2015 Draft final big board as it was

Hy guys, due to a lot of work I forgot to post, before the draf in May, my complete Big Broncos Board.

Here it goes:

Prospect Position College Exp Height Weight Round Proj General Notes My Broncos Projection My Broncos Evaluation
*Landon Collins SS Alabama Jr 6’0” 228 1st Well built strong hard hitting safety. Take poor tackles angles at times. Has nose for the ball and great football istincts. Maybe nos as fast as you’d like to play him deep. 1st I would not trade up to the “eens” to get him. Maybe to the early twenties is a good deal, maybe 21st or 22nd if the Broncos feel that he could be ready to contribute as a rookie. In my opinion he could have problem with the game speed in the Pros where all player are bigger, stronger and faster than in college. Trade up for him is really risky. To me he’s not a sure fire prospect.
*Dante Fowler Jr. OLB Florida Jr 6’3” 261 1st Has good size for a 3-4 OLB. Has great quickness and strenght. Powerful has all the speed he needs to turn the corner and beat the Olineman. Remind of Von Miller also in athleticism. Will go really high on draft day. Top 5 propspect with still uge potential. 1st I don-t think the Bronocs have the ammunition to move up and select him. He wil go too high. Still he-s really impressive.
Vic Beasley OLB Clemson rSr 6’3” 246 1st Increbibles pass rushing skills. Needs to get bigger and stronger without losing jis quickness. As 3/4 pass rushing OLB he is the best of the class. His lean frame makes him na easy target for double teams which usually are blancketing him, but still free anither men on defense…He has already a sound technique and is relentless piling up pressure. No that much video on dropping in coverage but played on a stellar defense that liked to pile up pressure on each and every play….so I am not shocked about that. 1st I like him more than Fowler because I liked this player already in 2014 and IMO he-d have been a top 10 pick back one year ago. Now he is supposed to be back as sure fire top 10 pick. To me he is asure fire top 5 pick. I understand that he will need to bulk up, but he could do it through time. He-s NFL ready as pass rushing technique, he has shown several movements and has outstandind speed/quickness combo that is a given, either you have or you do not. I do not think he will be available at selection 11th but in case, I would like the Borncos to really consider to tan the entire draft and future ones and go and get him. I will be so good and Ware will might be done after 2015.
*Shaq Thompson ILB Washington Jr 36678 228 1st – 2nd I think he does not yethave the power and bulk to play 3-4 ILB. He is amazingly athletic and has quickness and speed. Still he will have to get bigger to be able to be affective on defense in the NFL playing with as much energy he looked to play in college. The re are rumors he could be moved to safety, but I cannot see enought video evidence of a smooth transition from LB to SS. Because of his experience on both side of the ball at college level, he is a fast offense reader. 1st He-s light to play 3-4 ILB, but if Denver likes him, I do not see any other way the Broncos could get him. He might be gone before the Broncos select in the 1st. I see quite a lot of potential in him as 3-4 will ILB if he will be patient and unserstand the transition will require time and he will not be the center of attention he has been in college, at least for one or two years. This one is on Broncos FO and coaches on how they see him and player and character. My take is that the Broncos have a lower grade on him and somebody will select him at the end of the 1st round, maybe even before 28th.
*Leonard Williams DE – NT Southern California Jr 42160 302 1st Phenomenal strenght, ower and quickness. He can really dominate the line of scrimmage. He is physically ready to start for most of the teams. He could be a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DT. Incredible. 1st The Broncos will never have a shot at him. He’s the best defender in the draft and should go 1st overall. If 1sr and 2nd will be QBs, then he’ll go 3rd, but I don’t see the Broncos tabking this year draft and the next two to go there and get him. Just hope the Raiders will not select him. He could become a special player.
Owamagbe Odighizuwa DE UCLA rSr 42158 267 1st – 2nd Big and athletic DE that could be converted to 3-4 OLB. He’s really aggressive and powerful. Quick enough for his size, if given the time to adapt to the ower and the speed of the NFL could become a pro-bowler for the team that decide to coach him up, I think he has a tons of potential. 1st I really like the potential especially since the Broncos could have the luxury or using him as backup in his rookie year and not expecting hm to step unp immediately and produce. He could be a forse rushing the passer but will also need time to learn to drop in coverage in needed.  If he’s still on the board when the Broncos will select in the 1st round he could be a reat pick up. I would nottrade up for him, it would creat a ton of pressure on his development which I don’t see as a good thing at all.
Brandon Scherff OT Iowa rSr 42160 319 1st Great size and frame. Looks to be stout and powerful. Does a good job bending but has less than ideal quick feet for the LT position. Still is capable of an adequate job againts high level competition. Has awareness problems and at times is not able to keep is balance. Not always quick at the snap. 1st He will be selected in the top 10 picks IMO. If for any reason he shpuld fall to the twenties the Borncos should really ponderate to move up and select him. If for any case he would fall to 28th, he could be the Broncos RT or G for the next 10 years.
*Andrus Peat OT Stanford Jr 42162 313 1st Protorypical NFL LT with huge size and frame. Will have to adjust to NFL power but he comes from college as good as it’s possible. Yes he is inconsistent at times but there’s no better technicians in footwork and his bending is incredible. 1st He will be selected in the top 10, top 15 max. Denver eill never have a chance at him.
*Ereck Flowers OT Miami (Fla.) Jr 42161 329 1st Huge size and frame. Has really good footwork andupper body strength. Explosive at the snap. Does have to do a better jon at bending. Also will have to become more powerful in his lower body and execute tehn pulling costantly In the running game. Looks berfect for the zone blocking scheme especially. 1st To me he’s my second best lineman overall in this draft after Peat and before Scherff that my could be a better fit at RT or G. The comes Collins that will be a RT or even better a great G. He has some technique issue (bending) and some lower body power issue that will be solved through the first year of the NFL. He could start right away for the Broncos at RT.
La’el Collins OG LSU Sr 42159 305 1st Good size and frame. Powerful, has not elite speed, will have to add functional strenght to better bend. Is able to pull back his opponent but does not play with nasty streack. Has to slow “dancing feet” so I see him better suited to play RT or even better G. 1st He could actually be the best option at G for the Broncos in this draft. IMO he could start from day one at LG where his power would help him. If he’s s till available at 28th overall, the Broncos should not hesitate and select him. Denver could even might think to trade up in the early 20ies to get him.
*Amari Cooper WR Alabama Jr 42156 211 1st To me the second best talent in this draft after Leonard Davis. He’s special and could be special for years to come in the NFL. He has a lot of elite skills but no one excepcional. Thus he’ll be steady prolific receiver in the NFL if not asked to revive a muribund team by himself, he’s no Calvin Johnson and Johnson alone neither revived the Lions. He’s a modern complete all around player that can run with the ball can catch deep has great route running sense, has great hands and blocks well. Looks to be really unselfish and the prima donna opposite. 1st The Broncos will have to trade 1st round picks (2015, 16 for sure, maybe even some 2017) plus players to go and get him in the top 5 picks. Quite risky but who knows? He will not be on the board when the 6th pick overall will be called.
Kevin White WR West Virginia Sr 42158 215 1st Incredible quickness, speed and acceleration. Great body balance and functional strength. Willing to block. 1st Again like for Cooper, Denver will have to trade the house in order to get him (I’m quite sure he 2017 pick will not be necessary). It makes sense to me for the Broncos to try to go and get Cooper or White? No, at all. Sanders had a Pro Bowl season, Thomas is a perennal Probowler and Latimer will have more than one chance to shine in his second year.
DeVante Parker WR Louisville Sr 42158 209 1st Great comnination of size and speed. Will have to bulk up a bit in the NFL to protect from the punishing hits by NFL DBs. Has great sense for getting pen and run very polished routes. Does not look to be the best blocker. Has quickness, speed and acceleration 1st He’s the thirs WR in my board, the Broncos would have to trade up for him too, but maybe just iat the 10th oerall pick. Still will be a immense error to me.
*Breshad Perriman WR UCF rJr 42157 212 1st Legitimate nº1 WR, has good size and great athletic abilities. Makes incredibles catches but lacks elite quickness. Run well routs and is always giving 100%. 1st He’s a good football player, to me makes no sense to select a WR in the first round since the talent on the roster, but if the Broncos wants him they’ll have to use a 1st round pick. To me he is really similat to Cody Latimer and I had a late 1st rounder on him in 2014.
*Todd Gurley
RB Georgia Jr 42156 222 1st Strong, powerful all around runner, Can run outside and inside the tackles. Incredible returner too. Has some blocking skills that will have to improve. Strong stiff arm, always able to get more yards after the first tackle.  Has great balance and maybe has to become a bit more patient looking for the Oline opening holes. 1st If he falls and Broncos medical team checked him as good to go he should be the best player available even on Broncos board. He should be the pick. He’s elusove, powerful, quick and can hit a second gear hitting the open field. The knock on him is that he has been injured so player physicals like him tend to get more and more injured while their body wore down. Is to see if this will be the case for him, Peterson has shown that there are exceptions. Anyhow even if Gurley would have 3 great years left in the tank those three years he would compete for NFL MVP, even more in Kubiak zone blocking scheme.
Cody Prewitt FS Ole Miss Sr 6’2” 208 2nd Leader of Ole Miss defense in 2014 1st – 2nd Trade up in the early second or use the late 1st rounder
Carl Davis DE – NT Iowa rSr 42160 320 2nd Great size and power. Has really good technique and looks to be a really smart Dlineman. Has good movement lacks elite quickness but made up with great motor. Has good but notelite athleticism but use it all and itjump out of his videos. 1st – 2nd I do really like this prospect. Watching his videos is easy to see that he has the traits of the dominant 3-4 DE. But thinking again on what the Broncos are looking for at NT he might be just what they need, a big powerful speciment that is able to create pressure. It does not matter that he has to get better against the run.
*D.J. Humphries OT Florida Jr 42160 307 1st – 2nd Nasty Olineman that has quick feet but not quick enough to become a consistent LT in the NFL. Has good frame and power that would indicate to Me that he could easily become a valuable starter at RT or G. Athletic, reach the second easily with ease and is able to use well his hands. Unspectacular and underrated. 1st – 2nd He could be Denver 1st round pick. Has potential and great size and shows more athleric skills on pads tham Clemmings. He could play RT or G for the Broncos right away.
Jake Fisher OT Oregon Sr 42161 306 1st – 2nd Solid prospect that has great size and looks to have quick feet enough to have a chance to play LT in the NFL down the road. He has also the power to play RT and G. Bend vell enough and has quite good athletic skills for a player of his size. 1st – 2nd He could be very versatile for a zone blocking scheme and down the road could even substitute Ryan Clady in the line up as starting LT. If the Bronocs wants him they have to use their first round pick. He won’t last until the end of the second round.
*Eli Harold OLB Virginia Jr 42158 247 1st – 2nd Pass rusher specialist. He has not the quickes first step but he has a great burst and speed. Looks powerful too. Has athletic skills and could get around or inside the blocker using movement wich suggest good body balance as well. Resilient pursuing the pressure and the sack. No evidence on dropping back in coverage since he played DE in college. He has the look of a pass rush specialist on a 3-4 defense in the NFL because he will have to bulk up a lot against the run and will have to learn to stay low with his body at the snap because sometimes is too easy for a quick Olinemen to push him down on the rass and put him out of the play. 2nd He will be gone by the time the Broncos will get to use their 2nd round pick (60th overall) but there is no way the 28th pick could be used wisely to select a pass rusher specialist that will have to learn from the scratch of to drop in coverage and defend NFL running plays. He culd be targeted only if the Broncos trade out of the first round or trade up in the second. I think he could be gone by the 45th to 50th pick.
*Eddie Goldman
NT Florida State Jr 42159 336 1st – 2nd You might would think a guy of his size could be more powerful and have more strenght. Anchor well at times against the run and could create pressure at times. Eventually have some quickness for a guy of his size. Will need to get stronger and will need to use his hands to disengage better from blocks. 2nd If the Broncos are looking for a prototypical NT he has the looks but will need time to adjust to NFL power and speed of Olinemen. I didn’t see enough dominance to warrant a 1st round pick especially, a part the size, I don’t think he has any skills that is an improvement over Williams or Austin. It would be a bad 1st round pick with TE, S and G-C needs far greater. He doesn’t fit exactly what the Broncos llok for at the NT position. If the Broncos really like him, maybe trading back at the beginning of the 2nd round make more sense if a 4th or even better a 3rd round pick come with it. To find developmental NT there are other option in this draft.
*Ronald Darby CB Florida State Jr 42313 193 2nd Good size and awareness. Aggressive player. Not afraid of contact, plays really physical. Lack elite speed and quickness but has some explosion that together with awareness helps him to make plays. 2nd I’m torn hire because from one side I don’t think that he’d be a valueable addition to the roster, since the Broncos are preatty deep in cornerbacks, but he looks to be the type of player (physical and nasty) that the FO would like the roster to be. Fits the mental part and the scheme. To me in the 2nd round the Broncos could still look at other prospect before him but in the 3rd his value would be too high to pass up.
