My Broncos Big Board – Full Board

Player Pos. School Proj. Round General Overview My Broncos Grade My Broncos Evaluation
*Laremy Tunsil OT Ole Miss 1st Great size and power. Inconsistent with his feet and body balance. Has some problems with quick edge pass rusher meanwhile he completely owns inside power rushers. Has a ton of potential. Could be used in power blocking scheme but also in the zone blocking because he’s extraordinary athletic and moves around very well for a guy of his size. Still he’s stiff at times in pass protection. I think that right now he’s not ready to play LT in the NFL, but could play RT for a number of teams. I will need one year to becoming comfortable at LT, if he could learn to drag his feet better so that he could maintain balance and move quickly. 1st – top 5 picks The Broncos don’t have a shot at him and I don’t think they should think to trade up in the top 10 picks to select him.
*Robert Nkemdiche NT/DE Ole Miss 1st Character concern here, Has a great first step and quickness but looks to lack elite power and strength, which he could develop. Has great size and potential. Does not show many pass rushing moves and have to learn to get better body balance to not be moved away from the play by Olinemen. Still a great potential with all the tools to become a dominant force in the NFL. 1st – top 5 picks Now what the Broncos think about this player depends on if they erase him from their board completely for character issues or not. If they don’t he might be one of the premier players thay’re hoping to fall to them. He won’t be the substitute of Malik Jackson in his rookie year, he has too much to learn, but he could be  a solid rotational lineman that could really contribute in the pass rush at first and become more powerful and aware in the run defence later on, just as Malik did in 2015. He could become one of the most dominant players by the time his rookie contract will expire: if he could handle the professionalism of the NFL.
*Jalen Ramsey CB Florida State 1st Great athleticism and really smooth runner. He has the tools to become a shut down corner in the NFL. Played a lot of man to man blanketing completely the WR. Has quickness and some explosion after the WR made the catch. limiting the yard after catch numbers. Also tries to get to the ball before to settle to the tackle. One of the best defenders in the Draft, up to what I saw until now. 1st – Top 5 picks Denver should trade up selling the house. And there are already three, at least, cover corner on the roster. He’s really good but not as much and as needed as to pack the house and move in the top 3 spots to land him.
DeForest Buckner DE Oregon 1st Big and athletic. Looks to lack the elite first step and sometime looks to be a bit off of his best. Could become a stout 3-4 DE and a slippery 4-3 DE if work ethic will be there. Not a finished product, will need patience but the potential is there to become by year 2 a good starter and by year 3 a really important player on a team that will not need him to be consistent as a rookie. 1st – Top 15 – Trade Up I will be ok, not blown out, if Denver select him if he slides (and he has to slide a lot since previous to the senior bowl he’s considered a top 5 pick). A team as the Broncos would be his best landing spot where he could play a bit, put few sacks and number there while on a reserve role and under the solid leadership of teammates to the take off in year two with a body strengthned by one year of professional football. I will not like Denver to trade up more than 12 spots to go and gets him.
*Myles Jack ILB UCLA 1st From the tape on him there is no doubt that he has a lot of talent, top 10 picks talent. But a torn ACL on end of September is not helping his cause. At the combine he`ll be checked carefully but still he’s not the Todd Gurley of LBs in this year draft. If his knee will get back perfect, he could be developed in a great player given his cover skills and his instincts. His speed and quickness, lateral movement will be checked carefully and for sure he won’t be 100% during his rookie year, given that his recovery is coming very smoothly. Anything shorter than that and he won’t be a first rounder, maybe even a second rounder. His asset are his quickness, his aggressiveness and his cover skills. He will need to bulk up and get more functional strength to be able to adsorb all the hits he’ll be supposed to deliver. Before the injury he had special skills, but Gurley was more special than Jack. 1st – Top 20 picks Here I foresee that his knee is completely healed to play in 2016 and he’ll be back 100% in his second year. The Broncos will love to have him a little bit down the road as ILB for the 3-4 defense and they don’t need him to be impactful as a rookie because even with the departure of Trevathan there is enough depth to allow Jack to recover. This would be also the best career scenario for Jack, he could be able to get back without being rush and evaluated immediately. If the Broncos will have to trade up I will be ok if the picks traded won’t include any 2nd rounder.
*A’Shawn Robinson NT Alabama 1st Great frame and size. Very powerful especially in the lower body area. Has some quickness for a man of his size but lack elite lateral agility. Because of his size he’s a huge target for olinemen. Has a strong bull rush but not many more pass rush movement. Really stout against the run, shows capability to move a double team and really few times is on the ground. Played on Dline at Alabama, I see him mostly as NT in the NFL. 1st His size and power cannot be passed up. Still I don’t see him as finished product or ready to make a huge impact for any team, even for Dline needy ones. He could be helpful but would need to understand and adapt his game to NFL huge and powerful Olinemen and the speed of the game. For the Broncos he could be a great option at NT: he has the nasty demeanor and aggressiveness that Phillips demands and love, still whit Sylvester Williams under contract andlevel of play of the 2015 season it would be really strange to me if the Broncos will trade up to get Robinson. I don’t think, barring caracter issues, that Robinson will fall to the end of the first round. Still a 1st round talent for what the Broncos look for in prospect maybe a middle first
*Ronnie Stanley OT Notre Dame 1st Great size and really good power. Consistent with his feet in pass blocking, does a great job against power pass rusher and also does well, but with more fits, against outside rusher. Still NFL outside speed rusher will give him troubles for a while until he could not have better body balance and functional strength that would allow him to become even more agile. In the running game he’s less powerful than expected but has great drive when reaching the second level and is able to place a very good block on the  move. He’s more pro-ready than Tunsil because he’s a better pass protector, but I feel Tunsil has more potential. Still a needy team could start Stanley at LT as a rookie, he will have growing pains but will not be completely miserable. 1st The Broncos don’t have a shot at him and I don’t think they think to trade up in the top 3 – 10 picks to select him.
*Laquon Treadwell WR Ole Miss 1st He should be taken in the top 10. He’s a true playmaker that actually blocks very well and is playing hard on plays also when they are on the other side of the field and he just have to fake running routes. He can get better at blocking, but he’s doing very well for collegiate level. He lacks top speed but plays hard, run very good routs and has great quickness with whom he’s able to break free from coverage. 1st Denver still has one of the best tandem of the league in Thomas and Sanders. Next year Sanders will be gone but Thomas should stick around. Treadwell is a true number 1 receiver. I don’t think Denver should trade up for him but he’s still one of the top players in the draft.
*Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State 1st Powerful and explosive runner. Not very elusive. Hits the hole with speed and has a second gear but wears down in footrace. He breaks tackles and gains extra yardage after first contact. Patient runner is able to wait until the hole is there. Has lower body power and good but not great balance. No evidence of pass chatching and blocking skills. 1st It’s totally unprobable that he will be there at 31st for the Broncos and I would not want then to trade up to select him. But if he would be there, he might be their best player on the board and select him. Do the Broncos need a runner like him? No. he does not fit perfectly what Kubiak requires to a RB: he’s not a one cut runner by any means, he has some explosion but does not have the one cut and go and vision that is related with. He’s a complete runner, that can run inside the tackles and tossing it around with good results if Olinemen and receivers do their assignments. I think he’s a bit overrated. He is very good, not even close to be Gurley’s good.
*Vernon Hargreaves III CB Florida 1st Has elite athleticism and speed. Really fluid while running, very good lateral movements and good strength. Great coverage skills in the short and middle range. Get lost at time in deep coverage. Very good in run support and in open field tackling. One of the best prospects in the draft. 1st Denver will have to trade up a lot even in the best case scenario that he’d slide untill the 2oth pick. It won’t happen so I’m not too worried about it. Still he is really good and to me is quite there with Ramsey, being Hargreaves more ready to play slot as a rookie and see when he’d be able to take over mentally to be a Nº1 or 2 corner.
Darian Thompson FS Boise State 2nd Not as athletic as Ramsey, but not so far behind. Aggressive and istinctive player, with quickness and love for hitting the opponent. Really disruptive both in the run game and in the passing game. Kind of a modern S that can play well enough both SS and FS. Has good enough tackling technique and does a good job in open field. 1st – 2nd Wow. I think that if Thompson will be there at 31st, he should be in serious conversation to be the pick. No joke. He’s really good and vastly underrated at the moment. I don’t care about his 40 yard dash at the combine, he has istincs and is a playmaker and could play bot at FS and SS. With a year of learning behind Stewart and Ward, in 2017 he’d be more than ready to take over as a starter, having potential to become a Pro-Bowler.
*Germain Ifedi OT/G Texas A&M 2nd Has kind of heavy feet that he moves quickly but that limitate somehow his body balance and his quick reaction to the defender. Has great size and thick body. Has the look of a powerful inside Olinemen and he could start his Pro career there. Has some serious athleticism for a man of his size. Has good enough technique in pass blocking, staying low with his huge body and moving well his feet. Has very good awareness. 1st – 2nd He is athletic enough to play in a zone blocking scheme as the Broncos use. He can play RT as rookie for a number of teams and he could develop into being a relianble swing T that could start and do well at LT in case of  no better option and surely in case of need. He could also play inside at G: he’s powerful and looks to have long arms, I think the Broncos could like his versatility, if they envision him at Guard too. He won’t be there at 63rd and overall he won’t look bad at 31st overall.
Jason Spriggs OT Indiana 1st – 2nd Good size, could add some weight. Looks very athletic. Needs to get better technique in the first step he stays to tall and has to bend more so that quick and powerful NFL defenders won’t take advantage of it. Lacks a bit of quickness at the snap maybe because of awareness: when he’s on, he has quick reaction to the snap, other times he’s a bit slow and  could be exposed by the defender or be late on the assignement costing no gain or lost of yards in the play. Could be more powerful and will have to get better functional strength. He plays physically using his body in the block. Move well when required and looks confortable at it. 1st – 2nd The Broncos have the 31st and the 63rd picks. The first rounder could be a bit high for selecting Spriggs but for sure he won’t slide until the 63rd. I think he should be taken around pick 40th – 45th but definetely he could go higher because the position he plays and the potential he has. He’s a bit of a project but his size and athletic skills are first round material. I think he could adapt sooner and fare better on a zone scheme team as the Broncos are.
*Darron Lee ILB Ohio State 1st Has speed and is quick. Has great awareness and is always around the play. Still often his tackling technique is not good enough and making useless his awareness. Would still need to bulk up and become more powerful in order to be able to absorbe hits at the NFL level.  Has played a lot of zone defense at Ohio State and  could have problems covering NFL TEs man to man. Has to develop his body. He showed that has the mindset to be a winner, this should not overshadow that his tackling technique has to improve together with his cover skills. 1st – 2nd Bad tackling, a lot of shoulder tackling that allows the opponent to at least gain some extra yards. Some missed tackle in big moments not weighted by big plays in other big moments. He’s always around the ball, has great istints, but he’s a great If. I would like the Broncos to focus on less boom or bust prospects in round 1, but he has the talent to be a top 20 selection.
*Kenny Clark NT UCLA 1st – 2nd Strong and powerful, looks bigger in pads than his actual height. Has exceptional explosion at the snap for a player of his size, lacks elite lateral movements so he’s kinda stuck when in need to move away from a block. Has potential both in run stopping and in pass rushing but will need to adapt his play and learn the speed and power of the NFL Olinemen. Especially disruptive against the pass when he’s man to man against the Center. 1st – 2nd He’s an interesting player that IMO could attract the Broncos because they don’t need to start him at NT right – away.  Clark will need to be part of a team with a strong leadership where he will be able to learn technique and also the mental aspect of the game. The Broncos could be a perfect landing spot for him, being him a bit raw IMO: these are the reason why I would prefere if the Broncos would use a 2nd rounder on him, maybe trading down few spots from the 31st and getting him with the 35th overall could be the best place. If not possible to get an early second, at 31st, depending who will fall, he could be Denver target too.
William Jackson III CB Houston 1st – 2nd Physical player that has good but not great speed, little bit less fluid in his movement than the top of the class, great sense for the ball and like to give big hits. Looks bigger that his listed size. Really explosive to the ball and has really good sense for making plays. 1st – 2nd I like a lot what I saw on him. I think that he lacks elite speed but has very good istincts and has a really physical style of play. Good tackling technique. He has less lateral movement than Apple and Alexander but he’s the kind of CB that the Broncos like. I think there are more glaring needs for Denver to worry at the end of the first round, but if he’d be there, he could be too good to be passed up.
*Kevin Dodd DE Clemson 1st – 2nd Flashy DE that has size, speed, balance and a sort of good enough quick moves to become a reliable pass-rusher 3-4 DE in the NFL. Will have to strength up a bit his lower body because looks bigger than his size and in the pros Olinemen will be bigger and stronger. Has a tons of material to start with but he’s not a finished product. High potential. 1st – 2nd Would really like the Broncos to have the opportunity to select him. He could put up some sacks in his rookie year while focusing in gaining the power he’d need to be a great starter for Denver from year 2.
Cody Whitehair OG Kansas State 1st – 2nd Very versitile Olineman, that played G and OT in college playing LT in 2015. He’s a polished blocker that has athleticism, bend well in pass block, has quickness and gets easily to the second level of defenders in the running game. Has power and lower body strength, could get more. Lacks a bit od intensity and nastyness in his play. Could have problem with quick pass rusher when stays too much in his position, maybe an awareness little issue there. When focused is really polished and does very well in his assignment. Technically very sound, one of the best in this year draft. 1st – 2nd I don’t like his lack of intensity in his game style, but I cannot deny that he’s one of the best Olinemen of this year draft. He could easily develop in a very good left tackle or G or everything he wants. My question is: does he want it? I hope the Broncos had io figured out by now and I’m playing this like they got to know that he loves the game and that he’ll do all the necessary work to be a great player. In this case he’s a top 15 talent in this darft. If he’s there at 31st, he could be and, based on depth and talent, should be the pick. But he’s a bit boom or bust here. I really do like his talents but I I don’t know if he’ll put all the effort needed to become a succesful Pro.
Jarran Reed NT/DE Alabama 1st Reed is a force against the run. Lower body is incredibly powerful and is hard to move him. Against the run does a good job even when doubleteamed. Is not the quickiest Dlinemen at the snap, lacks a bit of explosion in the pass rush but looks to be aware of each and every play, skill not very common on NFL draft prospects. May turn out to be a two downs Dlineman, but he’s very capable right away to play those two downs. 1st – 2nd Because he’s ready right now to play against the run, I think he could be in serious conversation for being drafted by the Bronocs if still on the board. I would not trade up to select a two downs Dlineman. I like him because the Broncos could use him in rotation right away and he would be productive from day one.
*Kamalei Correa DE/OLB Boise State 2nd Quick and fast, has some explosion in his initial steps. Plays with urgency and looks to have good awareness. Maybe lacks elite athleticism but looks to be full effort player. Looks to have a good functional strength and to be smooth enough in his pass rush to be a solid three down player in the NFL once he will get use to the speed of the Pros. DE in the 4-3 alignement, OLB or even DE on passing downs in the 3-4 scheme. At the moment underrated, will soon raise his draft status because of the stress to find pass rusher in the NFL. 1st – 2nd I do like what I see in his videos. Off course he played in the Mountain West and he faced lesser competition than SEC prospects, but I like his first steps and his attitude, always tuned in and aware. He might soar up into 1st round discussion for some team, but I personally think that Denver should start considering him only if at the end of the second round he’ll be still on the board. He will have to develop and maybe he hasn’t the same potential than other players. For these reason I think that 2nd round is his value for the Broncos.
*Paxton Lynch QB Memphis 1st – 2nd Looks to be a kind of statue in the backfield, lacking pocket presence and movements. He’s a scrambler for need but has serious speed when at it. Footwork is questionable. Great arm and good accurancy. Needs a good offensive line job not to feel the pressure. Looks to perform the read of only a couple of targets before to throw and often force the throw on a closing window. WR drops count a good number of his incompletion %, to be said. Does not have a good body language. 1st – 2nd He’s really raw. In my opinion he has all the physical tools to become a good starter in the league but his length and not the fastest release will make him the favorite target of NFL pass rusher. He looks to me as raw as Osweiler when he declared for the NFL draft, a bit more raw than Derek Carr that was doing most of the same things on the field but with more confidence. Given the circumstances I would not be mad if the Broncos would take him at 31st overall, but I’m not onboard with trading up to select him, not in this draft where there is talent at other positions. He really reminds me of Osweiler. If Denver FO will decide that he’s the one they want, I think he would benefit to sit for at least a couple of years, get stronger and learn everything he can from Kubiak to become a better player overall. I personally hope the Broncos will go a different direction or some other team will draft him ahead of Denver, so the Broncos won’t have to consider him at 31st. UPDATE: the LA Rams traded up to 1st overall to select a QB. There is a great chance Paxton Lynch will be selected in the top 10 (San Francisco or somebody trading up) or 19th by the Bills or the latest at 20 something by some team that migh want to grom him behind its actual starter. I reapeat that there will be a lot of talent at other position between 30th and 60th, is not the year to trade up, if nothing is the year to trade few spots down.
Connor Cook QB Michigan State 2nd The most Pro-ready of the projected 1st rounders between QBs. He has a soft touch to the ball as Goff but a better arm strength. Accurancy is ok downfield but erratic at times in short and intermediate throws. Move a bit in the pocket but not as much as he should ,  being too much target of sacks or hits:  in the NFL would lead to injuries. Footwork looks ok but at times but he also pulls some downfield throw from the backfoot: in college you can get away with it but in the NFL is improbable. Somehow it looks that he does not have much potential maybe because he started 37 games for Michigan State. He could end up being the Andy Dalton of the 2016 draft. 1st – 2nd I think that the Broncos have a very good internal source of news about Cook and how he handle himself and the team: Bennie Fowler played with Cook two years ago and could add some info about the person and the leader. I personally would like Denver to go after some other prospect with a bit more of potential than Cook, but Michigan State prospects are somehow lately underrated and they perform better than expected. I just would prefer the Broncos not to select him 31st overall, a  2nd rounder is a more fair grade IMO.
*Emmanuel Ogbah DE Oklahoma State 1st Looks bigger than his reorted size. Has a quick step but has to learn to control it, at times he puts himself out of the play by overrun it. Has to gain lower body strength and balance to be a force in the NFL against the run. I see him as a 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT tha could bring inside pressure to the QB in passing downs early on in his career, until he won’t be stouter against the run. 1st – 2nd Size is a factor for the Broncos 3-4 DE personnel and he lacks a bit of ideal size. Still has that quick first step that in a couple of years of seasoning and under great leadership could let him become a force in the league and one of the better Dlinemen. Depending on the numbers he’ll put on the combine, he ‘s now a first round fringe guy and I would like the Broncos to trade down few spots and select him at the top of the second round. There is where I think his lack of perfect size coul make sense for the Broncos.
Taylor Decker OT Ohio State 1st Has great size and very good feet. Move very well in pass protection. At times he’s late on engaging the pass rusher, could have problems because of this with experienced NFL speedy pass rushers. In the running game, when asked he reach very athletically the second level of defenders and gets contact with his assignment but not always finishes his block, leaving free the opponent to get back to the play. On the line of scrimmage he shows very good strength and power, able to move his opponent and create holes for the running lane. 1st – 2nd I think he has to develop his game and his quickness at the snap to be a very good LT in the NFL. He has all the tools and just need a coaching staff that would give him a couple of years to be confortable and become a great asset. Still he has to want it and has to work a lot to get there. He has latent athleticism and moves very well so I think he could  be a good developmental fit in both power and zone blocking schemes.
Joshua Garnett OG Stanford 2nd Strong and athletic OG, able to anchor well and to pull in the running game, run quick and well to reach the second level of defenders. Has experience in playing I formations and bootlegs schemes, able to take really good angles at blocking in the running game. Has some experience in zone blocking scheme. 1st – 2nd The Broncos interviewed him at the combine. My grade reflect the fact that I don’t think that Garnett will be on the board at 63rd overall. Either the Broncos select him with the 31st pick or they find a way to trade down in the top 10 12 picks of the 2nd round and take him there. Between him and Whitehair, I like more Whitehair for the veratility but Garnett could be plugged in at LG or RG and play as rookie. He shows intensity and physicality. Plus could play for both zone and power blocking schemes. I do like him, i just wonder if is worth a 1st rounder for a G but I guess, since he’ll be a starter on day 1 in that case, that he’d depend on who is still at the board at 31st. He should be, but he won’t at 63rd.
*Will Fuller WR Notre Dame 1st – 2nd Maybe not the most athletic WR in pads, but has really good speed, thought not great, unmatched quickness in his first steps and plays physical football. He looks to be a true competitor. Has some decent blocking skills too. Looks to have really reliable hands and great concentration. didn’t ask to run complex routs but able to break free using double steps and misdirections. 1st – 2nd I might not be on the board when Denver will select at 31st overall, but if he would I think that even with the great depth the Broncos have at the moment, Fuller for skills and style of playing, would be a great addition. Would not see the field that much in 2016 but he will be then ready to get the n2 WR spot i 2017 once Sanders wlll be let go in free agency. I really do like Fuller a lot, Treadwell is the best WR prospect but Fuller is the second best option at WR for the Broncos and maybe an option at 31st. In my personal board he’s a top 20 prospect and should not be there at 30 something….
*Noah Spence OLB Eastern Kentucky 1st Has a quick first step, acceleration and speed. Looks to have enough power to face Olinemen on every snap. Has good size for an edge rusher but will have to learn how to set his arms and hands to shed blocks and pass rushing moves not to rely only on his quickness and speed. 1st – 2nd Character concerns. Transferred from Ohio State to Eastern Kentucky. Has all the gifts needed to become a very good NFL edge rusher but will need to learn how to break free from Olinemen blocks. He’s very raw. The big question is: is he coachable? Will he put his efforts on learning how to be dominant and dedicate himself to that? He will go really high in the 1st round, and after taking Shane Ray last year trading up, I dont think that the Broncos will do it again, even if the talent is there,it could be worth of it. Low chances that he’ll still be on the board at  31st, The Broncos could pull the trigger.
*Hunter Henry TE Arkansas 2nd Great size. Has some some speed and knows how to get open and make the catch. Not the kind of receiver Gronkowski is, but an all around very good prospect. Does some good job blocking on the line of scrimmage and on the run. Looks powerful and has some good athleticism for a guy of his size. 2nd He could also fall into the 3rd round but won’t make it until Denver first pick there. So if he’s still on the Board when the Broncos select in the 2nd round they might very well pull the trigger: he’s so perfect for Kubiak scheme and how Kubiak uses TEs. He played a similar scheme in 2015 at Arkansas and he excelled. He does not have blazing speed but he’ s as solid as it gets at blocking at college level and the Broncos will gain by adding TEs to the roster. I will like this selection in the second half of the 2nd round.
*Shon Coleman RT/G Auburn 2nd Lacks elite feet quickness at the snap, although he could move quite well at the LOS or also to the defender second level. Has to get better body balance but has very good power and strength. In the running game he lacks a bit of elite power to drive the defender deep in the back of the defense but still does a good job engaging his assignment. Has the look of the very good RT in the NFL that occasionally could play LT. Lack of inner power could not make him suitable to play G. 2nd At 63rd overall he could be a good target if the Broncos think that he could also serve as G with a bit of development. He’s more suited for power blocking but has enough athleticism and technique to be developed into a very good RT in the zone scheme too.
Ryan Kelly OG/C Alabama 1st – 2nd Has power and anchor very well in the passing game. Moves well at the LOS in the running game and has strength and body balance to move his assignment. Has quick feet after snapping the ball and good awareness at the LOS. Able to block on the move using good angles at the LOS. Able to reach the second level of defensers quite easily but then at times cannot place the block at the move, lacks body balance moving in open field. Has great size and could play both C or most probably G at the beginning of his NFL career. I don’t think he’s an immediate starter, he could do it for a needy team but will face a steep learning curve. 2nd I think he could be a borderline starter, because he will have to adjust his strength and speed and defense reading to NFL standards. Did great in college and could be more comfortable at G if he’ll have to start as rookie in the NFL. I think at the beginning he could be more comfortable being in a power based blocking scheme but has all the atheltic tools and quickness to become a very good starter for a zone blocking team when he’ll learn to maintain more body balance in the run blocking. A 2nd round grade if Denver is thinking to use him like swing G/C backup in training camp where he could battle for a starting G spot as rookie. He could take over as the starting C from his second year in the league.
*Leonard Floyd OLB Georgia 1st Versatile LB that has speed and quickness as his bets assets. He’s really fast turning the corner as outside pass rusher and has also good man to man cover skills. Has great size but looks a little skinny on upper bofy for NFL standards. His tackling needs refinement and also at time struggles to get free from the block. Great size, good speed, lacks explosion to be effective as a pass rusher. Will need to get more powerful and stronger overall to play the run because of his lean frame Big Olinemen could take advantage of it. He has leverage but will need to work on his footwork to stay with NFL TEs and/or WRs. 2nd He’s aggrassive and athletic. This two caracteristics are in demand at Dove Valley. Still He’s not elusive enough as pass rusher and is not nasty and a rutless tackler enough to gain a 1st round grade from me. I will not be happy if the Broncos takes him in the first round. He’ll need time to develop his body and to understand the speed of the NFL. As 3-4 OLB I think the Bronbcos already selected Shane Ray in 2015 and will look for gems down the road on this draft. He has great size for a LB, but he has to learn how to use that on his advantage in the NFL. He’s raw in several areas and his size alone is no warrancy for a first round pick. Lacks a bit of explosion and a bit of tweener between ILB and OLB for the 3-4 scheme, if he’d have more pass rush istincts he could develop in a good one in the NFL, I just think he’s too much of a WIP for Denver taking him early.
