2016 NFL Draft Denver Broncos Scheme related positional review: QB

2016 NFL Draft QB class evaluation:

Not a good class at all, even with Kubiak saying the opposite. Allen, Sudfeld, Rudock the most scheme friendly to the Broncos and under centre experienced. Wenz could be very good but will go early in the 1st round. Prescott and Briskel and even more Lynch all look like boom or bust and with multiple years of development required. I hope the Broncos will stun us, fans, and wait until the 5th round to take one of the three I mentioned.

What the Broncos look for:

Pocket presence, scrambling skills, release, arm strength, size.

Type of player the Broncos look for:

Pocket passer that has presence in the pocket and can scramble. Comfortable throwing in the run and no egomaniac.

1 Jake Rudock (Michigan, rSr, 6’3”, 199 lbs): Best prospect related to scheme and skills required.

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
CFA 4th – 5th

General Overview: incredible. I have no idea why in professional analysts’s positional ranking he’s a CFA and has at least some 15 other prospects topping him. I just watch Goff tapes and this kid, at the end of his one year with Harbough at Michigan is almost as good: has good pocket awareness and same average arm strength and around the same accuracy too. Plus he is not a bad scrambler at all and can throw while running. I might understand that he played just one year under Harbough offense and Harbough bring life to QBs. But Harbough also knows about QBs. He took snaps under center and on the pistol, his reads will need to improve, his footwork could improve too but is better than Goff and also steadier than Wenz. People might think that he does not have upside?

My Broncos Evaluation: wow, the point here is that he played just one year at Michigan (and previously he started 2,5 years at Iowa where he was not as good at all), so the results he got there could be seen as one year wonder. Plus the upside might not be there and he becomes a bit more erratic when under pressure. Ok so a late 4th rounder does not look bad to me. If it could be a 5th rounder even better. I think that he could be great under Kubiak system, then again I think that also for Siemian. But people will call the Broncos crazy to pick him in the 4th, since there is no hype on him, no combine…..nothing. I disagree with most, I like what he brings on the field and I hope the Broncos did their due diligence and find out if he’s a leader of men. In that case Denver could and should take him sooner rather than later in the draft. To me this kid looks like he has it.

2 Brandon Allen (Arkansas, rSr, 6’1”, 217 lbs): Second best prospect related to scheme and skills required.

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
6th – 7th 5th

General Overview: Smaller type of QB. Dynamic. Very effective playing bootlegs: fluid in the run and comfortable throwing in the run. Played some under center and comfortable with play action concepts. Has really good delivery and good arm strength. Should work a bit on his read, sometimes force throws in traffic where he could just throw the ball away or try to create time for the opening. Good accuracy.

My Broncos Evaluation: he has some of the skills the Broncos look for in the Kubiak scheme apart the height and the running with the ball. If 6’4” he might be the Broncos 2nd round pick, Since he’s 6’1” I don’t know if Elway would agree on him being on the board. For talent and scheme wise he should be one of the top three QB in this class for the Broncos. If he’s on the board he might have a middle to late round grade because of his heights.

3 Nate Sudfeld (Indiana, Sr, 6’6”, 234 lbs): Third best prospect related to scheme and skills required.

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th 6th – 7th

General Overview: Great size. Has questionable footwork on the field that IMO leads to a not perfect delivery and less arm strength. Other times he’s accurate, on target and his ball has great spin. Has good pocket awareness and presence, not a great scrambler but neither shy of take off and eventually throw on the run.

My Broncos Evaluation: I think he has potential and is still a project. Looks to be a good leader on the field and is looking downfield to see a WR breaking free. Played on shutgun and pistol all the time but has quick feet and led me to think that e could learn, given time, to play under center. Still a major project with very good upside if coached up very well. Could become a dependable starter.