Cameron Erving C Florida State rSr 42160 313 1st As a former LT he’s really great in pass protection but really average in run game. His footwork is a work in progress as a ceter and his functional strength too. Will have to become more powerful against NFL NT. 2nd He’s still more of a LT developmental project than a sure fire C player. He’ll need time but could back up immediately at both position. Lower body power and overal strength will have to improve as well as feet movement to fit well in Kubiak zone scheme.
Laken Tomlinson OG Duke rSr 42158 323 2nd Athletic and strong prospect that shows really good footwork in the passing game. Needs to be more stount and gain better body balance in the running game especially when he moves to the second level. Lack elite explosion at the snap but recuperate with impressive athletic skills for a guy of his size and weigth. 2nd The Broncos need more than anything a Guard to play LG right away. Too mant RT have been moved to LG and then let go in FA in the past years and experiments have been done with no results. A true G has to be plug in and is IMO the number 1 priority. Tomlinson is really athletic and has power. His frame will allows him to put up some more pound of mucles to get more core strength and so better body balance. He could start right away, being average starter as a rookie but gaining experience. Has ton of potential and in the right scheme (and the zone blocking that Kubiak will imply looks to be ideal to emphatize his skills) he could become on e of the better and most feared G. The only knock on him is that explosion that is not elite and the lack of nastiness.
*Donovan Smith OT Penn State rJr 42161 338 2nd Good functional strength and power. Good footwork, great frame and size. Bend quite well for a man of his size. Atheticism reduced because of his size, still move well to the second line of defender. 2nd Will have to gain strength and get use to the speed of NFL pass rusher. Will begin at RT. Because of his size I don’t see him as perfect fit inicially in the zone blocking scheme. Still a solid player that could help right away a big number of teams.
Phillip Dorsett WR Miami (Fla.) Sr 42134 185 1st – 2nd Smaller type of wide receiver with huge speed and quickness. Athletic, will need to add bulk because the punishing hits. Could be employ as KR too. Has history of minor injuries. 2nd This kid is a playmaker but I don’t know if just because he’s fast or because he also the top notvh athleticism. I really like him and in any Miami video he jump out of the video. Still I think he’s a second rounder because he will have to prepare physically to the NFL.
Kurtis Drummond FS Michigan State rSr 6’1” 208 4th – 5th Physical player that are incredibly underrated. He plays with nastyness, has not top speed or acceleration but has great awareness and plays with desire. Can cover and support the run very well. 2nd – 3rd Really Solid and aggressive player. I would feet well in the kind of mentality the Broncos want to have. He does not do anything extremely well, maybe this is the knock on him. ut is a big error that I’m hoping the Bornoc swould not do. In late second I woud not cry, If he’s still o the board after the top 10 of the third round he’s really worthy a trade. He could help in special team in year one as hard hitting cover guy and learn the speed of the NFL backing up at FS. If the Bronbcos would get hin as late as with their own pick in the third he could become a major steal in a couple of years.
Denzel Perryman ILB Miami (Fla.) Sr 5’11” 236 3rd Hi lacks size and elite explision and speed. Other than that he’s the most complete ILB of this class. He plays aggressive, he tackles well and is fluid running chsing the ball carrier in open field. He’s agile and so not an easy target for open field blocker. He has some degree of exlosion especially north south to get the running back. He can drop back in coverage even if sometimes he miss hs assignment. he’s not afraid to tackle and to make the play. Pursue the tackle untill the whistle. 2nd – 3rd This is more complicated. I think that the Broncos could select him in at the end of the 2nd round because I don’t think he wil be available at the end of the 3rd. He could add aggressivemess and personality, he was the defense undisputed leader at Miami, while he will not bring in what also is missing on Denver roster: size. If he’s there at the end of the third he would be a huge bargain. Maybe late second is early given the Oline, Tes, Safeties and Dline needs the team has.
*Jordan Phillips NT Oklahoma rSo 42160 329 2nd Great size and frame, he’s a NT that shows some attractive athleticism for a guy od his size. Has strenght but I would like to see more power for a specimen like him, especially in his lowe body. Will have to gain it to be ready to start in the NFL. Lack elite quickness at the snap. Plays quite good against the run but overall he could have played more physically using his great size as leverage. 2nd – 3rd I like some of the thing I see from him but also I don’t see the aggressiveness I think the Broncos are looking for. Still he could be trained to gain power and he can learn to use his talents to be a starter in the nFL. What scares me a bit is that he is only a redshirt sophomore. I see less potential here than in Goldman case, I would not be happy if the Broncos use a 2nd on him and I dont think they will, given that they have really been careful selecting underclassmen high in the draft with John Elway (with the exception of QB). More of an high to middle 3rd rounder than a late 2nd.
Marcus Hardison DE – NT Arizona State Sr 42158 307 3rd – 4th Quick fist step and power. Really improved in his senior year will let to think that there is a lot of potential over a prettygood player already. Has great size, power and instinct. 2nd – 3rd The Broncoscould look for him at the end of the 2nd round, he could still be there. In Wade Phillips scheme he could cover both DE and NT. With a year os seasoning being he backup at E he could then eventually take over as a starter.
Hroniss Grasu C Oregon rSr 42158 297 2nd Quick dancing feet at the snap. Will have to gain power and strength to be a consistent blocker in the running game. Does a good but not excepcional job reaching the second level for blocking. Will have to raise his awareness and gain some bulk. 2nd – 3rd Lower grade than Erving because I don’t think grasu could play another position in the NFL. Still a very interesting and very possible target in the second round. His lack of elite power could allow him to be predent in the therd round.
Tre’ Jackson OG Florida State Sr 42159 330 2nd – 3rd Great size and great athleticism. Does a far better job in pass protection, showing really impressive footwork for a 330 pound man and lateral moves that allaws him to get clean checks against defenders. Incredibly IMO he need to get more powerful andf gain strength to be consistent in the running game. 2nd – 3rd I would not be completely happy if the Broncos would select him at the end of the second round but I rate him higher than Marpet and AJ Cann because I think he could start from day one for the Broncos given his pass blocking skills. He’ll be  work in progress against the run but is not that he cannot play. He has potential and could become All-Pro with very good coaching.
Jamil Douglas OG Arizona State rSr 42159 304 5th Powerful and athletic versitile Olineman that project better at G in the NFL due to less than ideal arms length. Moves really well and is really a force blocking in the run. Able to open holes in the running game reaching the second level with nasty demenour and power. Does have to do a little better job in bending but has a quick first step that helpos him getting the edge over the Dlinemen. Could have some problem with the speedy and ultra-athletic DEs due to his arms length when he cannot get the grip of the opponent with his hands. Perfect for zonbe blocking scheme that he played extensively at Arizona State. 2nd – 3rd Underrated prospect especially for a zone blocking team that surely have him rated high. In Denver he could compete from day 1 for the starting LG position and for this reason he’s maybe the second best prospect at pure G position for the Broncos in this draft and could be targeted by the team as hight as with the second round pick.
*T.J. Yeldon HB Alabama Jr 42156 226 2nd – 3rd Underrated. Maybe because of his injuries, but still underrated. He’s an hard nose explosive 3 downs running back and a nsty blocker and a pass catcher. 2nd – 3rd If the Broncos think he could play as a HB, he would be very worthy to be selected at the end of the 2nd round. The main reason is that defense will never know what is going on with the offense if he’s in in a double backs formation with one or two Tes. He’s a great runner but could be used to pave teh way to another RB or being used to catch the ball out of the backfield or to block for another catcher in and outside the backfield.
Jaquiski Tartt SS Samford rSr 6’1” 221 3rd Huge size and athletic abilities. Does not heve elite quickness but he’s fast and has acceleration. Hits hard. There is little videoon his ability in coverage. 3rd I think that he won’t last until the 4th round because of his size that will lead some teams to think that he could be the answer covering big and fast pass catching Tes. He actully could really be  but he played a lwer level od competition and dominate the running game there. the fact that apart for his INTs that is little evidence of coverage abiity in his highlights videos is not a good sign. I would prefere Denver to select him late in the 4th or even in the 5th, but I really dont think he will be still on the board then. The Broncos need a SS to grow and he has a ton of potential. Denver, barring character concerns, will strongly considering him in the late 3rd if he’s still on the board.
*Benardrick McKinney ILB Mississippi State rJr 6’4” 246 2nd Huge size for a modern ILB. Has great bulk and looks to be a gifted athletic. Not around the ball nearly as much as it could be  for a ILB of his size. Looks to have problems sheeding blocks at times. Great acceleration to get to the ball carrier when no obstacles are on his way but not rclearly fluid mpvement otherwise. Has great speed for his size and drops in coverage with better confidence that defending the run, which is a mistery to me given his size and power when he put himself at. 3rd I am a little bit torn here because his lack of physicality does not erase his physical gifts and he has enough speed and power to be used bot at ILB and OLB in the 3-4. If teams thinks like me he could be still there at the end of the 3rd round, free falling. The point is that it takes 32 teams to think like this and he is too gifted to be happening. Still there are several much more interesting and gifted physical players at the end of the second round that I would not be happy if the Broncos would select him there.
Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson Sr 6’3” 243 2nd Impatient his his reed, needs to learn not to step in foul in running support as he does with speedy outside runners because he does not have the explosion that he would need to recover his mistajken first step towards the line of scrimmegwe that erase  his chances to make the play. He play physically and have really good size. looks to be well built and his frame could also take some more pound on. Not afraid to drop in coverage even if sometimes he’s not completely fluid in his running. 3rd He is actually a work I n progress with less physical skills than McKinney. His overrunning the lay is the major problem followed that a lack of tackling technique that leads to too many arm tackles that in the NFL simply would not make the cut. Stll he plays with willingness and try alweays t be around the ball which I like. I like his size too that is missing on Denver roster at the moment but still I won’t use a precious 2nd rounder, maybe better a 3rd round pick, given Denver currently roster situation.
Grady Jarrett DE – NT Clemson Sr 42156 304 2nd Undersized quick Dlinemen that is able to create penetration both against the runa and pass. Especially skilled against the run, use very well his lower body to anchor and push the Olinemen in the direction he decides. At times overrun the play leaving huge holes where to run through. 3rd I think he could be used in any position of the 3-4 defense especially in running plays. He could provide depth in his rookie year and then maybe take over a starting position next year. My knock on him is that I thik the Broncos look for bigger sizes and could have remove him from their board. He has talent and power. Plays aggressive and these all all the traits the Broncos are looking for.
*Danielle Hunter DE LSU Jr 42160 252 2nd Has some quickness and keep the motor running. Lack the power that could be expected from a guy of his size. Has a quick firsdt step but lack elite acceleration but make up with good movements and use of hands to shed blocks. 3rd Wghat I do like is the he keeps playing and fighting. He will need to gain strenght and power in the NFL without losing his quick first step that could allow him to get to the QB. Also looks to understand and be able to hold the position in the running game, although at time he can miss the tackle. He will need time to learn to drop in coverage and I think that it could take a couple of years but his fighting mid set should allow him to become a reliable starter for a good NFL team.
Nate Orchard DE Utah Sr 42158 250 2nd Strong at the point of attack, great run defender with no-stop motor. Looks fluid running and chasing the ball carrier. Does not have elite quickness to elude pass blocker consistently but he keeps coming so his production is really high. 3rd Solid prospect with maybe less potential than others but that can provide goos backing up for wearing down veterans, especially in the running game. Can play 3-4 OLB but will need time to learn how to drop in coverage.
Henry Anderson DE Stanford rSr 42161 294 4th Not flashy but a physiscal and resilience palyer that has maybe less quickness at the snap but make up with great power, high motor and speed. Able to move to olineman and to play against double teams. Create great pressure in the pass defense and is also disruptive in the running game. 3rd He is incredibly suited for the kind of 3-4 de Broncos wants to run. As DL he could play both DE and NT for what Wade Phillips is looking for. In my opinion he could provide immediate help. He does not have a ton of potential, I think that what is there in his videos is what you get, but to me looks enought to justify an high 3rd round pick, definetely is he’d be there at the end of the third it would be a steal for a team like the Broncos thet would be in the market for e-4 DLinemen.
Clive Walford TE Miami (Fla.) rSr 42159 251 2nd – 3rd Really great size and strength for a TE. Does a really good job blocking and looks really complete there. Is fastmore than quick and maybe not the best athlete in pads. Looks explosive the forst few steps after the catch. 3rd Looks like quite ready for the NFL, will still have to ger ready for the power and the speed of the game. Could help initially in blocking and special teams and as the years goes could be able to get a catch here and there. I don-t see an incredible high ceiling for him but he-s certaily woth a 3rd eound pick by the Broncos that might have also to trade up in the 3rd to get him ot trade down from the second round few spots. In the second round there could be really interesting players.
