2015 NFL Draft – My personal Broncos Big Board – 2nd/3rd Round

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here’s my own Broncos Big Board for the 2nd and 3rd Rounds.

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Pos College Exp Hgt Wgt Gen Proj General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
*Landon Collins SS Alabama Jr 6’0” 228 1st Well built strong hard hitting safety. Take poor tackles angles at times. Has nose for the ball and great football instincts. Maybe not as fast as you’d like if you want to play him deep. 1st I would not trade up to the “eens” to get him. Maybe to the early twenties is a good deal, maybe 21st or 22nd if the Broncos feel that he could be ready to contribute as a rookie. In my opinion he could have problems with the game speed in the Pros where all players are bigger, stronger and faster than in college. Trade up for him is really risky. Still he’s the best S in the draft and can play well against the run and dropping in coverage, plus plays really nasty. I do like it a lot.
Carl Davis DE – NT Iowa rSr 6’5” 320 2nd Great size and power. Has really good technique and looks to be a really smart Dlineman. Has good movement lacks elite quickness but made up with great motor. Has good but not elite athleticism but use it all and it jumps out on his videos. 1st – 2nd I do really like this prospect. Watching his videos is easy to see that he has the traits of the dominant 3-4 DE. But thinking again on what the Broncos are looking for at NT he might be just what they need, a big powerful specimen that is able to create pressure. It does not matter that he has to get better against the run. He my be my dark horse for the first round selection.
Jake Fisher OT Oregon Sr 6’6” 306 1st – 2nd Solid prospect that has great size and looks to have quick feet enough to have a chance to play LT in the NFL down the road. He has also the power to play RT and G. Bend well enough and has quite good athletic skills for a player of his size. 1st – 2nd He could be very versatile for a zone blocking scheme and down the road could even substitute Ryan Clady in the line up as starting LT. If the Broncos wants him they have to use their first round pick. He won’t last until the end of the second round.
Cody Prewitt FS Ole Miss Sr 6’2” 208 4th Leader of Ole Miss defense in 2014. Good route reader and good stopping the run. Looks to be a good tackler. He’s aggressive and will have to gain some strength to be able to still play with the same physicality. Not explosive but has quickness and can change direction fast enough to prevent big plays in the secondary. 2nd – 3rd He could be selected as FS in the second round and left to gloom for one year before to take over as a starter. He’s a reliable player that is able to make plays when it counts but essentially does not make a lot of splash plays. Still being a leader playing in this way  says a lot about his character and motivation. Looks to be a guy you want in your locker room.
*Eddie Goldman NT Florida State Jr 6’4” 336 1st – 2nd You might would think a guy of his size could be more powerful and have more strength. Anchor well at times against the run and could create pressure at times. Eventually have some quickness for a guy of his size. Will need to get stronger and will need to use his hands to disengage better from blocks. 2nd If the Broncos are looking for a prototypical NT he has the looks but will need time to adjust to NFL power and speed of Olinemen. I didn’t see enough dominance to warrant a 1st round pick especially, a part the size, I don’t think he has any skills that is an improvement over Williams or Austin. It would be a bad 1st round pick with TE, S and G-C needs far greater. He doesn’t fit exactly what the Broncos look for at the NT position. If the Broncos really like him, maybe trading back at the beginning of the 2nd round make more sense if a 4th or even better a 3rd round pick come with it. To find developmental NT there are other option in this draft.
*Ronald Darby CB Florida State Jr 5’11” 193 2nd Good size and awareness. Aggressive player. Not afraid of contact, plays really physical. Lack elite speed and quickness but has some explosion that together with awareness helps him to make plays. 2nd I’m torn hire because from one side I don’t think that he’d be a valuable addition to the roster, since the Broncos are pretty deep in cornerbacks, but he looks to be the type of player (physical and nasty) that the FO would like the roster to be. Fits the mental part and the scheme. To me in the 2nd round the Broncos could still look at other prospect before him but in the 3rd his value would be too high to pass up.