The other prospects I “scouted”:

 Jared Goff (California, rJr, 6’4”, 215 lbs):

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
1st No – Top 10 picks

General Overview: More pocket passes than a scrambler, or better said: a scrambler for need. Does not look comfortable scrambling or throwing on the run although the throws are not really bad. In my honest opinion he has average arm strength and the result is that the ball arrives to the receiver a fraction later than the ideal timing. This generates problems in long throws and long throws accuracy since he seems to put all of himself to throw it more distant possible but then the accuracy is most of the times not there. He plays snaps from the pistol formation and almost never under centre and this is another point to take in mind by the team that will draft him high in the first round. He looks polished and at times shows a lot of control at the line of scrimmage being able to read what the defense will leave open. Other times just takes really bad decisions and throws the ball where he should not (this most of times is related with deep balls). Notable pocket presence.

My Broncos Evaluation: If he’d be a good scrambler (and he’s not) he would be the prototypical QB for the west coast offense. He’s really good in short and middle range throws, where the extra delay of his throws is less of a factor. IMO he looks like a late 1st rounder, but because of his hype he’ll be a top ten pick and will be request to start much earlier than what he should to start well his NFL career. In case he’ll slide until 31st, then and only then I’d be ok if the Broncos would select him and groom him for a couple of years, teaching him how to be a comfortable scrambler. But this scenario won’t happen since if he’d slide to 30th overall, somebody will trade up from the second round to take him in front of the Broncos, making them a favor. UPDATE: LA Rams trade up from 15th overall to select a QB. If he won’t go 1st overall he would not pass the 3rd pick overall.

Carson Wentz (North Dakota State, Sr, 6’5”, 237 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
1st No – Top 5 picks

General Overview: complete package. Pocket passer with great arm and good scrambler by design. Has some accuracy aspect to be review, since he tend at time to overthrown receivers. I understand he played at a lesser level, but he dominated that level over and over again with all defenses that faced him and ended up short every time. He’s impressive. He has some footwork to polish and has to get used to the power and speed of NFL defense. If he could sit one year and learn behind some kind of veteran QB, it will be the best for him and the team that will draft him in the top 5. My only real concern is that is evident in his videos that he wore down as the game progress, could that be a conditioning problem? A little concerned.

My Broncos Evaluation: the Broncos will have to trade up all this draft and the next one with some pieces from the 2018 too to get 2nd overall and draft him. Is it worth? No it isn’t. In today NFL also the QB as to be developed and it’s always possible to find a 2nd – 3rd – 4th round prospect that has intangibles and is possible to develop him being wise using his strength. A good organization cannot remain slave of one player even more if even Peyton Manning and the best offense statistically could not do anything against a great defense (Super Bowl XLVIII reminder). So, my opinion is that draft picks are more important than a single player and Denver is doing very well stockpiling compensatory picks and moving around with their own picks to get the player the FO covets. UPDATE: LA Rams trade Up from 15th to 1st overall for a QB. I guess they will select Wenz.

Paxton Lynch (Memphis, rJr, 6’7”, 244 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
1st – 2nd 1st – 2nd

General Overview: looks to be a kind of statue in the backfield, lacking pocket presence and movements. He’s a scrambler for need but has serious speed when at it. Footwork is questionable. Great arm and good accuracy. Need a good offensive line job not to feel the pressure. Looks top perform only a couple of targets read before to throw and often force the throw on a closing window. WR drops count a good number of his incompletion %, to be fair. Does not have a good body language.

My Broncos Evaluation: He’s really raw. In my opinion he has all the physical tools to become a good starter in the league but his length and not the fastest release will make him the favorite target of NFL pass rusher. He looks to me as raw as Osweiler when he declared for the NFL draft, a bit rawer than Derek Carr that was doing most of the same things on the field but with more confidence. Given the circumstances I would not be mad if the Broncos would take him at 31st overall, but I’m not onboard with trading up to select him, not in this draft where there is talent at other positions. He really reminds me of Osweiler. If Denver FO will decide that he’s the one they want, I think he would benefit to sit for at least a couple of years, get stronger and learn everything he can from Kubiak to become a better player overall . I personally hope the Broncos will go a different direction or some other team draft him ahead of Denver, so the Broncos won’t have to consider him at 31st. UPDATE: the LA Rams trade up to 1st overall to select a QB. There is a great chance Paxton Lynch will be selected in the top 10 (San Francisco or somebody trading up) or 19th by the Bills or the latest at twenty something by some team that might want to groom him behind its actual starter. I repeat that there will be a lot of talent at other position between 30th and 60th, is not the year to trade up, if nothing is the year to trade few spots down.