Jeff Heuerman TE Ohio State Sr 42160 254 3rd – 4th less athletic skills but still great size and frame. Improved his run blocking skills from 2013 and 2014, has some sped and has a nose to get open. Has to still get better at pass blocking. 3rd He was too much productive in college to not be selected in the second day of the draft especially in this week TE class. He could be interesting for the Broncos because his run blocking skills and his verticsl speed. Tough atill a developing player he showed bigger improvement from year to year.
MyCole Pruitt TE Southern Illinois rSr 42157 251 3rd – 4th Smaller kind of TE but with big frame and a chance to be an effective HB in the NFL. Does a ggreat jon in the run blocking game and shows quick first steps after the catch and good and smooth accelerationa nd running after the catch. Maybe a little stiff runnig the routs before to get open. 3rd Like a lot for the Denver scheme. He could be developed fpr one year and then take over after Casey as HB that can block for ther RB or in the passing game or either being targeted as a receiver in every position on the field. He could become a very dangeroud weapon if developen in a scheme like Denver one.
B.J. Finney C Kansas State rSr 42159 318 3rd Big and powerful dancer thas has a really good functional strength. Block well with power agsints the run and move himself to the second level or push backwords his opponent in every NFL purchasing. 3rd Not explosive but a really great pickup in the 3rd round, he would really challenge for the spot. Has great technique against the pass and is developing his technique and game to NFL speed and power.
A.J. Cann OG South Carolina rSr 42158 313 2nd Has good size, less athletic than Tomlinson, have good footwork at times and does aa good job in run blocking, both in the power pulling and in the zone block. Need to raise his awareness and footwork in the passing game, getting a better body balance and quicker lateral movement because at times he loses his block on the opponent for lack of agility. 3rd I heve him lesser rated than Tomlinson because the lack of lateral agility. Plus I think that he won’t be ready to start on day one in a zone blocking scheme, although he could thrive if coached and developed both in technique and mentality. Still a good prospect that could be quite good addition to Denver roster providing competition for the starting role as a rookie and mosto probably becoming full time starter since year 2.
Ali Marpet OG Hobart Sr 42159 307 2nd – 3rd Off course there aren’t many videos on him. Still he has a lot of athleticism, not for the show at the combine but because the way he compete in the senior bowl, holding his point against division I stars. He will need to add some muscle and he also will need to learn more technique. 3rd I won’t be a day 1 starter by any means for the Broncos, but he  has the potential to become a pro-bowl G or C for the Broncos given his athleticism and his projected versatility in the zone blocking scheme.
Daryl Williams OG Oklahoma rSr 42160 327 3rd Powerful, not elite feet quickness. Shows some body balance that is remarkable for a man of his size. Is able to pull his assignment out of the play amd maintain the block until the whistle. Looksto have the natural body of a G, just a little bit more athletic and intriguing in the pass protection. 3rd I have a 3rd round grade on him as a G for the Broncos because he does not have quick enough feet to become a day one RT and does not have the quickness of other prospect at G. Still would be a really interesting prospect and could earn a day one starting gig at G due to his power in the run game, quick feet enough for an interior Olinemam and above average in pass protection for a rookie.
Devin Smith WR Ohio State Sr 36678 196 2nd Speedster. Ultrafast and quick. Has eally good hands and looks to be powerful in his lower body. Does not shine in blocking has his size and frame would indicate. 3rd He will be selected in the 2nd round before the Broncos will made their selections. I don’t think there is any need to trade up for him, he has some awareness and concentration problem but more over he fits best a kind of passing game that includes big time long throws  which I don’t think the Broncos are willing to use much under Kubiak at least until Peyton Manning is in town. If he is still on the board when Denver selects in the third round he could be the target.
Rashad Greene WR Florida State Sr 42135 182 2nd Great route runner with some speed and power. Has some athleticism that help him change direction ultra quickly. Willing blocker. His size will penalize him in the NFL. Will have to get a really good functional strength and bulk up a bit. 3rd He’s  more a slot WR that can play outside because his precise routes. Dos not have elite speed or quickness so a bit of a WR tweener. End of the Line he will make plays and move the chains. A late 3rd as the Broncos at the moment own, will be a great value.
David Johnson HB Northern Iowa rSr 42156 224 2nd – 3rd Lacks quickness and speed at the snap, Vewry athletic and has a great frame that will allow him to put up some more muscles necessary to him to survive in the NFL with his aggressive and physical style of play. Willing blocker that could and will have to learn more on that, incredibke WR that have 1 or 2 extra gears hitting the open field, Has an incredible amount of yards after catches. 3rd He could be very dangerous in a kubiak offense, Ironically he’s listed as RB but is where he’s less dangerouns. He could be the HB/FB/TE the Broncos raveshing about. I really like his pursue and all the effort and extra yards he squeeze out of any play he’s in. I would like the Bronocs to trade up at the bedinnng of the 3rd round to get him, because I think at the end of the second there will be some interesting player falling.
Jeremy Langford RB Michigan State rSr 36678 208 3rd All around RB that has no fear of contact and is able to make a second and a 3rd effort after contact. Willful blocker has been also targeted in the passing game. Impressive power and athleticism. Can get an extra gear on open field. 3rd To me he has all the tools to be a 1st round pick, for the videos on him. I think the Broncos will take in mind pure RB starting from the 3rd round, this is the reason I have him as a 3rd rounder. Like a lot this player.
Ibraheim Campbell SS Northwestern rSr 5’11” 208 3rd – 4th Fast reading and good tackling in open field. Lasck elite speed and quickness but has good instinct and knowledge of the game. Will need to get stronger and understand NFL speed 3rd – 4th I like a lot what I saw in his videos, he will need time to adjust his game to NFL speed and power but meanwhile he could help on special teams. He has grat istincts and looks to be a SS while decent covering ablity. Is quite a bargain even if time will be needed to develop the physical and learning aspects of his game.
Jordan Hicks ILB Texas rSr 42156 236 3rd – 4th Has some size and quickness. Looks tought. Has speed and know how to put himself to be ablr to make a play. Takes good tackle angles. Will need tobulk up and learn how to play a NFL speed. 3rd – 4th I do really like what I saw in his videos. He will be a good NFL player and is easy to see how he like to play. Could be a bit more aggressive but have really solid technique. He could play ILB in the broncos 3-4.
*P.J. Williams CB Florida State Jr 6-0 194 2nd – 3rd Has good size and frame. Will have to gain strength and become more powerful. Does a really good job againts the run. Can imporve a bit his footwork but does already a good enough job. Plays really physical and likes to tackle. 3rd – 4th He could be too good to pass up in the 4th round. Does not have a great potential, but coudl become a realiable nickel with a year of seasoning.
D’Joun Smith CB Florida Atlantic Sr 42282 187 2nd – 3rd Smaller type of DB that has a good frame anyhow. He has to raise his awareness and footwork at times. Stout tackling, has a quick first steps but then does not have elite speed and agility with the pads on. 3rd – 4th He plays aggressively againts the run, has the required quickness to be effective in blitzes and has experience in playing man to man cover. Still needs time to develop and the Broncos are not in dire need of CB. It helps  that he could be used as return man too. As CB I think he could be a valuable 4th round pick because his lack of speed and awareness.
Andy Gallik C Boston College rSr 42157 306 4th – 5th Strong and aggressive. Give flashed of explosion and has a remarkable body control while engaged with the defender. Has to gain some lower body strength and power to better anchor in the running game and the maintain balance while blocking in movement. Not really fluid in running but able to make nasty blocks on the second level. 3rd – 4th Really solid prospect that looks to me quite ready to start in the NLF. He will have to gain lower body strength and get use to the NFL power and speed but overall I think he’s underrated
Arie Kouandjio OG Alabama rSr 42160 310 3rd Huge size and frame. Quite athletic for a guy of this size. Powerful but could become stronger. Has good footwork in the passing game, has to control better the pad level and lack a bit of quickness and nastyness sfter the snap. Quite good while moving to reach the second level, Lack elite agility and lateral movement  a little weak. 3rd – 4th He had surgery to both knees and this scare me a bit out of the third round, you just cannot havea third round spend on a player that maybe won’t even play in the NFL. Then again even with this concern, he won’t be on the board at the end of the 4th round, if still on the board at the beginning of the 4th he will be selected in the first 6 or 7 picks of the 4th round. I would lobe if Denver will trade up at the beginning of the 4th to get him. A 4th round is low enought for gamble, worse case is another Blake, best case a immediate starter with great potential that could make him a pro-bowler.
Anthony Harris SS Virginia Sr 6’1” 183 2nd – 3rd Looks a little short in power for what he’ll face in the NFL. Looks to have good tacles fundamental, could be not the most athletic DB of the draft but has great istincts and looks confortable on coverage. His heights is perfect. 4th He lacks perfect weights and could need a year to develop phisically as Rahim Moore needed. Looks to be a really similar player maybe a little less flashy than Moore. I would wait until the 4th round to look at him just because I think I will have to spend the rookie year learning NFL speed and routes and mainly getting bigger and stronger.
Damarious Randall FS Arizona State rSr 5’11” 196 2nd – 3rd Smaller type of safety. Looks to be more a FS than a SS, know how to read routes and make the correct coverage. Lacks physical tools to be stout against the run. Will have to gain muscles and power in order to play physical and remain as fast as he has been in college. Has good but not great technique that a good team could develop. Will need at least one year of study before he could be an effective NFL FS. 4th I think he could be a good backup for the Broncos during his first two years in the league. If the team coaches will do well ad they did In the past 4 years with DBs, there is no reason Randall could not become an effective starter in the NFL. I don’t think he will even be a great run stuffer, but he could reach Rahim Moore level of effectiveness in thta area. A late 4th round because I think he will be ready in year 3, not before.
*James Sample SS Louisville rJr 6’2” 209 4th – 5th Rangy safety that could get the job done bot as SS and as FS. Will need a year more or less to adapt to NFL speed but tackles well and has enough speed and instinct to understand were the ball will be placed and be there on time. 4th The Bronocs are for syre looking for a S that could be both energetic as a SS and rangy as FS. Sample looks to be exactly what they are looking for. He has great size, good freame, even if not incredible, bit moreover he has grat istinct that would allow hm, if coached well early, to becoem a very good started in the NFL, eventual character issue aside.
Markus Golden DE Missouri rSr 42157 260 4th – 5th Physical player that always plays aggressive football. Has quickness and power. Lack really ideal size and looks to be off sometimes. When the motor is on he could really get it going in the backfield. I do think that his best NFL position is DE in a 4-3 scheme but shines aggressiveness that could make him and affective 3-4 DE too. I don’t see him converting in a 3-4 OLB. 4th I like his physical play and when his motor is on, is hard not to notice him on the field. When the motor isn’t on he could easily be stonewalled. If not for this he could be a high 2nd round pick by any team I any scheme. I like him as 3-4 DE for the Broncos, maybe even switching to NT in pass rush subpackeges. Plus the Bronocs interviewed him at the senior bowl.
*Xavier Cooper DE – NT Washington State rJr 42158 293 2nd – 3rd He is a little undersized and need to do a better job anchoring against the run. Has a great quick first step that allows him to burnst in the backfield several time but have to learn to have a better body balance to be able to maximize his quickness and create more pressure. Needs to get more powerful and gain strength. 4th This is a good prospect with a to of potential, all his weakness could be coached up but the amount of development would make him be a part time backup in his rookie year. I highly doubt the Broncos plan to use a 2nd or a 3rd round pick on a Dlinemen that most probably will have to use his rookie year developing strength and gaining power. Still he would be a steal at the end of the 4th round, and a player that most probably, under the right coaching, could play oth DE and NT for the Broncos undr Wade Phillips. That quick first step and burnst cannot be coached.
*Rakeem Nunez-Roches DE – NT Southern Mississippi rJr 42157 307 3rd A little undersized but powerful and aggressive Dlinemen that has a lot of potential. Looks raw in technique and will have to gain lower body strenght. Lack elite quickness but is really athletic for a guy of his size. 4th I really this prospect. He need development but couldeventually play both NT and DE in Wade Phillips scheme. He is aggressive, so much that at time he is worn out, which is coachable and perfect for a prospect that would be backup for the first two years aof his career. Has a lot of upper body power that would just be boosted id he can gain more lower body power and strength. In the forth round he could be a gem.
*Mario Edwards Jr. DE Florida State Jr 42158 279 2nd – 3rd Looks to be more suited to become a 3-4 DE. Has problem balancing his body and anchoring against the running game. Is at his best whike creating pressure in the passing defense. Relentless and energetic. 4th My grade is reflecting also his concussión history and the problems teams could face nowadays with players that could end up playing for a shorter time due to a more conscius approach to this matter. He could be a late 2ns rounder ar early third rounder by his inside pass rushing ability, highly coveted in the NFL, bur the concussión history will scare out nore than one team.
