2015 NFL Draft – My personal Broncos Big Board – 1st round

As usually I tried to scout out all the prospects available through internet. This year with the Julia Lilia coming to the world I had much less time, but I put a lot of effort on it. This is my personal Denver Broncos 1st round Big Board:

My Broncos Big Board Prospect Pos College Exp Hgt Wgt Gen Proj
1 *Leonard Williams DE – NT Southern California Jr 6’5” 302 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Phenomenal strength, power and quickness. He can really dominate the line of scrimmage. He is physically ready to start for most of the teams. He could be a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DT. Incredible. 1st The Broncos will never have a shot at him. He’s the best defender in the draft and should go 1st overall. If 1st and 2nd prospect chosen will be QBs, then he’ll go 3rd, but I don’t see the Broncos taking this year draft and the next two first round picks to go there and get him. Just hope the Raiders will not select him. He could become a special player.
2 *Amari Cooper WR Alabama Jr 6’1” 211 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
To me the second best talent in this draft after Leonard Davis. He’s special and could be special for years to come in the NFL. He has a lot of elite skills but no one exceptional. Thus he’ll be steady prolific receiver in the NFL if not asked to revive a moribund team by himself, he’s no Calvin Johnson and Johnson alone neither revived the Lions. He’s a modern complete all around player that can run with the ball, can catch deep, has great route running sense, has great hands and blocks well. Looks to be really unselfish and the prima donna opposite. 1st The Broncos will have to trade 1st round picks (2015, 16 for sure, maybe even some 2017) plus players to go and get him in the top 5 picks. Quite risky but who knows? He will not be on the board when the 6th pick overall will be called.
3 Vic Beasley OLB Clemson rSr 6’3” 246 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Incredible pass rushing skills. Needs to get bigger and stronger without losing his quickness. As 3/4 pass rushing OLB he is the best of the class. His lean frame makes him an easy target for double teams which usually are blanketing him, but it still frees another men on defense…He has already a sound technique and is relentless piling up pressure. No that much video on dropping in coverage but played on a stellar defense that liked to pile up pressure on each and every play….so I am not shocked about that. 1st I like him more than Fowler because I liked this player already in 2014 and IMO he’d have been a top 10 pick back then already. Now he is supposed to bea sure fire top 10 pick. To me he is a sure fire top 5 pick. I understand that he will need to bulk up, but he could do it through time. He’s NFL ready as pass rusher, he has shown several movements and has outstandind speed/quickness combo that is a gift, either you have or you do not. I do not think he will be available at 11th overall but in that case I would like the Borncos to really consider to tan the entire draft and future ones and go and get him. He will be so good and also Ware will might be done after 2015.
4 Kevin White WR West Virginia Sr 6’3” 215 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Incredible quickness, speed and acceleration. Great body balance and functional strength. Willing to block. 1st Again like for Cooper, Denver will have to trade the house in order to get him (I’m quite sure he 2017 pick will not be necessary). It makes sense to me If the Broncos will try to go and get Cooper or White? Not at all. Sanders had a Pro Bowl season, Thomas is a perennal Probowler and Latimer will have more than one chance to shine in his second year.
5 *Dante Fowler Jr. OLB Florida Jr 6’3” 261 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Has good size for a 3-4 OLB. Has great quickness and strength. Powerful has all the speed he needs to turn the corner and beat the Olineman. Remind of Von Miller also in athleticism. Will go really high on draft day. Top 5 prospect with still huge potential. 1st I don’t think the Bronocs have the ammunition to move up and select him. He wil go too high. Still he’s really impressive.
6 Brandon Scherff OT – OG Iowa rSr 6’5” 319 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Great size and frame. Looks to be stout and powerful. Does a good job bending but has less than ideal quick feet for the LT position. Still is capable of an adequate job against high level competition. Has awareness problems and at times is not able to keep is balance. Not always quick at the snap. 1st He will be selected in the top 10 picks IMO. If for any reason he would fall to the twenties, the Borncos should really ponderate to move up and select him. If for any case he would fall to 28th, he should become the Broncos RT or G for the next 10 years.
7 *Andrus Peat OT Stanford Jr 6’7” 313 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Prototypical NFL LT with huge size and frame. Will have to adjust to NFL power but he comes from college as good as it’s possible. Yes he is inconsistent at times but there’s no better technicians in footwork and his bending is incredible. 1st He will be selected in the top 10, top 15 max. Denver will never have a chance at him. I’m not buying into his falling and he’s terribly underrated. If he would fall to 28th instead of Scherff, he will be Broncos pick.
8 *Ereck Flowers OT Miami (Fla.) Jr 6’6” 329 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Huge size and frame. Has really good footwork and upper body strength. Explosive at the snap. Does have to do a better job at bending. Also will have to become more powerful in his lower body and execute  pulling constantly In the running game. Looks perfect especially for the zone blocking scheme. 1st To me he’s the second best Olineman overall in this draft after Peat and before Scherff (the latter one ultimately could be a better fit at RT or G). Then comes Collins that will be a RT or even better a great G. He has some technique issue (bending) and some lower body power issue that will be solved through the first year of the NFL. He could start right away for the Broncos at RT.
9 *Todd Gurley RB Georgia Jr 6’1” 222 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Strong, powerful all around runner. Can run outside and inside tackles. Incredible returner too. Has some blocking skills that he will have to improve. Strong stiff arm, always able to get more yards after the first contact. Has great balance and maybe has to become a bit more patient looking for the Oline opening holes. 1st If he falls and Broncos medical team checked him as good to go, he could be the best player available even on Broncos board. He’s elusive, powerful, quick and can hit a second gear in open field. The knock on him is that he has been injured and physical players like him tend to get more and more injured while their body wore down. Is to see if this will be the case for him, Peterson has shown that there are exceptions. Anyhow even if Gurley would have only 3 great years left in the tank, in those three years he would compete for NFL MVP, even more in Kubiak zone blocking scheme.