Connor Cook (Michigan State, Sr, 6’4”, 217 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
2nd 1st – 2nd

General Overview: the most pro-ready of the projected 1st rounders between QBs. He has a soft touch to the ball as Goff but a better arm strength. Accuracy is ok downfield but erratic at times in short and intermediate throws. Move a bit in the pocket but not as much as he should at times, being too much target of sacks or hits that in the NFL would lead to injuries. Footwork looks ok but at times he also pulls some downfield throw from the back foot: in college you can get away with that but in the NFL is improbable. Somehow it looks that he does not have much of potential maybe because he started 37 games for Michigan State and still struggled to get 60% of completions. He could end up being the Andy Dalton of the 2016 draft.

My Broncos Evaluation: I think that the Broncos have a very good internal source of news about Cook and how he handles himself and the team: Bennie Fowler played with Cook two years ago and could add some info about the person and the leader. I personally would like Denver to go after some other prospect with a bit more of potential than Cook, but Michigan State prospects are lately somehow underrated and they perform better than expected in the NFL. I just would prefer the Broncos not to select him 31st overall, a  2nd rounder is a more fair selection IMO.

Christian Hackenberg (Penn State, rJr, 6’4”, 223 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
2nd – 3rd No

General Overview: strong QB that looks taller than his height. Footwork is almost inexistent, has really good arm strength. Does not perform his reads consistently and force balls in wrong situations. Not a comfortable scrambler, plays quite well under pressure.

My Broncos Evaluation: he does not perform consistently enough his reads and throw the ball where he shouldn’t. Plus looks quite a statue in the backfield, although the Oline was really bad in 2015 but still he’s not mobile by any means. I don’t think he’s a fit for Kubiak offence at all.

Dak Prescott (Mississippi State, rSr, 6’2”, 226 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
3rd – 4th 4th – 5th

General Overview: red flags after the DUI. Great pocket presence and good scrambling skills. Looks quite comfortable throwing on the run and keeps his eyes downfield through his read. Does a good job trying not to lose the ball, throwing it away when the play is not there. Has good arm strength gives good enough spiral to the ball. Good accuracy too. Didn’t play under center and footwork is a work in process.

My Broncos Evaluation: I don’t know if Denver cancelled him from its board because of the DUI, the Broncos where rumored to really like him before that accident. Still he’s a developmental project with upside. He could become a reliable starter in Kubiak system. I do think he would take more than one year to consistently compete for the starting job. At best a 4th rounder, the compensatory one.

Cardale Jones (Ohio State, rJr, 6’5”, 253 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
4th – 5th 6th

General Overview: great size, average accuracy and good but not great arm strength. At times does not go over all his read and force the ball out. Footwork questionable, never played under center. Has some flashes at times of really good reading and looks to know how to handle the pocket. Very Raw, will need time to develop into a consistent QB

My Broncos Evaluation: I have a 6th round grade on him by a Broncos point of view and he’d be a third stringer for a couple of years because Siemian already last year was more Pro-ready. He has great natural skills but has to put them all together and use them consistently.

Jacoby Brissett (NC State, rSr, 6’4”, 231 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
5th CFA

General Overview: Running QB that have a good but not great arm strength. Looks slow but really elusive while runnin; looks comfortable throwing on the run. At time takes too much time on his receivers read. Mainly played in shutgun or in the pistol, few snaps under center. Looks to have a slow release too. Has a surprisingly acceptable footwork.

My Broncos Evaluation: I think he’s raw and inconsistent. He played behind a poor Oline, to be said, but made his livings out of the triple option. When he throws the ball the spiral most of time is never clear and has to do a better job in his read to help the Oline getting rid of the ball. He may have potential but is a quite long project.

Brandon Doughty (Western Kentucky, rSr, 6’3”, 213 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
5th – 6th No

General Overview: not the most athletic QB, has problems moving in the pocket, the delivery is mechanic. Footwork inconsistent, when he focus on his footwork, he gets clearly better release and spin on the ball. Looks to be careful with the ball, tries to get through his reads. Has good touch and acceptable accuracy.

