Falcons 23 Broncos 16, my take

Are the Broncos in trouble after losing to the Falcons at home?

I don’t think so. They might lose some more games until they finally fix the offensive line problems that were there also in the Tampa Bay game and during Indianapolis game too.

When there are no holes were to run through, it’s complicate to break several tackles on every run in order to gain 2 yards.

When the offense is incapable to create long drives to keep the defense on the sideline and rest a bit, it’s difficult to become the best defense in the NFL.

That is what happened with the Falcons. It might have happened with the Buccaneers too if not for Talib intercepting balls in Tampa Bay territory and make it easy for the offense to score points.

Against Indianapolis the defense scored 14 points.

I don’t know what happened with the Oline, but since the Indianapolis game they are losing the trenches battle week in and out.

Also it looks clear to everybody, I hope, that Paxton Lynch is not quite ready to start and cannot be compared to Siemian at least this year.

Pre-draft, I was thinking that Lynch would be a 2 years project at least and now it looks to me that I wasn’t wrong.

Siemian is a finding, might never become a top 10 Qb in the NFL but, barring further injuries, he could be very very effective and botton line could definely do everything Kubiak offense is demanding to a Qb.

He’s more appropriate to this offense that Osweiler, because more fluid in movement and less stiff in the pocket.

Can he stay healthy? Maybe this is the weight that comes with Siemian, but is not that Romo has been the image of an ironman in his NFL career and until Prescott and a much rounded team have come along, nobody doubted that Romo would become the next NFL Qb icon.

The Broncos for the 2016 won’t need any Qb icon, will need to fix the problems in the Oline and keep Siemian healthy (if he can get back to his form after this injury).

The Broncos are not the best team in football, and nobody should care about it. The important thing is to get hot and play well when it matters, and that will be in the payoffs, providing to get there and the Raiders, unluckily and unfamiliarly, will not let this AFCW just get the road to Colorado easily.

The Broncos weren’t the best team in the NFL last week and they are not a “borderline” playoffs team now. They need to fix the issues on the Oline that were so clear already two weeks ago, that both Buccaneers and Falcons exploited them in back to back weeks.

Watching a mauling Oline is very very entertaining, I cannot wait for Kubes & Co to figure it out and see some great football in orange and blue!!!

Go Broncos!!!


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