Trey Flowers DE Arkansas Sr 42157 266 2nd – 3rd High motor player, really energetic and powerful. Does not have ideal size but plays until the whistle and is relentess. Does not have elite quickness but possess great technique and uses his hands very well to shed blocks and keeps himself on the play. 4th For the Broncos point of view he lacks size to be a 3-4 DE. He could be a 3-4 OLB but will need time to develop and to learn to drop in coverage. He looks to be a pure 4-3 DE.
Za’Darius Smith DE Kentucky Sr 42159 274 3rd – 4th Quick first step for a player of his size, strong and powerful 3-4 DE. Has problem shedding blocks once the Olineman has put his hands on him but is resilient and play until the whistle. 4th Good thirf day prospect that would need time to adapt to NFL speed and power but that could bring some depth form day one. His first step is really good for a player of his size and could interest the Broncos quite a lot.
*Tyler Kroft TE Rutgers rJr 42160 246 4th Pass catching TE with some good upside in the run block. Has great size and could get bigger and stronger to better hold at the point of attack and will need to have better footwork to be able to move while blocking and not let the opponent disengage his block. Run well and fast but is not reallt explosive. Does not hit a second gear while in open field letting defenders get back at him. Quick first steps. 4th I like whatI saw from him, he looks, in this year draft class, like a poor man Maxx Williams for body type and style of playing, showing Williams a more athletic abilities. He shows that have the tarits to block and under coaching he could get better at. Denver does not need a starter but a prospect witj good fundamentals to develop in one or evem two years. He could really be that kind of player. If he still on the board at the ned of the 4th his selection would make a ton on sense for the Broncos.
Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M rSr 42160 306 2nd – 3rd Quick feet, will need to get stronger and more powerful. Will have to raise his awareness, does a far better jon in the pass blocking. Not fluid while running, slow to get to the next level. 4th He’s need a lot of coaching and I would say that he could be at least a 1 year project at RT and quite more at LT. His run blocking is suspicious due to the lack of strength but this could be masked in the zone blocking scheme by good blocking angle, which I don’t se consistently by him. The Broncos interviewed him and I was curious to see him but now I doubt what the Broncos saw.
Ty Sambrailo OG Colorado State rSr 42161 311 3rd – 4th Not quick enough to play LT, quicker and powerful in the run protection, can pull his assignment back several yards. Bend well his knees in the passing protection, have not elite lateral movement and not elite athleticism. 4th I have a high 4th round on him as OG for the Broncos. He does not have elite athleticism or quick feet to play OT right away for Denver, maybe with a couple of years of coaching but I still doubt it. Instead he has the frame to become more powerful and strong and play at OG almost right away in a zome blocking scheme where he would have superior pass blocking ability due to his college experience at OT and could use his size to pull away defenders in the running game.
Lorenzo Mauldin OLB Louisville Sr 42159 259 3rd Powerful with good quickness and acceleration. Has average size for the NFL and will have to do a better job with his footwork. Not as agile as some other pass rushers. Could get even more powerful and become really good against the run. No evidence of dropping in coverage. Looks like a 1 year developmental 4-3 rounded DE more than a 2 years project on a 3-4 defense. 4th – 5th Defender with a great frame and great burst and acceleration. He pursued well the ball corrier near the LOS and have the abilities to create havoc in the backfield. Will need time to adapt his game to NFL speed and power and will have to learn to drop in coverage if he-s going to play for the Broncos.
*Christian Covington DE – NT Rice rJr 42157 289 4th – 5th Heis size is not great but his frame is huge and his athletic abilities off the roof. Some injury concern. That apart he could be a mid-rounds gem, He is explosive, aggressive and powerful, 4th – 5th The late forth compensation pick would be a great gift if used on a prospect with potential as Covington, given that he’s still on the board. He could play His athletic abilities and power would give the Broncos the choice to play him NT or DE.
Josh Shaw CB Southern California rSr 6-0 201 3rd Good size and frame. Tackles well and has some really good speed. Could play both CB and S. Come down fast in run support and is able to stay in man to man coverage. Just does not do anything elite to warrant a high pick (end of first beginning of second) and there is quite some doubt about character concerns after his lying about his anckle injury. 4th – 5th He could definetely be that the Broncos removed him from  their board because his lying to USC coaches. If the FO did not erased his name, at the very least they have a lower round grade because of the risk of a potential immaturity issue. He fits what the Broncos are looking for and has really god traists to become with some time, a good safety that could defend run and pass.
Steven Nelson CB Oregon State Sr 42282 197 3rd – 4th Smaller type of CB that is not afraid of contact. Has a good frame and can add some bulk. Has good speed but can be pushed around a bit. Very athletic has to improve is footwork and functional strength. 4th – 5th He’s aggressive but lacks the strength necessary to be effective in the NFL. Will need time to develop his body to NFL power and to learn better angles in tackling.
*Jacoby Glenn CB UCF rSo 6-0 179 4th Underclassman that mede a lots of plays the past season with UCF. He’s a ballhawk that has really good athletic skills and could play man to man cover. Lack elite closing speed. Could be converted to FS with some development time. Will need to bulk up and learn better footwork to be consistently making plays. 4th – 5th He’s an interesting prospect that declared too early. He could become a good player in the NFL if he’ll have the heart to. Could be possible converted to FS even though he could play CB once he get use to the speed of the game in the NFL and will have ad some pounds to his body.
Malcolm Brown RB Texas Sr 42135 224 5th – 6th Powerful cut back runner with a great patience and sense for the play. Great balance and acceleration. Has good vision nad always able to gain extra yardage after the first contact. Underrated. Really complete. Should be ranked higher. 4th – 5th Reminds me of a lighter Terrel Davis, less powerful but with the same kind of cutback running style, unafraid of contact and with really good elusiveness. Capable of progression and able blocker. Has some pass catching capability too. To me he shpould be considered a late 2nd or 3rd rounder from zone blocking scheme looking for an all around runner that culd take 20 – 25 run per game and could be used as 3 down back.
Derron Smith FS Fresno State rSr 5’10” 200 3rd Shorter kind of safety that has really nose for the ball and play physical. Somehow looks shorter that what he is. Will probably need a couple of years of development and I don’t know if he would and could play on special teams. Still has good instincts and play aggressive. 5th If he slides into the 5th and the broncos still have the extra 5th, he could be a good addition for development. Not before.
Clayton Geathers SS UCF rSr 6’2” 218 5th Great size. Higly productive college player, isn’t afraid tom post a big hit and to close doors in the running game. He is physical and have athleticism. 5th He will need to learn to play better in coverage and to adjust his game to the NFL speed. Looks to be a bit of a project but could bring immediate help in special teams.
*Kwon Alexander ILB LSU Jr 42156 227 3rd – 4th Good size and awaewness. He’s a student ofnthe game that makes plays by knowing where to put himself by the beginning of the play. Looks to be always in the position of his assignment. Has good but not great strenght, will need toget more powerful. Lack quickness and speed. Has good acceleration. 5th He will need to get use to the NFL speed and power. This is rhe reason I don’t think he could be considered better than Lamine Barrow. What I do like is his ability to create plays not being the most athletic gy on the defense. It shows a lot of football acumen and film study and hard work. He’ll need one year of adjustment but, even if he does not have the best potential, on the right 3-4 scheme, he could become a dependable player.
Zach Hodges OLB Harvard Sr 42157 250 5th – 6th Played against lower competition but dominated. Has average size but really good athleticism and  power. Has a really quick first step and looks to have a good body balance too, Will need to learn how to play at the NFL speed and power. 5th Intriguing prospect that looked dominant at against lower competition and that have the physical tools to develop into a good NFL player.
Gabe Wright DE Auburn Sr 42158 300 4th Good size, lack elite power, has good functional strenght and good length. Needs to gain power and disengage better from blocks. 5th He lacks elite explosion and power. He has a quick step at the snap and shows strength to push his blocker but in his deep Dlinemen class overall he didn’t impressed me much.
Lynden Trail DE Norfolk State rSr 42162 269 3rd – 4th Dominated at his level of competition. Has great size and has to develop his game in order to learn to play at NFL speed and against powerful olinemen and Tes. I think that his natural posiction in the NFL should be 3-4 DE, adding weight and power to his frame. 5th Early 5th round is when the Broncos could take in count this florida transfer. He will need to be developed physically, adding weight and muscles and will also have to learn playbook and to play at NFL speed. At least 2 years proyect that could give dividends starting the 3rd year.
Corey Crawford DE Clemson rSr 6′ 5” 283 4th – 5th Great size for a defensive lineman. I think he could be converted in a 3-4 DE but will have to blk up a bit and become stronger. Athletic for a guy of his size is able to move in space well and create some pressure. Does not have elite quickness and speed but looks really stout 5th He’s one of the prospects that could interest the Broncos in yhe middle rounds to create depth at the D-line for the new 3-4 scheme. He has the size and the power required by the scheme and although he won’t record a hige number of sack, could learn his way to create a lot of pressure on NFL QBs. He need to develop his game to adapt to NFL speed.
Nick O’Leary
TE Florida State Sr 42158 252 4th – 5th Football player that has not the traits of an athlete but knows how to play football and he’s good at. He will have to become strnger to go on with his power style in the NFL and will need to learn a better blocking technique. He could become a prototypical NFL H-back, does not have the speed to break open after the catch but knows how to get hopen and make catches. Looks natural running with the ball after the catch and he is not afraid of taking hits. Not explosive but persistent, he keeps coming and playing and moce the chains. 5th He could become the next Casey for the Broncos, the possession TE that does not have the elite size but that is willing to do the dirty job and still move the chains. He could help right away a bitbut with one year of seasoning and body proparation he could really become a weapons under Kubiak offensive scheme.
Mitch Morse OG Missouri rSr 42160 305 3rd – 4th Great size, powerful but lack athleticism. Played T in college (RT and then LT) but will convert to G in the NFL due to his lack of ideal agility and footwork. Does a good job againts the pass, bending well and  having a good control of his body, has trouble againts speedy pass rusher that enforce his lack of speed in footwork. 5th He will need a little time to adapt and the learn how to play G, but has power and is able to pull the interior Dlineman the direction he wants. I think that with good coaching and barring injuries in training camp he could challenge for the starting spot by the middle of the season. For this reason only a 5th rounder.
Tyrus Thompson OT Oklahoma rSr 42160 324 4th Quick feet enough, does a good job in the run game pulling his assignment. Anyhow more a puller than powerful. Could have problems with quick and fast pass rusher at time. 5th He could develop I a good LT in the NFL in a zone blocking scheme team. Has les power that what needed to succeed in the power blocking but have quick feet. I  don’t see him being a RT or a G and I can envision a copule of year before he’d be ready to start as a solid player.
Mike Hull OLB Penn State rSr 36678 237 4th – 5th Solid old style north-south LB that has great instincts and tackles well. Not the most athletic prospect, but has a great awareness. Does not look to have the best potential but always plays solid football and makes a tons of plays. 5th – 6th He will need time to adjust to the NFL power and speed, to learn polished routs. I gove a 5th to 6th round because I think his lack od speed could be a huge concern for most teams and his lack of lateral movement too. Still he’s a football player that knows how to play football and make plays. I think he could develop in a really solid 3-4 ILB in the NFL.
Ray Drew DE Georgia Sr 6′ 4” 284 5th Good size, great athleticism. Is capable to create pressure even if he still have to learn DE pass rushing technique. Able to move the pile. Didn’t play much in college but has a ton of potential to become a 3-4 DE 5th – 6th I think this prospect is another player that could be selected by the Broncos in the later rounds and developed to become a starter at 3-4 DE in year 3 or so. Could bring depth as a rookie and it would  be important to know if his athleticism would allow him to play special teams.
Ben Koyack TE Notre Dame Sr 42160 255 4th Kind of blocking type TE. He has some speed and pass catch ability but lack explosion and big time athletic skills. Has incredible size and power. 5th – 6th At best a 5th. The lack of explosiveness and athletic ability will maybe lock him at occasional pass catcher and just run blocker and special teamer.
Shaquille Mason OG Georgia Tech Sr 42157 304 5th Athletic Olineman that played G in college. Has a great fram and moves really well between the lines. Has power to push back the defender quite easily and run well to reach the second level. Have to learn to use his hands better and to finish his block stronger. 5th – 6th Not explosive and a little bit robotic in his foodsteps in pass protection but not bad at all overall. I do really like his range in the running game and I think he could really become a starter in the league if well coached within a couple of years of learning. He could immediately help in special team coverage.
