Broncos Lose Malik Jackson — Reaction and the “Broncos way”

I really love what Malik brought to the field every snap he played for the Broncos.

I was really high on him before the draft back in 2012, I thought he might become the perfect pass rusher DT the Broncos were looking for under Fox and Del Rio, he just needed time to develop, and he looked athletically skilled but raw and inconsistent with technique. For this reason I thought back then he’d be a 3rd day pick and the Broncos should have to get him sooner rather than later.

The Broncos selected him in the 5th round and little by little developed him into a force.

He scored the TD that gave us the edge in SB50 and looked great the whole 2015 season.

I think he’s a really good player and he really complement perfectly with Wolfe, starting together I think they made each other better this year.

Still between Malik and Wolfe, I’m happy the Broncos inked Wolfe: he’s a stud against the run, Malik is better against the pass. As far as it’s difficult to find interior pass rushers, to find a player with Wolfe skills and willingness to take less money but stay put, it’s way more important for the long term success of a football organization.

Once Wolfe signed his 8-9 M per year contract, it makes no sense to pay two players at the same position the same amount of money, let alone the money Malik got in the open market. That is just not the way to manage successfully a football organization: a successful organization is able to take bullets and rebuild fast through “under the radar” FAs and drafting players that can be developed into good players.

Also, you have to be able to identify a small group of players that for some reason will be part of the core of the team for years, and pay them. You cannot pay everybody.

So the Broncos FO under John Elway identified Chris Harris, Derek Wolfe, Demaryous Thomas, Von Miller as players that have to be part of this “core” and they re-sign them. They all are between very good and hall of famers players but even more, they are players that identify themselves and define to the fans who the Broncos are and will be.

For sure some great player slip out of this “core”, but this FO identified, for the reason they know, some of the player as “core” and pay them also to be “the Broncos”. This is the way great organization built “dynasties” in the past and nowadays still fan recognize a “Steelers” way, a “Packers” way a “Patriots” way. In Denver we had a Shanahan era but somehow when it ended, it hasn’t left a “Broncos” way.

I think that the Broncos under John Elway are trying to build this: the Broncos Way, taking over a lot of the things from the Shanahan era, but making it a path for the organization so that it could be followed for the years to come: GM, coaches and players could pass but the “way” remains.

Go Broncos!!!


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