Denver Broncos 24 – Kansas City Chiefs 17: Good and Bad

Denver Broncos 24 – Kansas City Chiefs 17, week 2 2014 season


  1. Rahim Moore: epic FS tackle in the first quarter. He saved a sure RB TD. It really could have changed the game.
  2. Montee Ball: when he had the opportunity, he run hard. When he hadn’t 50% of the times he still gained at last a couple of yards out of nothing; incredible will and execution. A game.
  3. A win is a win. If the Chiefs won’t quit now, they’ll make noise around. They really proved to be a good team that can reach a really good balanced offence.
  4. The defense has resistance, they have been on the field for the entire 2nd half and they had the resilience to make the crucial stop when it mattered most.
  5. Knighton showed up big in a big moment. Leaders do that.
  6. A lot of inexperienced defensive players got their feet wet in a hard division game, full of intensity. It will make, at least some of them, better players in the next future; it was a precious experience even if filled with mistakes.
  7. Demaryious Thomas is an incredible WR. Sign him long term please.
  8. Nate Irving is already not a bad option at MLB.



  1. Penalties on defense. Bad.
  2. Penalties on defense on 3rd down, really bad.
  3. Penalties on defense on a defensive touchdown that would bring much needed points to the Broncos…incredibly bad.
  4. Clarke is a better backup at LT than a starter at RT. Bring Big Orlando back at RT and find another guy to play LG? I don’t sign that yet but Clarke is really not playing even close to how he played last year at LT.
  5. Julius Thomas: great catch on the TD, bad reading on a block and rout just after blowing a play with an insane penalty. Resume: an ugly game.
  6. 3rd and long defense: Horrible.


My Take: this Broncos team is a WIP as a team. Chemistry is being looked for. The two wins are legit but if the team wants to go deep in the playoffs they will have to look at two weeks as something to learn a lot from and to improve a lot bot on offense and defense. Special teams are ok, nothing to write back home too.

NOTE: Phil Simms was irritating, IMO, just because he was whining in favor of Kansas City as soon as Denver took a solid lead in the first half. In the second half he was getting louder and excited as the Chiefs were getting closer to Denver. I don’t have a take about the petition, but as a Bronco fan I couldn’t take anymore his commentary and shut it down, watching the game by myself. It was that bad.


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