With the 207th round pick

the Denver Broncos select C Matt Paradis from Boise State university.

I thought  Denver FO likes more Tyler Larsen for his size and power, he looked underrated and more NFL ready.

Still I saw good potential in Paradis and this is my general evaluation:

Needs to get more powerful and anchor well in the passing game. Not elite athleticism. Struggle a little bit with more powerful defenders. Will have to get bigger and stronger but looks to understand angles and looks to play smart.

Now my impression under my personal Broncos point of view.

Another prospect in a class of C that has good basics but would need time to develop and could end up playing at G.


Players I like more are still on the C board, but again is my personal board and this is the spot I though it could be good to add a talented developmental C for the future that could end up in the practice squad in year one and then develop and take over in secod or third year.

Looks liek a really good pick to me.

Grade: A-


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