*Matt Jones HB Florida Jr 42157 231 4th – 5th Power back with good acceleration and blocking skills. Lack quickness and sudden change of direction due to his size. Is a bigger target for defender but has always second efforts to get more yardage after contact. Athletic lack some strength that will have to gain to play in the NFL. Able to accelerate but lack quick first step to hit holes flying. Has some pass catching skills but was not targeted enough to have a clear idea of what he can do. 5th – 6th To me he is interesting as HB: he can block he can run some and let’s see if he can catch the ball out of the backfield consistently. He will really need to bulk up and become more powerful especially in the upper body to be able to pave the way to a RB and to block at any level of the field, not just cutblocks or lower legs ones. This is the reason as why I see him more as a 6th rounder the a 5th, but the broncos have a early and late 5th, maybe with the latter.
*Josh Robinson RB Mississippi State rJr 42132 217 5th quick and powerful inside the tackles runner. Good blocker too. Knows how to accelerate while hitting he hole and is not afraid of contact. Has some elusiveness and great body balance. 5th – 6th I really like his production and the fact that he looks to be a willing blocker. His style of running remind me of CJ Anderson. He has limited lateral speed. To me he can be a three down back. I have a low grade on him only because the Broncos already have Anderson, overal I think he could be a really valuable 3rd round pick just because his size.
*Chris Hackett FS TCU rJr 6-0 195 6th Aggressive defensive back that looks to have good tackling technique but lack some physical tool to replicate his hard hitting style in the NFL. Has to learn to be patient but looks like a good mix of run stuffer and coverage guy. Sill will have to bulk up and does not look to have the elite speed that would gain him eary rounds attention. 6th Heeis asolid football player that lack a bit of explosoipn to be considered before in the draft. Still his aggressiveness, tackling technique and coverage skills could help him become an solid NFL player. Will need time to develop his body in order to continue being successfully aggressive in the NFL too.
Ramik Wilson ILB Georgia Sr 6’2” 237 4th – 5th Has great size and power. Good first quick step, sometimes is out of posicion because he overrun the play but he’s able to recover and chase the ball carrier. Can drop in coverage a little but could be a liability in the complex NFL route running. Does a solid job against the run thought unspectacular. Has history of concussion 6th Because the size, the Broncos would need to add a big and strong ILB to their group. Plus he has some good athletic ability. His concussion history is the scary part and also is actual coverage abilities. His overrunning the play could be correct teaching good footworking and he still have to learn to make a good job shedding blocks.
Hayes Pullard ILB Southern California rSr 6’0” 240 5th – 6th Few videos on him. He can stay in coverage a bit, well built good speed and acceleration, looks fluid in open field and stout against the run. Has average size, thought has a great frame and could add some weight on. 6th Could be a sleeper prospect that does not have great potential but with the right seasoning to understand NFL speed and power could just be plugged in and do all the right things. Still the Broncos have bigger developmental needs to use a 5th round on him. A 6th has been used on Trevathan that was much better on tape realy pumping up. But also a 6th has been used on Mike Mohammed that actually would have the size the Broncos are looking for. Underrated prospect in this weak 2015 ILB class.
Geneo Grissom DE Oklahoma rSr 42158 262 5th Not enough videos on him. 6th The Broncos had an interview with him at the senior bowl. Since he played both DE and TE in his collegiate career I’m guessing Denver is intrigued by his athleticism. Even tought he’s listed and a possible 3-4 OLB I do think that his body frame could be perfect for an athletic and powerful 3-4 DE.
*Jesse James TE Penn State Jr 42162 261 3rd – 4th Inconsistent pass catching TE that has to get better at run and pass blocking too. Has great size abd frame and some speed. Lack eite explosion and athletic abilities. 6th Lacks explosion athat is what Denver is looking for together with blocking abilities after Julius Thomas signed with the Jaguars.
Blake Bell TE Oklahoma rSr 42161 252 5th Great size and frame. Used a lot in blocking both against the run and pass at the LOS and at the second level. Shows good fluidity running with the ball after the catch and lloks natural catching the ball. Willing to block but really have to address his technique and close his blocks or keep the block until the whistle because too many time he’s in the position and owns the block to just let it free and allow his assignement to make the tackle. 6th The Beoncos interviewed him and he has tohe look of the H-back they are for sure looking to add to the roster. I like more O’Leary because of his continous making play and I think that both have to improve their blocking skills a lot. Bell has great size and maybe bigger potential for getting stronger and more powerful, that is a must for him to succeed in the NFL as H-back.
Mark Glowinski OG West Virginia rSr 42159 307 4th – 5th Juco Transfer that got better each of the two year he spent in WVU. He’s powerful and still a bit raw but has great potential and look to be a really good football player. Does heve to learn better technique especially n pass protection, 6th Developmental player that could be depth in his rookie year while learning schemes and technique.
*Jeremiah Poutasi OG Utah Jr 42160 335 5th – 6th Great size and frame. Does a good job in the run blocking moving and pulling his opponent. He’s a T that will convert into G in the NFL because he has problems with his footwork and would nor sustain the speed and quickness of speedy NFL pass rusher. Has to get better body balance and do a better job at bending. Not agile and reactive, cannot regain balance to a double move of an opponent and struggle againts speed in the pass protection. 6th This will be a development pick. He will need to learn how to play G against NFL powerful and quick interior D-linemen. Still have to power, strength and skillset to accomplish the switch if couached well and become a reliable starter in the league, especially in the zone blocking scheme where he’d benefir by his experience at T in college.
Terrence Magee RB LSU Sr 42132 213 5th – 6th Smaller type of back which size will not help in making him a three down back in the NFL. Has great balance and run hard hitting the hole with soeed and accelerating. At his best when running outside tackle or tosses. Is a willing blocker but his size will be cause of concern. Has some pass catching skills aout of the backfield too. 6th I like what this prospect brings to the table. I’m not saying hat the Broncos should draft a RB in this draft. I’m saying that if they are looking for this player has talent and is a real football player. Worth a shot competig with Hillman for the change of pace guy with the advantage of the blocking skills and will.
Trevor Siemian QB Northwestern rSr 42069 220 CFA Poised underrated prospect that has armstrenght and has really good mechanics. Injured in his senior year, not the talest prospect but all in all a project with good starting material under the right coaching. He could become a good starter in the NFL. Underrated 6th He injured himself during his senior season. He played at Northwestern. These have to be the reason why nobody looks to have this QB on his radar. The Broncos worked him out and I think they are right on the money with this prospect. He can make a lots of throws and looks to have really good mechanics and be mobile. Two of the most important things Kubiak and Elway look on QB. It happens also that he looks to have a really strong arm. Watch out Broncos Country. I think, since nobody looks to be looking at him thta the Broncos should spend a 6th rounder maybe trading up a bit in the 6th round, to get him. He’s a perfect fit for Kubiak offense and this draft doesn’t look any deep at any position IMO.
*Durrell Eskridge FS Syracuse rJr 6’3” 208 4th Tall type of safety that will need to learn a better technique for open field tackles and do a better job on shedding blocks. Has potential but will have forst to gain muscles and power to also absorb the NFL hits. Has speed but somehow is not overly rangy. 6th – 7th Is my Broncos grade because I think he could be developed but it will take more than two years. Remind some of a Bruton type with less speed and special team potential. Still he has exceptional size for a S has room the put on more muscle and power.
Taiwan Jones ILB Michigan State Sr 6’3” 245 5th Not that many videos on him. He has size but lack explosion and speed. Also does not have elite athleticism and have to learn better tackling angles. He’s really powerful. And could be a really good run stuffer in the NFL. 6th – 7th As Mike Mohammed, a slowerMLB that has problem if cought I coverage. Has the size that the Broncos are looking for and the righ aggressiveness that it takes to make plays on the runner.
Leterrius Walton NT Central Michigan rSr 42160 319 4th – 5th Huge size and good athletic abilities. Would need more time to develop his game for the NFL, learning how to use his strenght and becomingmore powerful. Does not have elite explosion and quickness. 6th – 7th I see more time invested in developing him and a lack of explosion that would make him a developmental candidate for the NT position but only later in the draft.
James Rouse DE Marshall rSr 42160 277 7th – CFA Big and strong. Plays with nastiness and has an excellent progression after the first step. He’s a penetrator DL so he could be a gem for teams that play offensive defense. 6th – 7th IMO late in this draft Denver could find one or two Dlinemen to develop over two years and ending up having two starters. He looks to me a thinner Malik Jackson, he plays with the same nastiness and energy.
Austin Shepherd OT Alabama rSr 42159 315 4th – 5th Really quick feet, does a far better job in pass blocking than in the running game. Lack strength and power, will have to add muscles in the NFL. Have also to learn to bend better his knees. 6th – 7th Developmental RT for zone blocking scheme team. He has good size but lack power and strength meanwhile shows quick feet and good pass blocking. He will need time, good coaching and will to develop in a reliable RT in a span of a couple of years.
Adrian Amos FS Penn State Sr 6-0 218 5th – 6th College ranks hard hitting safety that does well his assignment but does not excel in size, speed or athleticism. Can get hard time shedding blocks and does not have and extra gear o open field. Good football instincts. 7th Looks to be stout player but IMO lack the top fluidity for a NFL rangy safety, Could be more effective in the box as SS hard hitter against the run but will need time to get stronger and bulk up. He will have to adapt to the speed of the NFL. Looks to lack elite on field speed and acceleration.
Jordan Richards SS Stanford Sr 5’11” 211 5th – 6th Not great size but hard hitter and with a sense for the ball. Will have to get used to NFL speed and power. Will have to add muscles. 7th really not enough videos on him to have a clear idea of how many years could nbe needed to develop him. Since the Broncos will have plenty of 7th round picks this year and they for sure will be looking at S, he could be an option then if still on the board.
Anthony Jefferson SS UCLA rSr 6’1” 198 7th Great size great hard hitting guy,not that much movie on him. 7th If the professional say 7th round and I don’t have enough evidence otherwise from europe, what the hell? He playes for John Elway Alma mater from which he never select any draft pick….so what?
Dean Marlowe FS James Madison rSr 6’1” 203 7-FA Well built and fearless player that would need to bulk up and adjust his game to the NFL speed and aggressiveness. Looks to be a good tackler, uses hs body properly to finish his tackles and is able to locate the ball fast after the snap. Has quickness to play against the run from a deep back position but will have to lear no get trapped in open field. 7th He’s need maybe a year of practice squad to learn how to use his skills at a much bigger game pace and against bigger and stronger opponent. I think he has a lot of upside and has the body type amd skillset to become a good starter with two or three years if well coached. The Broncos are saying that they’ll focus on developing young players so he’s one of mine late draft steals.
Tra’Mayne Bondurant FS Arizona Sr 5’10” 212 7-FA Smaller but thicker and athletic defensive back that has versatility has one of his best assets. Made a tons of playes but look still light for the run defense. Need to gain some power without losing his ball hawking and short field quickness that could help his seeing the field sooner rather than later. 7th He could be emplyed in special teams and nickel situation as true FS. Initially will not bring much on the table on the run defense but could definetely add depth at FS and special team. Could be one of these later rounds addition to the roster that sticks on the 53 men and develop enough to find his way on the team for several years in a row.
Zach Vigil ILB Utah State rSr 6’2” 236 6th – 7th Patience and football istincts make up for lack of great athleticism and explosion. Has great size with the chance to get even bigger and more powerful. Does a good job identifying the play and recovering the position  fast. Has good streight line speed and acceleration that could be used in blitzes. Will have to learn to play at NFL speed and power. 7th He could use one year of practice squed to get ready phisiscally for the NFL whole studying technique and NFL plays in order to make up to lack of athleticism. With patience could become a good player if not a starter.
Damien Wilson ILB Minnesota Sr 6’0” 245 7th – CFA Streight line run stuffer that has some explosion and play really physically. Can diagnose the play quickly. Has problems disengaging blocks from bigger Olinemen. Will need to add some strenght and power to his frame. 7th He could be a possibility at the end of the draft. Looks to be a potential 2 downs player but could also become a really good special teams player.
Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB Oregon Sr 42252 192 3rd Physiscal corner that loves contact. He has instincts and tackles well. Has also a quick reaction to the ball that allows him to stop the receiver quickly after the catch not allowing big gaines after the catch. Has the get better footwork to allow himself to be in position to make plays consistently. Lack elite speed but he’s very athletic. 7th Injury concerns are way bigger that what they were supposed to be. I think because of his talent maybe Denver is willing on of the compensatory pick in red-shirting him for one year since there are rumors of him not being able to recover from the knee injury during his rookie year.
Ryan Delaire DE Towson rSr 6’4” 254 6th Quick and strong for the level of cmpetition he faced. He just dominated. 7th I think he should get drafted higher by some 4-3 defense team. He’s raw but have all the tools to become a force at DE in the league if coached well. Has all the talent that is needed to succeed. For 3-4 defense is abit different. More time and coaching has to be involved and patience by both the team and him. He’s not big enough to become a 3-4 DE, have all the physical tools to become a OLB but will have to learn to play coverage and overall to platy at NFL speed and power. This is why I think that he could be interesting for the Broncos not before the end of the draft.
