1st He reminds me of a much bigger, a bit faster CJ Anderson and of a more talented Booker. I think Denver is looking for a fast, quick and shifty running back to complement Anderson and Booker. He’d add more talent in the same categories that are already sufficiently covered by Anderson and Booker. He has 1st round talent but between the injury concerns and the depth at his skills I think that the Broncos might have others players rated ahead of him. I wouldn’t want them to trade up for him. Would he be there at 20h overall (improbable) they should seriously think at selecting him, depending who else is available too.
10 Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State rSo 6’0” 195 1st Good size, thought not great. Really fast and quick in reacting to plays and very good in run support. Still has to improve in shedding blocks and is not as physical as he could be at being 6’0” corner and around 200 pounds. Looks to be very good in man coverage although suffered at times with bigger and taller WR in college. No I think Denver is looking for another talented corner to be added to the roster, so I won’t be shocked if Broncos FO would select a CB in the first round. This said Lattimore is penciled, in the pre-combine process, as the best CB prospect of the 2017, so is quite improbable he’d be available at 20th. He plays less physical than what Denver usually looks for, he’s more a finesse CB with great talent and good potential too. Still he does not blow me out (Roby did some years ago) and I don’t think the Broncos will be really high on him, especially because his fall would be related to some concern not disclosed at this point.
11 O.J. Howard TE Alabama Sr 6’6” 249 1st Incredible size. Great athleticism for a guy that tall. Good strength and very good play execution. Very good blocker in the running game and in the passing game. Looks to continue and finishes his block even if the play is developing far from his field position. Looks to have a real sense on his assignment with line movements and routs. Has goods hands. Looks to have room to bulk up and to get even stronger. Has good quickness and turn the corner quite well for his size. Complete package at TE. 1st – top 10 I think the Broncos will have him really high on their board and will have to trade up to select him. He’s so talented and still has so much potential as NFL 3 downs TE that could be one of the 5 best prospects in the 2017 Draft. Does a TE go in the top 5? Usually not. Could he? Yes. The Broncos desperately need to find a real three down TE that could be a reliable target on critical downs: third downs and red zone. But also he would provide great help at blocking both at LOS and lining up as eligible receiver. TE is not a sexy position to select in the top 10 but he’s a top five talent and fits also one of the biggest needs for the Broncos. Hauerman and Darby are still projects and Green looks to me as a very reliable nº2 TE but lack something to be a true nº1. Howard looks to have everything to be a true nº1 from day 1.
12 Mitch Trubisky QB North Carolina rJr 6’3” 220 1st Good but not great size. Lacks elite arm strength. Has good but not great accuracy. Needs to improve his pocket awareness and his footwork. Needs to learn to make more reads on his receivers and to recognize defensive formations faster. Does have quite good success throwing on the run and looks poised after receiving hits. Looks more anxious when under pressure by the defense. 2nd – 3rd I think he’s interesting because has good size and looks to be a complete package as far as physical skills. But on the other hand he’s not totally accurate neither is the coldest QB under pressure and his pocket presence is not good for NFL standards. He would have to sit and be the backup for a couple of years and learn under a very good QB coach. He then could become a very good starting QB, maybe not elite but in the top 10. Would he fall into the end of the second round or even better at the beginning of the third round it could be worth to trade up and get him. Unfortunately in a QB needy league he may be a top 10 or even top 5 pick and if forced to start as a rookie it may be a David Carr story all over again.
13 Jabrill Peppers SS Michigan rSo 6’0” 205 1st Athletic and explosive when performing returns. Really fast in read and react at the LOS, very good instinct when playing at the LOS and in run support. Has to do a better job in coverage. Has a good size but need to get stronger for delivering and absorbing hits in the NFL. 2nd I think that he has to learn to be better in coverage, also does not look to have blazing and lateral speed. He run fast and looks to be explosive and he’s really shifty. The latter makes him a really good returner specialist. I didn’t see enough of him as Safety to think he could be a good option for the Broncos at 20th overall. In the second round he could be really useful for the Broncos, primarily as a returner and by time and work he may develop into a good S.
14 Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin rJr 6’5” 314 1st He has good size for modern T in the NFL and looks to take good blocking angles. Lacks elite strength and power, could anchor better and use better his hands. Looks to be a better pass protector than a run mauler. 3rd He has some question to answer about why transferring from college to college so many times. Apart that he’s not a finished product, he will have to become stronger and more powerful, gaining drive and will have to be more consistent in the running game. Even thought the Broncos, pre FA edition, have a major need in upgrade their OLine, I don’t think he should be picked in the first round. In the second he’ll be a very good pick, still I don’t see him ready to start right away in the NFL. 14th February UPDATE: he had hip surgery and won’t be able to work out. I downgrade his Broncos value to 3rd round because of the injury concerns.
