Seattle Seahawks 26 Denver Broncos 20: Good and Bad

The Good:

  1. My man, watching highlights today gives different feelings that watching the game live, may be because I already know the result. The Broncos lost. But again, for the ones pointing out that Denver lucked out last week with the zebras against the Chiefs (to which I strongly disagree since Ware forced a fumble that should have ended the game) this week Seattle overly lucked out with several so-so decisions that went to the home team because home team and some other bonehead wrong decisions that altered the game. The two most blatant: 3rd and 1, middle of 3rd quarter, huge offside by Seattle defense exactly were CJ Anderson were supposed to run….some zebras threw the flag but then nothing……!you are kidding me!……but even bigger the next one: Chancellor intercepted a bad Manning throw (more on his first 39 minutes throws later) and that’s clear as one second after there should have been a flag for personal foul over a tackle on Welker out of the action. Off course no flag.
  2. For as arrogant the Seahawks look for winning the super bowl last year, when it mattered most they needed to luck out and win the coin toss at home to win the game. This, plus the zebras plus this so called 12th man that for as loud it has been it didn’t stop the Broncos to put 17 points in the second half……
  3. Both offense and defense played inconsistently through the game, but the second half showing of the defense was epic. Yes without the “Help” of the 12th….
  4. If Nate Irving could get a little better than this, he’d be an above average MLB starter for any team in the league. Count in another pending FA that the Broncos would need to address for next year.
  5. Colquitt did really a nice job through the whole game IMO. Maybe today he has shown why Broncos FO decided to pay him big money for no apparent reason.
  6. The offensive line, given how good Seattle D-Line is, was outstanding during the game.
  7. When Del Rio went for it, the Broncos shown that they are really good in blitzing and they have great personnel for it.
  8. Talib is a stud. He got beaten for a TD but that was a perfect throw. PERFECT. Let’s give Wilson credit; he’s probably my favorite Seahawks player and so out of line over this Seahawks exuberant arrogance.

The bad:

  1. Who is calling offensive plays for the Broncos better learn from this game or we are done. What the hell of call on stupid run on 3rd and long or screens plays that are the bread and butter of Seattle defense…..there is a 43-8 loss in a SB to testify that and late in the 4th quarter again a screen? Are you kidding me, maybe I can do a better job.
  2. Manning was really looking bad throwing the ball for 59 minutes…..maybe some Tebow magic come into his final minute…..
  3. Julius Thomas has to play better. He can catch the ball but being a massive player means that you are great in a lot of other areas too…including playing your assignment when you aren’t getting the ball…..
  4. Now, is playbook learning so complicate to Cody Latimer of WTH is going on here? Deactivated when you need all your weapons? I really don’t get it.
  5. A loss is a loss. And this one is really a bad one. For the ones that don’t want to acknowledge it, the Chargers are a really good team and the Chiefs are three injuries less away to be a great team. I think that winning the AFC west is not a given and losing a close match like this hurts a lot.
  6. The defense got completely lost 3 minutes before the ending of the 2nd Seattle scored there 14 points…..
  7. Brandon Marshall was no Trevathan in this game.
  8. The running game is still very weak and it doesn’t help that Ball fumbled on one of the few good Broncos run to enable Seattle to score first in the match.

My take:

It hurts, because it could have been a win. It hurts because the Chargers are there with the Broncos and are a really good team. Still I think the Broncos could have badly lost at one point of the game and they end up tying in what is supposed to be the best home advantage of the best NFL team.

Good that the Broncos are not thought to be the best NFL team, also because there is no such a thing; good that now the Andy Dalton Bengals will be pointed as the best AFC team. Good for the Broncos that the Chargers are so good and that the Chiefs will have to play twice with the Chargers and already have lost once to the Broncos.

The Bengals will have home field advantage through the playoffs, but I doubt they’ll get to the AFC championship which, I think, will showcase at least one team from the AFC West.

It’s the third game and the Broncos played three good to great teams. It  has always been close and the team already lived some tough situations that could really help down the stretch.

The Broncos are still one Manning injury away from missing the playoffs.

Go Broncos!!!


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