Martin Ifedi DE Memphis rSr 42158 275 7th – CFA Big frame, quicj first step and tackles with power. Looks to be athletic for a guy with his big frame. Will have to learn to play at NFL speed against Olinemen costantly bigger than him. 7th Denver have some compensatory picks that using on player like Ifedi will give a lot of value on the compensation. He is energetic and could spend one year on practice squad to learn playbook and NFL speed. He could be depth player in tear two already.
Wes Saxton TE South Alabama Sr 42158 248 5th – 6th Good but not great size. Looks powerful but lack explosion and he’s not an elite athlete. Still is able to be imposing and to dohis part in te run block. 7th He will need time to develop his game and to be more reative and energetic in the field. Will have to learn to block with more power and frequence and to run more complicated routes. He’s able to get open. Maybe one year of practice squad.
*Jean Sifrin TE Massachusetts Jr 42160 245 7-FA Great size and athleticisma for this older prospect. Pass catcher TE that can get open but does not have explosion or top speed. Will have to bulk up and be stouter to be effective in the NFL. His potential, do to his limited experience, is topped only by his age. Will have to learn to block some but has the caracterial traits to put himself on it. 7th Denver has 3 consecutive 7th rounder for compensation. If pass catcher TE will not be addressed before, he could really be targeted here. Will need time to develop. Character guy that Denver FO loves.
Max Garcia C Florida rSr 42159 309 6th – 7th Does not have a quick first steps and explosion. Bend well but will need to gain some strength and power. Looks to lose the body balance at times while blocking. Has experience also at LT and G. as his best traits in pass blocking. 7th In Garcia case I don’t see any upgrade over Matt Paradis but the Broncos had a interview with him at the senior bowl. He faced the top competition in college so maybe he could be more ready for the NFL. What I like less is the balance problem while blocking and the lack of explosion at the snap and when reaching the second level of defenser.
Karlos Williams HB Florida State Sr 42156 230 5th – 6th Possible character red flag. Former SS and OLB converted to RB in 2013. Still learning how to play with the ball in his hands but looks quite natural with power and cutback running instincts. Has pass catching skills to being reliable around the backfield tarhet. Good acceleration and some explosion. Lack quickness and does have to learn to use better his body balance to hit holes. Powerful. 7th Low grade because I think Denver is not gonna tolerate off field problems. The Broncos have 3 compensatory pick in a row in the 7th round. One could be used on him if any other HB/CFB/TE has been selected by the Broncos before. He has a ton of potential and I don’t see him becoming a pure RB in the NFL. His size/strength and blocking skills could be used by the Broncos to groom him as HB of the future.
Detrick Bonner FS Virginia Tech rSr 6-0 207 7th Thick and aggressive player that like to hit nad doen not fear to do it n traffic. Not enough videos on his ability in coverage, 7th – CFA The Broncos had and interview with him so ina certain way I know they have an intererst. I see more potential in other late round candidates but he has the body frame that could allow him, if well coached, to became a dual treat as a complete safety. This is probably the reason why a lot of teams could be interested on him starting the 5th round. Anyhow using a Broncos perspective I see too many direction where to go and other S candidates that thinking about him before the 7th would be a little early.
B.J. Dubose DE Louisville Sr 42159 284 7th – CFA Suspended for some game by his team. Huge guy that has acceleration and power. Has the frame to add muscles and keep the speed and power. 7th – CFA CFA because of the suspention. Depending his attitude, he could develop in one of the most intriguing and hard to defend pass rushing NT in the NFL. He will need time to develop his body and his game, but I think he could be the ideal Ratliff replica. Denver should take a fly in him.
Chris Bonner QB Colorado State-Pueblo Sr 42161 231 7th – CFA He looks quite good at the level of competition he played. Has really a strong arm and looks to have good enough mechanics to be coached up in the pros. I still think he’s a long work in progress given the competition level he had played, the speed, power and ruthless of NFL caliber players is really a different world. 7th – CFA Is not a deep draft at any position, IMO. I think the Broncos could use one of their compensatory pick on him, but still he could end up in the practice squad more than the active roster. He shows mobility and good mechanics for the kind of game kubiak want, would need two or three year of development thought.
Kyshoen Jarrett SS Virginia Tech Sr 5’10” 200 7-FA Not too many videos on him. Ab¡verage size safety that could find his way to the NF by special teams. CFA Special teams capabiñiy culd be evaluate in training camp together with eventual Safety rster spot,
Dechane Durante FS Northern Illinois rSr 6’2” 194 7-FA Tall lean aggressive but not overly athletic Safety. Has good north to south speed but less chenage of direction spin. Can play the one deep FS formations but could be challenged on the two safety sets. Will need to bulk up and gain strenght and power to be an effective tackler in the NFL. Uses a little too much hs body to carry on tackles over bigger players, it won’t work in the NFL. CFA He’s a player with potential but will need time to develop. This grade because I think other player could help more on special teams and are a little bit more athletic and this could help them finding more eway to be on the field early. Plus the 3-4 defensive scheme the Broncos are gonna use will require much more 2 S than a 1 deep that would suit him better.
Corey Cooper SS Nebraska rSr 6’1” 209 CFA Istinctive and aggressive safety. Looks to be better suited to play in the box but in the right scheme could be used as 3rd safety on the field to cover slot WR ot Tes. Will have to gain muscles and power and to adapt to the NFL speed. CFA Interesting player that looks to play with a lot of energy and with nastyness. Remind some of Chris Harris Junior. Could be use on special teams also.
Braylon Webb SS Missouri rSr 6-0 205 CFA Aggressive tackler that could hold his own in pass coverage. Has shoulder surgery in spring 2014. Experienced starter at Missouri. CFA Close CFA to bring to camp and evaluate. Body type and playing type that the Broncos are looking for. Practice squad candidate.
Trey DePriest ILB Alabama Sr 6’0” 254 6th Run Stuffing 3-4 linebacker with knee injury concerns CFA He lacjs speed and athleticism to ne a 3 down linebacker. His run stuffing abilities could still be tested in training camp.
Jeff Luc ILB Cincinnati rSr 6’0” 263 7th – CFA Powerful north-south run stuffer. Has great fram and has some good quickness. Looks a little weak in pass defense and does not look fluid running on open field. CFA Interesting physical two downs player that could find his way in the NFL also because of his leadership.
Curtis Grant ILB Ohio State Sr 6’3” 240 CFA Big run stuffer that lack some quickness at the snap and should be more powerful for the frame he has. Still have room to become more powerful and add muscles. Does not look really natural in coverage, looking slow pursuiing the ball carrier. CFA He has the size that Denver could look for but does not have the speed and quickness. Has less potential IMO than other prospects but his frame with added power could make a good enough two downs player in the NFL.
Max Morgan ILB Colorado State rSr 6’1” 231 CFA Run stuffer that could have room to get more poewerful. Lack alite quickness and not really agile at the NFL level. Has really good football instincts and can diagnose the play very well. CFA Played at Colorado State could be the in state training camp material and practice squad member to later become a serviceable backup and good special team player, maybe.
Jake Ryan ILB Michigan rSr 42157 240 5th Good but not great size, lacks quickness and speed. Has some power and strenght and could play against the run. CFA I don’t see any skills on him that is not already on Denver roster but he could earn a role on the team durin training camp.
Martrell Spaight ILB Arkansas Sr 36678 236 5th – 6th Average size, will need to bulk up and learn how to play at NFL speed. Will also need to learn to take better tackles angles. Has leadership and plays aggressive. Looks to have good instinct and to be a student of the game CFA I think the Broncos have several players in the rosted that have his same size or are bigger. He remind me of Corey Nelson that was a 7th round pick last year and made the team in 2014. He could bring competition in training camp.
Kyle Emanuel OLB North Dakota State rSr 42158 255 6th Has good size but played DE his entire career. He will need to bulk up a bit more and be stronger at the point of attach. Has a quick enough first step but will nedd better pass rushing technique to be consistently in the backfield of opponent offenses. CFA He’s a two – three year project that will need to be cached up if he will end up playing on a 3-4 team as OLB. I think his more natural position would be as 4-3 DE where he would need to gain strenght and muscles and could be ready in year two.
Alani Fua OLB Brigham Young rSr 42160 238 6th Great size, will need to add bulk without losing the quick first step. Not enough videos on him.Lack elite speed but makes up with a quick first step. I think his best NFL position should be 3-4 OLB and he’d need a couple of years to develop and to learn to drop in coverage. CFA I think that he could be a practice squad candidate and for this reason I have a CFA grade on him, not more. I guess that the Broncos already have an interesting group of young pass rushers that will need time to develop as 3-4 OLB.
Brock Hekking OLB Nevada rSr 42158 255 6th – 7th Not enough videos on him CFA Not enough videos on him
J.R. Tavai OLB Southern California Sr 42157 249 6th – 7th Undersized for a NFL 4-3 DE, has good acceleration nad plays aggressive. CFA Could get a long look as developmental 3-4 OLB, he could be a situational pass rusher.
Edmond Robinson OLB Newberry Sr 42158 245 6th – 7th Not enough videos on him CFA Not enough videos on him
Aaron Davis OLB Colorado State Sr 36678 225 CFA Undersized linebacker that has north-south speed and quickness. Will have to bulk up and get more power but has some instinct and could become a useful special team player. CFA He could be a one year practice squad while getting bigger and then at least a very dependable special team player and backup ILB in wade Phillips 3-4 defense that put a price in speedy undersized LB.
Shaquille Riddick DE West Virginia Sr 6’6” 236 6th Instinctive and fast, Has a great size and frame to get more powerful. Hs instincts and plays until the whistle. Played the most of his career at a lower level of competition and need to learn technique in order to use his talents against bigger and stronger Olinemen in the NFL. CFA there is a lot to develop in this case. He could be a developmental OLB for the Broncos in the practice squad the first year. I don’t think Denver will use a draft pick in this cae even if he has great potential because he could start to be productive only in year three IMO.
Cory Morrissey DE Iowa State Sr 42159 260 7th – CFA Lack elite athleticism but make up for that with non stop motor and aggressivenes. He’s strong and could add some more few pounds to his frame allowing him to be an interesting developmental player for 3-4 DE. He’s obviously more suited for the 4-3 defense scheme but has less potential there. CFA CFA because in the roncos scheme he could be developed in pass rushing DE. He’ll need to add weight and not lose his quick first step.
Caushaud Lyons DE Tusculum Sr 42159 285 CFA Mountain of a man. Dominated at tmes at his level of competition. Has a quick first step and is really strong. CFA Candidate for practice squad and then NT in Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme?
Greg Mancz
C Toledo rSr 42159 301 7-FA Not the best athlete in this class, does a good job in the running game blocking at the LOS and reaching the second level of defender. Has to learnt to maintain a better body balance and needs to get a little more stronger. Not explosive. CFA He would need tome to adapt to the level of competition, the speed and the power of NFL Dlinemen but looks to be a blue collar player that would do whatever been asked to do by the team to help. Maybe one year of practice squad too would help him develop his pro-game.
David Andrews C Georgia Sr 42157 295 7-FA A little undersized. Will heve to get better body balance to hold on the block both in the running game and the Pass blocks too. Reach well the second level and is aggressive in the pursuit. CFA This kind of undersized player could be developed into zone scheme reliable players if they have the heart to have patience while work hard. I like his nasty demanour in the running game and I would like to give him a shot to see he can get better in his footwork and body balance once training camp.
Dominique Brown RB Louisville rSr 42157 234 6th Big powerful one cut and hit runner that is also capable to catche the ball around the field. No trace of pass blocking ability. More suited for zone blocking scheme teams for his cut and hit the hole skills and vision. CFA The Broncos could be interested in him as HB, but his blocking skills are not shown in his videos.
Akeem Hunt RB Purdue Sr 42134 189 6th – 7th Change of pace back, with cut and hit skills and really good speed. Need to learn to be more patient in the backfield. Has some pass catching ability. CFA He has the cut and hit skills, he will have to learn to be patient for the hole to open and will have to put up soe muscle. He could be tried also at KR because of his speed.
*Dee Hart RB – KR Colorado State rJr 42131 199 CFA Smallest type of back, great balance and functional strength. Has great quickness and speed once he hit the hole. His size will be a huge concern on draft day. CFA What could be most interesting in him would be to find off which kind of kick return skills he has. His size will limitate his opportunities as RB but checking out what he can do with his quickness and speed in special teams could gain him a chance to a roster spot.
*Gerod Holliman FS Louisville rJr 6-0 218 3rd – 4th Makes a lot of bidy tacles that won’t work in the NFL. Overrun  the play a bit more than what it’s ideal. Have to gain weight a strenght to be able to be phisical in the NFL.Has good instinct. NO To me he will need two or three years to develop his game into NFL standards. I guess the Broncos will look for a safety that could be ready in year one or two. To look for developmental player they will try to stricke in the 7th round or CFA, if they don’t move up into the 1st round or early 2nd. I don’t think Holliman would be a good choice so high for the Broncos.