15 Teez Tabor CB Florida Jr 6’0” 201 1st He has good size and elite athleticism. Looks to have the speed to go with number 1 receivers and the change direction skills and instinct to go with number 2. Looks to have little room to bulk up and is not the most physical corner. Has range to cover his assignment men to man all over the field and has great closing speed. Good awareness. 1st He lacks the physicality the Broncos like on their corners. If Talib is retained I don’t see the Broncos going with a CB in the 1st round unless they’re enamored with the prospect. From the videos I saw Tabor has enormous talent and it just may be that the Broncos would rate him as top 15th pick talent wise and 1st rounder discounting the lack of ferocious physicality. This said he’s not shy on contacts; he’s just more of a finesse CB in college. Very instinctive, fast and smooth cover corner.
16 Corey Davis WR Western Michigan Sr 6’3” 213 1st Great size for a WR, looks to have room to get a bit bigger. Has good change directions skills, looks to run good routs and to be quite physical both at catching and in the running game. Quite complete. Lacks elite speed to stretch the field consistently. Has great athleticism and is able to make acrobatic catches and use well his body to shield the ball. 1st – 2nd He looks to me more as possession WR and a solid Nº1. Lacks the speed to be a burner but his athleticism and toughness could let him gain some yards after the catch and break some tackles too. An upgrade at WR3 for the Broncos for sure because he block quite well for the college ranks and is a complete player. He would be a great pickup between the 25th and the 60th picks. I would not be very happy if the Broncos would take him at 20th overall.
17 Derek Barnett DE Tennessee Jr 6’3” 265 1st Has great size for a 4-3 DE which could be his perfect position in the NFL. Looks to be a complete prospect, powerful and with speed. Lacks at time quick first steps that would gain some better positioning against double teams and look a bit lethargic in some plays. Still able to make big plays both in the pass rush and against the run, where several team where consistently running away from him. No I think that he may be a work in progress for a 3-4 defense. He lacks size to become a 3-4 DE as a rookie and may never have it. On the other side he has good height for a 3-4 OLB but is not fast enough and his change of directions are not fast enough. I see him as a solid 1st rounder for a 4-3 team.
18 Zach Cunningham OLB Vanderbilt rJr 6’3” 230 1st Great height and power. Has the frame to put up more muscles. Has some real quickness at the snap but his play is quite inconsistent. Lacks elite short step quickness and change of direction. Still when on, can make big plays and have very good acceleration so that could be used in blitzes. Not bad in coverage but has some tackling technique deficiency and looks too often trying to tackle the opponent too high, almost on the shoulders. Has good speed for an ILB but lacks the speed to cover a RB when aligned as WR. 1st – 2nd I think Denver is priming speed and quickness at the ILB position. He has that and also has a great frame to get more powerful and stronger, which he’ll need. Has the size to play against the TEs but lacks the speed and quickness to stay with RB. His inconsistency in reading the play and/or positioning himself could be a big question mark in the NFL. He looks to be still a work in progress and I would not be happy if the Broncos would select him at 20th overall, I would prefer to get a more “sure tackler” even with a smaller size a bit later in the draft or trading down around 25th-27th where he could be targeted.
19 John Ross WR Washington rJr 5’11” 190 1st Smaller type of receiver: has enough thick body, he’s quick in short area movement and he’s fast and has speed. Run very good routes and is able to break free using technique and not also quickness and speed. Is not the most explosive 2nd or slot receiver. Played mainly the outside routes but looked good in cross routs too. Willing to place a block in both running game and screen plays. Has to get stronger to be able to sustain a block in the NFL and in order to absorb NFL defenders hits. 1st He clearly is a 1st round talent, had some drops but made tons of big plays by his own. My doubt is more about if Denver is willing to test him as slot receiver because he looks to be a similar player to Sanders: a speedy and shifty nº2 receiver more than a slot receiver. I’m not sure he could constantly play the slot, given the body punishment that brings the position. Still I cannot deny Ross talent.