Adolphus Washington DE Ohio State 3rd great size, powerful, battles well when double teamed, able to move the pocket and has very good quickness for a player of his size. Very aggressive and has very good awareness. Great against the run and very good in pass rush too. Inconsistent player, has to learn to be always on the play, whether is mental awareness and focus or conditioning. 2nd – 3rd wow, he might be gone when Denver will select in the 2nd round, IMO one of the most pro-ready prospect I scouted up to now. He did great in the senior bowl so he’s already climbing the overall board. IMO there is no doubt that he could become a great player especially in systems as Denver has that emphasize aggressiveness and disruption. He could be a great addition, being a rotational player in his rookie year and then starter at DE in 2017.
Carl Nassib DE Penn State 2nd – 3rd relentless pursuer. Looks to have a strong lower body and a good first step and burst at the snap which uses to help himself to be in position to make a play or to be disruptive. Does not have the elite acceleration or lateral movement and it could lower his potential at the next level. Still looks to be a good prospect for RDE in the 4-3 scheme or a good 3-4 DE. 2nd – 3rd not bad prospect for the Broncos perspective. Might not have a ton of potential but could develop in a similar way Wolfe did but just a bit less disruptive. Will have to learn to play at NFL speed and for this reason I have a 2nd or even better 3rd grade on him.
*Chris Jones DE Mississippi State 2nd – 3rd strong and stout run defender that is able to move the pack and to make the play. Has great awareness and great functional strength. Has a big drop off in effectiveness when getting tired. Inconsistent in the pass rush. 2nd – 3rd if he’d fall into the 2nd round he could be in the conversation. He’s a two downs player at the moment and will have to adapt to the speed and power of the NFL. Also I think that in the Broncos actual scheme he could rotate at DE and NT.
Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State 2nd A little lethargic at times. Lacks elite first step at the snap to become a consistent pass rusher but is really fast when able to turn the corner on the Olineman. Also need to get stronger on his lower body to be as powerful as is required to be a factor against the run in the NFL. Great size and long arms. Moves well and shows good body balance for a man of his size. 2nd – 3rd I would be more confortable with Denver picking him with a 3rd round because although he has perfect size for a 3-4 DE he would need time to develop his body and his game. Plus at time he looks anemic and could be an easy target for nasty NFL Olinemen. There is potential but it would take more time than other prospects to get consistent production out of him. This is the reason why I would not spend one of the two top picks.
Vernon Butler DE Louisiana Tech 1st – 2nd Great size, athletic big player that is able to be disruptive. Played against lower level of competition, may have a steeper learning curve. Has really good quickness and lateral agility. Will need to become more powerful against the run. 2nd – 3rd Ideally a 3rd round pick for the Broncos, as NT he has the quickness and the agility that Phillips looks for a disruptive pillar in the center of the defence. 3rd rounder because he will need to become stronger and do a more solid job against the run and get used to the size and power of NFL Olinemen. He could be part of a rotation especially against teams that likes to pass the ball a lot.
Sterling Shepard WR Oklahoma 2nd – 3rd Has very good body balance and good quickness. Run routs very well. Has very good but not top speed and is fast. His short area quickness and ability to change direction abrouptly is a great asset. Decent to good job in blocking both in running plays and pass plays. Athletic and competitor: he got much better at WR during the year. 2nd – 3rd He lacks elite quickness and speed. Plus he’s not very elusive. He looks like a poor man Emmanuel Sanders and it’s maybe the main reason why the Broncos interviewed him. I think that the Broncos are not going to use their 2nd rounder on him but might trade up at the top of the third round to get him. He could learn for a year behind Sanders, using the roister spot left free by Bubba Caldwell.
Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia 4th Underrated prospect. He’s very quick and has some speed. Plus he run precise routes and is a willing blocker, trying to stay with his assignment until the whistle. He will have to gain power and strength to be ready to take hits in the NFL. Has some elusiveness, given his quickness and also very good athleticism. He might need a bit of time but could seriously develop into a nº2 receiver. 3rd I have an higher grade on him in my Broncos board because he’s exactly the kind of WR the Broncos lack depth behind Emmanuel Sanders. I think that he could backup one year Sanders, get used to NFL speed and power, play some special teams and then step up in a starting role after Sanders will leave in FA (which is probable). UPDATE: I just read the Broncos interviewed him at the Senior Bowl.
D.J. White CB Georgia Tech 3rd – 4th Physical, aggressive, quick and athletic. Not ideal size but has good istincts. Underrated. Lacks elite speed but has the look of the Pro-football player. 3rd I think that, between all the CB prospect he’s one of the few high rated ones that has all the skills the Broncos seems to like. One really important aspect is that he usually doesn’t allow yards after catches. Reminds a bit of Chris Harris Jr. The point is if the Broncos are looking for a CB or, given the number and the skills of the CB on the team, Broncos are more willing to bring CFA at training camp and maybe find some developmental project there.
Connor McGovern RT/G Missouri 3rd – 4th Underrated prospect that has very good athleticism, very good strength and good footwork. He moves well on the field, has good drive and pulls well in the running game. Has some experience in zone blocking and played both G and LT. Lacks elite explosion and quickness which indicates that he coulds have trouble blocking speed and quick rushers in the NFL. Looks that may have trouble at times picking up complex defensive audibles and blitzes. 3rd I really do like what I saw in his videos. He has the athletic skills the Broncos look for and the versatility. Plus he looks to be very strong, with good footwork and awarness capability to execute zone schemes. I think that he could be targeted in the 3rd round by the Broncos, and it will be a great bargain.
Kyler Fackrell OLB Utah State 2nd lacks elite athleticism but plays very well his assignment. Always looks to be on top of what he’s doing and what’s going on in the play. He’s very disruptive both against the run and the pass. He’s rarely on the ground, looks to have a very solid functional strength. He may be a better football player than a workout warrior, if I’m right on this he might slide a bit on draft day because of “combine superstars” but some smart team will thank for this. 3rd the Broncos might have to trade up at the beginning of the 3rd round if they want him. He’s already a solid football player that could be developed in a good 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He might not have the greatest potential but he’s already more polished than lots of other prospects and I expect him to be able to play some as a rookie. What he looks to lack is elite explosion to the ball; this is the main reason why I would get him with a 3rd rounder and not before. Pass rusher are, now that the Broncos won the Super Bowl, in great demand, I wonder how is that they weren’t one week ago too. He’s a really good one and one of the most solid prospects for 3-4 outside rusher in this draft.
Jihad Ward DE Illinois 4th great size and power, really strong at the point of attack. Does a good job against the run and when not double teamed he’s a disruptive pass rusher too. 3rd I do like Ward a lot and I think he could really be good as the new Broncos 3-4 DE. He’s stout and has a great motor and fit exactly physically and by the skills point of view what the Broncos are looking for. A 3rd rounder not to let him be there at the beginning of the 4th round.
Javon Hargrave DE South Carolina State 3rd completely dominate at the level of competition where he played. Question is whether he could learn enough to be effective in the NFL too. Talented DT that could play both NT,1 gap DT, and 3 gap DT: he’s explosive and too fast at the snap for the Olinemen he played against. Has some good move in the pass rush thought will have to gain awareness and not to rely only on his athletic skills, because that won’t make the cut in the NFL. 3rd if the Broncos believe that he could learn and adapt to play at the speed and power of the NFL they might have to use a 3rd rounder, to put him off-board before the third day of the draft will start. His potential haven’t gone unnoticed and there will be a number of teams that will be willing to pull the trigger at the beginning of the 4th round in order to get a prospect with his potential. If able to develop, he could take over at NT or DE in Phillips scheme and become quite dominant with his quickness and aggressiveness.
Kenneth Dixon RB Louisiana Tech 2nd he runs hard and fast. It’s a good pass catcher out of the box and behind the line of scrimmage. Not bad at all at blocking for his QB. Has some serius acceleration and looks really fluid while runing the ball in traffic. Still he’s more an outside runner and not overly effective while running between the tackles. He’s a bit more than a change of pace back, he can block and catch. 3rd I think that he could be highly regarded at Dove Valley but being not an expert in running between tackles he cannot be considered in the first two rounds. I think that coming the third rounds the Broncos would love to have him there on the board. He could be a really effective weapon on Kubiak system although he’s not a one cut runner, he’s a very good outside runner plus a good blocker and a very good receiver.
Sean Davis FS Maryland 3rd interesting prospect that has quickness and plays very aggressive. Has some coverage skills and doesn’t bother giving big hits in run support and blitzing. Does not have elite speed. 3rd all in all a very good prospect at S, a modern S that could play deep and also in the box. His aggressiveness and physical play should put him under Broncos radar and quickness in the box makes him a 2nd day pick.
Le’Raven Clark RT/G Texas Tech 2nd Will have to do a better job with his feet. He has good size and looks to be powerful, moves well on the line of scrimmage and is able to quickly positions himself to engage the block. Shows a good body strength while engaged in the block and some balance. Lacks elite athleticism and functional strength to better distribute the power through his body.Looks stiff at times  and not very fluid in his blocks. 3rd I think he’s better suited to play RT in a power blocking scheme. As for the Broncos he’ll need time to develop and could be considered if he’d fall at the end of the 3rd round and the Broncos coaches think that he might be able to play Guard too. He will have to have better body balance which will improve his athletic skills and more quick feet.
Braxton Miller WR Ohio State 2nd – 3rd Former QB converted to WR during 2014 season. Athletic, really good quickness. Has some good speed and for learning on the fly he runs quite acceptable routs. Really agile, has tremendous short area quickness. He has really soft hands and really good awareness but is still learning to play the position at high level. No signs of blocking skills. 3rd I am not a person that is blown away by hype. Miller has a lot of hype and could have potential to become a solid slot receiver in the NFL. I just think that from a Broncos point of view using a 2nd rounder on a prospect that has potential but has still major adjustment to do at blocking and route running it’s a bit too much. Still he’s a really interesting prospect and the compensatory 3rd rounder could be the moment when, if Miller is still on the board, Denver could target him.
*Rashard Higgins WR Colorado State 2nd – 3rd Fast and quick, does not have elite speed but run routes very well at collegiate level. Quite athletic and good awareness. He has quite decent blocking skills to start off. He’s also a physical player. Looks to be a complete WR that could become a Nº2 receiver and maybe get some snap at  the slot position too. Has has quickness and physicality and his precise routes could earn him some early playing time. 3rd From a Broncos point of view he could be a good target but in the third round. The reason is that Denver already has very good depth at WR and Higgins would had quality depth and would be studying to take over Sanders in one year. Still Sanders short area quickness is superior to Higgins’s.
Sheldon Rankins NT/DE Louisville 1st Dynamic player, lacks size and will have to become more powerful to face NFL Olinemen. Really athletic, he’s fast and has some quickness that could help him overcome his height. 3rd I can see him more at NT for the Broncos that looks to like taller Dlinemen since the John Elway era begun. Still if he’s still there at the bottom of the 3rd round his productivity and his ability to be disruptive may not go unnoticed.
Daniel Lasco RB California 4th Dynamic player that has burst and quickness, hits a second and a third gear in open field. Has some blocking skills and some pass catching at the LOS. Has some elusiveness and it’s really hard to tackle him down, has always some yards after first contact. Underrated. 3rd – 4th I do like a lot what I saw in his videos, I like how fluid he’s with the ball in his hands and his ability to breat tackles. He showcase a great balance of skils for a running back. Has to be more consistent and the Broncos coaches are very good at it. I think he’s a perfect fit for Kubiak offense. Running backs always slide a bit becuase they don’t last many years in the NFL. He is underrated right now. The Broncos could also find him in the 4th round but I think that a 3rd rounder it’s a more fair value for Lasco talent.
*Rashard Robinson CB LSU 4th The Broncos interviewed him. Tall CB that lacks elite quickness and speed but has still a ton of skills. He can play man to man and is physical. Will need to bulk up a bit. Has good istincts but is still raw. 3rd – 4th He could be a prospect that the Broncos could think to draft earlier than expected and to develop for a couple of years. He has the physical tools to become a very similar player of Talib and having him on the team could help the development. Starting CB as freashmen and going against Texas A&M Mike Evans is quite remarcable. Compensatory 3rd rounder could be used if the Broncos really like him.
Jason Fanaika OLB Utah 3rd – 4th Interesting player that has always the motor running and looks more powerful than what shows on blocks but is also quicker than expected. He will need time to adapt to the NFL speed and Olinemen power, but has some tools to start with. My opinion is that he would fare much better as 3-4 OLB than 4-3 DE. 3rd – 4th This prospect is actually, at this point, a fair sleeper at 3-4 pass rusher OLB. He has quickness and also speed. Add to that a fair amount of lower body power and strength for an OLB and he suddenly become seriously interesting.
Aaron Burbridge WR Michigan State 3rd – 4th Good WR that looks complete. Has good hands, good speed, has a thick body that helps him absorb hits. Has good tape on blocking in running and passing plays. Has some quickness and lacks a bit of elusiveness. He’s not the most physical receiver but does not shy away from contact and always looks for extra yards after the catch. 3rd – 4th I like the complete player. He has good speed to play outside but also mental thoughness and the physical body to play crossing routes. He can block and don’t shy away from it. I like what he can bring to the team, does not have the speed and athleticism of Sanders but could be useful as nº2 WR after Sander will leave in FA.
Leonte Carroo WR Rutgers 3rd Quick and fast. Has soft hands and looks to have a physical style of play. Does a good job blocking in the running game. His short area quickness is really good. Has great progression and really good speed in open field. Runs really smoothly. Didn’t have to run complex routs. 3rd – 4th Although the Broncos have really no need at WR, he’s one prospect that could add something to the team, especially if at a good bargain as the 4th round. He might not have elite speed, but is really smooth, has quickness, great body balance, plays really physical and could play slot or also outside a bit. I really do like him, I just downgrade him a bit because I think that in the third round the Broncos if in doubt, might decide to go on other positions where there is a bit more of need. In the 4th round they should find a way to trade up and get him. If at the end Denver FO decides to take him in the third, I’m completely ok with.
Kyle Murphy RT/G Stanford 3rd Lacks a bit of quickness in his feet, still is a polished blocker that knows how to move at the LOS and to the second level of defenders to place his block in the running game. Looks to be strong but has the frame to become even more powerful. Could anchor better at times and lacks elite athleticism. He could become a very good RT in the NFL, given time and patience to adapt to the speed and power of the Pros. 3rd – 4th He’s not the most athletic prospect at all, but is a really polished blocker and few times looks out of place: he always has clear who is his assignment and tries to stay with it until the whistle. Could have fits with speed rusher and when not well anchored could have issues with powerful bullrusher. Anyhow does a good enough job in the preparation of the block to be able to recover and to place a block when beaten. I think he has room to become more powerful and could become a great fit as G or RT in the zone blocking scheme of Denver.
Spencer Drango OG Baylor 4th Great size, aggressive at the snap, is able to find his opponent body and put his hands on quickly. Has ok footwork and does not look overdynamic in mirroring the blind side in passing game. Strong and impositive in the running game. Struggles with quick pass rushers. More confortable when able to set his feet and taking position in the pass blocking game, has his problems when has to pass block in movement. 3rd – 4th More eavy and less athletic than Mcgovern, he’s another underrated prospect that could really be useful to the Broncos. He might have to play G only in the NFL becuase of his bulk and lack of elite lateral movement, still has tons of experience and has been a big time player in his college carrer. My only doubt is that I don’t know if he will be able to re-invent himself as a learner after being one of the best Olinemen in the country at the college level for so much time. More than worth a 4th round pick.
Kentrell Brothers ILB Missouri 2nd Looks bigger than his size, lack elite explosiveness at the snap and elite athleticism, not fluid when running sideline to sideline, looks to have not the longest arms and sometimes the tackle is not very well done. Shows much better speed north-south and is a good gap thumper. Still does not deliver bit hits but has nose for the play, rarely out of the play shows that has good knowledge and awareness. Has some experience of coverage. 3rd – 4th Still the Broncos cannot think to plug Brothers in intead of Trevathan. No way. Athleticism, speed, lateral movements and coverage skills are not comparable. Trevathan was really underevaluated back in 2011 and Brothers now is a bit overrated. If he’s there at the end of the 3rd or even better in the 4th, the Broncos could think to add a player that will play mainly two downs in his first couple of years in the NFL and as a backup in the rotation.
*Dominique Alexander ILB Oklahoma 2nd – 3rd Lacks elite quickness and speed on his first step at the snap. Still has some good speed and can penetrate in blitzes. Better at running north-south that sideline to sideline, where he lacks a bit of speed/athletic skills to be really effective but can do some things too. Looks to be solid in tackling. Size could be better but looks to have effort and motor. Will definetely have to gain lower body strength to face big and powerful NFL inside G and C. 3rd – 4th Will need time to adjust his game and his body to the NFL speed and power. This is the reason why a 3rd – 4th round grade. For what the Broncos are looking at LB, between him, Brothers and Ragland it’s himthe best but also Alexander is not completely fullfilling the desired skills (quickness and sideline to sideline) but is more suitable than the other two big names.
*Austin Johnson DE Penn State 2nd Huge size. Has problem disengaging the block, looks not as powerful has a guy of his size could be, so he has potential on this regard. Lacks elite quckness at the snap but has awareness and is rarely cut on the ground. Really good against the run. 3rd – 4th He may fit what the Broncos look for 3-4 DE becuase of his potential against the run. Could rotate also at NT position but lacks the quickness that Phillips desires from his NT. Has the size the Broncos looks to like. These are the reason I have this low grade on him for the Broncos.
Joe Haeg OT North Dakota State 3rd – 4th Athletic and strong but very raw in hands technique and footwork. He looks a lot out of balance in the pass protection becuase of footwork plus his hands are strong but he has to get a better grab on the defender. In the running game he is able at time to combinate his athletic skills and his power. Also has room to become even stronger with his lean and tall frame. He’s raw moving around the LOS in run protection but shows great skills that coached up well could make him a very good T in the NFL. 3rd – 4th From a Broncos perspective there is a lot to develop. He played in I formationand in bootleg too so knows some concepts that are fundamental in the Broncos offense. Still being this raw I would see him as a 4th rounder but the Broncos at the moment own only a compensatory fourth rounder and that will be probably too late for Haeg. The compensatory 3rd rounder or an adquired early forth rounders are more reflecting his value for the Broncos, IMO.
Sebastian Tretola OG Arkansas 3rd Good lower body strength and power, anchor well in the passing game, lacks a bit of lateral movement but moves well around the line. Aggressive at the snap, has really good size. Shows some good speed and athleticism in downfield blocking. 3rd – 4th He could be a good option although it looks to me he lacks top athleticism but makes up with aggression and awareness. His footwork and lateral movements are a bit of a concern and for this reason I don’t think he could be able to start in his rookie year but part of a rotation at best while learning technique and getting a better functional strength. I do like his intensity.
*Austin Hooper TE Stanford 2nd – 3rd Has good speed and good athleticism. Inconsistent at blocking on the LOS, better blocker on the run in both run and pass plays. More of a “moving the chains” guy since he’s more a pass catcher than blocking TE but does not have elite athleticism, speed or quickness. Reliable catcher. 3rd – 4th I would like the Broncos to target him more in the 4th round than in the third, but Denver has two 3rd rounders and one is the last pick in the third round (4th of four compensatory picks) and if they love him the Broncos might draft him there. He could be a reliable tall and strong target that run fluid on the field but that lacks explosion and speed to strech the field.
Max Tuerk OG/C Southern California 4th – 5th Dynanic Olineman that has very good awareness and some good quickness, lacks a bit of strength and power but has very good athletic skills and blocks very well on the run. Has very good body balance with which makes up to the lack of elite strength. In the run game is quick after snapping the ball anchoring well and pulling on his assignment. Has exceptional size and room to get bigger and stronger, which is important. Really good on positioning himself in the running game, shows a lot of flexibility but lacks quick feet although is not very slow but in the passing game has some trouble defending quick pass rushers, is able to recover with quick movements and can shield the Qb with his big body but will have to gain more lower body power to be able to anchor better in the passing game. Really fluid and athletic running to get a downfield block. 4th Depending on his medical check on the knee where he suffered ACL injury on october 2015. If the Broncos doctors reported that he’ll be good to go in 2016 I’ll drop him only to the 4th round. This because he’s a perfect fit for what the Broncos look for. He’s an athletic, agile, quick Olineman that has experience at all Oline positions, especially at C where he has exceptional size. If his knee will be OK, he could be a great G/C for the Broncos, he’ll need one year of developement and training to get stronger and understand the speed of the NFL game, but I think he could really become a great player under Kubiak zone blocking scheme. His versatility does nothing but giving him even more value on the Broncos board, given that the medical check on his rehab and knee situation is good. he could be a steal in the 4th round.
Christian Westerman OG Arizona State 2nd – 3rd Aggressive at the snap, can reach easily the second level of defenders to place a block, has some drive but could get better. Does not have elite lateral movements and at times he remains in his position leaving the defender to get to his side and past him. Did 34 bench repetitions at the combine but does not look that strong and powerful on his videos, has good but not great game strength. 4th He has some flashes and has enough agility to be a good fit in the zone blocking scheme. IMO he is anyhow a steps or two behind Whitehair and Garnett, he could be a great grab in the 4th round. He will need time to beef up and get use to NFL power and speed.
Jonathan Jones CB Auburn 3rd – 4th Good cover corner that is used to play man to man a lot. He has speed and acceleration, good istincts and good athletic skills. He lacks strength and power and will need to bulk up to be able to play in the NFL in run support. 4th In my opinion he is one of the most Pro-Ready cover corner I saw up to now, including projected first and second rounders. What scares me a bit on him is his lack of functional power and strength. I think that the Broncos could be able, with one year of preparation to get him ready to play. He has a stylish style of play that reminds me a bit of Champ Bailey…only the strenght part is missing.
Justin Simmons FS Boston College 5th – 6th Athletic, agreessive but could be more physical. Has some good explosion and has good speed. Does a quite good job against the run. Lacks top lateral speed and movement. 4th A little underrated at the moment. He has some skills the Broncos covet at the position, quickness and aggressiveness. Lacks elite athletic skills but does a good job in run support and looks solid in tackling. The Broncos own a compensatory pick in the 4th round and might very well use it to select Simmons. He could provide nice depth at SS and learn to play at NFL speed while studying at being a modern S that can cover and play in the box.
Maurice Canady CB Virginia 3rd Great closing speed, understands the play and where he is on the field. Has added value as punt returner, has some quickness and is really fluid running on the field. Does a decent job in man coverage. has to improve his tackling technique but does not fear contact. Lack a bit of explosion while chasing the ball and in direction changes. 4th The Broncos had interview with him at the Combine. He has potential, plus he could play punt returner and special teams. What I would have love to see is more aggression in his style of play. He could be a nice findings for a man to man defence since looks more confortable in man to man coverage and has the speed and fluidity to become a good CB in the NFL. Being not as physical as the  Broncos like, I think that he could be targeted with the compensatory pick in the 4th round. if the Broncos really like his speed and special team value.
Karl Joseph SS West Virginia 3rd – 4th Really good instincts against the run, has some quickness and speed. Has to get better angles at tackling. He looks fluids in his running and is agreesive to the ball. 4th Does a really good job in run support, he’s aggressive and has some good explosion. Looks athletic but has some issue in tackling. He might be on Denver radar if he’d drop into the end of the 4th round where the Broncos are supposed to get a compensatory pick.
*Jerald Hawkins RT/G LSU 2nd – 3rd Great size and very good  strength. Powerful, lacks elite athleticism and has some heavy footage. At times not able to stay on the block until the end of the play. Able to move his assignment in the run game. Struggles at times to block on the move against quick opponent. 4th I think that he lacks the necessary athleticism to play LT or RT in the zone blocking scheme in the NFL but has the power and could develop the drive to become a good starting G in the system. He’s more suited for the power blocking scheme where he could be a good RT and in case of need could also play some gamen at LT if given the time to adapt to NFL power and speed. From a Broncos point of view he culd be a G but will need time to learn the position and adapt to NFL play. Target in the 4th round.
John Theus RT/G Georgia 3rd A prospect that have experince to pass protect in I formation. Lacks elite quickness and athleticism to be an NFL LT but is very able to anchor well and be composed while blocking the opponent. Has body balance issue while facing powerful Dlinemen and will have to gain lower body strength. Looks to be an effort guy that has drive when is able to take the position. 4th He lacks the athleticism required to be a T in the zone scheme but could be developed in a reliable G. His drive  together with his size could make up for the lack of power and make him a good fit for the zone scheme teams as the Broncos.
*Kenny Lawler WR California 3rd Really athletic, quick and fast. Looks smaller than his heigth. He’s a good target for intermediate throws. Has to get more consistent at blocking. Does not show big time physicality. Was not asked to run complex routes. 4th I think he could be a slot receiver in the NFL. I don’t think he could be consistently used as nº2 receiver. He does a really nice job in the short area to break coverage and has very good athletic skills to makes acrobatic catches if needed.
Jordan Payton WR UCLA 3rd Solid, consistent WR that lacks elite speed and quickness. Really physical can block some and is fearless in going over the middle. Has good hands and looks quite athletic. Looks like a possession WR that could gain the confidence of the QB to be targeted in 3rd and 6, 7 yards to go to move the chains. Has also some speed. Will have to learn more complex routes. 4th I like a lot his physicality and the fact that could be a realiable catcher. Denver has already depth at the position with Norwood back, Fowler and Latimer developing their game. Still another pair of realiable and tough hands could no do harm.