10 La’el Collins OG LSU Sr 6’4” 305 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Good size and frame. Powerful, has not elite speed, will have to add functional strength to better bend his knees. Is able to pull back his opponent but does not play with nasty streak. Has too slow “dancing feet” so I see him better suited to play RT or even better at G. 1st He could actually be the best option at G for the Broncos in this draft. IMO he could start from day one at LG where his power would help him. If he’s still available at 28th overall, the Broncos should not hesitate and select him. Denver could even might think to trade up in the early 20ies to get him. About his former “girlfriend” being murdered, as far as information came, he’s just being contacted by police to know her background and a lot of noice is being done for nothing. He stays on my board.
11 *Landon Collins SS Alabama Jr 6’0” 228 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Well built strong hard hitting safety. Take poor tackles angles at times. Has nose for the ball and great football instincts. Maybe not as fast as you’d like if you want to play him deep. 1st I would not trade up to the “eens” to get him. Maybe to the early twenties is a good deal, maybe 21st or 22nd if the Broncos feel that he could be ready to contribute as a rookie. In my opinion he could have problems with the game speed in the Pros where all players are bigger, stronger and faster than in college. Trade up for him is really risky. Still he’s the best S in the draft and can play well against the run and dropping in coverage, plus plays really nasty. I do like it a lot.
12 Carl Davis DE – NT Iowa rSr 6’5” 320 2nd
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Great size and power. Has really good technique and looks to be a really smart Dlineman. Has good movement lacks elite quickness but made up with great motor. Has good but not elite athleticism but use it all and it jumps out on his videos. 1st – 2nd I do really like this prospect. Watching his videos is easy to see that he has the traits of the dominant 3-4 DE. But thinking again on what the Broncos are looking for at NT he might be just what they need, a big powerful speciment that is able to create pressure. It does not matter that he has to get better against the run. He my be my dark horse for the first round selection.
13 Owamagbe Odighizuwa OLB UCLA rSr 6’3” 267 1st – 2nd
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Big and athletic DE that could be converted to 3-4 OLB. He’s really aggressive and powerful. Quick enough for his size, if given the time to adapt to the power and the speed of the NFL could become a pro-bowler for the team that decide to coach him up, I think he has a tons of potential. 1st – 2nd I really like the potential especially since the Broncos could have the luxury of using him as backup in his rookie year and not expecting hm to step up immediately and produce. He could be a forse rushing the passer but will also need time to learn to drop in coverage when needed.  If he’s still on the board when the Broncos will select in the 1st round he could be a good pick up. I would not trade up for him, it would create a ton of pressure on his development which I don’t see as a good thing at all.
14 *D.J. Humphries OT Florida Jr 6’5” 307 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Nasty Olineman that has quick feet but not quick enough to become a consistent LT in the NFL. Has good frame and power that would indicate to me that he could easily become a valuable starter at RT or G. Athletic, reach the second with ease and is able to use well his hands. Unspectacular and underrated. 1st – 2nd He could be Denver 1st round pick. Has potential and great size and shows more athleric skills on pads than Clemmings. He could play RT or G for the Broncos right away.
15 Jake Fisher OT Oregon Sr 6’6” 306 1st – 2nd
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Solid prospect that has great size and looks to have quick feet enough to have a chance to play LT in the NFL down the road. He has also the power to play RT and G. Bend well enough and has quite good athletic skills for a player of his size. 1st – 2nd He could be very versatile for a zone blocking scheme and down the road could even substitute Ryan Clady in the line up as starting LT. If the Bronocs wants him they have to use their first round pick. He won’t last until the end of the second round.
16 *Breshad Perriman WR UCF rJr 6’2” 212 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Legitimate nº1 WR, has good size and great athletic abilities. Makes incredible catches but lacks elite quickness. Run well routs and is always giving 100%. 1st – 2nd He’s a good football player, to me makes no sense to select a WR in the first round since the talent on the roster, but if the Broncos wants him they’ll have to use a 1st round pick. To me he is really similat to Cody Latimer and I had a late 1st rounder on him in 2014.
17 DeVante Parker WR Louisville Sr 6’3” 209 1st
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Great combination of size and speed. Will have to bulk up a bit in the NFL to protect from the punishing hits by NFL DBs. Has great sense for getting pen and run very polished routes. Does not look to be the best blocker. Has quickness, speed and acceleration 1st – 2nd He’s the fourth WR in my board, the Broncos would have to trade up for him too, but maybe just iat the 10th overall pick. Still it will be a immense error to me.
18 Devin Smith WR Ohio State Sr 6’0” 196 2nd
General Note My Broncos Grade Broncos Approach
Speedster. Ultrafast and quick. Has early good hands and looks to be powerful in his lower body. Does not shine in blocking has his size and frame would indicate. 1st – 2nd He will be selected in the 2nd round before the Broncos will made their selections. I don’t think there is any need to trade up for him, he has some awareness and concentration problem but more over he fits best a kind of passing game that includes big time long throws  which I don’t think the Broncos are willing to use much under Kubiak at least until Peyton Manning is in town. If he is still on the board when Denver selects in the third round he could be the target.

Have fun tomorrow night and GO BRONCOS!!!!


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