*Donovan Smith
OT Penn State rJr 6’6” 338 2nd Good functional strength and power. Good footwork, great frame and size. Bend quite well for a man of his size. Athleticism reduced because of his size, still move well to the second line of defender. 2nd Will have to gain strength and get use to the speed of NFL pass rusher. Will begin at RT. Because of his size I don’t see him as perfect fit initially in the zone blocking scheme. Still a solid player that could help right away a big number of teams.
Kurtis Drummond FS Michigan State rSr 6’1” 208 4th – 5th Physical player that are incredibly underrated. He plays with nastiness, has not top speed or acceleration but has great awareness and plays with desire. Can cover and support the run very well. 2nd – 3rd Really Solid and aggressive player. I would feet well in the kind of mentality the Broncos want to have. He does not do anything extremely well, maybe this is the knock on him. but is a big error that I’m hoping the Broncos should not do. In late second I would not cry, If he’s still o the board after the top 10 of the third round he’s really worthy a trade. He could help in special team in year one as hard hitting cover guy and learn the speed of the NFL backing up at FS. If the Broncos would get him as late as with their own pick in the third he could become a major steal in a couple of years.
Denzel Perryman ILB Miami (Fla.) Sr 5’11” 236 3rd Hi lacks size and elite explosion and speed. Other than that he’s the most complete ILB of this class. He plays aggressive, he tackles well and is fluid running chasing the ball carrier in open field. He’s agile and so not an easy target for open field blocker. He has some degree of explosion especially north south to get the running back. He can drop back in coverage even if sometimes he miss his assignment. he’s not afraid to tackle and to make the play. Pursue the tackle until the whistle. 2nd – 3rd This is more complicated. I think that the Broncos could select him in at the end of the 2nd round because I don’t think he will be available at the end of the 3rd. He could add aggressiveness and personality, he was the defense undisputed leader at Miami, while he will not bring in what also is missing on Denver roster: size. If he’s there at the end of the third he would be a huge bargain. Maybe late second is early given the Oline, Tes, Safeties and Dline needs the team has.
*Jordan Phillips NT Oklahoma rSo 6’5” 329 2nd Great size and frame, he’s a NT that shows some attractive athleticism for a guy od his size. Has strength but I would like to see more power for a specimen like him, especially in his lower body. Will have to gain it to be ready to start in the NFL. Lack elite quickness at the snap. Plays quite good against the run but overall he could have played more physically using his great size as leverage. 2nd – 3rd I like some of the thing I see from him but also I don’t see the aggressiveness I think the Broncos are looking for. Still he could be trained to gain power and he can learn to use his talents to be a starter in the null. What scares me a bit is that he is only a redshirt sophomore. I see less potential here than in Goldman case, I would not be happy if the Broncos use a 2nd on him and I don’t think they will, given that they have really been careful selecting underclassmen high in the draft with John Elway (with the exception of QB). More of an high to middle 3rd rounder than a late 2nd.
Marcus Hardison DE – NT Arizona State Sr 6’3” 307 3rd – 4th Quick fist step and power. Really improved in his senior year will let to think that there is a lot of potential over a pretty good player already. Has great size, power and instinct. 2nd – 3rd The Broncos could look for him at the end of the 2nd round, he could still be there. In Wade Phillips scheme he could cover both DE and NT. With a year or seasoning being he backup at E he could then eventually take over as a starter.
Hroniss Grasu C Oregon rSr 6’3” 297 2nd Quick dancing feet at the snap. Will have to gain power and strength to be a consistent blocker in the running game. Does a good but not exceptional job reaching the second level for blocking. Will have to raise his awareness and gain some bulk. 2nd – 3rd Lower grade than Erving because I don’t think grasp could play another position in the NFL. Still a very interesting and very possible target in the second round. His lack of elite power could allow him to be there in the third round.