*Paul Perkins RB UCLA 3rd – 4th Willing blocker that will need to become more powerful and get better functional strength at the NFL level. Has serious speed and acceleration and good body balance. Has patience and hits the hole hard. Is able to get extra yardage after first contact. Most of times he isn’t succesful running between Ts because lacks of power and burnst. Good pass catcher at the LOS and downfield. 4th He looks more like a change of pace runningback at the NFL level. Will have to improve in his blocking skills because the lack of power and strength really limitate him. Very good pass catcher and has a ton of speed. The fact that he’s a hard nose runner willing to get extra yardage in any situation is for sure positioning him on the Brocnos board but after Ronnie Hillman, I don’t thik that the Broncos would draft a similar prospect in the 3rd round as they did with Hillman. A 4th round is my value for the Broncos, betting that Perkins will be able to get stronger and more powerful quite soon in his career (which actually was the problem Hillman had early on in his first two years as a Bronco).
Nick Vannett TE Ohio State 3rd Great size and strength. Great blocker both on the LOS and on the run for passing and run plays. Could be also a reliable target in short area. Has very good awareness and good athleticism. Lacks some elite speed but  looks to have functional strength and power to drive his opponent away. 4th I like what he does. Is unspectacular, unselfish but badly needed. He does it very well. He blocks for other people to take the glory and is a escape valve receiver. The only thing is that I don’t think that in today NFL is possible or doable to draft a mainly blocking TE in the third round if the organization has good college scouting program ongoing. So I have a 4th rounder on him for the Broncos.
Joe Thuney OG NC State 6th – 7th Quick and fast at the snap, run very well into the second level of defenders, has good power to move away his assignment and drive, has the short area quickness to move from one block to the other.  Has very good size and could get better functional strength. Very raw in his footsteps but explosive reacting to defender movements. Has to gain better body balance. Played at T and G in his three year starting at NC State: very versatile. 4th – 5th The Broncos interviewed him at the Shrine game….wow: he has room to improve, his raw technique also derives by the fact that he basically played all five Oline position in five years. I think that he’s vastly underrated, especially for a team as the Broncos that looks for athletic veritile players that could develop in a year or two. I can see him being a starter for the Broncos in year two and doing not too bad and then becoming a fine starter for years to come. And the Broncos saw it, now it only depends on how that interview went at the Shrine game. Love what the Broncos are doing at least at scouting.
Jake Rudock QB Michigan CFA Incredible. I have no idea why in professional analysts positional ranking he’s a CFA and has some 15 other prospects topping him at least. I just watch Goff tapes and this kid, at the end of his one year with Harbough at Michigan is almost as good: has good pocket awareness, similar arm strength and around the same accurancy. Plus is not a bad scrambler at all and can throw while running. I might understand that he played just one year under Harbough offense and Harbough bring life into QBs. But Harbough also knows about QBs. He took snaps under center and on the pistol, his reads will need to get better, his footwork could improve but is better than Goff and also stedier than Wenz. People might think that he does not have upside? 4th – 5th Wow, the point here is that he played just one year at Michigan, so the results he got there could be seen as one year wonder. Plus the upside might not be there and he becomes a bit more erratic when under pressure. Ok so a late 4th rounder does not look bad to me. If it could be a 5th rounder even better. I think that he could be great under Kubiak system, then again I think that also for Siemian. But people will call the Broncos crazy to pick him in the 4th, since there is no hype on him, no combine…..nothing. I disagree with most, I like what he brings on the field and I hope the Broncos did their due diligence and find out if he’s a leader of men. In that case Denver could  and should take him sooner rather than later in the draft. This kid to me looks like he has it.
*KeiVarae Russell CB Notre Dame 6th – 7th Underrated prospect. Lacks ideal size but compete on every play. Has to raise awareness at times but is capable of big plays and can cover man to man. Has speed and short area quickness. Will need to gain more structural strength in order to be effective in run support in the NFL. 4th – 5th Because of the lack of ideal size and strength. He has really good potential and could develop in a very good NFL CB. He has the skills to play some nickel as a rookie. Really underrated prospect.
Tevin Carter SS Utah 7th – CFA Good istincts, good athletic skills, quick to tackle after the catch is made,  he’s aggressive and does a fine job tackling in open field. 4th – 5th Wow, he’s my favorite SS in the draft I think, really underrated, lacks elite athleticism and speed but plays hungry and he’s aggressive to the ball. I do think that, unless there are character concerns, he should go in the 5th round max and he has a big upside.
Cody Core WR Ole Miss 5th Tall and thin, but fast and with very good speed. Willing blocker will have to learn more complex routes. No indication of returning skills. He’s a vertical threat that can block some. Will have to become stronger in the NFL. 4th – 5th If the Broncos wants speed he has it and also can block. I really do think the Broncos looks for players that could be dual threat on offense, play in pass plays and in running plays and he has the tools to do it. Still he’s a bit raw, having been mainly a vertical threat at Ole Miss. He has potential IMO and between the compensatory 4th rounder and the early 5th rounder could be targeted by the Broncos. I think he’s a bit underrated at the moment and could bring some much appreciated pure speed to the Broncos roster.
*C.J. Prosise RB Notre Dame 3rd – 4th Former slot receiver converted to RB. Raw, lacks a bit of vision and instincts. He’s doing a good job in pass blocking and in pass catching inside the box and downfield. Got better at RB skills as the year went on only then to be sidelined by neck injury. He’s developing in a very good outside rusher, a change of pace back that could really be dangerous on third downs. 4th – 5th He’s a bit of a dilemma, he has played RB only last year and played injured a good part of the year but I like his progression in vision, istincts and burst through the hole during the year. Has blocking skills and receiveing skills that the Broncos covet. Still between neck injuries issue and lack of experience he’s a project.
Jeremy Cash OLB Duke 2nd Mainly an in the box safety. Has some explosion at the LOS when blitzing in  the backfield and plays in a very aggressive way. Has to learn to take better tackling angles and to actually be as physical as he can. Has good but not great size. To me he has all the “non techeable tools” to be a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. 4th – 5th He has to plummet on draft day if his round projection stays put. I don’t get that projection as S because there is no evidence he could cover in his films. If he could, some films would show it. Still he plays really well at the LOS and he’s really disruptive. He has quicness and he is really aggressive. In the 4th round, becuase of his quickness he’s worth a look as pass rusher OLB from the Broncos.
Paul McRoberts WR Southeast Missouri State 4th – 5th Quickness and speed. Played at a lower level of competition. Has some very good athleticism and good technique. He’s also a willing blocker. Will need to get stronger to be able to absorb NFL defenders’ hits. 4th – 5th I’m a little torn here. I think he’s a developmental prospect with a ton of upside. From this point of view he’d be a 6th rounder at best in the Broncos Big Board, too many good prospects that could help right now between the 4th and the 5th rounds. Still I think he has value as compensatory pick in the 4th round or early 5th especially for the Broncos that could be able to develop him in a pair of years but also have open competition at Special Teams returner, which he could be with his speed and quickness.
*Alex Collins RB Arkansas 2nd – 3rd Has very good vision, quickness and run with power. Patient at the LOS, lacks a bit of explosion when making the cut. Very good body balance. No evidence on his blocking and on his pass catching skills. 4th – 5th His style of running is great and sure the Broncos noticed it, but the lack of pass catching is important for a team that most probably will play action a lot. Also the blocking skills don’t warrant anything more a middle round pick for a team as the Broncos.
Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas 3rd A bit elusive, he’s a power runner with great balance and that uses to gain some very good extra yards after the first contact. He has power and strength to break tackles and good but not great vision. Able to make a guy miss. Does not have elite acceleration and not hitting a second gear in open field. Decent blocker at the college level, will have to improve a lot in this area.  No indications on his skills as pass catcher. 4th – 5th He’s a very good inside the tackle runner, able to make one cut and go downhill. Maybe one of the best cutback runner in this draft class and for this reason I think the Broncos have him in their board. He had a foot injury in 2015 and didn’t play. Foot injury for a RB is always leading to double and triple check by teams. As for the Broncos, the fact that there is no highlight of him catching the ball it just means that he’s not a trustable pass catcher at this point in his career and one grade or two down from a Broncos perspective. Still he has some common traits with CJ Anderson running the ball and I do think the Broncos would like to see him in the 4th round or, even better for a coming from an injury runner, in the 5th.
Dak Prescott QB Mississippi State 3rd –  4th Red flags after the DUI. Great pocket presence and good scrambling skills. Looks quite comfortable throwing on the run and keeps his eyes downfield through his reads. Does a good job trying not to lose the ball, throwing it away when the play is not there. Has good arm strength and spiral. Good accurancy too. Didn’t play under center and footwork is a work in process. 4th – 5th I don’t know if Denver erased him from its board because of the DUI, the Broncos where rumored to really like him before that accident. Still he’s a developmental project with upside. He could become a reliable starter in Kubiak system. I do thnk he would take more than one year to consistently compete for the starting job. At best a 4th rounder, the compensatory one.
*Xavien Howard CB/FS Baylor 2nd Has good athleticism and speed. Needs to get stronger and do a better job in shedding blocks. Maybe he has to be a bit more aggressive. Can cover man to man but could be taken off guard down the field at times. Looks bigger than his size. 4th – 5th I think the Broncos are looking for aggressive and athletic DB. He lacks a bit on both category to be an high pick for the Broncos. The compensatory 4th rounder of a 5th rounder could be where the Broncos could be targeting him. My downgrade is also due to the fact that I don’t know hom much potential he has.
*Zack Sanchez CB/FS Oklahoma 3rd Loooks smaller than his reported size and skinnier. Will have to bulk up and become more powerful. Lacks elite speed, quickness. Has explosion to the ball and great natural instincts that allows him to be close to the action. Has really good awareness and looks to know what is going on on the field. 4th – 5th What the Broncos like on a DB is quickness, explosion and agressiveness. Even more important, Sanchez film does not showcase the type of speed that would make him a man to man cover corner. IMO he could be better suited for a fast transition to FS that could play nickel.
Cyrus Jones CB/KR Alabama 4th Lacks elite speed and explosion. Has still some speed and plays aggressive and fearless in run support. Add value to his stock with some returning capability. 4th – 5th I think that he could be drafted as returner by the Broncos, his CB skills are good but on the team there are already several CB. More of a 5th rounder than a 4th.
Morgan Burns CB/KR Kansas State 5th I could not find enough videos on him as CB, but I did find some on him as KR and special teamer. He has really good vision returning kicks and explosion after the cut. Has not incredible speed but is quite consistent fielding the ball. As special teamer he use his short area quickness in order to becoming dangerous in punt situations. 4th – 5th I think at him as returner, whatever Denver can get as DB it would be a plus. At the moment the Broncos should be looking for returner specialists in the draft and he’s one of the best. This is the reason why, if Denver wants to find his guy, the Broncos might have to overdraft him a bit, maybe with the 4th rounder compensatory pick.
Miles Killebrew SS Southern Utah 2nd – 3rd Looks to lack top end speed to be ready to play NFL coverage. Very aggressive and physical, really effective in the box. Need to take better tackling angles. Really good in run support. Has quickness but lacks a bit of lateral movement. 4th – 5th I don’t know how much potential is there and he played at a lower level of competition without stepping out head and shoulders. Still could be interesting his physicality and and his ability to play in the box but for sure not for a 2nd rounder and not even a 3rd. A modern safety needs to know to play coverage.
Jatavis Brown ILB Akron 4th – 5th Really good instinct and speed. Has also some quickness and hits hard. Looks to be a very solid tackler. Undersized but try to make up to that with huge effort and awareness. Makes a tons of plays against the run and as shotman on the field. Didn’t face top talent. Doesn’t show up very well in coverage. 5th I like a lot his game against the run, but has some good holes to cover in the passing game. But still I like his quickness and his suddenness against the run and in the pass rush as blitzer, remains to be seen if he could develop in the pass coverage that is a must for a Bronco 3-4 ILB.
Brandon Allen QB Arkansas 6th – 7th Smaller type of QB. Very energetic. Good scrambler fuid in the run and comfortable throwing in the run. Played some under center and comfortable with play action concepts. Has really good delivery and good armstrength. Should work a bit on his read, sometimes force throws in traffic where he could just throw the ball away or try to create time for the opening. Good accurancy. 5th He has all the skills the Broncos look for in the Kubiak scheme apart the height. If 6’4” he might be the Broncos 1st round pick, Since he’s 6’1” I don’t know if Elway would agree on him on the board. For talent and scheme wise he should be one of the top three QB in this class for the Broncos. If hes on the board he might have a middle to late round grade because of his heightis.
Delvon Simmons DE Southern California 7th – CFA Interesting prospect that could be a little underestimated at the moment. Plays aggressive and has really good functional strength. Is able to be disruptive and less productive when asked to maintain position. Has really good body balance that allows him to move the pile laterally andf place himself in the right place to make the play. Does not showcase much of passrushing movements but his aggressiveness is a sigh of things to come. 5th I think that the Broncos could develop this prospect in a really solid player as 3-4 DE. He looks to have the kind of Dline mentality that the Broncos covet: aggressive and looking to dominate the opponent. His size is very good and his athleticism also is on the range the Broncos look for. His lack of elite qualities has him going under the radar but he had a great game in Boulder against Colorado, I guess the Broncos had some scout there to take notice of him blocking field goals.
*Daryl Worley CB West Virginia 5th – 6th Physical and ball hawk. Could have problems with speedy receiver and lacks elite explosion. Has good speed and  good athleticism. Underrated prospect that has great instincts and plays aggressive in run support. Has solid technique on open field tackling. 5th I think he’s generally not rated higher because of his problems at studying at West Virginia. His lack of elite speed does not allow him to be selected in the first two rounds. His 40 yard dash time at the combine raise red flags. But his performances on the field speeck a different language. he has the size, the functional strength and the istincts to be a good nickel corner as a rookie. Starting from there he could develop his game into one of the better CB in the league. The knock on him maybe is that he really have to put the work on it and not relying on his natural born skills.
De’Vondre Campbell ILB Minnesota 5th – 6th Great size and very good athleticism for a 6’4” guy. Has some speed and quickness, not elite but has some. He’s able to take good angles at tackling and has good awareness. Could be more physical, using his size, but he’s lean and tall and that does not help him. Could be more aggressive too, but to a certain degree that is due to coaching and game plan. Shows some goos instinct and strength. Has some lateral movement also. 5th Has some good experience playing in special teams too, where he showcases his pure speed. I like his size, his instincts and the athletic skills for a guy of his size. Has quite acceprable tackling technique by NFL standards, could get better and will, what bothers me a bit by a Broncos point of view is that he was not as dominant physically as he could be whit these athletic skills and size. This is the reason why I have a middle round pick on him and not a 2nd or third. I still like a lot what I saw, I think that the Broncos could and should be interested, barring character concern that I’m not aware off, and he could be a great addition to the LB group.
Anthony Zettel DE Penn State 6th – 7th Has good size and a good first step and quickness. Needs to do a better use of the hands to be more efficient on the trenches and not be moved out of the play. Also need to gain better leverage in the body balance once engaged the block by the Olineman, too many times he’s driven away from the play for poor body balance. 5th The size for a 3-4 DE is there  and the quickness is promising but the run blocking is too much of a work in progress. Still really good moves and capable to be disruptive.
*Willie Henry NT Michigan 5th Good motor, has really some quickness and power, is able to get penetration and hurry the QB. 5th I think he’s a bit undersized for becoming a 3-4 DE, but has the ability to rush the passer from inside and has a great motor. He could become a good contributor under Wade Phillips scheme.
Kavon Frazier FS Central Michigan 5th – 6th Good size, good speed, good quickness and great instinct in run support. Lacks elite power and has a finess style of tackling. Rarely I saw him going for the ball instead of just tackling. Didn’t play against top competition. 5th I would like him to become more aggressive, but he has impresive game speed and impressive instincts in run support. Coverage skills have to be discovered but he has athletic skills and enough speed and quickness to develop into a solid modern S.
Kevin Byard SS Middle Tennessee 5th – 6th Byard is an Athletic rangy player that is aggressive and can play against good competition. Has a really good acceleration and closing speed, at times looks like he has not very good speed but has some quickness and explosion. He’s very good in run support and has solid tackling technique. 5th Denver might be looking for depth at S and he is the kind of aggressive and agile player that the Broncos could think to develop in a couple of years to see if able to then substitute TJ Ward.
*Su’a Cravens ILB Southern California 2nd – 3rd Aggressive and energetic. He’s fast and has good istinct. Undersized, he looks smaller than his listed size. Looks to have really good power and functional strength. I didn’t see that much pas coverage by him to warrant a note here. 5th His size is just not enought to get him in the first three rounds. I think he could be interesting for the Broncos as developmental ILB on the 3-4 front, he will have to become more aware of where the ball is going but has some quickness and istincts to start with. Coverage skills evaluation will play an important factor to place him on Denver board, here I bet that he has some but needs development, as most of rookies.
Antonio Morrison ILB Florida 4th Lacks top end speed to be a sideline to sideline player in the NFL. Has good initial quickness, overrrun the pay sometimes and allows too many times Olinemen to caut him out. 5th Needs to Get stronger and more powerful but he’s an intriguing prospect that if coached up well could bring high rewards in a couple of years. Mainly I think he’s a smart player and use very well the skills he has and could learn how to overplay his shortcomings (top end speed). Interesting from the 5th round on for the Broncos, could make the team if he plays well special teams and  from there on he coould be coached up into be a solid to good starter down the line.
Graham Glasgow OG/C Michigan 4th – 5th Dynamic player that lacks lateral movement but plays very aggressive and has very good awareness. Has trouble in qthe short area quickness, runs well ang get eaily to the second level of defensers and even deeper. Has good but not great drive, struggle a bit placing the block on the move. Can bend some and does usually a good job in pass protection against power bull rushers, has trouble at time with superior agility and athletic skills. 5th He lacks a bit of athletic ability but has versatility and size, could play all the three position inside and he’s an energic player that looks to love the game by the way he plays, being often ongoing until the whistle.
Jack Allen C Michigan State 3rd – 4th Has really good power and strength, has athletic skills but could get better in his footwork, has trouble at time with quick interior pass rushers (Washington from Ohio State in example). In runing game is able to get to the second level of defenders or move around the LO with more than discrete agility, he’s not the fastest linemen of the class but shows awareness and determinaiton and aggressiveness which is really great for an Olineman. Lacks ideal size so it could be a bit difficult to play at G consistently. Has some good results playing zone blocking plays at Michigan State and has very good awareness of what is going on at the LOS and backend. 5th I think he lacks the top or close to top agility and explosion that teh Broncos like but looks to be a complete player that may have not high ceiling but at least could come in as arookie and back up bvery well at C. I think the Broncos have plenty of bodies competing at this position already on the roster that also have already one year of experience on the team and knows the scheme. Still he’s a huge competitor that plays very hard and showcased exceptional awareness and toughness in college. Would he slide into the mid to low 5th round, he’s more than worth a pick. I would not give a 3rd or 4th because talent at other positions and because his size would almost certanly oblige him to play C only in the NFL.
*Bralon Addison WR Oregon 3rd – 4th Dynamic player that is fast more than quick and lacks elite speed. Has very good body balance and thick body. Looks powerful and smooth running and can definetely run with the ball. Was asked to run easy routes and struggle at time to get separation from the defender. Goof punt and kick returner. 5th I see his value especially as returner. He’s not a burner and is not elusive enough to be a 3rd round pick, but his value increase if he could be coached caefully and could learn soem route running and blocking, i order to be an offensive weapon and not only a special team specialist.
*Roger Lewis WR Bowling Green 4th Speedster that looks bigger than his heigth. has great vertical explosion. No indication of blocking skills, rounte running required to him was basic. No indication of catching the ball over the middle 5th Another interesting prospct that will need time to adjust his game to the speed and power of the NFL. He will need to get better at blocking and running routes. He could become the new Sanders but it requires him working a lot as a rookie without seing the field that much.
Kenyan Drake RB/KR Alabama 3rd – 4th Dynamic player that is a change of pace back and a kick returner. He lacks elite power to be able to run inside the tackles in the NFL. Has quickness and speed but has had a lot of different injuries: bloken leg, broken ball carrying arm (right), hamstring. It’s a bit of a risk looking forward by injury point of view. He could catch the ball in the bubble screen andf in the LOS in genreal, no indication if he’s good pass catcher downfield too. No indication of blocking skills. Has a tons of speed in open field and is also quite elusive. 5th The fact that I couldn’t find and highlight where he would block speeck a bit about where he is at it in this moment of his career. Surely the Broncos have him as pure change of pace back and might be interested at his returner skills. Between injuries, no blocking, not elite pass catching skills, a 5th round is everything I could think about.
Eric Murray CB Minnesota 4th Physical and quick player that has good burst when blitzing but average closing speed. Has good athleticskills and looks to be able to cover man to man. Needs to improve his tackling technique but fearless and ready to play run support. Likes to deliver big hits but lacks a bit of functional strength to be succesful in that area in the NFL. 5th I would say that his lack of top speed is compensated by his aggressive style of play and by his istincts. Still he is a bit inconsistent and will require some time for development. An interesting prospect for the Broncos if he’s fall a bit in the Draft.
Tavon Young FS/CB Temple 5th Smaller type of DB that plays physical. Aggressive, has really good short area quickness but lack elite explosiveness and speed. Can play some man to man but could get burnt by both bigger size and more speed. Has really good instinct and is fearless and aggressive in run support. 5th IMO he could be developed as FS for the Broncos. He’s at his best when constantly facing his opponent because he has troubles when running down the field with his assigned WR. This said he brings nastyness into tackling and has remarcables  athletic skills. AS FS he could face the QB and his assignment and has the aggressiveness to run down fast for run support.
Ken Crawley CB Colorado 5th – 6th Lacks elite athleticism and speed but is quick to get to the ball or the ball carrier. Has good closing speed and good functional strength. Quite polished in his body position technique. 5th I think he could be a good option at nickelback. He may lacks the kind of impressive speed to play man to man with all NFL receivers, but has the quicknes, explosion and good size to be used at the nickelspot.
Montese Overton OLB East Carolina 7th Looks to be a very good speed rusher at collegiate level. He has also some good instict and when anchor well could really set the corner in run defense from the 3-4 OLB position. NO evidence of his pass coverage. 5th – 6th Underrated, very underrated. He’s a football player that has great speed coming from the edge. Also does a fine job defendingthe run. He’s still raw and has potential. He could come in and be used in rotation as situational pass rusher. I think the Broncos could have an eye on him and, depending on how the Board will go, targeting him starting from the end of the 5th round.
Parker Ehinger RT/G Cincinnati 6th – 7th Quick at the snap, good lateral movement, acceptable footwork, lacks a bit of strength and does not bend naturally. Has surprisingly good body balance for a guy of his size. Shows more power when anchor well on the field. Use well his body and his lenght to shield the defender away, has the short area quickness to  pick up quick pass rush movements and change of directions. At times a  bit erratic at engaging the block. Shows unsuspected agility running to the secondlevel of the defenders and very good body balance to place the block on the move. Versatile, played RG as rJr in 2014 and LT as rSr in 2015. 5th – 6th The Broncos interviewed him at the Shrine game. Again. Wow the Bronco scouting. For what the Broncos look for, they really find the best fits. Ehinger IMO could need one year or two to get ready for NFL power and speed but he could be a very effective RT and G on Denver zone blocking scheme. Even being the swing T. He’s fluid and natural, will need to become more powerful and getting more funtional strenght but he’s quick and fast and moves well. Great size to top it. A 5th to 6th rounder because I dont thunk he will be ready after only one year. But really a great fit for the Broncos.
Doug Middleton FS Appalachian State 7th – CFA Underestimated, has really good istincts and dominated at his level of competition. Might need some time to adapt to the NFL speed, power and competition. 5th – 6th The Broncos could think about pick him as developmental project and also because he can play special teams. Denver just got a compensatory 6th round pick and could be used in this case. Maybe even a 5th rounder, the istincts are really there.
Jake McGee TE Florida 7th – CFA Great size. Has some speed and is a good catcher thanks to a very good athleticism for a guy of his size. While blocking he has more trouble, he will need to become more powerful and will have to learn blocking technique on the move to not lose his assignment. 5th – 6th I do like what I saw in his videos. He’s a good pass catcher that has to get better at blocking but don’t shy away from. Maybe he does not have the highest potential but he could be really productive on an offense as Kubiak one where TEs are so important to be steady and that they can do both receive and block.
Jordan Jenkins DE Georgia 3rd – 4th Lacks the explosion and top speed to become 3-4 edge rusher. He’s powerful and has good size to be a 4-3 DE, a little bit undersized for 3-4 DE. Still I see him more on DE role and has better skills for the 3-4 DE than for the 4-3 run stopper DE. Has good functional strength and looks to have good lower body balance with what he’s able to move the Olinemen and anchor when needed. He’s resielient and powerful, aggressive and always out to finish his play. 5th – 6th I think that the Broncos are looking for bigger size 3-4 DE. He has the power and the aggressiveness Denver is looking for but he’s a bit undersized compared with the drafted players at the position (Wolfe and Jackson). Still he plays hard every snap and plays with urgency that for sure the Broncos FO likes. Still skillset wise he’d need to slide a  it for being on Denver radar.
