One year of being World Champions

Coming to an end, in less than one day.

It still fells GREAT, ….again: GREAT.

Actually fabulous.

Still remember my wife, at 4:30 am in Madrid, running into the leaving room where I was following the match and congratulating me for winning it…..she was supposed to be sleeping and taking care of our 1 year old daughter….but no she found out the Broncos won it all….and came out of sleeping to come to see how I was…..magical….

..Almost as magical as my father hug (a 49ers fan that introduced me to football in the last Super bowl Joe Montana won…) ….17 years before, immediately after John Mobley tipped that ball intended for Chmura…..Ok the latter one was more than magical, was a mystic moment when I realized that if I really wanted as my Broncos did, I could do anything in my life: it was and still is one of the moment I use to get back  at when in need to take the righ direction when the ship is a bit upside down.

Back to now: there will be only one winner of SB 50.

The Broncos.

And we all had those last 2:50 minutes on the clock in 4th quarter to start celebrate it…….those were fabulous, pure glory and pure joy…..before John came and did what we all wanted him to do….”This one’s for Pat” was the right way to do it and the Broncos won the Lombardi Trophy by doing it in the right way.

Thanks to all the players, the coaches and especially to coach Kubiak: it was special all the way.

Last but not the least, together with all Broncos FO, thanks to John Elway: thanks to make me so proud, to make me feel so great about the way the football team I chose to be fan of, won it all.

GO Broncos!!!



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