This One’s for Pat! – Why It is so Awesome

When it was all over and the Denver Broncos were Superbowl 50 Champions, after all the emotions during the match, there it goes the moment when everything is being set on stone: the Lombardi Trophy is being handled to the winning team.


For supreme awesomeness, we saw Broncos players touching and making photos to the trophy while being carried onstage by supergreat Superbowl MVPs of the past and then there it was.


After some words by Mr. Bowlen wife, due act, finally the trophy was going to be handled to the only person that really could have make that moment special to Broncos Country, and he did: he delivered the only words that to Broncos fans mattered and, by delivering those words, the winning sensation became extraordinary deep.


John Elway said: This One’s for Pat.


John Elway did it again: he delivered a message, that for each and every Broncos fan go far beyond the tremendous respect for one of the best owners in Pro-sports, a person so severely ill that since two years no fan has seen around the team.


Delivering that message John Elway was turning a national moment into a Broncos Country delirium, putting each and everyone of us on the spot, on the glorious instant of a great accomplishment. He was revealing the profound emotional bond between him and Mr. Bowlen and saying to all tv watcher that that emotion is bigger than any rhetorical thankfulness message.


With those words we all realized that we are World Champions…again!

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