Eric Striker OLB Oklahoma 4th Undersized explosive pass rusher. Looks to be powerful but will have problem adjusting to the size of NFL Olinemen and their strength. Looks to have good body balance but somehow, when not pass rushing, is taking hi a bit to get into the area of action of the play when it’s not evolving near him. 5th – 6th Hard to overlook his size. He’s a very good first step in the pass rush so I think he’d have his chance to be used in 3rd and long situation as a rookie, but he could really struggle with the big Olinemen that he will face every down in the NFL. If Denver really likes him he’s still a middle to low round pick for them. I don’t see rare long arms as Elvis Dumervil has, which allows him not to be manhandled by the Olinemen….
*Scooby Wright III ILB Arizona 3rd – 4th Aggressive, plays until the whistle. Laqcks elite quickness at the snap and speed to be a consistent sideline to sideline. Overrun the play at times. Good at going north-south. At times has tackling issues. Will have to get better functional strength and body balance to face NFL big and powerful Olinemen. Has to do a better job at shedding blocks. 5th – 6th I really do like his aggressiveness and his will to play even hurt. If he slide to the back of the draft he could be targeted to be brought to training camp and a really see what he could do for the team. Effort player that has to show more speed to be on Broncos radar.
*Nick Vigil ILB Utah State 5th Has quickness and instinct. Good size, will need to add some weight. Has to get better tackling technique, better angles. Need to be stronger and more powerful. Does not look really physical, at least as physical as he cpuld be with his size ans athletic skills. 5th – 6th I’m really torn here. If I’d take a stand on what I think could fit for Denver defense, his lack os physicality would put him out of Denver Board. On the other side, he’s a middle to low rounder that has a big deal of athletoc skills and instincts that makes him effective on the field no matter what. I still think that to have a future on Denver super aggressive and physical defense he’d need to become much more aggressive and physical, but I won’t put him out of Board.
*Aziz Shittu DE Stanford 5th – 6th Not so many videos on him. His stats are very good coming out a knee injury. 9TFL is an important number. He could be a bit undersized for today NFL Dlimenen but he has great power and is aoften able to penetrate in the backfield and be disruptive but against the run and the pass. Looks to be an unspectacular gritty football player. 5th – 6th I think the Broncos likes this kind of players towards the end of the Draft, productive but because of size unregarded prospects. He coudl be the second D-linemen selected in the draft for the Broncos, competing for a roster spot in training camp and playing a backup role initially in the season to enter in the rotation more and more with the season going by. I like his production and him being a football player.
James Cowser DE Southern Utah 4th – 5th Not enough videos on him. Broke several record in the Big Sky conference. He’s too light to be a 4-3 DE and looks built to be a 3-4 OLB. No real experience in coverage. 5th – 6th I put this grade only because I think it will be the area of the draft where I think the Broncos could try to add an outside pass rusher. he will have to learn at a more competitive level and to play coverage.
Romeo Okwara DE Notre Dame 5th – 6th Has very good size and power, together with very good athletic skills. Lacks initila quickness and use his explosion only at times. Very productive senior year both against the pass and rush. Has the fram to get better functional strength and looks to have very good potential after playing OLB his freshman and sophomeore years. 5th – 6th I like his highlights, no enough videos on him to have a complete idea of what he’s capable of but has some serious flashes and has very good size. I like the few thing i saw, off course was not possible to see things that I wouldn’t like from highlights. I think he could be e developmental prospct with a lot of power and has some explosion that would help him when he’ll be used to the speed and power of the NFL.
Ronald Blair DE Appalachian State 4th – 5th Athletic prospect that does a good job against the run and has some quickness to play with in the pas rush department. Has played against lesser competition but show up very well against top competition. Has to learn to shed block better and to constantly put himself in the position to make the play instead of overrun at times. 5th – 6th For a Broncos perspective, he could be interesting as 3-4 DE or even NT. I’m not completely sure of his effectiveness as pass rusher in the NFL, especially in the first couple of years, but he has the body frame and could develop the lower body power to become a very good run stopper due to the fact that he’s able to move his opponent and has very good lateral movements. DEpending on depth at other positions could be that, in case the Broncos will be awarded of a compensatory 4th rounder, they might use on him, but I doubt being Oline a bigger area of need.
D.J. Reader NT Clemson 5th – 6th Does not look as the most athletic player on the field but he’s incredibly effective especially against the run. Looks to be more slippery than a technicians but when not doubleteamed he can move the pile and create penetration in the backfield. I think that he’s a bit underrated in this class, maybe because of his weight. Could be developed in a really good NT at the next level. 5th – 6th Well, Denver drafted Kilgo in the 6th round of last year draft and I think that Reader could be still on the board in the 6th and he’s a prospect with some serious potential for a team as Denver who likes disruptive Dlinemen. On the other side he could be off Denver board because Denver FO looks to like more athletic prospects….here I stick with him being in.
Fahn Cooper RT/G Ole Miss 4th – 5th Runs well to reach the second level of defenders, dynamic and powerful. Lacks elite quickness in his footwork, does a very good job positioning himself to take care of his assignment in the run game. Has trouble with speed rushers because of footwork and at tomes is not able to take his position because of upgradable body balance after the snap. 5th – 6th To me he looks as a developmental G in the zone, he has enough athletic skills and power to become a good G in the zone blocking scheem also providing versatility for his playing time at RT and LT in college. In my opinion a middle to late 5th rounder could be where the Broncos are targeting him.
Tyler Ervin RB/KR San Jose State 4th – 5th Quick and fast HB that hit a second gear anytime he hits a hole in the Oline. Has some cut lane skills but has problem at times to find the hole when the OLine is not generating anything worth. Has to be a bit more patient in the backfield. Has to become more powerful and be able to take some hard hit he’ll receive in the NFL. 5th – 6th I like the skills combo he’s bringing with: a quick and burnst RB that has KR skills. He does look to be a willing blocker but he’d need to put up more power without losing his quickness. He plays physical but does not look to gain much yardage after the first tackle. Still and interesting oprion that at worst could compete with Kapri Bibbs for the change of pace RB and KR spot on the 53 men roster.
Beau Sandland TE Montana State 5th – 6th REally athletic, has great size. Pass catching TE that has speed, lack a bit of quickness and I haven’t found any proof of his blocking skills. 5th – 6th He’s a project and Denver wants and need his TEs to be ready to block. He does not look like to be at the moment but with his athletic skills o the field, his speed and one year of teaching he could become a serious weapon after backing up as a rookie.
DeAndre Houston-Carson FS William & Mary 3rd – 4th Has good instincts, needs to lear to get better tackling angles. Has some good game speed. Will need to get stronger. Played at a lower level competition. 5th – 6th My concern is with his level of competition, he did really well but he was not topping with head and shoulder. Plus he does not look very fluid while running and his tackling technique need to be really improved. He has istincts, hwich cannot be teached, but he will need time to develop to have more functional strength and adapt to NFL speed and power. This is the reason why I don’t think he’d be ready to go on year one and so a middle to late round pick.
Dadi Lhomme Nicolas DE/OLB Virginia Tech 5th Super raw energetic quick and nasty defensive player. A bit small, right now to be used as DE in the 3-4 scheme and super raw in the OLB assignment. Will have to be developed but shows quickness and aggressiveness with his first steps bith against the run and in the pass rush. Has problems when de Olinemen is able to put hands on his body, his lower body is not powerful enough to be able to shed the block and has not balance enough to be slippery. In both case developing functional strength could be the key to unravel all his potential. 6th I took a deep look at this prospect because I know that the Broncos took an interview with him at the EW Shrine week. He need development and I’m not sure he could make the tea as rookie, maybe practice squad for a year to develop a core strength and then he might find a fit in the Broncos defensive scheme as rush OLB or DE if he’ll also be able to get better leverage in the run plays. I would be, at the moment, more confortable spending a 6th rounder on a two years project but may be that pass rusher will be in high demand and because of that my doubt with a 5th rounder. But I see what the Broncos see in him and agree.
Jared Norris ILB Utah 6th Dynamic player that plays with urgency. Has to get a much better tackling technique and better functional strength to be able to play with his aggressive and nasty way in the NFL. No real evidence in coverage skills, so is to assume that these skills will have to be developed. Lack elite athleticism but looks to be a football player. 6th I think he is a god prospect for the Broncos because of his aggressiveness and his playing with a sense of urgency. The tackling issue is there but a 6th round is doable. He might become, after one year of special teams, a solid and then good starter in the 3-4 playing 2 downs.
*Avery Young RT/G Auburn 6th Has good size and move well enough to get his block. Has a bit of heavy foot and will need to double his knee a bit more in order to have much better body balance. Does a very good job in the running game, quickly and fast coming to the second and third level of defenders. Have goos awareness shifting his block assignment well when needed. He played both G and RT at Auburn. 6th I think he could be a good developmental G in the zone blocking scheme and could also be used as RT if needed. Brings versatility and played at a high level in college. Has very good run blocking skills and is able to get in the open field and blow away defensers.
Jaydon Mickens WR/KR Washington 5th – 6th Quick , fast and with some speed. Smaller type of WR that has a lot of elusiveness with his low centre of gravity and can make opponent miss by quickcly changing direction. Will need to get stronger in the NFL. Might be asked to be kick returner. 6th I like him as kick returner and special teamer. His quickness and speed is outstanding and together with his short area quickness and elusiveness could make him a special teams ace.
Devon Cajuste WR/TE Stanford 7th – CFA Great size for aa WR. Lacks speed and acceleration for being a WR in the NFL and looks natural as TE. He can block some and has enough speed as TE. Knows how to get open and stretch the field. Does not look very athletic but has very good body balance for a guy of his size and can make very athletic catches. 6th I like him a lot. I think he could develop in a great pass catcher TE for the broncos, they had an interview with him. I like that he knows how to get open and makes great catches. Could be used to move the chains or letting him stretch the field and use his size as advantage against NFL DBs. He will be a project, having player as WR in Stanford, he could need one year to adjust to field position and speed and power of NFL players but I think that under Denver coaches he could nicely develop into a dangerous weapon.
David Morgan II TE Texas-San Antonio 6th Great size, use well his body to defend himself while catching the ball. Lacks burst and quickness, does not have elite speed by any means but blocks well, have strength and power. Could add some functional strength. He will be mainly a blocking TE in the NFL because of his lack of quickness but will have some catches too because he shows very good body balance for a guy of his size. 6th I like what he brings on the field in terms of intensity and blue collar approach. Denver FO looks to love these kind of players. He’ll be mainly a blocking TE but with his style of play could be a big play player from time to time. Hell need to develop his functional strength had adapt to NFL speed and power and it could take time.
Frankie Williams FS/CB/KR Purdue 7th – CFA Aggressive and physical small corner. Really athletic, quick and fast. Can cover man to man and makes plays to the ball. Despite his size plays fearlessly in run support. His limitation is his size but to me he looks like a true football player that has playmaking capability at the pro-level. Underrated. 6th I really fo like what I saw and I think that he could be used in a number of ways in the actual Broncos defense. His height penalizes him too much to play consistently man to man outside against tall WR but his physical style of play and his aggressiveness together with his quickness could make him a really good nickel corner and even a better S. He’s fearless in tackling and a solid open field tackler. I really do think that he could bring some good material to Denver DB group.  In addition he has experience in as special team returner.
Bronson Kaufusi DE Brigham Young 3rd – 4th Has great size and could be develop physically to be a solid 3-4 DE. Great motor but a bif stiff, athletic Olinemen could easily shut him off because off his big frame that works against him at the NFL level. 6th His size is great but I think that he lacks elite quickness and power to be readu to play in the NFL as a rookie. This is the reason why I have a lower grade on him and I think that the Broncos shoudl look at him around the 5th or even better 6th round. He’s need time to get better functional strength and power.
Willie Beavers RT/G Western Michigan 5th Has good footwork but struggle with lateral movement. Struggle with speedy pass rushers and when beaten has trouble recovering his assignment because he has upgradable body balance. Needs to do a better job at getting the hands over defenders. 6th I do think he lacks the athletic skills to play T for the Broncos but as various others prospect in this year draft he could be developed into a reliable G, he has strength and moves smoothly around the fields. Quick pass rushers will give him fits but with the correct coaching and adding functional strength will allow him to have better body balance and use his natural drive in the running game.
Josh Ferguson RB Illinois 5th Quick runner that is a smaller type of back. Has some pass catching skills nad some good explosion cutting down the hole. Very fluid with the ball in the hands, is able to make players miss tackles on him. Lacks elite speed and power. Take a bit too much to turn the corner.  Has very good body balance and good cut skills 6th Skilled runner that has some elusiveness and is able to be reliable catches out of the backfield. He has really good cutback skills and has some pass catching experience too. I cannot watch him blocking, so I guess that he’d have to learn. From a Broncos point of view I like the cutback skill and his body balance with whom he’s able to break tackles. In the 6th round he could be targeted.
Jerell Adams TE South Carolina 3rd – 4th More of a pass ctaching TE but lacks quickness and elite speed. Used in some LOS block but does not look comfortable at. Great size. 6th I like his size but he won’t bring new skills to the Broncos roster. He lacks that quickness the Broncos covet to upgrade the offense and wont make much sense to select him before the ending rounds of the draft if better options are already gone.
Temarrick Hemingway TE South Carolina State 5th Athletic, has great size. Pass catcher TE that played at a lesser level of competition. He’s very raw and a project: will have to learn route running, a much more complicated playbook and more important he’ll have to block. He has the athletic skills to develop and be a very good starter in the NFL. 6th It’s a project and a 6th rounder is the reflection of that. He has potential but does not llok to me that he has Thomas ceiling: he does not have the same freaking athletic skills and played football all his university career. Still if he’ll learn to block and a much more complcated playbook, he will be great in Kubiak offense…..but it’s a big if and a 6th rounder reflects it.
Henry Krieger Coble TE Iowa 6th Good size, violent blocker. Has explosion at the snap and is a block finisher, he stays with his assignment auntil the whistle. Looks to be a reliable catcher. Routes is a WIP. At times does not have the speed to hget open or gets lost in traffic. 6th He’s primarily a blocker. Which is interesting for the Broncos. His being in their board depends more on what they think in terms of pass catcher, because under Kubiak the TE has to be complete, maybe not elite in any aspect of the game but a reliable TE that can catch and block so that the defense has to stay fair with him on the field. I think a late 5th or a 6th rounder could be a good targeting moment.
*Cardale Jones QB Ohio State 4th – 5th Great size, average accurancy and good but not great armstrength. At times does not go over all his read and force the ball out. Footwork questionable, never played under center. Has some flashes at times of really good reading and looks to know how to handle the pocket. Very Raw, will need time to develop into a consistent QB 6th I have a 6th round grade on him by a Broncos point of vire and he’d be a third stringer for a couple of years because Siemian already last year was more Pro-ready. He has great natural skills but has to put them all together and use them consistenly.
Kevin Hogan QB Stanford 5th – 6th Good pocket presence, average armstrength, scrambler that keeps his eyes on the receivers. Long delivery and ball often does not have clear spiral. Has probelms on his reads while pressured in the pocket. Does execute some throws ways better than others. Footwork could be worse. 6th I think that he’s a project, he will have to adapt his game to NFL speed and power. He looks to me as a griddy football player and could have a long career in the NFL as a backup. He could become a starter and even succesful if the offense is completely taylored on him, using empowering his strengths and masking his weakness.
Deiondre’ Hall SS Northern Iowa 6th Quick and aggressive. He lacks top end speed and get confused a bit with quick cuts and go on routes. Has really good athletic skills and plays very well in run support. Looks to have very good functional strenth and power. 6th I think that he ‘s better suited to play S in the NFL. His effert in run support is very good and he’s solid tackling technique. Played at a lower level of competition so a learnng curve regarding speed and power of the game in the NFL is to be expected.
Luther Maddy NT Virginia Tech 7th Undersized but really strong and has a good anchoring technique. Came back from two knee surgeries. Dynamic player that will have to learn how to play at NFL speed but that looks to understand the mental aspect of the game, really important part of success in the NFL. 6th – 7th I do think that he could be a jolly. I think that he will fall in the draft because of his size and because in 2015, coming back from knee surgeries, he didn’t have been as productive, in n umbers, as e has been in 2013. Maybe the knee is a real problem for his career but maybe not and Wade Phillips has an history on developing and getting the best over undersized dynamic and disruptive NT. He could be am hidden gem of this draft for the Broncos.
Antwione Williams ILB Georgia Southern 7th Great size, has some explosion and instincts playing against the sun. Has some good tacjle technique and plays very aggressive and physical. Played at Georgia Southern and faced high level of competition sparingly but was super productive. NO real evidence of his pass coverage skills. 6th – 7th I think he could be a two downs linebacker in the NFL. He has really great size and looks fluid in his movement and hit hard. Plays well against the run. I think the Broncos might get a look at him id they are interested in draft a two downs LB.
Terrance Smith ILB Florida State 7th – CFA Interesting prospect that lacks elite athleticism but plays aggressive and likes to hit. Has some coverage skills and has instinct to locate the ball and run towards it. What I like is that he’s able to go for the turnover and not just only the tackle. Also experience in special teams that could help him getting drafted or at least impress in training camp. 6th – 7th Maybe his potential is limkited, but he plays with the nasty streak that the Broncos wants to have on defense and looks for creating turnover more than the plastic tackle. Has to get better overall and adapt to the speed and power of the NFL offenses but could stick around and make the team. Has instincts that is what it matters and has great size for a 3-4 ILB.
T.T. Barber ILB Middle Tennessee 7th – CFA Dropped in coverage a lot in a zone defense scheme. Lacks explosion to the ball but is solid and hit hard the ball carrier. Has some instinct. Physically he’s thick and well built with some room to gain more lower body power that could give him a bit more of explosion. He looks to me to be able to run around the field and has a good tackle technique. 6th – 7th I know he played at a lower level of competition but fared really well there. To me he looks like a developmental player that could be a 3 downs player on the Broncos 3-4 scheme. I like a lot what he could bring and a lower round pick could be really spent on him.
*Stephen Weatherly DE/OLB Vanderbilt 6th – 7th Interesting prospect with great size and great power anf athletic skills for his size. Has some good movement and power. He’s not the flashiest player in this DE class but interesting blend of size, power and athletic abilities. 6th – 7th I think he could be an interesting addition because has flashes of great thinks and with maybe a better funtional strength he could become even more fluid and powerful, becoming then a duel threat: OLB and inside pass rusher.
Terrell Lathan DE TCU CFA He has good size, not great. Has some very interesting speed for a guy of his size and some interesting athletic skills. Has ton get better technique and not rely on his power alone. Has potential. 6th – 7th I think that he has pass rushing potential playing at 3-4 DE. He may need one year of practice squad, to get ready physically an d mentally, but there is no doubt on his potential and with Denver having on eof the best coaches at DL position I can see good things happenings.
Trevon Coley NT/DE Florida Atlantic CFA Interesting underrated prospect that has average size and look smaller that his size. Has good power but very good body balance and athletic skills for a DT. He his disruptive when not facing double teams in the videos I saw, both against the pass and the run. he’s able to move his blocker, pass around him with some good burnst and move very comfortably around the line of scrimmage. Does not have elite athleticism and strength, but with a better functional strength he could gain even more agility and short area quickness, I think he has potential and could become a good rotational to reliable starter in the NFL with time and patience. 6th – 7th It’s rumored that the Broncos are interested in Coley, I think that like last year Darius Kilgo that was completely out of my radar, the Broncos could have a late hot prospect in their NT segment of the board. He would compete with Kilgo being a bit less powerful but potentially more athletic. Kilgo was a 6th rounder so ‘m giving him the same round projection by a Broncos point of view, although I would prefere a 7th, since I think in the 6th round there will be still very good talent at a number of position where the Broncos have more direct need at quaklity depth.
Pearce Slater RT/G San Diego State 6th – 7th Great size, raw but effective footwork, great drive and body balance in running protection. Physical and agrressive in the run game, able to move his opponent using well the hands. Played in a pro-fottball based offense. Has problems with quick or speed rushers in the pass protection. When able to put the jands on his assignment is doing a much better job in pass protection. 6th – 7th He’s a project but i really do like his physical style of play and his aggressiveness. I think he should play G in the NFL until his footwork won’t get much better. <he has power and size to become  good starter.
Wes Schweitzer RT/G San Jose State CFA Good athleticism, runs well in open field to get to blocks and has quite good footwork. Lacks ideal size for a OT in the NFL and has goos strength. Does a good job also against bull rushers. He’s inconsistent and will have to get ready to play at a different speed and against more powerful players but he looks like a competitor. 6th – 7th To me he shows flashes and have good potential. Might never be the best Olineman in the NFL but could become a starter, especially if moved at G. Has the athleticism and the blue collar style of play to be succesful in the zone blocking scheme.
Hunter Sharp WR/KR/PR Utah State CFA Smaller type of WR that has some explosion and good body balance. Elusive when has the field in fron of him. Good kick returner. He was suspended for two games in 2015, could have some character issues. Runs good routes and can catch the ball both in the perimeter and downfield. 6th – 7th The Broncos interviewed him at the Shrine game. I like what I saw in his videos. He is a very good returner that is also elusive and fast enough to create separation in the passing game. Will have to get better as a blocker but definitely is worth a shot at the end of the draft.
Aaron Green RB TCU 6th Looks shorter than his actual size. He’s a dynamic player that look faster than what he really is, has patience and  had some success blocking at college level.  Has some cutback skills, he’s quick making his reads that not always are correct. He hits the defenders wall with speed and is also able to get some extra yardage. will have to bulk up and become more powerful without losing his quickness. 6th – 7th He’s a good prospect, especially for a team like the Broncos that has a staff that looked latelly to really help player that might need better functional strength to become more powerful and have a better body balance. Green is a cutback runner  with quickness and a bit undersized even being listed at 203 and 5’11”. He’s body type is not just the one of a plodder runnig between tackles, but he has quickness, some speed and can catch out of the backfield. This skills together with a better blocking will win him some playing time and better experience of how NFL is fast and powerful.
Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentucky 4th Complete TE with great size that lacks elite quickness and speed. Has good strenrth and power but could get better functional strength. Good catcher, has good body balance and concentrattion. 6th – 7th I do like what I saw in his videos but I do understand that jis actual limitations could really haunt him in the NFL where everyboy is faster and more powerful. He will have to work on his functional strength so that he could be stronger and more accurate in his movements. He could be a really nice findings, maybe not a 5 time por bowler but a very useful piece in Kubiak offense. UPDATE April 13th: He was arrested. The Broncos might erase him from their board or downgrade their grade. I’m going with the latter and make him a late round pick because of possible character concerns. Plus he needs to have a Combine Re-Check for a knee situation.
Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana 7th Great size. Has questionable footwork on the field that IMO leads to not a perfect delivery and less armstrength. Other times he’s accurate, on target and his ball has great spin. Has good pocket awareness and presence, not a great scrambler but neither shy of take off and throw on the run. 6th – 7th I think he has potential and is still a project. Looks tobe a good leader on the field and is looking downfirld to see the opening. Dis play on shutgun and pistol all the time buthas quick feet and led me to think that e could learn, give time, to play undercenter. Stilla major project with very good upside if coached up very well. Could become a dependable starter.
Trae Elston SS Ole Miss 6th – 7th He has good size not great, plays very aggressive football and likes to hit. Has better coverage skills than advertize and tackling technique that could be improved. 6th – 7th Interesting prospct that does not have any elite measurement and that will need a bit of time to develop and get use to NFL speed and power. If he’ll work to get on top of it, he could become a good starting S.
Victor Ochi OLB Stony Brook 5th Quick at the snap, lack elite acceleration. Has good speed but does not look very fluid running. Allows the Olineman to but hands on him to easily. Played DE in college so there is no evidence of dropping in coverage. Didn’t face top competition, will have to adjust his game to NFL speed and power. 6th – 7th A draftable grade because he’s a pass rusher, but not a middle round. The point with him is that he’s really raw and will need time and will to learn to play at the NFL level. Will need to learn pass rush mivement, to mantain a better body balance and to not allow opponent to grab his chest so easily. He has the quickness to play in the NFL, after the draft he will have the training camp to show that he want to learn.
*Stephen Weatherly DE/OLB Vanderbilt CFA Big and strong prospect that has a great size.Lacks a bit of explosion at the snap but has good pursuing and good suddeness in the pocket. Shows flashes of be a dominat force in the LOS. Not very rangy in pass portection, will have to be more reactive but his size is not helping him in short area movements. Has long arms that allows him to shed blocks and move laterally al the LOS or while developing the play. Need to get better body balance by developing a better funtional strength. Does not have elite athleticism. 6th – 7th The Broncos had a private workout/meeting with him. I watched his Highlights carefully because of the public interest the Broncos claimed. He shows real flashes, although he moves a little too slow and does now showcase explosion in his game. Still looks to be a good developmental prospct that could be competing for backing up Ware or to be groomed as pass rushing DE in a year or two.
Blake Martinez ILB Stanford 5th – 6th Dynamic player that gives everything on each and every play. Has great size but will have to become more powerful and have better body balance to shed blocks. Also has to become a more consistent tacklerin open field. No eveidence of coverage skills. Makes up for lack of quickness with good istincts. 6th – 7th I dont think there is a great potential with him. Tackling technique could be improved and he has istincts, the coverage skillset looks to be not that much there but could be overlooked in 2016 because the base defense is nickel and he could play 2 downs, when with better tackling technique. A couple of years to get ready physically and mentally and he could become a solid starter for a 3-4 team that privileges istincts over pure athleticism, as the Broncos do.
