Broncos select QB Paxton Lynch with 26th overall pick in 2016 NFL draft

With the 26th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos select:

Paxton Lynch (Memphis, rJr, 6’7”, 244 lbs): QB

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
1st – 2nd 1st – 2nd

General Overview: looks to be a kind of statue in the backfield, lacking pocket presence and movements. He’s a scrambler for need but has serious speed when at it. Footwork is questionable. Great arm and good accuracy. Needs a good offensive line job not to feel the pressure. Looks to perform the read of only a couple of targets before to throw and often force the throw on a closing window. WR drops count a good number of his incompletion %, to be said. Does not have a good body language.

My Broncos Evaluation: he’s really raw. In my opinion he has all the physical tools to become a good starter in the league but his length and not the fastest release will make him the favorite target of NFL pass rusher. He looks to me as raw as Osweiler when he declared for the NFL draft, a bit rawer than Derek Carr that was doing most of the same things on the field but with more confidence. Given the circumstances I would not be mad if the Broncos would take him at 31st overall, but I’m not onboard with trading up to select him, not in this draft where there is talent at other positions. He really reminds me of Osweiler. If Denver FO will decide that he’s the one they want, I think he would benefit to sit for at least a couple of years, get stronger and learn everything he can from Kubiak to become a better player overall. I personally hope the Broncos will go a different direction or some other team will draft him ahead of Denver, so the Broncos won’t have to consider him at 31st. UPDATE: the LA Rams traded up to 1st overall to select a QB. There is a great chance Paxton Lynch will be selected in the top 10 (San Francisco or somebody trading up) or 19th by the Bills or the latest at 20 something by some team that might want to groom him behind its actual starter. I repeat that there will be a lot of talent at other position between 30th and 60th, is not the year to trade up, if nothing is the year to trade few spots down.


In my live grades I gave an F grade. This grade was reflecting one thought more than anything: the fact that the Broncos always spoke about taking the Best Player Available and Lynch wasn’t.  What hurt me has been understanding that Lynch has been Denver target all along, that any other prospect would have been a B-plan.

So my grade is referred to the approach more than to the prospect selection.

I now realize that the Broncos FO identified Lynch as a possible franchise QB, which are rare kind of QB to find especially when you constantly draft at the end of the round. I’m not jumping on the wagon of the Lynch selection lovers but I do understand that this selection is covering a depth need too, having the potential to impact the organization on a bigger level than any other position and giving more sense , in case, to the 5th year option. If I would be the Broncos coaches, I would not force Lynch to start. I still think that Sanchez could be pretty good in this offense that did not required Peyton Manning to be Peyton Manning to bring the team to the play-offs, having this kind of defense. Lynch gives perspective and potential.

About Lynch, the prospect, I had a fringe 1st– 2nd round grade and the Broncos selected him at 26th that is IMO a late 1st pick (from 26th to 32nd IMO).

It is evident that the Broncos valued him more and they even started the draft targeting him deliberately and figuring out to maneuvering so that they could select him.

It’s always a good moment to learn new things, I’m not buying yet the theory that Lynch is the perfect fit for Kubiak offense, a bit of desperation helped the search for QB. Anyhow now I’m quite more positive about the move (and the loss of a third round pick) and I would upgrade my grade to C (the loss of a third rounder for trading up for a QB is what levels down the B grade).

Go Broncos!!!


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