My Broncos Evaluation: he looks like a statue in the backfield, at time he even throws just stay standing. On the plus he looks to pay attention to the ball and to try to perform all the read he has, unfortunately the latter brings him to keep the ball too long and pressure comes. Not a scrambler by any means. He has potential, but he’s a project.

Kevin Hogan (Stanford, rSr, 6’3”, 218 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
5th – 6th 6th

General Overview: good pocket presence, average arm strength, scrambler that keeps his eyes on receivers. Long delivery and ball often does not have clear spiral. He has problems performing his reads while being pressured in the pocket. Does execute some throws way better than others. Footwork could be worse.

My Broncos Evaluation: I think that he’s a project; he will have to adapt his game to NFL speed and power. He looks to me as a gritty football player and could have a long career in the NFL as a backup. He could become a starter and even successful if the offense is completely tailored on him, empowering his strengths and masking his weakness.

Cody Kessler (USC, rSr, 6’1”, 220 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th CFA

General Overview: smaller type of QB. Pocket presence questionable, footwork to be worked on, average arm strength and delivery is a work in progress. Shows some flashes scrambling.

My Broncos Evaluation: he’s a developmental prospects, he could learn and get to be a reliable backup and start some and win games for the team. But he’s a 2 years project at least. I don’t think the Broncos are looking for this kind of production.

Jake Coker (Alabama, rSr, 6’6”, 244 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th – CFA 7th – CFA

General Overview: with Alabama prospects I always have the doubt that they already peaked and topped their potential. He looks quite polished in his game maybe because playing with all that talent around him. But at times he tent to throw from his back foot and his footwork is questionable. Arm strength is good and his read is not that bad.

My Broncos Evaluation: seriously he does not look bad at all. He’s a project and will have to learn to play under center, but he could do all the throws. Has to move better in the pocket and Kubiak could be the best at teaching that. Late rounder if the Broncos love him.

Vernon Adams Jr. (Oregon, rSr, 5’11”, 200 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th – CFA No

General Overview: smaller size of QB. Runs the options style of offense, he’s quick and fast turning the corner, has some good delivery and a good arm strength. Didn’t play under center at all.

My Broncos Evaluation: he’s not the kind of player the Broncos look at QB, starting from the height and going on with the kind of offense he played in college. He’s no Russell Wilson.

Jeff Driskel (Louisiana Tech, rSr, 6’4”, 234 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th – CFA CFA

General Overview: good size. Good touch on the ball and delivery. Footwork is not there and needs work. When the footwork is good, accuracy is good too. Good scrambler and does not mind throwing on the run. His WR reads have to improve, usually reads one or two targets, will have to go through much more options in a not simplified offense. Pocket awareness has to improve too and he has to learn to get rid of the ball when he sees heavy pressure coming.

My Broncos Evaluation: he has potential to become a reliable back-up under Kubiak offense. I had the curiosity to see why the Broncos had a private interview with him after assisting to his Pro Day at Louisiana Tech. He’s not at Siemian level so I’m a bit confuse for which roster spot he’d compete coming training camp. It remains the fact that the Broncos were interested enough to help private conversation with him.

Joel Stave (Wisconsin, rSr, 6’5”, 236 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th – CFA CFA

General Overview: great size, good delivery, good but not great arm strength. Played some under center executing play actions and bootlegs. Has some good pocket presence and awareness could be upgraded.

My Broncos Evaluation: interesting prospect that has all the tools to become a reliable backup at least. Is a project and will need to be coached to move better on the pocket and to get better on his reads.

Vad Lee (Wisconsin, rSr, 6’1”, 222 lbs):  

Projected Round My Broncos Big board

General Overview: running QB. Has some throwing motion issue at times and footwork is not there. Raw: accuracy is not there yet and arm strength is not the best. Elusive while running the ball, very quick and sudden. Thick frame.

My Broncos Evaluation: with the given time he has the potential to become a borderline starter if a team develops and believe in him and plays a kind of offence that straighten his strength. Two – plus years projects.


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