B.J. Goodson ILB Clemson 4th – 5th Has really good instincts and good athletic skills, fluid while running, lacks a bit of speed and explosion. Good lateral movements and solid tackling technique. Is undersized at ILB but has really goos instincts against the run and has really good acceleration north-South. Pass coverage is not there, looks a bit out of place and lacks elite speed at the position to be consistently in coverage. Not the most athletic LB in the class, has good awareness and plays to the whistle. 6th – 7th He had and interview with the Broncos, so I understand the Broncos are interested in him. He showed blazing speed at the combine for the LB position and had a really productive senior year in 2015 leading Clemson in TFL and being second on the team for sacks (5,5). Still from the few video I saw, he lacks explosion and intensity, also is not really physical. I understand the Broncos are really interested in speed and he could be targeted for special teams but I don’t see him as more than a 6th rounder.
Matt Ioannidis DE Temple 5th Great size, good functional strenght and lower body balance. Has some quickness and is rarely on the ground. Faced a lot of doubleteams in 2015 but also was able to make some plays. Because his long frame I see him more suited for a 3-4 DE in the NFL. 6th – 7th At this point in the past couple of drfat Denver is looking for players that could stick in the roster od make the practice squad on positions were there is not to much depth. In case Malik Jackson is not re-signed Denver could decide to get some more body late in the draft. I think that Ioannidis could help some in the run defense but would have hard time making plays in the pass rush. Plus I don’t know how much potential could be at his disposal. Still for what I saw I see an effort guy that won’t let down his team. At the end of the Draft he could be chosen and fill the need of a body at DE, compiting thought training camp with a couple of more CFA and try to make the team.
*Quinton Jefferson DE Maryland 7th – CFA Very good size and thick body. Flashes some good speed and quickness at the LOS. Also flashes some good vision. 6th – 7th I think he might need time to develop into a good 3-4 pass rusher DE. He has the traits but has to become more consistent but has a great year at Maryland and was really porductive. I think he’s underrated and might be a player the Broncos are looking at towards the end of the draft as they did with his former teammate Kilgo last year.
Brandon Shell RT/G South Carolina 5th – 6th Has good athleticism for a guy of his size. Could be more powerful and does not have enough quickness in hi footwork to play OT in the NFL. Still holds his own quite well and is capable to reache the second level of the defense. 6th – 7th He could be developed into a starting G in the zone scheme system. He has some good athletic skills and drive in the running game. When facing powerfull bullrusher he’s much more confortable than having to block edge athletic defenders.
Joe Dahl RT/G Washington State 6th Has good but not great size, he’s very strong and anchor very well. powerful lower body. Lacks great footwork but when beaten look able to recuperate the block and come out with some very good sudden torsion that surprise and best the defender. Has quite good range and moves quite well to reach the second level of the defenders. In the passing defense if attackec frontally with a bullrush, hes able to defend his position quite well bending well enough. 6th – 7th Interesting prospecta that lack a bit of size and lateral movement but that shows some interesting quickness and very good strength. Looks to be better suited to play inside in the NFL. A bit raw but could be a versatile platyer tobring to battle in training camp.
Charone Peake WR Clemson 4th – 5th Interesting prospect that has very good speed, some serious quickness and good size. has good hands. No showing of any blocking skills and lacks elite athleticism on the field. On and off a bit. If on he could do almost everything. 6th – 7th If he fell in the draft he could be too good to pass up especially if the Broncos thinks they could make him be a speical team returner.
*Daniel Braverman WR/KR Western Michigan 6th – 7th Competitor, he is elusive with the ball in his hands, run smoothly and has some very good shiftness and quickness. Lacks elite speed and top end speed. Runs quite good routs. Impossible to see jis blocking skills. 6th – 7th He could be a good special team returner that could also olay some snaps on offense. Will ahve to bulk upm and ais a amallishi WR prospect but very dynamic and with good hands.
Bryce Williams TE East Carolina 4th – 5th Great size , he’s a fighter on the field, fearless to catch in traffic, willing to get extra yardage each time he gets through the first tackle. Does a good job blocking on the line, a lesser job while running or when he has to get to his assignment, I think it’s a matter of coordination or technique. Good catcher. Lack quickness, lower body power and speed but looks to be a blue collar type of player. 6th – 7th From a Broncos point of view, he’ll have to learn and become a better blocker. He cannot stretch the field with speed, elusiveness and acceleration so he’s a bit of a project that coud see the field if necessary and be somewhat of producer but i see him like a low ceiling one year project that once ready will be playing and leaving oin the field everything he has. A very good stat line for the 2nd or 3rd TE on the roster.
*Thomas Duarte TE UCLA 5th Smaller type of TE, hybrid TE/HB/WR. Has some speed but lacks elite quickness and agility. Struggle a bit blocking. Versityle, run good enough routes. Really good body balance and good hands. 6th – 7th This class is thin at pure pass catcher TE. I have a low rounds grade because of his size. He’s a complete tweener, lacks agility and speed to be a true WR, lacks size to be an high regarded prospect at TE. Adding up that the Broncos puts a premium in blocking and hes doing a not good enough job to warrant a better grade. Still he could be used to be a missedmactch around the field, once he could be a more solid blocker and would have add more strength.
Harlan Miller CB Southeastern Louisiana 4th Project with a lot of istincts and speed. Looks fluid in change directions and has some athletic skills. Played at a lesser level of competition and tends to overrun the play at times when he’s oll in to make a play. 6th – 7th Too much of a project on the field to warrant a middle rounds selection. He has potential because of teh speed and istincts, but will need at least a couple of years to develop into a NFL tupe of CB. The Broncos have the luxury to have 3 of the best corners in the league and good backups so they could think about take him to develop him. But still a 6th rounder at best.
Kevon Seymour CB Southern California 4th – 5th Good functional strength, does a solid job in man to man coverage and is fearless in run support. Lacks elite quickness and speed. 6th – 7th He is aggressive and can play man to man ccover scheme so I wont rule him out for the Broncos. My doubts are more concerned to the fact that the Broncos already have a crowded CB group on the roster and he wold not bring any new skills to that group. This said, he has parts of the skills the Broncos looks for.
James Bradberry CB Samford 5th Has speed and athletic skills. Physical while tachling, tries to make a play to the ball whn tackling. Need to get better angles at tackling in open field. Played at lesser competition level and could have a steep learning curve to be ready to play consistently in the NFL. 6th – 7th Has good size and good speed for that size. Still with the crowded group of CBs the Broncos have at the moment I don’t see them going after Bradberry before round 6.
Cre’von LeBlanc CB Florida Atlantic 6th – 7th A bit inconsistent in run support. Lack ideal height and will need to become stronger. Lacks elite top speed but has great quickness and change of directions. Has great instincts. Can play some man to man coverage. Has experience as kick returner. 6th – 7th He has potential but will need development. The point that has to develop better structural strength and lacks elite speed will make him a special teamer only in his rookie year. His quickness indicates that he could play nickel very well and although his lack of ideal height he could become very good at covering TEs once he developed his body. I don’t see him as Nº1 CB in the NFL but he could be really effective in the pros given his grinding style of play on the field.
Ryan Smith CB/KR North Carolina Central 7th – CFA Small school prospect that opened eyes at the combine with his mix of agility and quickness. I couldn’t find any game video on him to give more detail of his game. On hi highlights is possible to see all his athleticism and raw potential. He his an elite level athlete that has to learn a lot of technique. Meanwhile he could play special teams and compete for KR. Lacks ideal size and could move to S in the NFL. Is not possible to really understand the intensity of his game. 6th – 7th He played at a lower level of competition and could be a project. If the Broncos are looking for him, I don’t think it could be before the lower rounds although he’s said to be raising on many draft boards now at the beginning of april. I rstill go with a 6th round at best because he’s too raw and there are better special team returner in this draft class to warrant an higher pick.
*Tyvis Powell FS Ohio State 5th Great size, has good istinct in run support. Will need to get stronger and morre powerful. Has to do a better job on his tackling. Could play more aggressive and no big evidence on his coverage skills. 6th – 7th At the end of the draft he could be targeted as project player that could be drafted for depth and special teams service in his rookie year but that could have some potential to become some sort of Bruton S.
Elandon Roberts ILB Houston 7th – CFA Aggressive player that has some istinct. Overrun the play at times and has not a great closure speed. Will need to become stronger and powerful in order to face NFL Olinemen against the run. Has some quickness in the north-south play. Needs to take better angles at tackling. No real eveidence of coverage skills. 7th I kind of like whet I saw on his videos. He’s aggressive and when motor on he really looks disruptive. Didn’t face the best competition but made plays in important moments. He’s not the most athletic prospect but in this LB class he shows more istincts than most. I like the sense of urgency I saw in his videos. I think that regardless of his size, he could be draftable, given the lack of quality of this LB class.
Chase Price RB/KR San Diego State CFA Dynamic player that has some good speed and good vision. Has some elusiveness and is able to gain extra yardage after first contact. Run with power. Looks to be able also to catch the ball out of the backfield and run some routes. No indication of blocking skills. 7th I really fo like this prospect that runs hard and fast with good vision. Although his size he could run unside tackles and tosses outside. Plas could be a factor in the passing game. Reaklly dynamic and plays with power. Will have to learn to block some but I do think he could be a good bargain and change of pace back that could develop into a good rotational back in the NFL despise his lack of ideal size.
Eddie Yarbrough OLB Wyoming CFA Has some quickness and explosion when his able to break free from the block. Undersized, looks to be smaller than his size, does not have elite speed but is able to lower is center of gravity and then explode into his pass rushing lane. Has trouble to shed blocks by bigger an more powerful Olinemen. 7th On Denver Pro-Day. Lacks size to be an effective DE in the 4-3 scheme. Has to get better funtional strength but could be a situational pass rusher in the 3-4 defense. Couls become the new Shaquil Barrett, maybe one year in practice squad and then the secon year competing for a 53 men roster spot at OLB.
Geronimo Allison WR/TE Illinois 6th Productive college WR that lacks elite speed and athleticism. Has quite good hands, despite some drops and is fearless to go over the middle and looks to be a possession WR. Will ahve to learn more complex routes than the ones he was asked to run and will ahve to block with more energy and be consistent on it. 7th I would darft him as project at TE. He looks to me to slow to compete as outside WR and not quick and fast and athletic enough to be a slot WR. He’s a possession WR and ig he’d be able to beef upm and block better he could become a matchup nightmare as pass catching TE.
Quenton Bundrage WR Iowa State CFA Physical player that always looks to get extra yardage after first contact. Lacks elite speed but has quick first steps after the catch and hits a secong gear when on open field. Doesn’t showcase elite athleticism either but id able to make quite athletic catches and plays hard. 7th The Broncos interviewed him at his Pro Day. He’s underrated because played at Iowa State and because he’s a football player without elite skills. He catches the ball very well, does a good job running routes and is able to hit another gear in open field. he can block some to, although he’ll have to get much more consistent. He hasn’t a great size either. I think the Broncos would try him at kick and/or punt returner. If he could do that, his pass catching skills would be a plus.
Ben Braunecker TE Harvard 5th Great size and strength. Lacks elite speed, elite quickness. Has some drop cases. Hard worker, fearless in traffic, does an accettable job blocking but does not blow away his assignment. Playes at a lesser level of competition and although he has been really productive, he hasn’t been dominant, especially in the blocking part of his game. 7th I would have liked to see him dominate more since his size. He did very well but wasn’t great. For a Broncos point of vew he could be a low draft pick, in case no other TE has been selected by Denver before and Broncos FO thinks really high on him. He has potential, once he’ll get better functional strength his game could reach a different level, but it will require time and a team that is willing to develop him in the right way.
Jake Coker QB Alabama 7th – CFA With Alabama prospect I always have the doubt thet they already peaked and topped their potential. He looks quite polished QB in his game playing with that talent around him. But at times he stent to throw from his backfoot and his footwork is questionable. Armstrength is good and his read is not that bad. 7th Seriously he does not look bad at all. He’s a project and will have to learn to play undercenter, but he could do all the throws. Has to move better in the pocket and Kubiak could be the best at teaching that. Late rounder if the Broncos love him.
*T.J. Green FS Clemson 6th – 7th Great size and athleticism. Has seriuos speed and plays well in run support. Lacks elite quickness but takes solid tackling angles. Overrun at times the play. Will have to learn how to do a better job in coverage. 7th I think that he could become, if given time, an interesting S. Plays well in run support but has to get much better in coverage. Has experience playing special teams.
Reggie Northrup ILB Florida State 7th – CFA Smaller size of LB that plays physically and is really aggressive. Has a tons of assisted tackles. Has some interesting quickness and hits hard. Plays quite well against the run, bot inside or outside the box, accelerating into tackling the ball carrier. Will need to become stronger, did a lot of tackles helping his arms with his body, thing that just would not happen in the NFL. 7th – CFA He’s a two downs LB with average or below average sixe that plays hard and has explosiveness and quickness. Lacks pure speed and the short area quickness to become a complete LB and play coverage. I do like what I saw from him. He had ACL injury at the end of 2014 season abut came back and becoe leading tackles for the second time i two years for Florida State. All his assisted tackles are a good indocator that he plays always until the whistle and is looking for creating turnovers. I think that the Broncos could be really interested because his style of play, but I don’t know about his knee situation and it’s not to be forgot that he won’t play passing downs if he won’t get better in coverage. He could need one year or two of development but under the right coaching I think he could become a good and effective player in the NFL
Zeek Bigger ILB East Carolina 7th – CFA Aggressive undersized LB that has some speed and instincts. PLays well against the run although he’ll have to become more powerful especually in his lower body. Has good change of direction in open field, has some pass coverage skills but is still really raw. Played against lower level of competition and didn’t put up huge numbers. 7th – CFA I like what I saw on his video and under the Broncos point of view he has speed, can run side to side a bit, has some athletic skills even not being the best athletic in the draft, plays hard and physical. He’s raw, needs to learn how to cover in the NFL and will ahve to become stronger and more powerful. Still a late sound pick could be enough to assure him coming to training camp and allowing the coaching staff to see if and how much he could still develop.
Mike Rose DE NC State CFA I couldn’t find too much to see about him. In the few videos he looks like a relentless Dlineman that looks bigger than his heigth and plays until the whistle. He quickly diagnose the play. Is not the most athletic Dlinemen in the draft and would benefir by getting a better functional strength. 7th – CFA The Broncos interview him at his Pro Day and he’s a prospect that is flying so myuch under the radar that he may get picked as CFA. To have less competition taking hin in the 7th round could be good too. He might need a bit of time but his production in 2015 has been extraordinary. Interesting prospect to develop.
Stephane Nembot RT/G Colorado CFA Huge size makes him attractive. Does good athletic things for a guy of his size and footwork has to be review but not horrible. Moves quite well for his size in pass protection. Looks very strong in the run game, pulling well and physical. Has problem in pass protection especially with the quick pass rusher and more in general with the speed rush. 7th – CFA I think he could definetely be developed into a RT/G hybrid in the NFL. He is in the category of the draftable prospects IMO and if the Broncos are looking for developmental player with size they will for sure try to get him into training camp. His performance at the combine won’t help him during the draft, I think there is a good chance than in the 7th round he could be there so that Denver could decide if to select him or wait and see if he falls into CFA.
Jake Brendel OG/C UCLA 7th – CFA Great size, aggressive at the snap, runs well at the second level of defenders and also downfield blocking skills. Does not have elite athleticism and has at time in run blocking coordination. Still he’s a dynamic player that has to improve hid footwork. Has some strength but not elite and has to get better in his lower body power to be able to anchor better and to have a better body balance. Functional strength could be imporved too. 7th – CFA Has a certain upside and with his size he could provide some cersatility at C and G. Will need time to get ready physically and imporving his technique before he could be ready to play in the NFL but has some tools the Broncos value: aggression at the snap, able to get downfield comfortably, able to place blocks on the run, although he has to imporve in this area, and a certain degree of athletic abilities.
Chris Brown WR Notre Dame 7th Good prospect that lacks explosiona and elitre speed but can block in run and pass playes and can run some good routes. Looks smaller that his actual heigth. Has some latent really good athleticism and makes plays at all levels in the field. 7th – CFA It could be surprising to double check him in training camp because too much attention has been reserved to Fuller and he almost went unnoticed in the darft process. He’s not elite in any category but does some of them very well. He could be a finding.
*Wendell Smallwood RB West Virginia 6th Good size, lacks a bit of quickness and acceleration. Has enough power and has a very good stiff arm. Willing blocker downfield and good enough pass catcher at the LOS. Not really elusive and for this reason he has harder time getting extra yardage after the first tackle. Very strong and has the capability to hold into the ball after getting hit hard. Does not have the speed to run outside and turn the corner. More of a inside the tackles runner and third down back that can block and catch checkdowns out of the backfield. 7th – CFA I like what I saw from a Broncos point of view. He would be a complement to lead rusher and a valuable backup to CJ Anderson. For this reason he lowered my grade to 7th rounder or College Free Agent. He’s a player that lacks explosiveness and speed to be a featuring back in the NFL but looks to have the mindset to become a valuable asset in the offense because he can run some if the Oline works and can block in passing downs in and out of the backfield. He could also catche some and looks to be a tough player.
Marteze Waller RB Fresno State 7th – CFA He hits the hole hard, has some good vision and acceleration. Very good body balance, able to break tackles and gain yardage adter first contact. Shows very good speed in open field, difficult to tackle down because of his lower baricentrum. Has some good catcher out of the backfield but not a route runner. No evidence of blocking skills. 7th – CFA He might not have any blocking skills but his running one are underestimated. He run hard and is difficult to tackle. He can catch passes at the LOS and is elusive enought to get extra gains after contact. I like waht he brings to the table and if the Broncos are looking for a backup to CJ Anderson he could be one of the best in this class.
Devon Johnson FB Marshall 7th – CFA He’ll be a fulllback in the NFL. He lacks speed and not really fluid while running with the ball. Still can be used in short yardage and if the Oline works can breakout some good runs. Blocks quite well in the backfield, LOS and downfield if requested both in pass protection and rungame. He’s powerful but could get a bit more. Tough player. No evidence of pass catching skills. 7th – CFA Would you draft a fullback in the modern NFL draft? I don’t know. If the Broncos really like him, and they interviewed him at athe East/West Shrine all star, they couls use even a late 6th rounder. He’s really worth a look in training camp and could compete with Juwan Thompson for the 53 men spot.I still like more the 7th to CFA grade for a fullback.
Dillon Gordon T LSU CFA Great size. Very good blocker. He was actually an extra lineman at the LOS for LSU. Has exceptional athletic skills for a guy of his size and weigth: he turns and run, accelerate: incredible. Add to it some insane speed for a 308 pounds person and the ability to catch the ball…. 7th – CFA The draft selection would be used to get this prospect out of a sure bidding war at CFA. I don’t know about red flag on him, and it has been complicate to find any kind of news about his draft status actually, I would think that his athletic skills could allow him to become, behind the right teaching, a very good NFL T or G. Now it isn’t that any huge NCAAF blocking TE is a sure thing in converting to OLineman, but to some degree, with the right mindset of the player and the right coaching and time to wait for him with this prospect could strike gold for the Broncos and their zone blocking scheme.
Stefan McClure SS California CFA Plays aggressive and hits hard. Also has some very good athletic skills. Little bit undersized and lacks lateral quickness a bit too. Used as modern safety, SS or FS no difference. Has great acceleration and speed when is north and south. Coverage skills are not so bad, could be much better. Will have to add some muscles to be ready to play in the NFL. Leader of Cal defense. 7th – CFA Has some issues in the short area quickness and tacklig angles. Has some good instinct and react fats to the play. Has an aggressive style of play that the Broncos ususally like, Lacks ideal frame and height that will penalize him in the NFL. Still has flashes of great things. I will take him to training camp, maybe put him in practice squad for 2016 so he could physically get ready and mentally start to understand NFL quickness, speed and power. He could really be a finding if he could prove to be mentally really stout.
Bennett Okotcha SS/CB Texas-San Antonio 7th Raw prospect that will need time to develop. Lacks elite speed and his footwork needs to be addressed. Still has instinct and is a competitor that gives hard time to receiver. Has really good sense of position and needs to work on his tackling technique relying now mainly onhis physical skills. Aggressive and with very good funcitonal strength. 7th – CFA I do like him better as SS or FS in the NFL. He lacks a bit of quickness and speed but could be developed to be a good 3rd S and starter in case of need. Of course what I mentioned it will be down the line, a team as the Broncos that are looking for depth at S could sneack him uo at the end of the draft and then put him on practice squad as a rookie after a first full training camp so that next year they could evaluate his progresses. A lot of upside and no downside.
Mike Jordan SS/CB Missouri Western State 7th – CFA Very raw prospect that played a lower level of competition against quite low level of quaterbacking. Dominated at that level at a physiscal and athletic point of view. Would need time to learn and adjust to the quickness, speed and power of the NFL players. Does not look to have elite speed and quickness for the CB position. Mayeb better suited to become a S, SS IMO, at the NFL level where he could use his physicality and tackling fearless. 7th – CFA As for Okotcha case, if Denver believes in his potential and thinks that our coaching could develop into a really good backup or even a starter, then IMO better to use a lo round pick to have him on the team. Since being a long project and the level of competition he could go undrafted but then it is an open competition. A 7th rounder could get him, if the Broncos have a clear picture of how to develop him.
*Yannick Ngakoue OLB Maryland 6th Played DE in college, might be his best position if in the 4-3 front. Has a very good first step at the snap, aggressive, lacks power and a bit of elusiveness to get past Olinemen consistently. There is no sig in dropping in coverage. 7th – CFA He could be brought him to see what he could bring as 3-4 OLB because he doesn not have the size and is not powerful enoug to become a 3-4 DE. Still could need some development and may not have the biggest potential.
Travis Feeney OLB Washington 6th – 7th Really tall, will need to put up some muscles to be able to shed NFL blocks. Has very good north-south speed but looks to be less natural changing direction and in his lateral movements. Has some really good movements to move out of the block and is alble to defend well the run from a 3-4 OLB point of view, setting the corner but lacks a bit of power and strength to place a good tackle on the runner coming at full speed. His coverage skills and his tackling angles in coverage need to be upgraded. 7th – CFA He does good certain things and has to imporve in others. Has experience playing 3-4 OLB so could feel confortable from day one of OTAs at the position. Could be interesting to bring him to training camp to check if he can really improve in tackling and he could become more powerful.
Deon King ILB Norfolk State CFA Not enough videos on him. Won Buch Buchanan as the best defender in all FCS. Has incredible stats for his senior year and dominate at his level of competition. Put up some good numbers at Hampton Pro-Day, showing good explosion and some speed. Will need time to develop and toget used to NFL speed. 7th – CFA The Broncos worked him out privately. He could be a good addition in terms of potential. Could use a couple of years developing him, maybe putting him in practice squad as a rookie and then letting him compete for a 53 men roster spot.
Quentin Gause ILB Rutgers CFA Smaller size of LB that plays aggressibe abd has some real quickness. Has very good instinct against the run. Very physical and fast at the point of attack. Could have problems shedding blocks of bigger and powerful Olinemen in the NFL. No evidence of coverage skills. Played in special teams at Rutgers. 7th – CFA The Broncos interviewed him at his Pro day. They could be interested in his speed and his ability to stop the run and be disruptive. The Broncos could target him at the end of the draft initially for special teams purpose and depth and they’d try to develop him in at leas a two downs player.
Nick Kwiatkoski ILB West Virginia 7th Versatile LB that can either play the edge rusher and the inside thumper. Has some coverage skills too. Still not the most physical LB in this class, looks smaller on videos, has some speed for his size. Willneed to get stronger and more powerful especially in his lower body. 7th – CFA I like his versatility a lot, especially for a 3-4 team he could be an important asset. But first will have to get ready to play in the NFL, physically getting stronger in order to sostain big Olinemen blocks and mentally getiing used to speed of the NFL players. He could take one year or more. He looks like the perfect developmental Patriots pick, that stays on practice squad one year and then become a contributor in year two.
Josh Forrest ILB Kentucky 7th – CFA Has some good atheltic skills together with some speed. Over read at times the play and has not elite quickness to get back at it. Looks to have some coverage skills but not much of a fierce run stopper. 7th – CFA I think the Broncos have a good note on his coverage skills (above average for college LB) but he would not fir the elite quickness and aggressiveness they are looking at. May be at. Still he has size and is still developing at LB and is worrth to be brought to training camp  and develop for a year (maybe in practice squad) and see then at which point he is.
Silverberry Mouhon OLB Cincinnati 7th – CFA More suited to become a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He’s a little light on weight to be a 4-3 DE. Will need to become stronger and gain better balance in order to not be blanketed by Olinemen. Has some speed  but lack special quickness at the snap. Could be a situational pass rusher for teams that have already a good interior penetration. 7th – CFA The speed of the corner is always a valuable skills in the NFL, and this prospect has some pass rush potential if developed with patience.
Branden Jackson DE Texas Tech CFA He has good size and has good athleticism and some explosion. Has good functional strength and body balance. Is able to locate the ball and go in pursuit. Can bull rush with power and is able to use some quick moves that works at collegiate level but will have harder time in the NFL. Still an interesting player that looks stout and simply a football player. 7th – CFA I think he could develop and become a reliable rotational player once he will have get better at his pass rushing skills. He has the size and the body type of a stout 3-4 DE and plays aggressive which the Broncos usually like. Barrying character concerns he could be targeted later in the draft and could compete in training camp for a 53 man roster spot or one year in practice squad.