Erick Dargan SS Oregon rSr 5’11” 217 6th Have to to a better job in coverage. Hard hitting S that has good frame but only average size for NFL standards. NO The liability in coverage is a minus compared with other players in the draft even rated lowe than Dargan at S. Plus I dpon’t see too much potential, he is a good in the box safety and looks like Denver would like to get a SS that can also cover.
Tevin McDonald FS Eastern Washington rSr 5’11” 195 6th – 7th Character issues NO I believe the Broncos are really strict with late rounds prospects about character issue topic.
Eric Kendricks ILB UCLA rSr 6’0” 232 1st – 2nd Not ideal size for a NFL inside linebacker. Has to add weight without losing his quickness and agility. Has great istincts and can detect the ball carrier quickly. Even if unsersized can shed blocks. Effective against the run but could led to questions if he could do the same against NFL Olinemen and runningback. NO Denver already has Trevathan and Marshall on the roster that have most of the same physical tools Kendrick has, the Broncos could lok for a blue chip big and fast ILB that is stout against the run but that can also drop in coverage a bit. Last year Lamin Barrow and Corey Nelson, especielly the first, are supposed to be the newcoming players that are good against the run but can drop in coverage too once used to NFL speed. Plus Steven Johson and Yodd Davies were used late in the season as true MLB against the run, Denver already have good but not great LBs in the mix and Kendrick exactly lack what teh Broncos would need more: size and physicality at the NFL level.
Paul Dawson ILB TCU Sr 6’0” 235 2nd – 3rd Plays physically but will have to bulk up and get stronger to be ready for the NFL. Tackes good angles tackling, lack elite quickness and speed. Has average size so bigger and stronger Olinemen could stonewall him a bit in the running game. Does not look completely fluid dropping in coverage but does not good bad either. NO I think he could be worth a middle rounds attention by the Broncos but Denver already has some one-two year developmental projects on the roster that have his same size and one year of learning Pro football more under their belt. This is the reason I don’t think he would add any missed skill on the 53 men roster.
Ben Heeney ILB Kansas Sr 6’0” 231 4th Lacks ideal size and lacks elite athleticism. Has great football istinct that helps him making a ton of plays. Has good acceleration but lacks a bit of explosion. Is very good in run stuffing and have good speed with a quick forst step when used in blitzes. NO Again like in Dowson case, I don’t think he would add any of the skills that the Broncos roster would need: size and explosive aggressiveness. He is still an interesting prospects and makes a lot of plays. At the combine he got much better results than expected. Still I don’t think the Broncos should consider him before the 6th round. And suposely he will be gone at that point.
Bryce Hager ILB Baylor rSr 6’1” 234 5th Lacks athleticism to be effective in the Pros. Has not enough quickness and speed to make up to the athleticism. He’s atry hard guy that has aggressiveness and strenght but that can be pushed over by bigger Olinemen and could be blocked easily. NO I don’t think he would add any of the two skills Broncos Linebackers don’t have: size and explosion.
Hau’oli Kikaha OLB Washington rSr 42157 253 2nd – 3rd Strong and powerful collage standing DE that will face a tough transtion to NFL ranks. Bigger and stronger Olinemen will not be easy to get beaten by bull rush and he could be used to put pressure inside only a certain number of time because of the speed of the NFL and the quick decision of NFL QBs that would release the ball to KiKaha supposed assignment. He has some speed and acceleration but does not look completely fluid running and lack quickness on his first steps at tle LOS. There is no evidence he could drop in coverage and looks to do a fine job against the run. NO Moving to a 3-4 defense Denver already have some player on the roster that have Kikaha steep way to learn how to become relevant in coverage (Quanterrious Smith on top of the list) that look more athletic and powerful. He won-t add position skills that the Broncos don-t have enough.
Davis Tull
OLB Chattanooga rSr 42157 246 4th Good but not great size, has good athleticism and plays with a lot of energy. Has a quick first step but the lack power and strenght to costantly get to the backfield. No sign of dropping in coverage, he played DE at a lowe level of competition where he drove a lot of double teams, this to be fair. NO To me he’s a DE. Could play OLB but only in pass rush situations. Could become a well rounded player in a 4-3 defensive scheme that prefere athleticism to power. I don’t thin he could fit new Denver scheme, especially in the 4th round for a team like the Broncos could be a huge mistake to select him.
Xzavier Dickson OLB Alabama Sr 42158 260 5th Not enough videos on him. Played more like a traditional 4-3 DE than a true 3-4 OLB, he could be used as a pass rush specialist. Has great size and looks to have the room to add strenght and power which he would need if he¡d play 4-3 DE. As a 3-4 OLB he lacks elite agility. NO I didn’t see enough videos to see something that would really attract me. He’s a bit of a tweener and looks like his best position would be the one Ware had last year on the Broncos, standing DE on a hybrid defense.
Danny Shelton NT Washington Sr 42157 339 1st Super athletic for a guy of his size. NT with pass rushing skills are quite rare. He has not the quickness of Leonard Williams but is super powerful and run really well chasing the bass carrier. Can push back a double team and has a lot of istinc in pass rushind department for a guy of his size. He will have more trouble getting to the QB in the NFL because of the size and the power of NFL interior linemen. Also at times he looks shut down and slow, like he would take some play off to the awake and make a play out of the blue as like he decide he wants to make the play now. If it’s really like this he could have a lots of troubles in the NFL NO He should be selected in the top 10 of the draft because his size, position and athletic abilities, Anyhow I’m little worried that he would not be able to dominate the interior Olinemen in the way he did in college and he will let it go, shutting himself down. I’m happy the Broncos select 28th so they are out of reach to trade up and get him, he scares me.
*Arik Armstead DE Oregon Jr 42162 292 1st This player has talent. He has a huge size and stellar potential. Just I think he lacks elite quickness and enough power to be effective right now in the NFL. I think his natural NFL position should be 3-4 DE, he could also be employed as 4-3 T. NO I just don’t thin he’s better that Wolfe and Jackson and I don’t see the needed strenght to be a NT in the 3-4 alignment. He could need one year to get stronger and learn NFL speed before he could be ready to be a starter. Still I think the Broncos could find a couple of starterin the first two – three rounds of this draft but not at Dlinemen.
*Malcom Brown DE – NT Texas Jr 42157 319 1st – 2nd Good but not great size, great frame, run superbably good for a guy of his frame and weight. Looks to be superpowerful at times. At times can create havoc in the backfield and chase the ball carrier. Did a more modest job defensing the run, has problems at times disengaging the block. Lack quick first step and make up with power. Has some impressive open field speed for a guy of his size. NO To me he he quite similar to Sylvester Williams. Most of the fans thinks that Sly underachieved up to now. They are maybe right in the way that Williams didn’t do any big time play up to now instead Knighton did a lot. Maybe it also depended on what have been asked by Del Rio, truth is that Williams started un his second year and is already something. Now the scheme changed completely and even if Wade Phillips require a more athletic and pass rusher NT, I don’t know how the coaches see Williams. The same could be said for Brown, he would need time to develop in whatever role any team will draft him to play.
Michael Bennett DE Ohio State Sr 42157 293 2nd Good size and great frame. Lacks  power for a guy of his size. Does play aggressively and has some quickness and strenght but does have to learn to anchor better against the running game and gain power against the passing game. NO I don’t see anything the Broncos haven’t on the roster already and I do hope the Broncos will not over estimate his both parents graduating at West Point.
*Trae Waynes CB Michigan State rJr 6-0 186 1st Has good size plays aggressive and hits hard. Has good footwork and good body balance. Need to take better angles in tackling against the run. Does not show elite speed in pads. NO Even if he would fall at 28th I think he has not a better talent than some of the other players still on the board for the Broncos. Also CB is not a position of need. I have a 2nd round grade on him, but he’ll go in the first round.
Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest rSr 6-0 188 1st He has good size, plays really aggressive but will need to bulk uop a bit to be able to make impact in the NFL. Not so much involved against the run as you’d think from an aggressive player like him, does a great job one on one with his assignment in every sector of the field. Looks smmoth back pedaling and changing direction in traffic NO To me he looks similar to what Bradley Roby looked last year, only being Roby more impactful in games and more explosive. I have a 2nd round pick in Johnson  but he’ll go in the first. For sure I will be extremely unhappy if the Broncos will select him at 28th, he’s be the 4th or 5th best corner on the roster….you don’t want that with your top picks.
Byron Jones CB Connecticut rSr 42010 199 1st Great size and leverage. Looks to be bit shy in the running game, not the most aggressive DB in this draft class. Looks to be more a finess covering guy that has great speed and fluidity running. Has good footwork that can still improve a bit. NO I think the Broncos are looking for aggressive DB and he does not fit that bill. Has a ton of talent and will be selected between first and second round. Could be converted to FS but will have to learn to do a better job in run support and play more physical.
*Marcus Peters CB Washington rJr 6-0 197 1st – 2nd He has good size and speed. Looks fluid in backpedaling and changing direction in traffic. Looks to be shy in tackling and does n ot play super aggressive. Has good istinct and sense for the ball. Has good quickness and rely on that to make plays. NO I sincerely didn’t like his videos that much. From them I cannot figure out that he was considered one of the two top CB. This year clas, at least for college game tapes, does not look as promising as pasts ones (last year class for CB were looking very good). Plaus he has issues with his coaches at Washington and has been kicked out. I would have a late 2nd – early 3rd grade on him that become a NO because he could be a locker room concern.
*Jalen Collins CB LSU rJr 42010 203 1st – 2nd Tall carner that lack elite athleticism on the field. Has anyhow good balance and has really good coverage range. Could play a bit more physical too but in this class of CB he grades out lack obe of the aggressive ones. Has some work to do with his footwork, altough he could be affected from the injury that was discovered at the combine. NO I Have a late 2nd round on him from what I saw. This year class is not impressive at the top. There are some speed guys but there is n o well rounded prospect that could be saw as sure fire starter right now in the NFL.
Eric Rowe CB Utah Sr 42010 205 1st – 2nd Big DB that needs to ad bulk and be more powerful to be rweady to play in teh NFL. He plays more aggressive than the other top CB but is somehow less fluid running and have to learn better footwork. Lack explosion but has really good awareness. Could move to FS maybe in the NFL. NO His aggressiveness is interesting but still he will be the 5th best corner on the roster. He could ne coached up at being FS but will need time to adjust and to learn to play at NFL speed.
Quinten Rollins CB Miami (Ohio) rSr 42313 195 2nd Has good size but not great. Has good footwork but could improve a bit and looks agile moving and changing direction but could improve a bit too. He’s able to cover man to man staying in an “island”. Tackles well at time other times tend to go down at the lower legs being not has efeective has he could be. Does not look to be very aggressive but he’s able to delivery good hits to opponent. Does really have to improve in the run support. NO The Broncos could value his game speed and caver skills. What fir less is that he doen not look to be very aggressive and his run support is nowhere near what the Broncos are looking for.
Doran Grant CB Ohio State Sr 42282 200 3rd Recognize the play quickly and react quickly towards the ball. Good footwork, he’s able to cover man to man. Smaller type of CB he’s able to tackle but does not throw himself to the ball carrier. Does not have elite quickness and explosion. NO I think Denver would consider more prospect that plays more violently and are more aggressive. Grant looks more to be a finesse type of cover corner that can help in run support.
*Alex Carter CB Stanford Jr 6-0 196 3rd – 4th Good size CB that has to elevate is awareness. Has good backpedaling technique and looks quick reacting to the ball. Owever he does not take good angles at times and has not great closing speed. NO I don’t see any area of his game that would be an upgrade over the existing players on the roster. He’s a good player.
Senquez Golson CB Ole Miss Sr 42252 176 4th Undersized DB that is quick and has some explosiveness. Has a lot of interceptions to go with speed. His size could limitate his production in the NFL, will have to get stronger and powerful without losing explosiveness. NO The Broncos have a similar pplayer in Tony Carter.
*Shane Ray DE – OLB Missouri rJr 42158 245 1st Strong poweful and fast. Does not have elite quickness and likes to use his body to finishthe tackle. Could be a problem in the NFL with bigger and stronger players. NO He won’t fall and I will not like the Broncos to trade up so much to select a player that has no position in the 3-4 defense a part 3-4 OLB, in which he would need time to learn to drop in coverage. To me he is a prototypical 4-3 DE
*Randy Gregory DE Nebraska rJr 42160 235 1st Red fags for smoking marijuna right before combine tests. NO Marijuana smocker playing in a state where smoking weed is not illegal? I don’t think the Broncos are willing to go this eway
Alvin Dupree DE – OLB Kentucky rSr 42159 269 1st He could be converted in 3-4 OLB. He is fast and quick but lack power and will have to add strenght. Plays really aggressive and have the plus to play in a cinderella SEC team where he was constantly the biggest challenge to face off for the opposinent offense and still remained really productive. NO Denver should draft him in the 1st round if he’s still there late but I think he has less potential than other players that could be selected later on. He’ll be a backup in the rookie year, so maybe try to use the 1st round pick otherwise and select depth with potential at 3-4 OLB later, IMO.