20 DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame rSo 6’4” 230 1st Looks to be a bit oversized. Has very good release and ball speed. Is able to read a bit the coverage and go through targets progression. Still have a good but not great arm. A statue in the backfield, his pocket presence is not good enough for the NFL standard and if started as a rookie he could be sacked countless times. Has to do a better job at getting rid of the football and scrambling to give more time to WR to get open at times. Does not good a good job when pressured. 2nd – 3rd I kind of like his poise, looks to be a true QB. Still looks to be oversize and not fit, which could be a problem if my eyes aren’t wrong. Does a bit of everything right but he’s really not dynamic on one hand and on the other is pocket awareness is just not there and really struggles under pressure. A late 2nd to 3rd round pick for the Broncos in case they’d fall in love with him at X’s and O’s and want to see if he could become, down the line in two to three years, the real deal. I would not touch him with the actual 2nd round pick the Broncos own, I would trade up in the late 2nd round or wait and see if he slide into the 3rd to the actual Broncos pick. There he could be really appealing.
21 Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama rSo 6’1” 196 1st Looks smaller that his listed height. Does everything very well but is not elite in any category. Lacks elite quickness and backdrop footwork and is a little slow on picking his assignment in bunches formations. Gets a bit confused when defending good route runners and lacks elite closing speed. Has good instinct defending the run and is able to move his assignment to close running lanes but often is not able to break free from his block in time to get the tackle. Lacks size to be a forceful tackler but plays aggressive at the LOS. 2nd – 3rd I really don’t see any spot where he excels and could be getting a starting as a rookie. He will have to be coached up a bit. He’s a redshirt sophomore so is still young and could really benefit from playing special teams only in year one and learn Pro trick to make up for his lack on shiftiness and top-end speed. Down the line, if he works hard to be part of the team and may accept not being one of the superstars, he could become a very good corner. Still I won’t trade Roby for him at all and I would not like the Broncos to use a 1st rounder on a developing player. In the 2nd round, to add depth and a player that played and could become very good also in special teams he could be targeted even though I think that Olinemen and Dlinemen could be still there for the Broncos and been rated higher that Humphrey.
22 Malik McDowell DT Michigan State Jr 6’5” 276 1st Great size, has the frame to add more muscles. Looks to be relentless but will need to get more powerful to be effective in the NFL. Double teamed a lot in the college ranks he’ll face a bit more freedom in the NFL at least in his first year so that he could get more pressures, hits and sacks on QB. He’s solid in both run defense and rushing the QB, has very good lateral moves and looks to have elite athleticism for a man of his size. Lacks elute quickness and power to be dominant at the LOS. 1st – 2nd He will need to work increasing his power and maybe the explosion at the snap. His big frame could help NFL Olinemen reaching into him. His relentless pursuit will do good things for him in the Pros and I see him more suited at becoming a very good 3-4 DE. I would not be very happy with Denver selecting him at 20th overall, I envision him being more a late 1st rounder or a 2nd rounder because he’s really good but not great in either run defense or pass rushing the QB.