Drew Ott DE Iowa 7th – CFA Had several injuries in 2015 and appeared only in 6 games. Requested mediacl redshirt to stay in college but was denied by NCAA. because of that he’s a later entry to the draft. He has good size and has a thick body. Looks powerfull and has a great bull rush. Looks to be a relentless pursuer and is able to accelerate well when he sees the hole ot the play he could make. Plays untill the whistle, lacks elite athleticism and quickness to be a consistent pass rusher. Couls become an effective rotational 4-3 LDE or a 3-4 DE that plays quite well against the run. 7th – CFA He certainly brings injury concerns. Still if the medical check is good he could be develop in a reliable rotational Dlinemen as 3-4 DE. He may play two downs and get out when obvious pass situation but he’ll play with non stop motor and bring his physical still to the LOS.
Halapoulivaati Vaitai RT/G TCU 7th – CFA Huge size, lacks the ideal power for his size but is really explosive and reactive. Huse well is body to shell the QB in pass protection and looks athletic and smooth in his movements. Does not have the quickliest feet and could have problems with quick and speed rushers in the NFL. Move well at the LOS when asked, good enough in pulling and to get to the second level of defenders even if he has a good margin for development. 7th – CFA I think he could be developed in a G for the zone blocking scheme. The Broncos Interviewed him and they might be interested because his size, his smooth movements and they might think to be able to develop him and let him become more stout and powerful leaving intact his explosion at the snap. It could work. I think a low 6th or much better a 7th rounder could be where the Broncos would target him, not letting him hit CFA.
Mike Thomas WR Southern Mississippi 6th Inconsistent, has good speed and very good quickness and shoret area quickness. He’s really fast after the catch and gain extrayardage as result. Will have to do a much better job at blocking and at route running in the NFL. Has talent and potential. 7th – CFA He has raw potential. Has some speed and very good quickness. He returned kickoffs and could learn to have better body balance ad together with his quickness could make him a very dangeroud weapon as returner and screen WR in the NFL.
*Demarcus Ayers WR Houston 7th – CFA Smaller type of WR. He is a returns specialist and has very good speed,great body balance and elusiveness but lack elite explosion. No indication of blocking skills and routes running. 7th – CFA He’s a return specialist and the Broncos needs a return specialist. I don’t know if only the nees quilifies him to be on Broncos board but I couldn’t find many videos on him and, apart the return skills: elusiveness, speed, field vision, he really cannot express any other opinion, He’s really good in returns and could be both punts and kickoffs returner.
*Peyton Barber RB Auburn 7th – CFA He has a bad 40 yards dash bot at combine and pro day. He’s a willing blocker and has some vision and cutback skills. He’s a good receiver out of backfield. Left university as Redshirt Sophomore only. Has great size, cold get even more powerful. Has patience as runner and fight for extrayardage. 7th – CFA He’s not consistent, in running, in blocking. But show flashes of very interesting skills from a Broncos point of view. A late rounder or CFA maybe if he’s there to bring him to training camp and see if he’d be able in a year or two to become a fulltime rusher.
Juston Burris CB/S NC State 7th The Broncos interviewed him but I cannot find any game video on him. 7th – CFA I guess the Broncos interest mean that either late in the draft or in CFA he could be a target for them. I saw his workout at the combine and he lacks elite explosion and fluidity in on field movements. He could be a good prospect at S, with a little time for the position conversion.
Jamal Golden FS Georgia Tech 7-FA Has good vision and good speed, is not explosive. Has good experience returning kickoffs:elusive lack a bit of quickness. 7th – CFA He could be one of the special team returnman that the Broncos could look after at the end of the draft or as CFA. Because of his lack of speed I don’t know if he could bring something in the defense department.
Storm Barrs-Woods RB Oregon State CFA Really interesting player that has injuries issue, especially with concussion. On the field he lacks top end speed and his a good and patient cutback runner. Has to get better at blocking and looks to be a reliable catcher out of the backend. He’s able to break some tackle while carrying the ball. Not the most explosive runner neither the quicklier. CFA The concussion issue could be a real problem. On the field he looks quite good especially for a zone scheme running theme that allows him to excell in his strength. Will have to get better at blocking. All of this if medically cleared and if it’s not too dangerous for his health.
Ian Seau OLB Nevada 6th – 7th Has speed coming out of the corner. Looks to need to add some strength and power in his lower body and learn to be more elusive by a better use of his hands and dosy balance. Not the elite athlete but solid. Need to position himself better against the run. CFA His size is good but not great for a 3-4 OLB. Does not have size or power to be a DE option for the Broncos. Still lacks a very quick first step but has speed. Really will need to work and develop his game agaist the run.
Curt Maggitt DE Tennessee 7th Aggressive defender that lacks top quickness and speed but that battle every play and has some tools to use against the run. Has good size thought not great and is come off an hip injury and will be evaluated at the combine.  Athletic but does not look really fluid running around the field. CFA I actually don’t think he really fits what the Broncos did this year but I’m a bit wondering if, in case he could gain weight and muscle up, he could be moved to DE in the 3-4. I know that his hieght is not ideal for what the Broncos would look for but as a project he could become a missmatch inside because his superior athletic abilities. Outside, IMO, he lacks elite quickness and speed to be a good fit for the Broncos.
*Beniquez Brown OLB Mississippi State CFA Has good frame, plays aggressive and is physical. Has some instincts that helps him make soem big play against the run. Does not look natural running and looks to be a thumper more than a coverage LB. CFA I think that he lacks the fluidity and explosion and a bt of athletic skills that the Broncos value in LB, but cover up a bit with instincts, aggressiveness and physicality. I won’t discrad that the Broncos could be interested in bringing him to training camp to learn more about what he could do.
Pete Robertson OLB Texas Tech CFA Not much of a pass rusher. He could set the edge in the 3-4 OLB position against the run. Lacks explosion and quickness to be consistently after the QB. Also will have to get more power and strength. There is evidence of his coverage skills. CFA Played an hybrid 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB in college. Raw in technique, might be worth to have in training camp to have competition and to see which could be his real ceiling.
Cory James OLB Colorado State CFA Undersized prospct that had a productive career at Colorado state and shined at the Pro Day. Before the beginning of the season he was though to be a 3rd rounder prospect. Then he has been moved from OLB to ILB and didn’t perform in 2015. CFA The Broncos are always alert of local prospect and being him a pass rusher I can envision Broncos FO to be more than willing to bring him to training camp ans see more in detail what he could do.
C.J. Johnson ILB Ole Miss CFA Played DE and had speed and explosion coming out of the corner. Moved to LB, cannot see any video because he had been injured the past 2 years. CFA He’s speed and quickness could make him a candidate to receive invitations to Training Camps. I guess the Broncos will be in the number of teams willing to see what he can bring.
*Alex McCalister OLB Florida 7th – CFA Has the look of a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He has a light frame to play DE even in the 4-3 scheme and is not powerful enough to be consistent in the running game. Has plenty of speed and a good drive especially when bullrushing but has problems setting the outside corner against the run and smash himself against the Olinemen wall in the inside pass rush. Athletic but will need time to study how to become succesful in the NFL. CFA Laurentee McCree in the Broncos Team was more NFL ready in college than McCalister but injuries and propension to injuries drove him to UFA. In this prospect case I think that the run stopping is not there yet but he has the body size and all the tools to be developed as an interesting 3-4 OLB. I just think that this position now is not really on top of the Broncos minds, and so a CFA grade.
Tyrone Holmes OLB Montana 6th Pass rusher that put up really incredibles numbers at his Pro Day. The explosion he showcased in his pro-day is not transferred to the football field. There he’s more a relentless defender that uses his core strength to battle with bigger Olinemen. He’s a bit undersized for the DE position in the NFL and will need to add lower body power to maintain the leverage that he uses to continuosly pursue the play. Has nose for big plays. Competitor. CFA He lacks the size to be a DE in the Broncos 3-4 scheme. Lacks explosion and a bit of quickness to be in higher consideratio in Broncos headquarter but for sure his competitor nature and his ability to get to the passer or the ball carrier is taken in consideration. His complete lack of experience in dropping in coverage makes him a project for the Broncos.
Theiren Cockran DE Minnesota 7th – CFA Pass rushing specialist, who has some quickness in his movement and speed to run past the OT. Oftne used against RT on passing downs, able to create pressure in the Backfield. Has the range to move around the LOS and cut in creating havoc. Has great size and could be useful both in the 4.3 and the 3-4 defense where his size could make him an hybrid kind of player as DE-OLB in passing downs. Will need to add strength and lower body power to be able to face blokis from big and powerful NFL Olinemen. CFA A bit of a tweener because has great size but does not have the thick powerful frame that would make him a perfect fit at 3-4 DE. Has some speed but not the agility and explosion to be a 3-4 OLB speed rusher, at least not in his highlights. Still he could be a developmental player at two position potentially. I would see him more as a 3-4 DE once he get bigger and more powerful, using his speed as weapon against offensive guards and centers that usually have less athletic skills and explosion. Maybe one year in practice squad.
Jimmy Bean DE Oklahoma State CFA Great Size and powerful presence in the inside at collegaite level. Shows some quickness and some pursuing.Lacks speed and explosion at the snap. CFA Has the size and some skills that you cannot teach to players. Could not have the best ceiling but could become a really produticve rotational player as 3-4 DE. Would love if Denver brings him at training camp for competing at DE.
DaVonte Lambert DE Auburn CFA Dominated at his level of competition. Looks to be a great fit doe 3-4 DE and 4-3 DE too.Has good ower and also god balance. Lacks a bit of quickness and speed coming from the edge to beat NFL OTs. Looks to have really long arms. Has great burst when set free from block. Lacks elite athleticism and will need to get more powerful and bigger in the NFL. CFA He loos to be a a two years project but has the potential to become a really good starter in the NFL  in the 3-4 schem at DE if he has the will and mentality to put himself at it. Has power and  burst and will to make big plays to succeeed. His height will help him only if he’d be able to put up is weight and play with great intensity.
Dean Lowry DE Northwestern 7th – CFA Quick first step at the snap and powerful push, He’s doing a good job against the run locating the ball and moving towards there, lacks a bit of quickness after the first snap and is less disruptive in the passing game. Looks more powerful than athletic but has great skills for a guy of his size. Could have his better spot in the NFL as 3-4 DE. CFA Interesting prospect that offers some good skills at the LOS especially against the run. Since the Broncos are quite thin at the moment at the DLine position he could be a dependable prospect to bring to training camp to discover what really he could bring to the team.
Martavius Foster DE Colorado State CFA Local Prospect that started wellthe 2015 season. Has some interesting production and showed incredibel athleticism in his pro day. CFA Has big size and had interesting production in his final year at Fort Collins. I think the Broncos could think to bring him to camp and see what he could do. He’s be a project and ending up in teh practce squad, but his size is really good and adding functional strength could let him be even more effective.
Nile Lawrence-Stample NT Florida State 6th He looks bigger than his actual size. Has some movement but he’d straight a NT for NFL teams. Lacks elite athletic skills and quickness at the snap. Has some power an spursuit. Will need and has the room to become stronger for competeing ta NFL level. CFA He lacks the quickness and explosion usually Phillips wants from his NT. Anyhow he could be developed in a nice rotational guy in the first ywo downs, playin g againts the run.
Adam Gotsis DE Georgia Tech 6th Stount and powerful player. Has some quickness and athletic ability but still raw and lacks explosion at the snap. Lacks a bit of instincts. Has great size  and a good potential. CFA  don’t know what the  Broncos FO thinks about foreign prospects but in this case a good look is sue. Gotsis has power and quickness just is a bit to raw and will need further coaching. I think he culd be a great adition to rainng camp and may be a good choice to keep hom in practice squad one year to get used to NFL play. He has the tool to become at least a good rotataional Dlineman against the run.
*Hassan Ridgeway NT/DE Texas 4th – 5th Very good size, has some flashes of big play capability but looks very inconsistent and especially against the run can often be washed away by the Olinemen. Has to do a better job anchoring but for that has to gain lower body strength and power. Has some good movement. CFA There could be several reason why his play looks so inconsistent. When he’s on he’s quite disruptive and looks like a good rotational 3-4 DE. He might need one or two years for learn, getting stronger and then play effectively. Checking on his potential could be the first step during training camp.
Alex Lewis RT/G Nebraska 6th A little heavy footed at times, has great siz e and strength. Good in run protection, very aggressive on his assignment. Lacks elite athletic skills but does a good job with his hands and when able to get a good body balance throught the movement he has better footwork in pass protection. Still has trouble with pass rushers but has better athletic skills than his combim¡ne measurement would say. CFA He had some character concern just when he left Colorado for Nebraska. There in Nebraska he really establihed himself and he does a really god job as power blocker. He’s really much more suited to be a good player as RT or G.
Joe Gore OT Clemson 7th – CFA Tall and lean, has to muscle uo and become stronger in the NFL, lacks a bit of pulling and drive in the running game. Looks athletic in pass protetion but has to get better footwork. Looks more confortable in pass protection than in the running game. CFA I think the Broncos are targeting player that could de developed in g and RT having versatility in both position in the zone scheme. Gore looks to be a better pass protector and a project in run plays. He’s still worth to be brought to  training camp and see what he culd offer.
*Isaac Seumalo OG Oregon State 5th Good experience in the zone blocking scheme. Runs very well in spece and gets to the second level easily. Has problem then to engage the block at times. Can move the opponent at the LOS and usually takes good enough angles to help himself in the block. In the passing game has some power but really has problems in the short area quickness and does not move well east-west. Effort player that does quite weel in the running game but has problems in the passing game. CFA Well, for one side he has very extensive experience in a similar scheme than the one the Broncos use. On the other hand is not quite athletic enough to be ready for a 53 men roster.
Kyle Friend OG/C Temple 7th Smaller size of Olineman, energic and synamic player that quickly moves at the snap and plays with a lot of intensity. Has good experience in zone blocking scheme and moves well in the LOS. Has  some problem to engage block on the run especially when reaching the second level of defenders. Has less than optimal body balance and does well in short area quickness and movemens but struggle in big blocking adjustments. Lacks elite power and strength. CFA I don’t see him as an upgrade of paradis when got out of Boise State. He has experience in the zone blocking scheme so that maybe could interest the Broncos but his size is smaller than the average thge Broncos looked for in the past year under Kubiak.
Jordan Walsh OG Iowa 7th Smaller size of Olineman, polished in pass blocking at the LOS, could bend a bit and has enough lower leg power to anchor. Does not have elite strength. Run to the second level of defenders but at times struggles to engage the block on the run because lack fluidity in the run . Has problems with quick pass rushers but overal does a good job. CFA I think the Broncos are looking for bigger prospects to bring to training camp and eventually develop. But I cannot find a real hole in his game. He may not excel in any facet of the interior Olineman but is really solid and can play against bigger and stronger player than him. Does not move ad the Broncos like and is reactive but not explosive. Still I would give him a shot.
*Alex Redmond OG UCLA CFA Good strength and body balance. Looks scary thin compared to big sized interior Dlinemen. Has some quickness and explosion at the snap and is able to move defenders taking advantage of his quickness in the running game. Could be overpowered by bigger Dlinemen and at times cannot hold into the block until the whistle but most of times is ablt to react and shake the defender out of the play with some quick sudden torsion move. CFA I think that with Redmond the point is being able to let him get some 10 – 15 pounds of muscle on , so that he could compete with NFL powerful defensers. He has the athletic skills, agility and quickness to be a solid player for the Broncos scheme and for this I won’t be surprised if they’ll bring him to training camp.
Joseph Cheek OG Texas A&M CFA Athletic prospect that play with intensity and lacks a bit of explosion at the snap but has some quickness. Moves well at the LOS and reaching the second level of defensers, at times has trouble engaging the block especially on the run because of upgradable body balance. Great size and broad chest, at times he stand up to much and is an easy target for Dlinemen. Not the strongest prospect neithr the most powerful. Is able to bend some and anchor well in pass blocking against interior pass rushers. CFA He looks quite raw in technique and footwork. He has in credibkle size and has sime very good agility and athletic skills for his size. He could be a 2 year project but I think he could be worth to be brought to training camp to see if possible he could be moved to RT too gettong solid versatility and good potential in him. It would make him a solid candidate for practice squad at least.
Joey Hunt C TCU 7th – CFA After snapping the ball he os quick locating hs assignment and attacking him, has to imorve his footwork and has to gets a better body balance but is able to drive his defender away and plays until the whistle. Competitor that lacks ideal size, will have to get better funtional strength and learn better technique in in pass protection. Has average athletic abilities. CFA I like a lot his style of playing and his aggressiveness. My knock on him is the averag athletic abilities that won’t fit well with what he Broncos really like. But all in all he could be brought to traning camp to figure out his ceiling and if he could create a role for himself on the Broncos team.
*De’Runnya Wilson WR/TE Mississippi State 6th Big target that has surprising short area quickness and route running for a guy of his size and built like him. Will have to get better functional strength. Can block a bit but less than what it could expect from a guy of his size and can catchthe ball with soft hands, Is a very good 3rd down target and could become a good endzone target too with rout running policying. He is a TE that has been playing in WR spot in collegiate level. Does not have the speed and athletic skills required to WR at the NFL level, let alobe the speed. CFA He lacks quickness and speed, but he’s a short to intermediate good atrget thanks to his soft hands and his being used to play WR. Still he has to lean to block better but most of all he looks awkward at times and clumsy in his movement, he will therefor need to get better functional strength to be able to compete at NFL level.
Ricardo Louis WR Auburn 7th Deep throw target, has speed whith the field in from of him, is able to make athletic catches. No signs of blocking skills. When running north-south with the ball he’s really shifty but cznnot translate that on his route running or in traffic where he looks less fluid running. CFA He could be an interesting prospect at KR since his great vision and elusive skills when running with the field in front of him. Also could be used in some passing play as deep target.
Alex Erickson WR Wisconsin 7th – CFA Good acceleration and field vision. Good punt returner. No indication of blocking skills. Was not asked to run complex routes. Has some good speed. CFA As return man he could really compete for a spot on the 53 men roster, together with some playtime as deep threat.
Dom Williams WR Washington State 7th – CFA Good size, runs goos routes, has some good quickness but lacks elite explosiona nd speed. No indication of blocking skills, has good body balance and control, can be more physical. CFA Could be brought to training camp to compete, maybe for a spot in practice squad, using the eyar to adapt to NFL speed and power. Will need to become a bit more physical.
Jamaal Jones WR Montana 7th – CFA Not ideal size, lacks elite speed to play outside in the NFL. Run goood crossing routs and is not afraid to go over the middle. Made some really athletic catches and has some burnst. At times as problems to get separation or break free of coverage. CFA He lacks elite speed but if the Broncos are looking for an intermediate or checkdown player to bring to training camp to compete he’s more than worthy.
*Jalin Marshall WR Ohio State 7th – CFA Lacks ideal size at WR and elite speed. Has some elusiveness and is a good prospect at KR. Can make tacklers miss and has some shiftness. No evidence of blocking skills and used as deep threat, did not have to run complex rout. CFA Came out of school way to early. Maybe a look at kick returner.
Nelson Spruce WR Colorado 7th – CFA Has average size for WR, run routes well. Lacks elite explosion and speed. Very productive at the collegiate level, he looks like a possession WR, that makes catches all over the perimeter but is not a deep threat by any means. His block are quite good and looks to be a physical competitor. CFA The Broncos interviewed him at the combine and in his Pro day heimproved his times in the 40 yards dash but worse in other categories. I do think that the way he plays he is a possession WR, skilled to catch the ball in short and intermediate routes but lacks elite speed and accelñeration for be a deept threat. Also his size is quite average in the NFL and he’s actually a bit undersized for being a possession WR in the  NFL. Still his mentality and his pass catching skills are real asset and he could find his way into the NFL world. Surely worth a look in training camp, maybe he should be tried as returner and see if he can do something there.
Jordan Williams WR Ball State 7th – CFA Physical WR that has great size and has thick body. Able to use his body to make the catch. Lacks speed and acceleration to break open from coverage and lacks short area quickness get separation. No indication of blocking skills. CFA He could be interesting for his size and his physicality, Denver usually like a physical style of play and he could add to the team and maybe win a practice squad slot to have one tear to get use to NFL speed.
KJ Maye WR Minnesota CFA Smaller type of WR. Has thick body and run very good routes. Has good hands and burnst at the snap and running routes. No videos on him returning kicks or punt but has the body and the burnst to be a returner at NFL level. CFA This depends on what the Broncos think about his eventual special teams skills. If they think he could do it, then he could be brought to training camp and compete for the returner spot.
Max McCaffrey WR Duke CFA Not many videos on him. He looks a possession WR, as his father was, lacks a bit of quickness and explosion but run good routes. Will have to become more physical. CFA Had a private workout with the Broncos. He might be invited to Training camp as CFA. He could compete for a practice squad slot and may be asked to become hybrid TE/WR. He’s not tall and big enough to become a full TE.
Durron Neal WR Oklahoma CFA Good routes running and is able to use well his body to prepare the catch. Soft hands. Not really a blocker and lacks elite speed and quickness. CFA In a west Coast offense he could have a place. He’s not a burner and is not quick either. He’s more a possession WR that helps move the chains with good routes and good WR skills. In Denver he could provide depth in training camp and maybe get a place in the practice squad for a year, so that he could learn to play at NFL speed and power.
Tre Madden RB Southern California 6th – 7th Good size, hit the hole hard and has some good body balance and tries to get some extrayardage after the first tackle. Has some speed on the outside. Lacks quickness to mahe sudden cuts. He run good routs as a receiver out of backfield and in traffic. Not enough evidence of blocking skills. CFA He has something to bring and he could be a interesting backup to CJ Anderson but he’s not great in any of the tasks the Broncos are asking to RB.
D.J. Foster RB Arizona State 7th Lacks explosiveness and burnst hitting the hole to be a consistent NFL rusher. He’s a good pass catcher and route runner. Not much evidence of pass protection. He runs with power with the ball in his hands and is able to make players miss and gets some extrayardage. CFA He could interest the Broncos a bit as third down back. IMO he lacks quickness to be a pure slot receiver but can be a pass catcher on third downs coming out of the backfield. He has some speed but not burnst enough to be a change of pace style of HB.
Travis Greene RB Bowling Green 7th – CFA Good size, will need to add some lowe body power. Lacks explosion and burnst, has some good body balance and is able to make players miss. Does not have great extrayardage after first tackle because of lack of explosiveness. Good pass catching skills and power, tough runner that is unspectacular but could get the job done on the gound in third and short if the OLine gives him a shot. No indication on his blocking skills. CFA He could be worth a deeper look in training camp as backup to CJ Anderson, I like his toughness.
Marshaun Coprich RB Illinois State 7th – CFA He has nice vision and good cutback skills. Has some explosion too but lacks pure speed to go with. Can catch the ball but no indication of is blocking skills. CFA He is an interesting prospect that colds really interest the Broncos since in many way he’s similar to CJ Anderson: physically, cutback style of running and pass catching. Will have to learn to block but definetely would be a good addition to RB depth.
Brandon Wilds RB South Carolina CFA Has some burnst and looks to be a willing blocker. Has great size and run really smoothly for a RB of his size. Could be a more patient runner. Hit the hole hard and run with a lot of power. Does not have elite body balance but is more than decent for a guy of his size. Catch well the ball out of the backfield and has nice vision whith the field in front of him. His lack of elite speed hinders his nmbers and his wide body makes him an easier target than smaller and more compact type of RB. At times lookks to have realy good speed in open field but then the next moment he does not have it anymore. CFA He’s a bit on and off. At times he looks impatience and just run with his head down. Other times he’s able to get some good good gain and bringing defenders with him. He could develop in a reliable second option on three downs if he imporves on blocking.
Jordan Canzeri RB Iowa CFA Complete RB that can run inside tackles , catching passes outside the backfield and is also taking his responsibility at blocking. Lack a bit of burnst and explosion, not the most elusive but run with power. Able to make some good cuts CFA His size could limitate his skills in the NFL. alltogether he’s a good runner that  does not excel in anything but does everything well. The hard knock is ability on blocking giving his heigth and his lack of elite quickness and explosion are not making him a strong candidate for a special team returner open position. Still worth to be brought to training camp to compete.
*Dwayne Washington RB Washington CFA Has good vision and cutback skills. Lacks quickness and base speed. Great size and run smoothly for a guy of his size. Not a power runner. When able to cut open, hits a second gear in open field with very good acceleraiton. Not the best all around athlete and could get much better at catching the ball. Ni indicatin ho his blocking skills CFA I’m not sure what the Broncos could think about his skills. His pass catching skills are really not at the level and no evidence of blocking skills. His style of running could be exploded by Kubiak offense because he’s a but cutback runner, he’s not elusive but when he can make his cut and go sownfirld he could become very dangerous on open field. When he cannot firnd his path, he remains stuck and loss of yardage is not so uncommon. He should do a better job gaining a pair of yard out of nothing because of his size but he does look to need to improve his strength at least, and get more lower body power too. So at the end, if the Broncos are interested to bring him to training camp he’ll have to show much improved pass catchung skills.
Brandon Ross RB Maryland CFA Lacks a bit od speed and explosion when with the ball. Does a good job blocking in the backfield. PLays physical and is able to break some tackle. Is dangerous if he get to the open field, has some elusiveness but lacks top speed. CFA He could play the three down and develop at being a good reserve in the NFL. He could get in to give CJ anderson some time off and can block, catch and run some. He won’t break a huge run, but he could move the chain if the Oline does a good job. He won’t break free by himself, but again is not that in this RB class there is somebody that can do it.