Tre’ Jackson OG Florida State Sr 6’4” 330 2nd – 3rd Great size and great athleticism. Does a far better job in pass protection, showing really impressive footwork for a 330 pound man and lateral moves that allows him to get clean checks against defenders. Incredibly IMO he need to get more powerful and gain strength to be consistent in the running game. 2nd – 3rd I would not be completely happy if the Broncos would select him at the end of the second round but I rate him higher than Marpet and AJ Cann because I think he could start from day one for the Broncos given his pass blocking skills. He’ll be  work in progress against the run but is not that he cannot play. He has potential and could become All-Pro with very good coaching.
Jamil Douglas OG Arizona State rSr 6’4” 304 5th Powerful and athletic versatile Olineman that project better at G in the NFL due to less than ideal arms length. Moves really well and is really a force blocking in the run. Able to open holes in the running game reaching the second level with nasty demeanor and power. Does have to do a little better job in bending but has a quick first step that helps him getting the edge over the Dlinemen. Could have some problem with the speedy and ultra-athletic DEs due to his arms length when he cannot get the grip of the opponent with his hands. Perfect for zone blocking scheme that he played extensively at Arizona State. 2nd – 3rd Underrated prospect especially for a zone blocking team that surely have him rated high. In Denver he could compete from day 1 for the starting LG position and for this reason he’s maybe the second best prospect at pure G position for the Broncos in this draft and could be targeted by the team as high as with the second round pick.
*T.J. Yeldon HB Alabama Jr 6’1” 226 2nd – 3rd Underrated. Maybe because of his injuries, but still underrated. He’s an hard nose explosive 3 downs running back and a nasty blocker and a pass catcher. 2nd – 3rd If the Broncos think he could play as a HB, he would be very worthy to be selected at the end of the 2nd round. The main reason is that defense will never know what is going on with the offense if he’s in in a double backs formation with one or two Tes. He’s a great runner but could be used to pave the way to another RB or being used to catch the ball out of the backfield or to block for another catcher in and outside the backfield.
Jaquiski Tartt SS Samford rSr 6’1” 221 3rd Huge size and athletic abilities. Does not have elite quickness but he’s fast and has acceleration. Hits hard. There is little video on his ability in coverage. 3rd I think that he won’t last until the 4th round because of his size that will lead some teams to think that he could be the answer covering big and fast pass catching Tes. He actually could really be  but he played a lower level od competition and dominate the running game there. the fact that apart for his INTs that is little evidence of coverage ability in his highlights videos is not a good sign. I would prefer Denver to select him late in the 4th or even in the 5th, but I really don’t think he will be still on the board then. The Broncos need a SS to grow and he has a ton of potential. Denver, barring character concerns, will strongly considering him in the late 3rd if he’s still on the board.
*Benardrick McKinney ILB Mississippi State rJr 6’4” 246 2nd Huge size for a modern ILB. Has great bulk and looks to be a gifted athletic. Not around the ball nearly as much as it could be  for a ILB of his size. Looks to have problems shedding blocks at times. Great acceleration to get to the ball carrier when no obstacles are on his way but not clearly fluid movement otherwise. Has great speed for his size and drops in coverage with better confidence that defending the run, which is a mystery to me given his size and power when he put himself at. 3rd I am a little bit torn here because his lack of physicality does not erase his physical gifts and he has enough speed and power to be used bot at ILB and OLB in the 3-4. If teams thinks like me he could be still there at the end of the 3rd round, free falling. The point is that it takes 32 teams to think like this and he is too gifted to be happening. Still there are several much more interesting and gifted physical players at the end of the second round that I would not be happy if the Broncos would select him there.
Grady Jarrett DE – NT Clemson Sr 6’1” 304 2nd Undersized quick Dlinemen that is able to create penetration both against the run a and pass. Especially skilled against the run, use very well his lower body to anchor and push the Olinemen in the direction he decides. At times overrun the play leaving huge holes where to run through. 3rd I think he could be used in any position of the 3-4 defense especially in running plays. He could provide depth in his rookie year and then maybe take over a starting position next year. My knock on him is that I think the Broncos look for bigger sizes and could have remove him from their board. He has talent and power. Plays aggressive and these all  the traits the Broncos are looking for.
