Denver Broncos will lose a great deal of home growth talent in Free Agency

What I don’t understand is fans bashing John Elway drafts.

For my understanding the Broncos are going to have a really delicate draft because a lot of starters are so good that they will demand big money in FA, so many of players and so good that the Broncos could not afford to retain any but one or two.

So who are these above average to star starters that the Broncos cannot retain, assuming that Demaryius Thomas is retained (anyhow he was McDaniels pick):

  • Julius Thomas
  • Orlando Franklin
  • Terrance Knighton
  • Rahim Moore

And then also:

  • Nate Irving
  • Virgil Green
  • Will Montgomery
  • Jacob Tamme
  • Quinton carter

I understand that Wes Welker should be on the list but with his history of head injuries I truly believe he should retire, so I will not take care of his situation in this review.

So John Elway has been praised by fans and media for his free agent acquisitions but questioned, at least by fans, for his drafts.

Point is that the most glamorous free agent acquisition, at the moment that was made, from the players in the list was Jacob Tamme, it made a lot of sense after Manning signed with the Broncos three years ago.

Terrance Knighton was a complete bargain because he came to Denver for a low market salary since he lost passion and his starting position in a Jacksonville team orphan of Jack Del Rio. He really took his career into another level as a Bronco and will now easily demand 6-7 million or more per year in the open market.

So from the names listed above, who are these premiere free agents signed by John Elway and which will probably be their football future:

  • Jacob Tamme: soon to be 30 years old, still the Broncos have chances to re-signing him ats a veteran free agent price. I would go on saying that he has been a good free agents addition.
  • Terrance Knighton: become a superstar playing for the Broncos. Will probably demand a multimillion contract for the last time in his career. The Broncos most probably could not match the 6-7 million per years contract that he will be offered. Most probably the Broncos would be willing to offer 6 to 8 million on a two years contract, which is peanuts compared to the 20 million over three years he will get from another team. The Broncos simply cannot match that. Great free agent addition, great bargain.
  • Will Montgomery: Training camp addition at C that warmed the bench for half season until most probably Elway in person pushed the coaching staf to play him. He played quite well. He’s 32 years old, the Broncos still have chances to retain him for a veteran free agent contract, 1 year. I would say he could be considered an average free agent addition.

So eventually the players that will depart and leave holes on the starting 22, will be mostly coming from Elway drafts:

  • Orlando Franklin: 2nd round pick, developed in a great starter that could still become a perennial pro-bowler in the right scheme and position.
  • Rahim Moore: 2nd round pick, had a rough start and a huge health scare during what has been his best season up to now. Even after the 2013 scare and the 2013 playoffs “Mile High Rainbow”, he still is an above average starter in the league. Could still get better.
  • Julius Thomas: 4th round pick, made two pro-bowls, matchup nightmare in the passing game and only average in run blocking. He’s really not that bad on blocking for being a TE. He is a superstar.
  • Nate Irving: 3rd round pick, started few games in 2014 before injuring a knee and ending in IR. Tough to be a “semi-bust” until he was named starter and then proved to be a reliable one at 4-3 MLB once he had the opportunity on Sundays games.
  • Virgil Green: 7th round pick, pillars of 2014 Broncos running scheme. Blocking TE mainly, could receive multi-millions contract offers as free agent. The Broncos most probably will try to retain him but could end up just short.
  • Quinton Carter: 4th round pick, maybe the only player on my list that hasn’t many suitors at the moment because he finished the last three years on IR for knee injury. Reliable borderline starter when healthy. The only season he was healthy he beat out Rahim Moore for the starting FS spot.

This list is a Mike Mohammed shy from being the entire first John Elway draft, considering that Von Miller has still a year left on his contract.

Also these are the players drafted by Elway that had more opportunities to play since they were added to a unspectacular roster.

I would like to say that generally a draft that includes 2 superstars, 1 borderline pro-bowler, 1 above average starter, 1 average starter, 1 borderline starter and 1 special formation ace, should be considered a great draft.

Just want to finish adding that John Elway second draft includes the likes of Derek Wolfe (I don’t understand why fans and some media critique him so much, he was a 2nd round pick and he played all the games apart the second half of the 2013 season and have been really solid player), Malik Jackson (a 5th round pick) and Danny Trevathan (6th round pick)…looks like also next year the Broncos will be forced to lose some really good home-growth product.

Go John Elway!!! Go Broncos!!!


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