Jaylen Walton RB/KR Ole Miss CFA He’s quick and has some explosion when been handled the ball. His size is not the optimal for the NFL. Still he has a thick body and has burnst that makes him difficult to tackle when hitting the hole and in open field. CFA He’s a interesting player. He’s a smaller prospect that has acceleration and quickness. he could bring also something as kick returner and looks to be ok as pass catcher. His thick body could help him taking some blocking responsibility, although there is no sign of it in his videos. All in all and interesting player that could compete as KR and change of pace guy for the 53 men roster.
J.C. Coleman RB Virginia Tech CFA Speed rusher, has good speed that helps him having good toss runs outside tackles. Looks a lot like Ronnie Hillman although Hilmann has bigger size than him. Lacks a bit of elusiveness and body balance that you’d expect by a RB of his size. CFA He has several similarity with Ronnie Hillman but a bit shorter than him. He’s good speed to run outside tackles and his limited inside because of his size and his lack of explosion. Because of his size blocking at the next level is a  question mark for him. Still worth a look in training camp for that change of pace role in competition with Kapri Bibbs.
Darion Griswold TE Arkansas State 6th – 7th Has good size and some speed. Lack elite athletic skills and has trouble staying with his blocking assignment. Needs more functional strength. CFA Big project. Has some spark here and there and could deserve a look in training camp.
Tanner McEvoy TE Wisconsin 7th A FS and HB that will convert in TE in the NFL. Great size and speed, will need to bulk up to be able to absorb NFL defenders hits. Has instincts at FS and great vision as HB. Has incredible athletic skills for s 6’6” tall, off course has trouble in short area change of direction. CFA Interesting prospct thta is all projection. May be worth to check in training camp which postion and which caliber of player he could end up being.
Stephen Anderson TE California CFA Smaller type of TE that is a WR hibryd: lacks the speed to be a true WR, lacks the size to be a more heralded TE. Has some good speed and athletic skills for a TE. Needs to do a better job at blocking CFA Interesting “tweener” that has some speed for the position, has to get better at blocking, especially at the LOS but is not shy off. He could bring good competition and occasional missedmatch.
Braxton Deaver TE Duke CFA Injuries ridden career at Duke. Had a great season in 2013 before to torn ACL in 2014. Had few stats in 2015. In 2012 already had knee related injuries. Have some trouble blocking on the run. Has some speed but at time has some concentration problems that result in some drops. CFA Injury history apart, bringing him to camp could be helpful to understant at this stage which kind of player he is and could be. Had huge potential becaue of his size/speed/functional strength, now to be evaluated.
Jacoby Brissett QB NC State 5th Running QB that have a good but not great armstrength. Looks slow but really elusive while running, looks comfortable throwing on the run. At time takes too much time on his receivers read. Mainly played in shutgun or in the pistol, few under center snaps. Looks to have a slow release too. Has a surprisingly acceptable footwork. CFA I think he’s raw and inconsistent. He played behind a poor Oline, to be said, byut made his livings out of the triple option. When he throws the ball the spiral most of time is never clear and has to do a better job in his read to help the Oline getting rid of the ball. He may have potential but is a quite long project.
Cody Kessler QB Southern California 7th Smaller type of QB. Pocket presence questionable, footwork to be worked on, average armstrength and delivery is a work in progress. Shows some flashes even scrambling. CFA He’s a developmental prospects, he could learn and get to be a reliable backup and start some and wi games for the team. But he’s a 2 years project at least. I dn’t think the Broncos are looking for this kind of production.
Jeff Driskel QB Louisiana Tech 7th – CFA Good size. Good touch on the ball and delivery. Footwork is not there and need work. When footwork is good, accurancy is good too. Good scrambler and does not mind throwing on the run. His WR reads have to improve, usually reads one ot two, will have to go to all his options in a not simpliefied offense. Pocket awareness has to improve too and he has to learn to get rid of the ball when he sees heavy pressure coming. CFA He has potential to become a reliable back-up under Kubiak offense. I had curiosity to see why the Broncos had a private interview with him after assisting to his Pro Day at Louisiana Tech. He’s not at Siemian level so I’m a bit confuse for which roster spot he’d compete coming training camp. It remainst the fact that the Broncos were interested enough to help private conversation with him.
Joel Stave QB Wisconsin 7th – CFA Great size, good delivery, good armstrength, not great, played some under center and in play action and bootleg. Has some good pocket presence and awareness could be upgraded. CFA Interesting prospect that has all the tools to become a reliable backup at least. Is a project and will need to be coached to move better on the pocket and to get better on his reads.
Vad Lee QB James Madison CFA Running QB. Has some throwing motion problems at time and footwork is not there. Raw: accurancy is not there yet and armstrength is not the best. Elusive while running the ball, very quick and sudden. Thick frame. CFA With given time he has the potential to become a borderline starter if a team develop him and believe in him and plays a kind of offence that streigthen his strenth. Two plus years projects.
Kevin Peterson CB Oklahoma State 6th Athletic smaller size CB that plays focused. He’s a fighter that could draw penalty flags to be there and compete with bigger and faster WR. Lacks elite quickness but has good istincts and play aggressive in run support. CFA He looks smaller than his size. Even if I have a CFA grade I dont mean that the Broncos are not interested on him On the contrary they really very well might be because if he’d slide in the draft and be available as CFA, he could be that prospect that the Broncos will bring in to develop and in a couple of yearscould be ready to have a good career in the NFL. I think that as nicklel corner he coulld have good success.
Mike Hilton CB Ole Miss 7th – CFA Smaller type of CB. Really quick and aggressive in supporting the run or in blitzing the QB. Read well the play and is really great in react to it being aggressive. The lower point of gravity gives him the quickness and acceleration that makes him dangerous in blitzes. His size really is an issue covering talla nd fast NFL WR. CFA I like what he brings to the table in terms of run support and blitzes, he could become a good weapon in those areas. Nevertheless he could be a weakness in pass protection. I would like to see if he can add something as a special team returner point of view, in which case he could be a double weapon and could get a 53 men roster spot.
Lloyd Carrington CB Arizona State 7th – CFA Lacks ideal size, plays with aggressive streak and looks to be really physical. Lacks elite speed but has good athelticism. Not enough videos on him to define enough his game. CFA I think that he could be interesting for the Broncos for a S/CB hybrid point of vview. He would need time to develop and I think he has some potential. I like his physicality and his aggressiveness. More than worth a deep look in training camp.
Anthony Brown CB Purdue 7th – CFA At times lacks awareness and plays inconistent coverage. Whan connected he’s a more than capable man to man cover corner with good speed, though not elite, and really good functional strength. Has some good balance that allows him to move and suddenly changes direction. But inconsistent with his play. CFA He has potential, only he should want to use more often his skills. Maybe a deep look in training camp could give Broncos coaches a better idea of what he could do.
DeAndre Elliott CB Colorado State CFA Good size and vast college experience both as CB and special teamer. Has great size and good speed. Did very well at the combine and is somewhat a mistery why he’s so low in all the professional positional ranking charts. He could not compete in CSU pro day and I CFA As LB JaI envision them to be willing to find more about Elliot in training camp.mes and all Colorado State team, he seemed to regress with the new coaching staff. The Broncos are always alert on local prospects, so
Kalan Reed CB Southern Mississippi 5th – 6th Quick at tackling after the catch. Stays focused on the play until the whistle. Lacks ideal size and frame but does a good job in the run support and tackling. Lacks explosion and elite fluidity while running. CFA He looks to be a competitor but looks raw and need development. Especially from his video I saw that in most of cases he played zone coverage and only in red-zone plays he looks to be in mana to man or something similar to. Two plus year project that could be used in specila tema only after he will add some pound.
Clayton Fejedelem FS Illinois 7th Good timing and acceleration. Use well his body in helping himself finish a tackle. Takes really good tackling angles in north-south runs. Has good speed and instincts. lacks lateral agility and also takes much worse tackling angles running towards sidelines. No evdence of good coverage skills. CFA I think he has less upside than other prospects, he plays quite well against the run, being a real thumper using his brad shouders to hit the ball carrier with speed and power. That could interest a lot of teams. HAs an aggressive style of play that the Broncos could love too. He could be a special team player while learning the speed of the NFL and backing up starters.
Elijah Shumate SS Notre Dame 7-FA Has good size and speed but struggle to adjust to the play. Has tackling issues at times. No evidence of his ability in coverage. CFA His play is erratic. The same exact play but reversed and he could make a huge play the first time and completely been off guard the second time. Worth a close look in training camp as depth at S, maybe practice squad for a year also to adjust to speed and power of NFL.
Trent Matthews FS Colorado State 7th – CFA I couldn’t find any video on him. CFA A Colorado State product that has great size and is draftable- If not drafted by somebody else, he’ll be brought to training camp.
Andrew Adams FS Connecticut CFA Has good size and some quickness. Moves well around the field and looks to have very good awareness. Has a physical style of play and looks to have a thick frame. Looks to have some upside. CFA I think he could be brought to camp to compete. Has the size the Broncos like, the aggressiveness, the physicality.
A.J. Stamps FS Kentucky CFA Has some speed and move well north-south. Lacks quickness and a bit of lateral agility. Needs to learn to take better tackling angles. Coverage skills are a bit below average and needs to upgrade that. CFA His speed could be interesting from a special team point of view. He lacks elusiveness nd ahort area quickness but is worth to be brought to camp to compete.
Dante Barnett SS Kansas State CFA Looks thin, has good heigth. Very aggressive and fast. Is physical at times and other times could be more. Needs to to a better job at tackling and has to become more powerful. Also the coverage skills are not really at the level of NFL play. CFA Because his speed and aggression he my be become a good special team player and meanwhile develop into something at S. Worth a look in training camp.
*Jaylon Smith ILB Notre Dame 1st – 2nd Schooled LB. He could play ILB or OLB. In case of playing ILB he’ll have to become stronger and be more powerful against the run. Very athletic, he runs smoothly from side to side, little less north-south but has great range. Some kind of too schooled to see if he lacks istincts but he’s fast, really fast on the field.  Has problem shedding block from big and powerful Olinemen and doesn not look to be only hands technique. No Because the injury he could slide in the first round and get to the Broncos. I think that if he could recover from his knee injury he has a lot of potential because of his speed and his leverage but he does not look to be aggressive enough to be a great fit for what the Broncos are looking for, at least for a 1st round pick. He won’t last until the Broncos 2nd rounder (if he does is because his medical evaluations will be really bad, unfortunately). I think Denver could select a prospect later on in the draft that could fit the mental and physical aspects they are looking for and can be allowed to develop him for a couple of years as they did with Marshal and Travethan.
Joshua Perry OLB Ohio State 2nd Does not look to be the most istinctive north-south tackler agaist the run. Has goodtough not elite athleticism and has problems at time to get free from blocks. He’s fast and plays fast. Has great size but might need to get stronger to fight with big and powerful NFL Olinemen. Does not have the quickiest first step out of snap. No I think the Broncos are looking for a quick first step and for istincts that allows the linebacker to be always around the ball for those assisted tackles that could create a fumble and a loose ball. There will be better developmental linebacker with this skills later in the draft.
Deion Jones ILB LSU 3rd needs to get better awareness, he tends to be caught out of play or to overrun it. Has to do a better job at being around the ball. Looks bigger than his measurements and has speed. Is able to run fast north-south. No I don’t think he has the skills the Broncos are looking for. He overrun plays because bad reads and he has to do a better job being close to the ball. He’s a stout player that plays with power.
Joe Schobert ILB Wisconsin 4th Really good tackler in open field. Does not have the elite athleticism but looks to be relentless and resilient. A bit undersized, looks smaller and leaner than what his heigth and weigth would suggest. He plays smart football, will have to become more poweful especially in the lower body and so get better body balance and lateral movement against powerful NFL blocker. May not have the greatest potential but looks to have the right mindset to develop in a useful player. No I think he lacks the quickness that define what Phillips wants the iLBs to be on his scheme. Both Trevathan and Marshall have great quickness and big istincts, shobert has the istincts but is not as quick as them. I think he might be a really good mid-rounds pick for a 4-3 team as MLB, and could be developed in a reliable starter.
*Steve Longa ILB Rutgers 7th – CFA Not elite athleticism, good speed, likes to hit and tackle. Still will have to take better angles tackling to be consistent in the NFL: No Does not have the quickness that Phillips require to his ILB in order to be able to be always alert and make plays as second tackler even far form their initial position on the field.
Kris Frost OLB Auburn 7th – CFA Good size, limited mobility, has instinct but needd to get better lower body balance. Has problem shedding blocks and lacks quickness to get to the ball carrier suddenly. Does not look awful dropping in coverage but neither flui. No He’s not the type of agile and quick nasty tackler that suddenly appear and maks a play at the ball.
Reggie Ragland ILB Alabama 1st Big size, even thought that his height is nothing special. Expert in playing at the highest level in college football, looks to be very coachable and to always be in pace with his assignment. It looks that when he makes a tackle, is opponent is most of times able to get that extra yard after the contact. Lacks elite istinct, is more coached that istinctive, has not elite explosiveness and elusiveness that would allow him to get to the ball carrier with and deliver a blow. He’s always around the ball but is less impactful of what a MLB of his size could be. No Just not the time of quick and sudden MLB the Broncos look to like. Especially in the first two rounds, but looks very improbable that, with everybody having a 1st round grade on him, he’d be there in the 3rd (which is the highest tound I won’t be affected would the Broncos select him). I don’t think he’s a fit on Denver scheme, I’m not saying that in others team he would not become a good player.
Tyler Matakevich ILB Temple 3rd – 4th Not the fastest LB in this year group. Lacks elite speed and quickness. Has good awareness and great effort. Looks to be a solid tackler. No I think he does not fit very well the schemes the Broncos uses with their ILB. Does not have enough quickness and suddeness.
Luke Rhodes ILB William & Mary 7th – CFA Good size and strenght, he looks really stout and dominate at the level of competition he played. Very good against the run, shows natural instincts and taks good tackling angles. Does not show good lateral movements on his videos, lacks quickness and explosion. No I think he has to be seen as two downs linebacker in the NFL, I put up very good numbers at his pro-day in terms of explosiveness and speed, but on film I cannot see that explosion and speed chasing the ball carrier or the TE.
Joe Bolden ILB Michigan CFA Lack agility and limited lateral movement skills. Has issies with open field tackles. Plays with disciplines and when he’s able to track the ball he’s fast reacting to the play. No the fastest prospect. No He does not have the quickness and the speed in game that the Broncos look for.
Jonathan Bullard DE Florida 1st – 2nd Quick and fierceful bullrush. Have to get better lower body power and balance, many times powerful olinemen are able to move him out of his assignment but anyhow he’s quick to react and to get back on the play. Plays until the whistles and looks energetic. Really athletic and play with nasty demeanor. No He would have to play 3-4 DE in the Broncos system. I see his height been less than perfect form what the Broncos are looking for and also he has to put some work on to be succesful in the NFL, in my opinion too much to warrant a Broncos first round, given the lack of ideal heingt.
Shawn Oakman DE Baylor 3rd Incredible height. He’s incredibly athletic for a guy of his size. He hassome quickness and pass rushing movements. Lacks power. Has decent strength but is often overpowered in run defence. Whan able to anchoring well is a factor against athe run but often his size plays against him and the Olineman has an easy job finding his body and pulling him aside before he could move towards the play. His body balance is really good for his size but high baricentrum is not helping him against quick olinemen. No He’s super tall but not super powerful. This is his limit and a big one in the NFL where all Olinemen and quick and powerful. I cannot see in which position he could play in the Broncos defensive scheme 3-4 DE in passing downs? Would he be powerful enough to create pressure inside? I don’t think so. Neither he has the blazing speed to be a pass rusher OLB. UPDATE: arrested for sexual assault.
Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma 2nd – 3rd Lacks ideal size for 3-4 DE and ideal quickness and speed for 4-3 DE. Might have to bulk up and play inside as DT in the Pros. Has good frame but does not display athleticism costantly. Otherwise he could be developed in a good  run stuffer. Has good strength and lower body power, plus has some efficient acceleration . Shows some pass rush movement but lacks elite quickness and the first step is not fast enough to beat NFL Olinemen, No I don’t think the size is there for what the Broncos look for 3-4 DE and there is not enought quickness or speed to think to develop him in a 3-4 OLB (plus the coverage).
Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State 4th Has good but not great size. Played at a lesser level of competition. Lacks elite speed to turn the corner as outside pass rusher. He did dominate at his level and had very productive career. He lacks a bit of athleticsm with pads on and short area quickness. No I have hard time to find where he could play in Denver defensive scheme. To be an OLB he lacks quickness and speed  tocut the corner, plus he’ll have tpo learn to drop in coverage. DE could be his place but he’s a project and would take some time to develop him to be ready to be something more than just not dressing commodity.
D.J. Pettway DE Alabama 6th Has been dismissed from Alabama, played in a community college and then re-enrolled at Alabama and played in rotation on the DLine. Some up some stats, including 5,5 tackles for loss. Does have more ideal size of a 4-3 DE. Not enough videos on him. No Being a lower round prospect I think the Broncos won’t have him on the Boars due to character concern.
Lawrence Thomas DE Michigan State 7th Has great size but lack quicknes to turn the corner consistently and power to bull rush consistently. Does a better job against the run but here too is quite inconsistent. Has all the physiacl tools but the production is not quite there. NO He has all the looks of the 3-4 NT or DE that the Broncos covet, only lacks the quickness that they starve for.
*Ron Thompson DE Syracuse 7th – CFA Interesting prospect that has really good athletic skills and some quickness but that lacks elite speed to turn the corner consistently at DE. Has a good size for 4-3 DE but lack the quickness and speed to become a 3-4 OLB and is undersized to become a 3-4 DE. NO I don’t see him in the actula Broncos 3-4 scheme.
*Andrew Billings NT Baylor 1st Good size. Very powerful and aggressive. Very raw for the game still, but nasty and disruptive. He create caos, even in his teammate at times. Has all athletic tools to consolidate himself as NFL DT. Lacks a bit of height to much up well as 3-4 DE against huge NFL Olinemen. Has powerful bullrush but has to develop better bodybalance and become more powerful in the lowerbody. No He will be too much of a project to be taken in the first two rounds where he will land. IMO has not yet the tools to be an high first round pick and does not have the height to be considered a physiscal penomenon by 3-4 defens teams. I think that barring character issues he belongs to the best 60 prospects, but given Denver roster I do think he will not be so high on Denver board as for other teams.
Sheldon Day NT Notre Dame 4th He’s an interesting prospect. He has the look of and interior pass rusher only to not have the lower body strength and power to be able to fight each and everydown with NFL Olinemen. His lack of size is partially made up with his aggressiveness and his good, thought not elite, quickness. On his side there is the fact that he’s been costantly double teamed by good teams in 2015, it’s important because his production has anyhow increased in his senior year. He is not fast enought to be converted into a 3-4 OLB. I think that his best position in the NFL could be 4-3 DE or rotational DL in pass situation. No I think that that his skills are limited for the Broncos systems. Denver looks to like bigger size and power. He has the aggressiveness that they look for but his lack of both height and functional strength would let him be only a situational player on this defense.
*Maliek Collins NT Nebraska 3rd – 4th Stout run defender that faced a lot of doubleteams during 2015. Lacks elite quickness at the snap and elite power to move the pocket but has enough strength and motor to be able to be disruptive, when not doubleteamed at the level he competed on. No I think he could be a bit of upgrade over what Kilgo was last year (I didn’t see that coming btw) but I don’t know how far behind he would be in training camp. Would it make sense to select a player that more or less you already selected one year before and do it in the 5th or 6th round again? In my opi ion not, maybe I would look for something different or something similar but lesser in CFA.
Antwaun Woods NT Southern California 6th  – 7th Undersized NT. Lacks a bit of power and lower body strength. Has good awareness and is able to locate the football. NO I think the Broncos are looking for athletic Dlinemen to coach up. He relies more on his size than his aggressiveness which the Broncos really look for.
*Jack Conklin OT Michigan State 1st Has great size, does not have the quickliest feet in pass protection and is not the most powerful in the run game. Still sreach the second level with very good speed and running well and owns powerfull bullrushers in the passing game. I think he could become a good LT but lack some power to be a RT. Has to get better in feet quickness and balancing his body or he’ll have problems with NFL speed rushers. Has really good technique in pass protection but looks to lack there a bit a of “dancing feet”. No My opinion is that he needs development in technique and body balance to be able to consistently play LT in the NFL.
Cole Toner OT Harvard 4th Very Good size, has some good power in the upper body but could get more powerful in his lower body. Really eaw in pass protection, lacks good footwark at times he stays standing after the snap and has to do a better job in the run game too, being a bit more dynamic. Looks a good developmental RT/G for a power scheme. No I didn’t see the required athletic skills in his videos. I think he could be more suited for a power blocking scheme team and could struggle in a more dynamic scheme as the Broncos have.
Nick Richter OT Richmond 7th Not the most athletic prospect, lacks elite power. Does a good job in pass protection when able to gain body balance and in position to engage the block. In the running game not particulary strong at the point of attack. No he has some tool to develop and become an Olineman in the NFL but  think the Broncos might have more scheme related prospect to get after at he end of the draft.
*Caleb Benenoch OT UCLA 7th – CFA Good size, does a good job with his feet, lacks a bit of drive in the rn block reaching the second level of defenders. Still has problems with speedy and quick edge rushers. Lacks a bit of explosion and not as dynamic as he could be with his tall frame. No I think the Broncos are looking for prospect to develop that could give some versatility at RT and G. Benenoch does not look as fluid as the Broncos would like and his drive in the run game is not really impressive. His pass blocking id better than his run blocking but still he will have to improvehis technique and become more powerful to be ready for the NFL.
Vadal Alexander OG LSU 2nd Very good size, strength and power. Lacks elite lateral movement and not the best athlete. Is able to move the pile and plays aggressive. Able to block in the move but lacks some smoothness in the way. Has a some drive in the running game but could get better at. Is more suited to become a G in the NFL where his power and strength could be an asset more for a power blocking scheme. No IMO does not have the agility and the quickness to be always in pace with the zone scheme. Is a bit slower than garnett for example and does not reach the second level of the defender with the same speed and explosion. I think that he could eb an high round pick (2nd or 3rd) for a power blocking scheme team.
Landon Turner OG North Carolina 2nd – 3rd Lacks a bit of athleticism, his drive is not very fluid but is not so bad considered Turner size and weight. Shows better footwork than expected and use well his hands to move defender and separate thenm from the play.  Has trouble with quick and fast pass rushers. At times he does not close his block, letting the defender getting back to the play. Has good body balance and good strength, especially on his lower legs. No I just don’t think he could be a good fit for what the Broncos look at the position. He lacks explosion and dynamism mainly because of his size. He’s a really good prospect for a power based block scheme.
*Denver Kirkland RT/G Arkansas 5th – 6th Extra large size olineman. Does a good job in the running game, does not have a lot of mobility because of his size but he’s able to move away his opponent and creating holes for the run. Struggle more in the pass blocking where he lacks elite lateral movement and short area quickness. Also could be more powerful since his size but his lack of body balance on the move limitate his strength. No I think he could be a nice developmental inside olinemen for a power based blocking scheme. He does not have the quickness, leverage and drive the Broncos look for.
Rees Odhiambo OG Boise State 6th Lacks explosion in the first steps and this at times cause that he cannot get the hands on his assignment, good size, thick body, not really dynamic but powerful. Has some good footwork for his frame, lacks quickness. In pass protection he has good power and strength to protect the bullrush but will have trouble against quick movement and speed rushers. No I think he’s built for being a versitile power blocking scheme. Not enough dynamism but a lot of raw power that still could be developed.
Eric Mac Lain OG Clemson 7th – CFA Great size and strong. Lacks explosiona nd quickness at the snap, not a good runner, quite slow. Does a good job in pass protection against bull rushers, good power run blocker that has not the best drive but could move away the defenders using his strength. No I think that the Broncos focus their attention more on explosion and quickness at the snap than strength and power.
Ted Karras OG Illinois 7th – CFA Not the fastest running to the second level of defensers, not a really impresive drive. Does a good job in pass protection, has some bending skills, looks to have good lower body power, is quick at the snap finding his assignment and engaging the block, has strength to move away the defender but looks stiff at times. No He could be an interesting power blocking development prospect. He has power and strength and can anchor well. The Broncos prize more agility and explosion which are not his strong skills.
Chase Farris RT/G Ohio State 7th – CFA Underestimated prospect that is very powerful and anchor very well. Has quite good body balance and can bend some in pass protection. Not the ideal size for T nowadays but has all the tools to play G in the NFL. Looks very dynamic and plays until the whistle. He is not explosive at the snap but can move quite well to the second level of defenders to place his block. Does not have the quickliest feet but neither too bad. No I think that Farris is underrated and should be a mid round pick for a power block scheme team or for a team that does not privilege explosion, quickness and agility as the Broncos do. Just not a good fit.
Trip Thurman OG Florida CFA Energic and dynamic player that  has to get better footwork and body balance. has strength to place the block but his anchor is at times not good enough to allow hom to close his block. Runs well to the second level of defenders ot at the LOS but lacks body balance to be able to engage a good block on the move. Move well laterally and does a good job in pass protection when monitoring the perimeter or blocking anchoring well to the ground. No I think he could be developed in a power blocking scheme more than in a zone running one. He has very good size and big frame, if he could gain some lower body power he could find more body balance and from there up.