*Danielle Hunter DE LSU Jr 6’5” 252 2nd Has some quickness and keep the motor running. Lack the power that could be expected from a guy of his size. Has a quick first step but lack elite acceleration but make up with good movements and use of hands to shed blocks. 3rd What I do like is the he keeps playing and fighting. He will need to gain strength and power in the NFL without losing his quick first step that could allow him to get to the QB. Also looks to understand and be able to hold the position in the running game, although at time he can miss the tackle. He will need time to learn to drop in coverage and I think that it could take a couple of years but his fighting mid set should allow him to become a reliable starter for a good NFL team.
Nate Orchard DE Utah Sr 6’3” 250 2nd Strong at the point of attack, great run defender with no-stop motor. Looks fluid running and chasing the ball carrier. Does not have elite quickness to elude pass blocker consistently but he keeps coming so his production is really high. 3rd Solid prospect with maybe less potential than others but that can provide good backing up for wearing down veterans, especially in the running game. Can play 3-4 OLB but will need time to learn how to drop in coverage.
Henry Anderson DE Stanford rSr 6’6” 294 4th Not flashy but a physical and resilience player that has maybe less quickness at the snap but make up with great power, high motor and speed. Able to move to olineman and to play against double teams. Create great pressure in the pass defense and is also disruptive in the running game. 3rd He is incredibly suited for the kind of 3-4 de Broncos wants to run. As DL he could play both DE and NT for what Wade Phillips is looking for. In my opinion he could provide immediate help. He does not have a ton of potential, I think that what is there in his videos is what you get, but to me looks enough to justify an high 3rd round pick, definitely is he’d be there at the end of the third it would be a steal for a team like the Broncos that would be in the market for e-4 DLinemen.
Clive Walford TE Miami (Fla.) rSr 6’4” 251 2nd – 3rd Really great size and strength for a TE. Does a really good job blocking and looks really complete there. Is fast more than quick and maybe not the best athlete in pads. Looks explosive the first few steps after the catch. 3rd Looks like quite ready for the NFL, still  will have to get ready for the power and the speed of the game. Could help initially in blocking and special teams and as the rookie year goes by, he could be able to get a catch here and there. I don’t see an incredible high ceiling for him but he’s certainly worth a 3rd round pick by the Broncos that might have also to trade up in the 3rd to get him or trade down from the second round few spots.
Jeff Heuerman TE Ohio State Sr 6’5” 254 3rd – 4th less athletic skills but still great size and frame. Improved his run blocking skills from 2013 and 2014, has some sped and has a nose to get open. Has to still get better at pass blocking. 3rd He was too much productive in college to not be selected in the second day of the draft especially in this week TE class. He could be interesting for the Broncos because his run blocking skills and his vertical speed. Tough still a developing player he showed bigger improvement from year to year.
MyCole Pruitt TE Southern Illinois rSr 6’2” 251 3rd – 4th Smaller kind of TE but with big frame and a chance to be an effective HB in the NFL. Does a great job in the run blocking game and shows quick first steps after the catch and good and smooth acceleration and running after the catch. Maybe a little stiff running the routs before to get open. 3rd Like a lot for the Denver scheme. He could be developed for one year and then take over after Casey as HB that can block for there RB or in the passing game or either being targeted as a receiver in every position on the field. He could become a very dangerous weapon if developed in a scheme like Denver one.
B.J. Finney C Kansas State rSr 6’4” 318 3rd Big and powerful dancer that has a really good functional strength. Block well with power against the run and move himself to the second level or push backwards his opponent in every NFL purchasing. 3rd Not explosive but a really great pickup in the 3rd round, he would really challenge for the spot. Has great technique against the pass and is developing his technique and game to NFL speed and power.