23 Sidney Jones CB Washington Jr 6’0” 181 1st Has good but not great size. He’s really fast and quick. Is able to get down to the LOS quickly. Makes good tackles in open space but is not the most policed cover corner, looks to rely a lot in his athletic skills and in his speed and that won’t make the cut in the Pros. Has very good change of directions skills. Plays aggressive at times. 1st He has 1st round talent: flashy, quick, fast and instinctive. I have some question on his awareness or motor, to me he looks to rely a lot on his skills in college career and that trouble me a bit. Could have problem with physical WR. I’m not very high on his videos but I cannot deny his skills and talent and if the Broncos really like him and they take him at 20th overall I cannot disagree. He might be selected in the top 10.
24 Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford Jr 6’0” 202 1st
25 Cam Robinson OT Alabama Jr 6’6” 310 1st
26 Takkarist McKinley OLB UCLA Sr 6’2” 258 1st
27 Tim Williams OLB Alabama Sr 6’3” 252 1st
28 Taco Charlton DE Michigan Sr 6’5” 272 1st
29 Deshaun Watson QB Clemson Jr 6’2” 215 1st – 2nd
30 David Njoku TE Miami (Fla.) rSo 6’4” 240 1st – 2nd
31 Haason Reddick OLB Temple rSr 6’1” 237 1st – 2nd
32 Charles Harris DE Missouri rJr 6’3” 255 1st – 2nd
33 Dan Feeney OG Indiana rSr 6’4” 304 1st – 2nd
34 Desmond King CB Iowa Sr 5’11” 206 1st – 2nd
35 Forrest Lamp OG Western Kentucky rSr 6’4” 305 1st – 2nd
36 TreDavious White CB LSU Sr 6’0” 184 1st – 2nd
37 Curtis Samuel WR Ohio State Jr 5’11” 200 1st – 2nd
38 Garett Bolles OT Utah Jr 6’5” 296 1st – 2nd
39 Carl Lawson DE Auburn rJr 6’2” 253 1st – 2nd
40 Jourdan Lewis CB Michigan Sr 5’10” 188 1st – 2nd
41 Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio State Jr 6’2” 240 2nd
42 Dede Westbrook WR Oklahoma Sr 5’11” 175 2nd
43 Budda Baker FS Washington Jr 5’10” 192 2nd
44 Jarrad Davis ILB Florida Sr 6’1” 238 2nd
45 Evan Engram TE Ole Miss Sr 6’3” 236 2nd
46 Dorian Johnson OG Pittsburgh Sr 6’5” 300 2nd
47 Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson Sr 6’0” 200 2nd
48 T.J. Watt OLB Wisconsin rJr 6’4” 243 2nd
49 Dion Dawkins OG Temple Sr 6’4” 317 2nd
50 Caleb Brantley DT Florida rJr 6’2” 297 2nd
51 Gareon Conley CB Ohio State rJr 6’0” 195 2nd
52 Cooper Kupp WR Eastern Washington rSr 6’1” 198 2nd
53 Taylor Moton OT Western Michigan rSr 6’5” 330 2nd
54 DeMarcus Walker DE Florida State Sr 6’2” 273 2nd
55 Obi Melifonwu SS Connecticut rSr 6’4” 219 2nd
56 Carlos Watkins DT Clemson rSr 6’4” 312 2nd
57 Cameron Sutton CB Tennessee Sr 5’11” 182 2nd
58 Malachi Dupre WR LSU Jr 6’2” 190 2nd
59 Roderick Johnson OT Florida State Jr 6’6” 308 2nd
60 Alvin Kamara RB Tennessee rJr 5’10” 215 2nd
61 Ryan Anderson OLB Alabama rSr 6’2” 258 2nd
62 Tarell Basham DE Ohio Sr 6’4” 259 2nd
63 Quincy Wilson CB Florida Jr 6’0” 209 2nd
64 Ethan Pocic C LSU Sr 6’6” 307 2nd
65 Isaiah Ford WR Virginia Tech Jr 6’1” 190 2nd – 3rd
66 Chris Wormley DT Michigan rSr 6’5” 297 2nd – 3rd
67 Marcus Williams FS Utah Jr 6’0” 195 2nd – 3rd
68 Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado Sr 5’11” 205 2nd – 3rd
69 Adoree’ Jackson CB Southern California Jr 5’11” 185 2nd – 3rd Great athleticism, lacks ideal height, can play a role in the offense too as tailback or WR and is a good returner. Has great quickness and speed, he’s shifty and reacts well to the ball. Has the explosion to make up for the lack of height and looks to be a fighter. 1st – top 20 Because of his athleticism and skills he could be a great addition in round one and be developed as DB but also be used in the three phases really. He looks smaller that his height but is quick and has speed. I would not be afraid if Denver decide to take him at 20th overall, thought I would not trade up for him. Playmaker.
70 Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech Jr 6’2” 229 2nd – 3rd
71 Elijah Qualls DT Washington rJr 6’1” 321 2nd – 3rd
72 Bucky Hodges TE Virginia Tech rJr 6’6” 245 2nd – 3rd
73 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR Southern California Jr 6’2” 220 2nd – 3rd 2nd
74 Dalvin Tomlinson DT Alabama rSr 6’3” 312 2nd – 3rd
75 Gerald Everett TE South Alabama rSr 6’3” 227 2nd – 3rd
76 Amara Darboh WR Michigan rSr 6’2” 215 2nd – 3rd
77 Antonio Garcia OT Troy rSr 6’6” 293 2nd – 3rd
78 Larry Ogunjobi DT Charlotte rSr 6’2” 304 2nd – 3rd
