With the 56th round pick

The Broncos trade up and selected Cody Latimer, 6’3”, 215 lbs. from Indiana University.

One note, the Broncos traded up for him, so I guess they really liked him and probably had a really higher grade on him than late 2nd.

Here my general note on him:

Big, strong fast WR that is willing to block and block nasty. Run well Routs, does not have elite quickness but is able to get another gear when hit the open field. Is able to move the chains.

Here my Broncos scouting projection and wht I have a Broncos 1st round grade on him:

Perfect replacement for Decker. I don’t think he could still be there at the end of the 2nd round, so if the Broncos really like him, they’ll have to select him with the 31st pick overall or trade down risking that the Seahawks would select him.


Grade: A

We always complain because it never seemed that Denver FO was following the Best Player Available phylosophy; this yar they did, I only had Louis Nix and Yankey graded higher than him.


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