A.J. Cann OG South Carolina rSr 6’3” 313 2nd Has good size, less athletic than Tomlinson, have good footwork at times and does aa good job in run blocking, both in the power pulling and in the zone block. Need to raise his awareness and footwork in the passing game, getting a better body balance and quicker lateral movement because at times he loses his block on the opponent for lack of agility. 3rd I have him lesser rated than Tomlinson because the lack of lateral agility. Plus I think that he won’t be ready to start on day one in a zone blocking scheme, although he could thrive if coached and developed both in technique and mentality. Still a good prospect that could be quite good addition to Denver roster providing competition for the starting role as a rookie and most probably becoming full time starter since year 2.
Ali Marpet OG Hobart Sr 6’4” 307 2nd – 3rd Off course there aren’t many videos on him. Still he has a lot of athleticism, not for the show at the combine but because the way he compete in the senior bowl, holding his point against division I stars. He will need to add some muscle and he also will need to learn more technique. 3rd I won’t be a day 1 starter by any means for the Broncos, but he  has the potential to become a pro-bowl G or C for the Broncos given his athleticism and his projected versatility in the zone blocking scheme.
Daryl Williams OG Oklahoma rSr 6’5” 327 3rd Powerful, not elite feet quickness. Shows some body balance that is remarkable for a man of his size. Is able to pull his assignment out of the play and maintain the block until the whistle. Looks to have the natural body of a G, just a little bit more athletic and intriguing in the pass protection. 3rd I have a 3rd round grade on him as a G for the Broncos because he does not have quick enough feet to become a day one RT and does not have the quickness of other prospect at G. Still would be a really interesting prospect and could earn a day one starting gig at G due to his power in the run game, quick feet enough for an interior Olinemam and above average in pass protection for a rookie.
Rashad Greene WR Florida State Sr 5’11” 182 2nd Great route runner with some speed and power. Has some athleticism that help him change direction ultra quickly. Willing blocker. His size will penalize him in the NFL. Will have to get a really good functional strength and bulk up a bit. 3rd He’s  more a slot WR that can play outside because his precise routes. Dos not have elite speed or quickness so a bit of a WR tweener. End of the Line he will make plays and move the chains. A late 3rd as the Broncos at the moment own, will be a great value.
David Johnson HB Northern Iowa rSr 6’1” 224 2nd – 3rd Lacks quickness and speed at the snap, Very athletic and has a great frame that will allow him to put up some more muscles necessary to him to survive in the NFL with his aggressive and physical style of play. Willing blocker that could and will have to learn more on that, incredible WR that have 1 or 2 extra gears hitting the open field, Has an incredible amount of yards after catches. 3rd He could be very dangerous in a kubiak offense, Ironically he’s listed as RB but is where he’s less dangerous. He could be the HB/FB/TE the Broncos ravishing about. I really like his pursue and all the effort and extra yards he squeeze out of any play he’s in. I would like the Broncos to trade up at the beginning of the 3rd round to get him, because I think at the end of the second there will be some interesting player falling.
Jeremy Langford RB Michigan State rSr 6’0” 208 3rd All around RB that has no fear of contact and is able to make a second and a 3rd effort after contact. Willful blocker has been also targeted in the passing game. Impressive power and athleticism. Can get an extra gear on open field. 3rd To me he has all the tools to be a 1st round pick, for the videos on him. I think the Broncos will take in mind pure RB starting from the 3rd round, this is the reason I have him as a 3rd rounder. Like a lot this player.
Ibraheim Campbell SS Northwestern rSr 5’11” 208 3rd – 4th Fast reading and good tackling in open field. Lacks elite speed and quickness but has good instinct and knowledge of the game. Will need to get stronger and understand NFL speed 3rd – 4th I like a lot what I saw in his videos, he will need time to adjust his game to NFL speed and power but meanwhile he could help on special teams. He has great instincts and looks to be a SS while decent covering ability. Is quite a bargain even if time will be needed to develop the physical and learning aspects of his game.
