2016 NFL Draft Grades

Pick Team Trade Trade partner Player Position Grade Note
1 LA Rams Y Tennessee Goff QB C+ I just happen to not like Goff as 1st pick overall in the draft. And the Rams payed dearly to get him.
2 Eagles YY Miami+Cleveland Wentz QB C+ I like him more than Goff overall, but the Eagles paid way too much to get the 2nd overall pick.
3 Chargers  Bosa  DE  B+ Best Player Available on their Board.
4 Cowboys  Elliott  RB  D- A RB 4th overall is a huge mistake in the modern draft.
5 Jaguars  Ramsey  CB  A Best Player on their Board. Very Good player for the Jaguars.
6 Ravens  Stanley  OT  B+ I like more Tunsil but I cannot go against the Ravens.
7 49ers  Buckner  DE  B+ Best Player on their Board. I like Tunsil a bit more.
8 Titans YY Cleveland, Philadephia  Conklin  OT  C- The Titans traded up to select Conklin? The Giants were going to select him?
9 Bears  Y  Tampa Bay  Floyd  OLB  D I don’t think he did enough in college to warrant a 1st round selection, let alone the top 10 overall.
10 Giants  Apple  CB  C Hargraves is a better player, but I’m happy Apple is out of the Board so he could not be associated with the Broncos.
11 Buccaneers  Y  Chicago  Hargraves  CB  A  Best Player Available on their board.
12 Saints  Rankins  DT  B+  Best Player Available on their board.
13 Dolphins Y Philadelphia  Tunsil  OT  A  Best Player Available on their board.
14 Raiders  Joseph  S  C-  At 14th overall is really too early.
15 Cleveland YY Tennessee, Los Angeles  Coleman  WR  D-  Bad selection or bad builded board.
16 Lions  Decker  OT  A  Best Player Available on their board.
17 Falcons  Neal  S  C-  Way too early
18 Colts  Kelly  C  B  Best Player for an area of need.
19 Bills  Lawson  OLB  B  Best Player for an area of need.
20 Jets  Lee  OLB  B+  Best Player Available on their Board.
21 Texans  Y  Houston  Fuller  WR  A  Very good player and a need.
22 Redskins  Y  Washington  Doctson  WR  A  Very good player and a need
23 Vikings  Treadwell  WR  A+  Best Player Available and tremendous bargain here.
24 Bengals  Jackson III  CB  A  Didn’t see it coming. Very good player who I like I lot.
25 Steelers  Burns  CB  B- Position of need
26 Broncos  Y  Seattle  Lynch  QB  F I don’t like it. At all.
27 Packers  Clark  NT  B Position of need, a player that I like a lot but not the Best Prospect Available.
28 49ers  Y  Kansas City  Garnett  OG  C  Trading up for Garnett?
29 Forfeited //////////// //////////////// //////////// //////////// //////////// ///////////////
30 Cardinals  Nkemdiche  DT  A+  Great pickup.
31 Panthers  Butler  DT  B  Little taste now on this pick. May become very good on the Panthers Dline, more insurance against one of the starters will leave in FA next year.
32 Seahawks Y  Denver  Ifedi  OL  A+ Trading down and still getting a perfect fit for the scheme and a need for the team. Maybe the best pick of round one and great draft management by the Seahawks again.

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