Broncos signed Jared Crick DT/DE

The Broncos signed 3-4 DE Jared Crick, a free agent that played his rookie contract with the Houston Texans.

The only downside I see is the fact that as for is possible to see on internet pages, the Broncos don’t have salary cap room anymore. Since 6M should be allocated to the rookie class, this signing confirms that one or more actual players will be cut. Ryan Clady is in pole for that.


About Compensatory picks: every year only a total of 32 compensatory picks are awarded and I don’t think that either Davis or Crick signings qualify in the top 32 FA salaries for 2016 season. So no compensatory pick was coming for Davis anyhow.


On the player overall: Crick has somehow underachieved comparing to what he was expected pre-draft back then, but also entered the draft injured (knee in his senior year) and this was the reason why he fell into the 4th round (he was expected to be a 2nd rounder).

On why signing him: the reason why we signed him (and I was sure that Broncos coaches put him on the wish list from FA beginning) is because Houston (under Kubiak) drafted him and he played for Phillips two years. He’s a good fit for Phillips defense, they drafted and developed him and they feel more comfortable with him in the Dline rotation than with an unknown commodity selected in the draft. He still has to make the team btw.


Roster Management take: the Broncos were quite thin ad 3-4 DE position entering the draft (apart Malik also ninja Smith is not with the team anymore), they sign him to have more options in the draft, if the right guys are going at DE they won’t have to take the best remaining too early passing on better player at other positions.


Overall: I really like the move; I really wanted Crick to be draft by Denver back then but then he under produced. I think that 2M per year per 2 years (who knows how much guaranteed, maybe the veteran minimum?) is a good fare nowadays for capable veterans.


Additional roster note: I really don’t see Sly plying DE consistently, he is not explosive and fast enough. He’s actually very well suited to be a Phillips NT, where he played very well last year.


Go Broncos!!!!


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