Anthony Chickillo DE Miami (Fla.) Sr 42158 267 3rd – 4th Undersized 3-4 DE that plays with a lot of energy and sense of urgency. Is strong and anchor very well against the run. Will have to bulk up and gain power in order to be effective in the NFL. Less athletic than other prospects but resilient and strong, NO I think his tru NFL position will be 4-3 DE.
Cedric Reed DE Texas Sr 42160 269 4th Great size and good strenght. Slow at the point of attack. Use well hands and know how to shed blocks. NO A bit of a tweener for a 3-4 defense. Not quick and not fast, his frame suggest that he could be more suited to become a OLB in the 3-4 defense but he lack theathleticism and quickness for sonsistency pass rush from that position or drop in coverage,
Ryan Russell DE Purdue rSr 6′ 4” 269 5th – 6th Good size and powerful. Use well his body balance to be able to shed blocks. Has a quick first step but then lack  elite acceleration to close up his action. Not the fastest Dlinemen. NO I think he’s better suit to be a 4-3 DE. Close well the corner against the run. Has to bet more powerful and learn technique in order to become an a cettable pass rusher in the NFL. I don’t think he will fit the 3-4 scheme denver will put in place, he’s not fast enought or have overall quickness and acceleration to become a good pass rusher OLB.
Zach Wagenmann DE Montana rSr 6’3” 247 6th Good size for 4-3 DE. Non stopping motor, play aggressively until the whistle. Need to lear how to shed blocks and play against bigger and stronger Olinemen. Needs to learn more pass rushing technique, relying on his power and aggressiveness won’t make the cut in the NFL. NO I think he’s nos fast enough to play OLB in the 3-4 defense and he’r not big enough ro play Dlinemen. I think he will be drafted b a 4-3 team that would try to strike gold with a lowe level competition prospect.
*Deion Barnes DE Penn State rJr 42159 260 6th – 7th Lack quick first step. Have patience at times and is able to detect the play and defend accordingly. Other times he overun the play. Looks to be a strong tackler. Lack speed and not a top athlete. NO He’s not fast  and quick enough to become a reliable 3-4 OLB. He’s not big and strong enough to become a DE in the 3-4.
Obum Gwacham DE Oregon State rSr 42160 246 7th Explosive athlete that lack quickness in his first step thet would meke him a real problem for Olinemen. Has great athleticism and a great size. I think he could be more suited for 4-3 DE than 3-4 OLB, but either case he needs development to learn to play at NFL speed and do a beter job with his hands to shed block by powerful NFL linemen. NO More 4-3 DE that 3-4 OLB.
Jermauria Rasco DE LSU Sr 42158 259 7th – CFA 4-3 defensive end. Lack elite quickness and acceleration to chase the ball carrier. Has not elite power and strenght but has size and frame that would allow him to gain strenght and power. NO Not big enough to become 3-4 DE and not fast and quick and does not have fluidity to become 3-4 OLB.
Frank Clark DE Michigan Sr 42158 271 7th – CFA 4-3 DE that plays aggressive and is powerful. NO He’s a bit small to play 3-4 DE and not have the quickness and speed to be able to play OLB and learn to drp back in coverage.
Ryan Mueller DE Kansas State Sr 42157 248 7th – CFA Prototypical 4-3 DE and overachiever. Productive player in college, does not have elite quickness and speed, He’s strong and playes until the whistle. Needs to learn to use his hands to shed blocks and to be more fluid in order to no be stonewalled by NFL bigger and stronger Olinemen. NO 4-3 DE.
Mike Reilly DE William & Mary Sr 42159 265 7th – CFA Energetic and fast DE that lack size to become a 3-4 DE. Lack speed ad fluidity to become reliable in coverage. He’s at best as pass rusher and distroyer, using a quick first step and then his power to find a way to get to the backfield. Has also a great acceleration that allows him to chase tha ball carrier and to keep himself alive in the play until the whistle. NO I really like his videos and I think hes a plain and simple football player, with less potential than other prospect but with more power and willingness to do what it takes to be succesful in football. Intangibles. But he’s not fit in Broncos 3-4.
*Maxx Williams TE Minnesota rSo 42159 249 1st – 2nd Athletic but not explosive. Will have to bulk up. Has great size and frame looks to run well routs but has to get better in pass protection. He is fast but maybe lack elite quickness in his movements. NO I think he could have less potential than other players in his same position and will have a learning curve too once in a NFL team. He will be drafted hight because he has incredibles natural gifts but I think the Broncos could afford to wait a bit and select a prospext to develop a little later in the draft. I don-t think he will be on the noard still when denver will select at the end of the second round and I don-t think hehas the explosiveness to be selected in the 1st round.
Reese Dismukes C Auburn Sr 42158 296 4th – 5th Lacks explosion and not really fast to reach the second level of defender. Block well in the running game but will be asked to become more powerful. Has good size for zone blocking scheme offense and undersized for a power blocking siystem.  Has to get better in pass blocking especially in his footwork that at times is not balanced enough and is not allowing him to be reactive to the pass rush. NO I don’t think he could be much better than Matt Paradis. They have same body type and same kind of game.
John Miller OG Louisville Sr 42157 303 3rd Stout at the point of attack, does a good job in pass protection. Does not run well, have problem reaching the second level or attacking in movement. Will need to get stronger and more powerful in his lower body. Has good upper body strength and does a fine job with his pad level. NO I think he’s more suited to be eveloped for a traditional power blocking scheme. I don’t see enough athleticism and laterla movement to believe he could be coached in a year span and become a starter then, There are better potential player later in the draft that will require more than one year of development that use a 4th round selection on Miller with the chance that he will necer convert into a starter.
Josue Matias OG Florida State Sr 42160 309 4th More suited for the power blocking system, struggle with footwork balance and and with lateral agility. Has good size and will have to gain functional strength and awareness. Struggle with speed rusher and with LB blitzes. Does a good job in the run blocking game pulling the opponent and anchoring on the ground. NO I think he will be more suited to a pure power blocking scheme and he’ll need to learn to play a NFL speed and power. I think Denver could find more scheme fitting prospects in this draft.
T.J. Clemmings OT Pittsburgh rSr 42160 309 1st – 2nd Great size and frame, has quick feet, has problems with his body balance and at time is not abloe to bend his knee enough. Also has problem with speed rushers. Look powerful once engaged the block. Does not look natural running. NO I know the Broncos did interview with him and everything is pounting out that they are interested in him and he is supposed to go off the board in the area when the Broncos select in the first round but IMO he’s vastly overrated. This does not mean that he cannot succed in the NFL but it means that he need major retooling and coaching to get on top of his natural skills. The Broncos need something better that a next year avarage starter at RT in the first round.
Rob Havenstein OG Wisconsin rSr 42162 321 3rd – 4th Good in pulling and reaching the second level of defender. Does his bast in the run block. Does not bend very well at times and has less then ideal athleticism. Has great size but looks more like a OG in the NFL, the lack of speed and quickness will made him move inside. Does not have quick feet, use his size and power to drive away the defender. NO His size alone does not warrant a high draft pick. He needs to gain strength and improve in pass blocking skills before he can consistently see the field. Does a good job in the running game but without becomening stringer he could face real problem in the NFL where his size will not give him the edge. Will need huge development.
*Dorial Green-Beckham WR Oklahoma rJr 42160 237 1st – 2nd Incredible size and athleticism. Does not block as well as a guy of his size. Great speed. NO Too big of a red flag.
*Nelson Agholor WR Southern California Jr 36678 198 1st – 2nd Mixed feelings watching him play. At times he’s so athletic and precise in what he does that he looks underrated, the next moment he’s out of position or overrun the play or something that let me think that he’s actually overrated. He’s extremely athletic and has speed. Has a good frame that would help him bulk up which he will need to. As returnes I didn’t se anything to write back home, almost the opposite. He ca catch the ball but at times he look to have marble gloves, precious but pityful for a NFL receiver. NO I’m going with: the Broncos have starters for the next two years at least. Other Wr to blosson in two years spam could be found later in the draft. With Agholor I see a big boom or bust label. I hope he will boom, but the Broncos already came insured.
*Jaelen Strong WR Arizona State rJr 42157 217 2nd Really good routes runner. Knows how to get open and use his great speed. No evidence of good blocking skills. Has good balance and good but not elite athleticism. NO I think that the trait of the Broncos WR in recent years is athleticism, speed, toughness and power. Strong will be selected in the 2nd or early third round of this draft. His lack of elite athleticism and the lack of evidence of blocking and some lower leg power put him out of my list.
*Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin rJr 42156 215 1st Great runner that hit the hole hard and has an extra gear. Really athletic and powerful. Not in the same class as Gurley but could be selected higher than the Georgia product depending on how teams checked the knee of the latter. NO From a Broncos point of view he’s a faster version ao Montee Ball that cannot block. Useless. He has great talent but does not fit what Denver is looking for.
*Jay Ajayi RB Boise State rJr 36678 221 2nd Three downs player that has increbible speed and acceleration. Can block some and catch passes out of the backfield. NO My big knock on him is that he does not have many yards gained after the first tackle he receive and he’s not elusive. Otherwise he lookd to be a great playmaker.
*Tevin Coleman
RB Indiana Jr 42135 206 2nd Off tackle and toss runner that has an incredible speed once h hit the open field. Can be a litlle elusive and hit a second gear when run free in the outside. Can catch screens and accelerate, not so good in pass bloking even if shows will to do it. Does not have a lot of yardage after the first contact. NO Hillman is not as explosive as Coleman on the outside and maybe is even a lesser blocker at times but is adequate for what the measure the Broncos will use these runs. He actually is more elusive than Coleman and can get some more yardage running inside the tackles.
Ameer Abdullah RB Nebraska Sr 42133 205 2nd Good all around cut back runner that maks tough runs. Really good pass catcher. Some shy skills at blocking. All in all lack a bit of explosion with the ball in the hands but has really good speed. Lack a bit of vision but makes up with some yards after contact. NO Difficult to know this one, maybe he would deserve a late 2nd early 3rd round because he fits what Denver whants in a running back. The point is that I don’t think the Broncos are going to select a running back this hight in the Draft not named Gurley.
*Duke Johnson RB Miami (Fla.) Jr 42133 207 2nd Smaller type of back. Speedster, is elusive a though. Even if small has a strong stiff arm. Always fighting for extra yards with second and third efford. Has good pass catching skills. His size will affect his ability to block. Incredible production in college. NO In the NFL he could be a one cut runner or a change of pace kind of runner. His size will not allow him to run more the 15 – 20 times a game. Plaus the blocking part of the game wil penalize him on draft day.
*Javorius Allen RB Southern California rJr 36678 221 3rd Good size and speed. Explosive anough. Will need to bulk up to let his body absorbe the punitive hits of the NFL. Plays in a physical manner, can block some eve ig it looks more like pulling than anything at times. No clear indcation of his route running skills and pass catching abilities. NO He’s a good runner but less elusive and powerful than Langford. Enver already has a good group of RB so to me Langford is the one to go as pure runner in the second day of the draft.
David Cobb RB Minnesota Sr 42135 229 3rd – 4th Strong and powerful back that lack elite quickness and change of direction. Does not have elite speed either. Can block some but does not look willful. Has patience to the hole to open and gives everything he has on the field. NO He’s a kind of power running type of back that just lack the sudden change of direction to be interesting to the Broncos this high in the draft.
*Mike Davis RB South Carolina Jr 42133 217 3rd – 4th Smaller type of back with good frame. More of an outside runner than a cutback his putting in second and third efford to gain more yards after contact. No sign a pass blocking ability and few ones of pass catching.. Lack quickness to be an effective runner inside tackles and elusiveness to get open on the second level of defender. HAs good acceleration thta uses to get the best of himself in the tosses run. NO I just think the Broncos will be looking to some more quickness and cutback ability.
Cameron Artis-Payne RB Auburn Sr 42134 212 4th Chab¡nge of pace or pass cacther back that has really good body balance and acceleration. Can make cuts and hit the hole accelerating. Not effective in traffic. Eliable hands out of the backfield. There are doubts of in blocking abilities at NFL level due to his size and lack of power. NO Kind of Ronnie Hillman type of back with less elusiveness and explosion in college than the actual Broncos.
*Jameis Winston
QB Florida State rSo 42100 231 1st NO He will go 1st overall to Tampa Bay. I don’t think he will ever become a great player in the NFL if he does not chenge his mindset.
*Marcus Mariota QB Oregon rJr 42100 222 1st NO He will go 2nd overall to the Titans. With time he could develop in a above average QB, but never a superstar. Maybe the Eagles will sell their stadium to go and get him, but I don’t think.

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