2015 Free Agency: Denver Broncos own FAs scenario 1.0

Wes Welker WR 33 DEN TBD $7,647,059 UFA
Demaryius Thomas WR 27 DEN TBD $4,700,000 UFA
Terrance Knighton DT 28 DEN TBD $2,750,000 UFA
Jacob Tamme TE 29 DEN TBD $2,200,000 UFA
Will Montgomery C 32 DEN TBD $1,925,000 UFA
Mitch Unrein DT 27 DEN TBD $1,431,000 UFA
Rahim Moore S 25 DEN TBD $1,415,313 UFA
Orlando Franklin G 27 DEN TBD $1,386,000 UFA
Nate Irving ILB 26 DEN TBD $818,750 UFA
Quinton Carter S 26 DEN TBD $758,750 UFA
Julius Thomas TE 26 DEN TBD $741,000 UFA
Virgil Green TE 26 DEN TBD $661,236 UFA
Steven Johnson ILB 26 DEN TBD $574,000 RFA
Aaron Brewer LS 24 DEN TBD $571,333 RFA
Tony Carter CB 28 DEN TBD $570,000 RFA
Brandon Marshall OLB 25 DEN TBD $495,000 RFA
Ben Garland G 26 DEN TBD $420,000 UFA
Paul Cornick RT 25 DEN TBD $420,000 ERFA
John Youboty DE 24 DEN TBD $303,000 ERFA

Wes Welker, Not Resigned: borderline production and high danger of concussion. I don’t understand why he wants to play still.

Demaryius Thomas,  Complicated situation here. How is going Latimer development. Tagging him and the cap space is gone. I would bring him back at maximum 8M at year with a huge escalation bonus depending how far in the playoff the team goes and how productive he would be.

Terrance Knighton, Other complicated situation. I don’t know how he plays in the 3-4 as NT. Are there on the market some experienced NT that would play for veteran minimum or close to that? I would let him go if he wants more than 3 M per season, 2 more seasons. Guess somebody will offer more money, depending how much will define if he’ll stay or move to another franchise.

Jacob Tamme, I would offer veteran minimum and see if he’ll make the team.

Will Montgomery, Don’t know if he fits at C in a more zone oriented OLine. Would offer a little bit more than veteran minimum and let see if he’ll make the team.

Mitch Unrein, I would offer two years at little bit more than veteran minimum. He could be a good rotation commodity at both NT and DE in the 3-4 front knowing that he’ll always put the best effort.

Rahim Moore, I would pull an offer on the table,  2 maybe 2,5 M per three years with specific bonuses to let him focused on not be selfish again. I don’t know if on the market there are better FS than him and a rookie FS usually takes a couple of years to develop. It depends if other teams will offer more than that.

Orlando Franklin, I would love to keep him but Denver cannot afford to keep him. Sometimes FA is sad and I guess Big O would love to be back at a right price but the Broncos are thin on cap space, given my scenario, and nobody can know if he would fare well in a more zone oriented scheme. He was selected also because of his power play and size which are less important characteristic in the new scheme.

Nate Irving, I would sign him for one year on a little more of veteran minimum. Let’s see if he can hold the thumper role in the 3-4 MLB position.

Quinton Carter, I don’t think he will be re-signed given that he has a lot of problem with injuries. It’s a pity because he could be a good player if only could stop get injured.

Julius Thomas, I won’t come back. Mainly because he does not want to come back to the Broncos. This is my impression.

Virgil Green, The Broncos will try to resign-him at some more than the veteran minimum and something like three years contract. Let’s see if there will be a higher bidder but I envision him to be quite functional under the new two TE sets offensive schemes. His run block it would be a centerpiece of the new offense.

Steven Johnson, RFA: I would tender him with Right at first refusal (RFR). He will have again the opportunity to make the team in training camp although he looks a bit small for the 3-4 thumper MLB.

Aaron Brewer, RFA: RFR, long snapper nobody will tender him.

Tony Carter, It seems that Tony Carter is a RFA for the Broncos since ten years. Still RFR and let him compete in training camp.

Brandon Marshall, RFA: if the cap allows it, I would tender him with a 2nd round tender. If the cap does not allow it, I would still tender him with RFR but I guess that the Raiders will make a good offer to him. Interesting situation here.

Ben Garland, One year at veteran minimum and letting him compete in training camp.

Paul Cornick, ERFA: I would tag him and see if he can make the team.

John Youboty, ERFA: difficult here. I guess the Broncos won’t tag him. He’s really light for a 3-4 DE and I have no clue on how he’d fare in pass coverage as 3-4 OLB.


Wes Welker WR No
Demaryius Thomas WR 8M, 4y + reg. season and play offs production bonuses
Terrance Knighton DT 3M 2y
Jacob Tamme TE Veteran minimum, 1y
Will Montgomery C Veteran minimum, 1y
Mitch Unrein DT 1,5 M, 2y
Rahim Moore S 2,5M, 3y + production bonuses
Orlando Franklin G No
Nate Irving ILB 1,1M, 1y
Quinton Carter S No
Julius Thomas TE No
Virgil Green TE 1,4M, 3y
Steven Johnson ILB RFA: RFR tender
Aaron Brewer LS RFA: RFR tender
Tony Carter CB RFA: RFR tender
Brandon Marshall ILB RFA: 2nd round tender
Ben Garland G Veteran minimum, 1y
Paul Cornick T ERFA: tendered
John Youboty DE ERFA: not tendered

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