79 Kevin King CB Washington Sr 6’3” 192 2nd – 3rd
80 Pat Elflein C Ohio State rSr 6’2” 300 2nd – 3rd
81 ArDarius Stewart WR Alabama rJr 6’0” 204 2nd – 3rd
82 Montravius Adams DT Auburn Sr 6’3” 308 2nd – 3rd
83 Tyler Orlosky C West Virginia rSr 6’3” 292 2nd – 3rd
84 Duke Riley OLB LSU Sr 6’1” 231 2nd – 3rd
85 Nico Siragusa OG San Diego State rSr 6’4” 326 3rd
86 Joe Mixon RB Oklahoma rSo 6’1” 226 3rd
87 Jaleel Johnson DT Iowa rSr 6’3” 309 3rd
88 Rasul Douglas CB West Virginia rSr 6’2” 204 3rd
89 Zay Jones WR East Carolina Sr 6’2” 202 3rd
90 Jake Butt TE Michigan Sr 6’5” 250 3rd
91 Adam Bisnowaty OT Pittsburgh rSr 6’6” 307 3rd
92 Chris Godwin WR Penn State Jr 6’1” 205 3rd
93 Derek Rivers DE Youngstown State Sr 6’4” 250 3rd
94 Tyus Bowser OLB Houston Sr 6’2” 244 3rd
95 Eddie Jackson SS Alabama Sr 6’0” 194 3rd
96 Isaac Asiata OG Utah rSr 6’3” 325 3rd
97 Erik Magnuson OT Michigan rSr 6’4” 303 3rd
98 Will Holden OT Vanderbilt rSr 6’7” 313 3rd
99 Brad Kaaya QB Miami (Fla.) Jr 6’4” 210 3rd
100 Noah Brown WR Ohio State rSo 6’2” 222 3rd
101 Marcus Maye FS Florida rSr 5’11” 216 3rd – 4th
102 Justin Evans SS Texas A&M Sr 6’0” 193 3rd – 4th
103 Jordan Leggett TE Clemson Sr 6’5” 258 3rd – 4th
104 Vincent Taylor DT Oklahoma State rJr 6’2” 310 3rd – 4th
105 Chad Wheeler OT Southern California rSr 6’6” 310 3rd – 4th No
106 Jordan Willis DE Kansas State Sr 6’4” 255 3rd – 4th
107 Fabian Moreau CB UCLA rSr 6’0” 205 3rd – 4th
108 Anthony Walker Jr. ILB Northwestern rJr 6’1” 235 3rd – 4th
109 Alex Anzalone OLB Florida rJr 6’3” 240 3rd – 4th
110 Marlon Mack RB South Florida Jr 5’11” 205 3rd – 4th
111 David Sharpe OG Florida Jr 6’5” 357 3rd – 4th
112 Kendell Beckwith ILB LSU Sr 6’2” 252 3rd – 4th
113 Ryan Glasgow DT Michigan rSr 6’3” 299 3rd – 4th
114 Samaje Perine RB Oklahoma Jr 5’10” 235 3rd – 4th
115 Dawuane Smoot DE Illinois Sr 6’3” 255 3rd – 4th
116 Wayne Gallman RB Clemson rJr 6’0” 215 3rd – 4th
117 Elijah Lee OLB Kansas State Jr 6’3” 220 3rd – 4th
118 Taywan Taylor WR Western Kentucky Sr 5’11” 198 3rd – 4th
119 Artavis Scott WR Clemson Jr 5’10” 193 3rd – 4th
120 Howard Wilson CB Houston rSo 6’0” 185 3rd – 4th
121 Kareem Hunt RB Toledo Sr 5’10” 208 3rd – 4th
122 Davon Godchaux DT LSU Jr 6’4” 293 3rd – 4th
123 Kyle Fuller C Baylor rSr 6’4” 306 3rd – 4th
124 Lorenzo Jerome SS Saint Francis (PA) Sr 5’10” 202 4th
125 Zach Banner OG Southern California rSr 6’8” 361 4th No
126 Josh Jones FS NC State rJr 6’2” 215 4th
127 Tanoh Kpassagnon DE Villanova Sr 6’7” 280 4th
128 Julien Davenport OT Bucknell Sr 6’7” 310 4th
129 Travis Rudolph WR Florida State Jr 6’1” 189 4th
130 Damontae Kazee CB San Diego State rSr 5’10” 184 4th
131 Nathan Peterman QB Pittsburgh rSr 6’2” 225 4th
132 Damien Mama OG Southern California Jr 6’3” 325 4th
133 Connor Harris ILB Lindenwood Sr 5’11” 241 4th
134 Dan Skipper OT Arkansas Sr 6’9” 317 4th
135 Jarron Jones DT Notre Dame rSr 6’5” 315 4th Great size. Looks lethargic at times, but other time is able to make big plays bit un pass defense and in run defense. Against the run is able to penetrate and destroy the play, against the pass he’s smart enough to be able to raise his hands and shut down some passing lanes, using his size and arms length to his favor. Lacks explosion at the snap but his able to use quickness at times. 2nd – 3rd Playmaker at the NT position. Incredibly playing for Notre Dame he looks to be underrated at the moment (few days before the combine). He’s able to create havoc in the backfield and let his presence be felt although with his size he could have been more powerful and stronger. I think that under the right coaching (and the Broncos have it) he could become a dominant Dlineman especially in an aggressive 3-4 defense as the Broncos have. Barring character concerns I would pick him in the second round. He almost for sure will be gone once the Broncos select in the third round. If he’ll be there is because there is some injury or off the field concern. Trade up at the the end of the 2nd round or at the beginning of the 3rd round would be maybe the best scenario.