Jordan Hicks ILB Texas rSr 6’1” 236 3rd – 4th Has some size and quickness. Looks tough. Has speed and know how to put himself to be able to make a play. Takes good tackle angles. Will need to bulk up and learn how to play a NFL speed. 3rd – 4th I do really like what I saw in his videos. He will be a good NFL player and is easy to see how he like to play. Could be a bit more aggressive but have really solid technique. He could play ILB in the broncos 3-4.
*P.J. Williams CB Florida State Jr 6’0” 194 2nd – 3rd Has good size and frame. Will have to gain strength and become more powerful. Does a really good job against the run. Can improve a bit his footwork but does already a good enough job. Plays really physical and likes to tackle. 3rd – 4th He could be too good to pass up in the 4th round. Does not have a great potential, but could become a reliable nickel with a year of seasoning.
D’Joun Smith CB Florida Atlantic Sr 5’10” 187 2nd – 3rd Smaller type of DB that has a good frame anyhow. He has to raise his awareness and footwork at times. Stout tackling, has a quick first steps but then does not have elite speed and agility with the pads on. 3rd – 4th He plays aggressively against the run, has the required quickness to be effective in blitzes and has experience in playing man to man cover. Still needs time to develop and the Broncos are not in dire need of CB. It helps  that he could be used as return man too. As CB I think he could be a valuable 4th round pick because his lack of speed and awareness.
Andy Gallik C Boston College rSr 6’2” 306 4th – 5th Strong and aggressive. Give flashed of explosion and has a remarkable body control while engaged with the defender. Has to gain some lower body strength and power to better anchor in the running game and the maintain balance while blocking in movement. Not really fluid in running but able to make nasty blocks on the second level. 3rd – 4th Really solid prospect that looks to me quite ready to start in the NLF. He will have to gain lower body strength and get use to the NFL power and speed but overall I think he’s underrated
Arie Kouandjio OG Alabama rSr 6’5” 310 3rd Huge size and frame. Quite athletic for a guy of this size. Powerful but could become stronger. Has good footwork in the passing game, has to control better the pad level and lack a bit of quickness and nastiness after the snap. Quite good while moving to reach the second level, Lack elite agility and lateral movement  a little weak. 3rd – 4th He had surgery to both knees and this scare me a bit out of the third round, you just cannot have third round spend on a player that maybe won’t even play in the NFL. Then again even with this concern, he won’t be on the board at the end of the 4th round, if still on the board at the beginning of the 4th he will be selected in the first 6 or 7 picks of the 4th round. I would lobe if Denver will trade up at the beginning of the 4th to get him. A 4th round is low enough for gamble, worse case is another Blake, best case a immediate starter with great potential that could make him a pro-bowler.
Justin Hardy WR East Carolina Sr 5’10” 192 3rd – 4th Athletic and explosive in motion, makes circus catches. Have good but not great speed and not good quick first steps. Great body balance with whom gain leverage on the defender. Locks to be quite physical. Can block very well for a 5’10” WR. 3rd I really like what I saw in his videos. Plus has some experience fielding punts that as rookie it never hurts. I like his tough mentality and the fact that play physical and knows how to get open. One of the most complete football player, If he would be a little more explosive he will be in the late first round conversation. Impressive and productive in college.
Garrett Grayson QB Colorado State rSr 6’2” 213 3rd Played much more under center than the highly touted guys, does have a better footwork, necessary to drop and release the football, does have a good grip and accuracy. Good arm strength. He tends to read just the first two targets, usually on the same side of the field, if they don’t break open he’s a little lost and try some run or try to gain time scrambling on the side of the field where his targets are to draw the defenders upon him and freeing the receivers. Has not the same athletic abilities than Winston and Mariota (and Hundley for what it’s worth). 3rd – 4th Is not because he’s from Colorado State, I think the Broncos could be interested on him because he has more experience under center and a better understanding of the throwing technique and where he has to get better, It will take time, because he has to learn to read defense in advance and to know where in the field his targets are before looking at them. Anyhow he looks to be a good option for the west coast offense and Kubiak will bring some of that element to Denver. It looks a good match.

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