Nick Martin C Notre Dame 2nd – 3rd Powerful, has some good strength, lacks quick feet and not naturak running around the LOS and at the second level of defenders. GHas some probelms at time anchoring after snapping when facing quick bull rusher, due IMO at his not quick feet and lack of body balance. He’s able to do a good job in the passing game when not speed rushed anc with time to anchor well, disclose some bending skills and a lot of functional strength. Showcase awareness at the LOS which is a need for a C. No I think he lacks a bit of athletic skills to be an high round pick and plus he’s a bit slow in running to the second level of defenders. He relies a lot on his power and ability to anchor well and stay with the block moving the defenser but has trouble wiht speedy bullrushers that won’t give him time to adjust his footwork and gain body balance. I think he’ll need time to adjust to NFL speed, power and nastyness of defenders plus he’s a fit to power blocking scheme teams only
Evan Boehm C Missouri 5th He is quick at taking his block after snapping the ball, dynamic, get good body balance and anchor well. Has great strength and power in the running game and he’s able to drive away the defender. He does not look confortable running to get to the second level of defensers. Has really good strength and power to engage the block but lacks the ability to disengage it or to move past it, maybe a lack of top athletic abilities. He does a good job in the passing game but looks to lack short area quickness and to have trouble with quick pass rushers. Does not have ideal size, has good but not great pass protection technique. Great competitor he keeps on going until the whistle. No He has quickness at he snap that then vanishes when engaging the block, I didin’t see much lateral movement and when he reaches the second level of defenders he does not look natural getting there. I would say that he looks better in a power blocking scheme because he lacks the drive and athletic skills to be effective in the zone blocking scheme.
Austin Blythe C Iowa 6th – 7th He has good awarenes at the LOS, lacks ideal size. Looks to has power and strength. His lack of agility doesn’t allow him to anchor well at times before to engage the block. Aggressive Olineman that is a bit slow running at the LOS and when getting to the second level of defenders. Has very good power in the running game and can drive away defenders keepmoving his legs. In the passing game he looks to rely again on his power and is able to bend a bit but does not have the quickliest feet causing him to have troubles with quick and fast passrushers. No Another prospect that has a lot of power and srength but lack explosion and athletic skills to be a good fit on Denver offense.
Mike Matthews C Texas A&M 7th – CFA Lacks ideal size. aggressive at the snap, has strength and bend quite well in pass protection. Still at times doesn’t anchor well and has trouble with his block. Willing blocker on the run, lacks a bit of speed and explosion. No Lacks the ideal quickness, explosion and athletic skills to be effective in the zone blocking scheme, expecially in the running game.
Matt Skura C Duke 7th – CFA Good size, lacks elite strength and power although is able to sdrive the defender well when he anchors well. Not always able to anchoring because of non reliable footwork and lacks aof body balance. Struggle with quick rushers. Runs ok to the second level of defenders, lacking a bit of explosion and athletic skills to get to the defender and block him out of the play. Good leverage and drive in run protection. No The Broncos look for explosion, quinckness and athletic skills more than power and srength.
Marcus Henry C Boise State 7th – CFA Strong, anchors well most of times against the pass, has still problems aagainst quick pass rushers because of heavy foot. Does not look comfortable running around the LOS and reaching the second level of defenders, looks slow. Lacks explosion after snapping the ball and rely on strength. No Lacks idean athletic abilities, explosiona nd aggressiveness, all skills that the Broncos value.
Robert Kugler C Purdue CFA Strong upper body, lacks a bit of lower body power and body balance. Can move and drive his opponent, has some quickness at the snap and is able to take good angle block at the LOS when playing zone scheme. In pass protection is unspectacular but quite effective, has some heavy foot. Not really fluid running. No Has good size and looks to be more suited for the power blocking scheme. Has very good strength, not overly dynamic and lacks some explosion ata the snap.
Matt Pierson OG/C Oregon CFA Aggressive, can drive away his assignment, lacks quickness and explosion. LOooks to have heavy feet. For a player of his size, runs ok to get to the second level of defenders. Needs to imorve his pass blocking technique. No Looks to lack the explosion, quickness and athletic skill that the Broncos covet. His size and power are really intersting anyway.
*Corey Coleman WR Baylor 1st Superathletic, fast and quick player that can also play in the backfield running the ball effectively. Inconsistent, has concentration problems that lead to dropping some very catchable ball. Also he was never really asked to run some complex routes. He does not show effort in blocking and does not play too hard when the play is not on his side of the field (on the contrary of Treadwell). His skills are so big that he’s his own limit. No Boom or Bust and it will depend on which team hell land in the1st round, if a team with strong leadership and workethic, he might become one of the best WR of the NFL, on a team where he has to be the star right away he might enjoy a great rookie year and the disappear when defense coordinators will create their game plan around him in his second year.I don’t know if the Broncos would be a great landing spot for him, I hope they won’t trade up to gey him and he will never get at 31st overall. If he’d be there I hope the Broncos pass on him, WR this year is not really a need and there is plenty of depth, better finishing developing the young talent already at home and familiar with the teams. He’d be too much of a risk for an unproven or on a second (and last) chance QB.
Josh Doctson WR TCU 1st – 2nd Similar player to Demaryus Thomas, jus a bit smaller. He’s overly athletic, powerful and explosive. Whenthe ball is in the air is too difficult for DBs to match him, because he’s taller, more athletic and stronger. Block also quite well for a college star WR. The routes he run are not to sofisticated but his athleticism and quickness is evident, he will take a bit of time but with his skills he could learn to run even the most complex routes. Complete player that is underrated at best. He should be taken in top 25 picks. No Demaryus Thomas, for how much underperformed in the playoffs, is the ceileing for Dotson, if Dotson could get to Thomas standard. I don’t think the Broncos could ever get a fair trade for DT in the next 2-3 years or even more so a trade to is put of question and having DT on the team Dotson would warm the bench for years. Not a good plan for the 31st pick overall, if Dotson will get there, which I doubt. Totrade up to get hom is out of question. Still he’s one of the top 25 overall, but not on Broncos board.
*Tyler Boyd WR Pittsburgh 2nd Athletic, strong. Can run good routes and knows how to get open. Lacks a bit of quickness but run really smoothly both without and with the ball in his hands. Has good movements in his routs, lacks elite speed but is fast to adjust to the ball and fearless in traffic. He might have to adjust to NFL speed but could develop in a very good Number 1 receiver. No Again, he’s a really good prospect that has a lot of skills the Broncos would covet if they would not have been so deep at Nº1 receiver. DT is and will be on the team for quite some times and Cody Latimer if he’d make the next step with the paybook is another nº1. If the Broncos would have been in need of a nº1, he’d be the 31st pick overall most probably.
*Michael Thomas WR Ohio State 2nd Has very quick first steps, great routes running, soft hands, acceptable blocker. Lacks elite speed but looks really fast in positioning himself in order to make a play. Silent playmaker in a star ridden Ohio State offense that run a lot of ball and thow not as much as to match its WRs talents. Underrated competitor that knows how to get open and is always staying with his assignment. Unselfish. Hits another gear in open field and is elusive while running with the ball. Just miss elite straigth speed to be a top 10 pick. No Ok, what you do here. MIchael Thomas is a great prospect that lacks a bit od speed to be considered in top 10picks and because of that he’s a projected 2nd rounder. If the Broncos would need a nº1 receiver he would be in discussion with Dotson, and maybe ahead of, to be picked at the end of the 1st round. the Broncos really don’t need a nº1 pick. So they pass on him. But he’s a really good football player that if he’ll end up in example, with the Ravens, barring big injuries, he’ll had an outstending career.
*Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina 2nd Very good body balance and soft hands. Fearless in traffic. He’s a smaller type of Wr but has a thick body. Possession WR, to me he lacks elite quickness to be a really good slot WR and does  not have the speed to be a burner nº2. He’s good on getting open and also blocks a bit, although he has to get better and more physical at blocking in the NFL. No Denver already has Cody Latimer and Bennie Fowler that will compete for the possession WR slot (nº3 on Broncos offensive scheme). He’s a very good prospect that didn’t received the attention he deserved by his own team but stul to me looks a bit behind compared with Thomas, Boyd and Dotson. They all could easily go in the 1st round and some of them may fall in the 2nd, Cooper is more between end of 2nd round or more probably a 3rd rounder.
Kolby Listenbee WR TCU 3rd – 4th Speedy outside receiver that has some experience in blocking but that has to do a better job at it. He can stretch the field vertically and is able to run some good routs. When unable to get separatio has hard time winning the CB phisically although he looks thick and muscular. Didn’t see enough to know his catching skills in traffic or over the middle. No Here my take on Broncos point of viw is that the roster already has Nº3 WR and I didn’t see enough quickness from him to think he could become the next Sanders for the Broncos. His athleticism does not show up on video as extraordinary. He’s a very good player but the Broncos have really good depth.
Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa 3rd – 4th Tall Wr that has some speed for his size but lacks elite quickness and looks a bit mechanic running. Able to break some tackle and gain extra yards after the catch because of his size. Has speed but when he cannot get separation from the DB has then hard time using his size to get the ball. No real indication of any blocking skill. Route running is difficult to evaluate because he wost asked mostly to sretvh he field vertically. No I think that the Broncos could be interested on a kind of WR that could backp and learn from Sanders. He looks to me as a poor man Demaryius Thomas that lacks the elite athleticism Thomas has.
Tajae Sharpe WR Massachusetts 4th – 5th Lacks elite speed but run good routs and he’s fast. Has good size and has some quick first steps after the catch. Lacks a bit the short area quickness. No I think he could be used as 3rd receiver but lacks elite quickness and Broncos roster has plenty of depth at that particular position. Anyhow the Broncos interviewed him at the Shrine Game.
*Demarcus Robinson WR Florida 5th – 6th Good all around WR that has some speed and knows how to get open. Lacks a bit of top speed. He runs good routes but has room toimprove. Also as a blocker: looks nasty when at it but at times he’s not consistent. Has big character concern having been suspended four times in his three years at Florida. No The Broncos have enough depth at WR with Fowler and Latimer battling for the nº3 position and backing up Demaryius Thomas at nº1. His character concern are not the type the Broncos like to have around: one time errors are quite accepted but repetitive behaviour are not welcomed, or at least it’s my impression.
*Cayleb Jones WR Arizona 7th – CFA Great size and good speed. Use well his body to protect the catch. Can’t block or make a not good enough effort at. Did not have to run complex routes. No I think the Broncos have already a deep roster at the Nº1 or 3 WR position.
Alonzo Russell WR Toledo 7th – CFA Not really fluid while running. Use well his big body and help himself into the catch. Great size. Does not have the softer hands of the class and have some concentration issues, decent blocker both with his size he could do more. No I think that the Broncos already have good depth at nº1 WR.
*Derrick Henry RB Alabama 1st – 2nd Power runner with unbelievable size, some speed and elusiveness on open field and great athleticism. Not a cutback runner and lack a bit of field vision. If the hole is not there he used in college just to hit the wall with all his power and at times he was “breaking” the wall. No I don’t think the Broncos are looking for a power runner with not enough vision and not one cut and run skill. PLus he block some but there is no evidence at all of his ball catching skills and usually if is not there is because there isn’t at all.
Devontae Booker RB Utah 2nd Change of pace type of runner that has some speed but lacks quickness and suddeness to have that spark that makes him run free into open field. Lacks lower body power to propel himself past LOS defenser with consistency. Has to be more patient behind LOS and try to make something coming out of nothing. Still he runs hard and has been able to get extra yardage after the first tackle consistently. Does a good enough job in blocking and is quite reliable catcher behind the LOS and not a great one as rounte runner receiver. No I dont think that under Kubiak the Broncos are in the market for a change of pace back within the first four rounds. A complete back with some one cut skills would be but in Booker case I don’t see the Broncos willing to use such and high pick.  He has really good talent and runs hard, just I don’t think the Broncos are in his market.
*Jordan Howard RB Indiana 2nd – 3rd North – South runner that hit the wall with power and has good speed and a good body balance. His speed helps him also in tosses around the tackles where anyhow looks productive but less impresive. His blocking skills are exposed at times and his pass catching skills are not showcased in the video of him I saw. No The “complementary” skills for a runningback are too important for the Broncos. He looks to be a really effective power runner with speed, which is quite a rare combination, but not being able to block will limit his snaps on a team as the Broncos, adding not being able to catch the ball is bringing him out of Denver Board, IMO.
*Kelvin Taylor RB Florida 4th – 5th Good body balance, lacks top end speed on open field. Has some elusiveness but lacks the pure power and explosion to be a inside the tackles runner. Has speed enought o be a outside runner but has to get much better at blocking and pass catching. Didn’t see enough of his pass catching skills. No I think the Broncos could fins the change of pace skills elsewhere becuase I’m concerned with the lack of speed I saw in his video. PLus the blocking and pass catching skills are not establishd and will have to be developed. The re are much better solution for Denver out there.
DeAndre Washington RB Texas Tech 5th Smaller type of back, has some quickness and ia able to make player miss with his shiftness. Has some acceleration and is a good catcher outside the pocket. Not a great blocker. Will heve to bulk up and tobecome more powerful and strong. No His size/power combois not really the best asset he has. Also does not have the explosiveness or speed to impress, he has some elusiveness but cannot win when overpowered by defenders. I don’t think thta his style of play is what the Broncos are looking for and he could be targeted from team as San Diego that could really value his catch out of the pocket skill.
Keith Marshall RB Georgia 5th – 6th Good size and speed, does not have elite explosion when running the ball and does not get too many extrayards after the first tackle. Has great speed when hitting a clear hole and sometime shows patience in the backfield awaiting the Oline to open a gap.cannot find any proof of his pass catching and blocking skills No I didn’t like the not much extra yardage after the first contact with defenders. Plus he’s not really elusive and his body balance is inferior ro various others RB prospects. I don’t see him having the explosion required to the cutback runners and the power to consustency be a weapon running inside tackles, since his pass catching is  not shown in his highlights meaning that might not so great. Without pass catching he cannot be a third down back…
Tra Carson RB Texas A&M CFA Not the faster RB in the class, has good size but lack a bit of quickness and explosion. He’s a good catcher outside the backfield. Needs to do a better job at blocking. No A little lethargic in his movement. Could play with more power and be more aggressive with his size.
*Christian Hackenberg QB Penn State 2nd – 3rd Strong QB that looks taller thanhis heigth. Footwork is almost inexistent, has really good armstrength. Does not perform his reads consistently and force balls in wrong situations. Not a comfortable scrambler, plays quite well under pressure. No He does not perform consistently enough his read and throw the ball where he shouldn’t. Plus looks quite a statue in the backfield, although the Oline was really bad in 2015 but still he’s not mobile by any means. I don’t think hes a fit for Kubiak offence at all.
Brandon Doughty QB Western Kentucky 5th – 6th Not the most athletic QB, has problems moving in the pocket, the delivery is mechanic. Footwork inconsistent, when he focus on that he gets clearly better release and spin on the ball. Looks to be careful with the ball, tries to get through his reads. Has good touch and acceptable accurancy. No He looks like a statue in the backfield, at time he even throws just stay standing. on the plus he looks to pay attention to the ball and to try to perform all the read he has, unfortunately the latter brings him to keep the ball too long and pressure comes. Not a scrambler by any means. He has potential, but he’s a long project.
Vernon Adams Jr. QB Oregon 7th – CFA Smallish size of QB. Run the option style of offense, he’s quick and fast turning the corner, has some godd delivery and a good arm strength. Didn’t play under center at all. No He’s not the kind of player the Broncos look at QB, starting from the heigth and going on with the kind of offense he played in college. He’s no Russell Wilson.
*Eli Apple CB Ohio State 1st Really athletic and fluid in his movement, great lateral movements, explosive to the ball but more a finess player that accupies space and lanes more than dive to tackle hard regardless of his body. Does a fine job in man to man coverage and looks to be always in pace with the play. No To me he looks like avoiding big body collision when he can. Exactly the opposite of what the Broncos look for.
*Mackensie Alexander CB Clemson 1st REally athletic and with good speed. Aggressive and explosive to the ball. Not as great in run support, misses open field tackles here and there especially in run support. In coverage too he does not position himself well at times allowing catches that with improved technique he could avoid. No He’s not as physical as his aggressiveness suggests. Has the looks of the cover corner but has to works a lot in his focus during the play. Plus his run support is far from great. Denver has 4 better CB already on the roster.
*Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech 2nd Looks smaller than his size. Has great speed and lateral movement. Great athletic skills. Is ok in run support, could be more aggressive and physical. Has some lapses in the mental part of his game and has to do a better job in coverage given his skillset. No Not physical enough, not ready mentally to be taken as high as the first two rounds for a team as the Broncos that have already 3 aces at Cb and a forth that would be starter for the most of the league.
*Artie Burns CB Miami (Fla.) 2nd Really good ball skills. Has good but not great speed and lacks elite explosion to the ball. Has good athletic skills. Ok in run support. No I think that Burns is more suited to play in a zone coverage, I don’t think he’s aggressive, physical and fast enough to be on Broncos radar, at least in the first 4 rounds.
Will Redmond CB Mississippi State 2nd – 3rd Athletic and very fluid running, has really good speed  and good explosion at the ball. The production on the field is not matching with all these skills. Will have to get a superior tackling technique and a little bit inconsistent in run support. No I don’t like don’t seing pruduction matching skills. He has all the skills the Broncos look for, but they are not summed up together in something special.
Briean Boddy-Calhoun CB Minnesota 4th – 5th Smaller type of CB. Has good istincts and good speed, struggle a bit with change of direction on the field.   His smaller size could be a concern in run support in the NFL and in coverage with Big NFL WRs. No He lacks explosion and quickness that summed up to his size  IMO is not projecting him well in Broncos D schemes. He might be better suited for Cover-2 or some zone scheme.
Donte Deayon CB Boise State 5th – 6th Another smaller type of CB. Has a ton of Athletic skills and nose for the ball. Could add something as returner. No I do think that his size could be a liabily against bgger NFL WRs. I didn’t see much videos on his returning skills so I cannot correct my grade using that information.
Taveze Calhoun CB Mississippi State 7th – CFA Lacks elite speed, quickness and athleticism. Read well every play and plays hard. These mental strengths allows him to play man to man with most of the receivers. Really struggle to get off block in run support. His lack of quickness let’s him be an easy target for blocking TEs or blocking WR, he’s most of the times not able to shed the block and make the tackle to the ball carrier. No I just don’t think thta he would add new skills to Denver DBs in the actual defensive scheme. I think he’s better suited to play in a zone system.
*Vonn Bell SS Ohio State 2nd Lacks, as Thompson, elite speed but is not as much physical and intimidating. Also his open field tackling is not at the same level. Has good athleticism and looks bigger than his height – weight combo. Played a lot of zone coverage that makes more difficult to understand his real value in coverage. Not really eplosive and aggressive No I thought a lot about if 2nd or 3rd rounder for the Broncos but I do actully feel better if the Broncos will use a later rounder on another prospect that would need maybe more development but could have more potential. Also Bell does not look explosive enough to warrant a 2nd rounder and is not physical enough for what the Broncos look for.
*Keanu Neal FS Florida 4th – 5th He has really good athleticism and is explosive in run support. Lacks elite speed and acceleration. Has to get better at tackling, some big open field missed tackles. Coverage issues too. No There is one think I didn’t like from his video, he was getting to the play late when everything was set too many time. Aggressive  in run support but not a lock at making the play.
*Jayron Kearse SS Clemson 4th – 5th Huge size that impact completely his game. He looks clumsy when have to change direction and lacks explosion to the ball. Tackling issues. Will have to become stronger and more powerful. Not eveident he could play special teams. No He does not have thge explosiveness that the Broncos looks at the position, also because of his size he lacks the athleticism the Broncos look for.
KJ Dillon SS West Virginia 5th Has good size and is quite rangy. Has at time difficult time recognizing the play and overrun it at times.  Has some tackling issue and could be more aggressive in his tackling. Has really good speed and is fluid changing direction. No He does not showcase the hungry style of play that the Broncos looks at. Does not dive at the pile to get the hands on the ball. Tackling issues also don’t go his side either.  He has really good speed but it’s a bit weak in run support.
Jordan Lucas SS Penn State 6th Lacks elite speed and quickness. Will need to become stronger and powerful. Tackling technique to be improved too. No Lacks the aggressiveness and the quickness the Broncos likes in their S. Not the best in run support and lacks quickness to cover NFL WR and size to cover TE.
Trevon Stewart FS Houston 7th Has size limitations. Has speed but lack the elite quickness and explosion. Might really have trouble playing in the box against NFL powerful Olinemen. Coverage skills not clear enough. No He might be used in several zone coverage, but the Broncos play mainly man to man coverage where his size limitations could be exploited.
Michael Caputo SS Wisconsin 7-FA Lacks elite athletic skills and might not have the best potential. Still he’s good tackler and rarely is out of position. Has some istincts that uses well to put himself in place to not miss the assignment. Does not have elite speed, acceleration or explosion. No Although I like him playing cleanly and knowing what is going on in the field, this sis just a past of what the Broncos do. I think that he’s skillset could be used in zone defense and he could be useful there. In a man to man scheme, athletic abilities plays really a big factor.
Deon Bush FS Miami (Fla.) 7-FA Lack elite athleticism and speed. Like to hit hard and does and good job in run support. Looks more powerful than what his size would indicate. No Looks to be better suited to play sone zone defense scheme. likes to have the vision of the play and go directly to hit the ball carrier. Does not shows the speed to become a good mana to man DB. Lacks the explosion to the ball that the Broncos look to like in S.
Tyler Hunter SS Florida State CFA Injured his neck in 2013, got back in 2014 and played as S. In 2015 moved back at DB and made a crucial game sealing interception (the third one in his career). Prior to the neck injury he was a very good punt returner and a promising DB with explosion and quickness. No In the two years he played after his neck injury he was not able to become a starter anymore and ended up injured (knee) in 2015. Too injury prone and one really important neck injury.
*Joey Bosa DE Ohio State 1st Powerful, great equilibrium and drive. Great strenght to start with. On paper has great size but on the field looks smaller. Does not always close the play thus potentially vanishing the good bull rush. Will need to get more pass rushing movements in the NFL to become effective. No – Top 10 Looks to be a good run stuffer projecting him at the moment in the NFL. He looks smaller than his size. I think he miss the quick first step to be as effective in the NFL as he was in college and IMO he’s overhyped and will have hard time as a rookie to create enough big plays to warrant his high first round status. Better suited for the 4-3 front. I would not want Denver to select him he he’d slide.
*Jared Goff QB California 1st More pocket passes than a scrambler, or better said a scrambler for need. Does not look comfortable scrambling or throwing on the run although throws are not really bad. In my honest opinion he has average arm strength and the results is that the ball arrives to the receiver a fraction later than the ideal timing. This generates problems in long throws and long throws accurancy since he seems to put all of himself to throw it more distant possible but then the accurancy is most of the times not there. He plays snaps from the pistol formation and almost never under centre and this is another point to take in mind by the team that will draft him high in the first round. He looks polished and at times shows a lot of control at the line of scrimmage being able to read what the defense will leave open. Other times just take really bad decisions and throw the ball where he should not (this most of times is related with deep balls). Notable pocket presence. No – Top 10 pick If he’d be a good scranbler (and hes not) he would be the prototypical QB for the west coast offense. He’s really good in short and middle distance throws, where the extra delay of his throwns is less of a factor. IMO he looks like a late 1st rounder, but because of his hype he’ll be a top ten pick and will be request to start much earlier than what he would need to start well his NFL career. In case he’ll slide until 31st, then and only then I’d be ok if the Broncos would select him and groom him for a couple of years, teaching him how to be confortable scarmbling. But this scenario won’t happens since if he’d slide to 30th overall, somebody will trade up from the second round to take him in front of the Broncos, making them a favour.
*Shaq Lawson DE Clemson 1st Has quickness and power to be effective against the run. Big frame but shorter than fellow high first round DEs, might be better suited for playing LDE in the 4-3 scheme because of that. Lacj ideal acceleration to burnst to the QB once he sees the light through the block. Really great body balance and lower body strenght. No – Top 20 I think the Broncos value a lot which is the size for a 3-4 DE on their scheme and  6`3“ won’t make the cut in the 1st round. Plus I don’t see the aggressive first step that would let him be coached to replace Malik Jackson. More of a shorter version of Derek Wolfe which I would not see as affective selection in the 1st round.
Carson Wentz QB North Dakota State 1st Completa package. POcket passes with great arm and good scrambler by design. Has some accurancy aspect to be review, since he tend at time to overthrown receivers. I understand he played at a lesser level, but he overdominated that level over and over again with all defenses that faced him and ended up short everytime. Is impressive. He has some footwork to polish and has to get used to the power and speed of NFL defense. If he could sit one year and learn behind some kind of veteran QB, it will be the best for him and the team that will draft him in the top 5. My only real concern is that is evdent in his videos that he wore down as the game progress, could that be a conditioning problem? A little concerned. No – Top 5 pick The Broncos will have to trade up all this draft and the next one wit some pieces from the 2018 too to get 2nd overall and draft him. Is it worth? No it isn’t. In today NFL also the QB as to be developed and it’s always possible to find a 2nd – 3rd – 4th round prospect that has intangibles and develop him being wise using his strength. A good organization cannot remain slave of one player even more if even Peyton Manning and the best offense statistically could not do anything against a great defense. So, my opinion is that draft picks are more important than a single player and Denver is doing very well stockpiling compensatory picks and moving around with their own picks to get the player the FO covets.

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