2016 NFL Draft Denver Broncos Scheme related positional review: OG/C

2016 NFL Draft OG/C class evaluation:

OG: Some very underrated prospects in the middle rounds a part the top two. For the rest some developmental porject and a lot of material for power blocking scheme. From OT positional group there will derive some middle to late round developmental project too. Not a great great class.

C: Not a deep class but not less talented than the average. There could be some prospects the Broncos are keeping on their board even though is a position where the Broncos have four player on the roster already, all of them really young. It’s quite more interesting this class by a power blocking scheme point of view, IMO.

What the Broncos look for:

OG: athletic skills, versatility, quickness and explosion at the snap. Tough prospects that has experience at several different positions on the Oline in college.

C: smarts, athletic skills ,quickness and explosion at the snap, dynamic player. Strength and power on a lower note.

Type of player the Broncos look for:

OG: toughness, athletic skills, power, explosion and quickness at the snap. Size.

C: toughness, athletic skills, quickness and aggressiveness. Size is less a factor than G.

Best prospects related to team scheme and required skills

1 Max Tuerk (USC, Sr, 6’5”, 298 lbs): OG/C Best prospect related to scheme and skills required.

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
4th – 5th 4th

General Overview: dynamic Olineman that has very good awareness and some good quickness, lacks a bit of strength and power but has very good athletic skills and blocks very well on the run. Has very good body balance with which makes up to the lack of elite strength. In the run game is quick after snapping the ball anchoring well and pulling on his assignment. Has exceptional size and room to get bigger and stronger, which is important. Really good on positioning himself in the running game, shows a lot of flexibility but lacks quick feet although is not very slow but in the passing game has some trouble defending quick pass rushers, is able to recover with quick movements and can shield the Qb with his big body but will have to gain more lower body power to be able to anchor better in the passing game. Really fluid and athletic running to get a downfield block.

My Broncos Evaluation: depending on his medical check on the knee where he suffered ACL injury on October 2015. If the Broncos doctors reported that he’ll be good to go in 2016 I’ll drop him only to the 4th round. This because he’s a perfect fit for what the Broncos look for. He’s an athletic, agile, quick Olineman that has experience at all Oline positions, especially at C where he has exceptional size. If his knee will be OK, he could be a great G/C for the Broncos, he’ll need one year of development and training to get stronger and understand the speed of the NFL game, but I think he could really become a great player under Kubiak zone blocking scheme. His versatility does nothing but giving him even more value on the Broncos board, given that the medical check on his rehab and knee situation is good, he could be a steal in the 4th round.

2 Joe Thuney (NC State, rSr, 6’5”, 304 lbs): OG Best prospect related to scheme and skills required.

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
6th – 7th 4th – 5th

General Overview: quick and fast at the snap, runs very well into the second level of defenders, has good power to move away and drive his assignment, has the short area quickness to move from one block to another.  Has very good size and could get better functional strength. Very raw in his footsteps but he’s explosive reacting to defender movements. Has to gain better body balance. Played at T and G in his three year starting at NC State: very versatile.

My Broncos Evaluation: the Broncos interviewed him at the Shrine game….wow: he has room to improve, his raw technique also derives by the fact that he basically played all five Oline position in five years. I think that he’s vastly underrated, especially for a team as the Broncos that looks for athletic versatile players that could develop in a year or two. I can see him being a starter for the Broncos in year two and doing not too bad and then becoming a fine starter for years to come. And the Broncos saw it, now t only depends on how that interview went at the Shrine game. Love what the Broncos are doing at least at scouting.

3 Christian Westerman (Arizona State, rSr, 6’3”, 298 lbs): OG

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
2nd – 3rd 4th

General Overview: aggressive at the snap, can reach easily the second level of defenders to place a block, has some drive but could get better. He does not have elite lateral movement and at times remains in his position leaving the defender to get to his side and past him. Did 34 bench repetitions at the combine but does not look that strong and powerful on his videos, has good but not great game strength.

My Broncos Evaluation: He has some flashes and has enough agility to be a good fit in the zone blocking scheme. IMO he is anyhow a steps or two behind Whitehair and Garnett, he could be a great grab in the 4th round. He will need time to beef up and get use to NFL power and speed.

4 Spencer Drango (Baylor, rSr, 6’6”, 315 lbs): OG

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
4th 4th

General Overview: great size, aggressive at the snap, is able to find his opponent body and put his hands on quickly. Has ok footwork and does not look over dynamic in mirroring the blind size in passing game. Strong and imposing in the running game. Struggles with quick pass rushers. More comfortable when able to set his feet and taking position in the pass blocking game, has his problems when he has to pass block in movement.

My Broncos Evaluation: More heavy and less athletic than McGovern, he’s another underestimated prospect that could really be useful to the Broncos. He might have to play G only in the NFL because of his bulk and lack of elite lateral movement, still has tons of experience and has been a big time player in his college career. My only doubt is that I don’t know if he will be able to re-invent himself as a learner after being one of the best Olinemen in the country at the college level for so much time. More than worth a 4th round pick.

5 Jake Brendel (UCLA, rSr, 6’4”, 303 lbs): OG/C

Projected Round My Broncos Big board
7th – CFA 7th – CFA

General Overview: great size, aggressive at the snap, runs well at the second level of defenders and also shows good downfield blocking skills. Does not have elite athleticism and has at time in run blocking coordination. Still he’s a dynamic player that has to improve hid footwork. Has some strength but not elite and has to get better in his lower body power to be able to anchor better and to have a better body balance. Functional strength could be improved too.

My Broncos Evaluation: has a certain upside and with his size he could provide some versatility at C and G. Will need time to get ready physically and improving his technique before he could be ready to play in the NFL but has some tools the Broncos value: aggression at the snap, able to get downfield comfortably, able to place blocks on the run, although he has to improve in this area, and a certain degree of athletic abilities.



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