2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – WR


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Sammy Watkins WR Clemson Jr 6’1” 205 1st 1st Top offense playmaker in the 2014 NFL draft. In addition to explosiveness, speed and great hands, he is also strong and can block. He has incredible athleticism. I think this year there are two players that top the rest of prospects, on defense Clowney and on offense Watkins. If the Broncos will decide to give all this year selection and some of next year to get to draft Watkins in top 5, I would not like it, but given Watkins talent I’d understand.
Odell Beckham Jr. WR – ST LSU Jr 5’11” 198 1st 1st Smaller kind of WR that has great speed and athleticism. Run routes very well can block well and looks like a team player, instead of primadonna. You gotta love it. Plus he is a really good Special Team Returner. I think the Broncos should seriously think to trade up in the 1st round and select Beckham Jr. Not only he’s a really good receiver that could become the nº 2 receiver for the Broncos, but he can also replace Welker in the slot once Welker will retire. Plus, the Broncos have a big need at PR and KR, Sanders is appointed to returning at the moment, but Beckham could add his talent and make the Broncos Special teams really dangerous.
Mike Evans WR Texas A&M rSo 6’5” 225 1st 1st Tall and strong WR that knows how to break free and make great catches. Is also strong and has some real speed. Again, to me he belongs in the top 5 players of this draft. Is Denver thinking to trade up for him? If they feel that is the best for the long term and the short term of the franchise, I would not really like it but I will understand it. Still the Watkins trade would make more sense to me.
Marqise Lee WR Southern California Jr 6-0 192 1st – 2nd 1st Athletic, elusive but not very explosive. Has great acceleration on open field. Can and is willing to block. Looks to be a team player and a team leader in the making, not selfish. Tough player, can make acrobatic catches in traffic. Has some experience on Kick Off returner. Simply a complete football player and a playmaker. I think some team will select him before 31st. If he still there when Denver select he could be a target, since his talent is really too good to pass up. Still WR is not a deep need for the Broncos and they could pass on Lee to select in the 2nd or 3rd round some other player that would provide depth and probably ST returns.
Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State Jr 5’10” 189 1st 1st Small type of WR, really fast; he run routs well and is very athletic. He’s really quick. The knock on his videos is that there’s no indication that he can and is willing to block. Some punt return too. I think the Broncos have already Sanders for a smaller type of WR that can gain a lot of yards after the catch so trade up for Cooks, that BTW is also a really good deep receiver, would make no sense. If he falls to 31st, his value probably would be too much to pass on even though there is  no indication that he can block, skill that is really important for a Broncos WR.
Cody Latimer WR Indiana Jr 6’3” 215 1st – 2nd 1st Big, strong fast WR that is willing to block and block nasty. Run well Routs, does not have elite quickness but is able to get another gear when hit the open field. Is able to move the chains. Perfect replacement for Decker. I don’t think he could still be there at the end of the 2nd round, so if the Broncos really like him, they’ll have to select him with the 31st pick overall or trade down risking that the Seahawks would select him.
Jarvis Landry WR LSU Jr 6-0 205 3rd 2nd – 3rd Kind of receiver that catch everything thrown in his direction. Has speed and great acceleration, knows how to get open, block some but has to do a far better job in this category. He runs really good routs. He has so-so size but plays bigger than that. A prospect that in actually underrated. IMO he should not get to the Broncos 63rd pick overall. But of course with all the talent on the board he could slide. If he’d be there at the bottom of the third round, his talent is just too good to pass up id the Broncos didn’t pick any WR yet. The only knock on him at being a 1st round pick is the blocking willingness and the explosiveness, Beckham Jr has more of both.
*Paul Richardson WR Colorado rJr 6’1” 172 2nd – 3rd 3rd If he would have played for a better team of for a SEC or ACC team he’d be penciled as 1st round talent. There is no evidence of his blocking ability, but he is super quick, has tons of speed, runs really good routes and knows how to get open. Has great athletic ability and can make acrobatic catches, was extra productive on a offense that didn’t have any other real weapon. Regardless his blocking ability, if, in any case he would be still on the board at the end of the third round I hope the Broncos would select him, he will be really good in the NFL, especially with a Nº1 WR as DeMaryious Thomas and a TE as Julius Thomas to be counted on for the defense too (opps…and Welker as Slot receiver)…
Martavis Bryant WR Clemson Jr 6’4” 200 2nd – 3rd 3rd Tall WR with some drop issue but that comes up big in big games. Has rare athleticism and speed for a guy of his side, uncatchable when in open field, run good routs and can block some, even if his effort in blocking has to be way better and bigger in the NFL. Can create immense mismatches in the NFL with his mix of size and speed. He could be a poor man DeMaryious Thomas and a god insurance bet in case of injury. This is the reason why I only have a 3rd grade on him in my Broncos perspective.
Bruce Ellington WR – ST South Carolina rJr 5’9” 197 2nd – 3rd 3rd Smaller type of receiver that excels also in the returning game. He’s quick has great body balance and he’s highly elusive. Has speed and he’s really athletic. Former football and basketball star at South Carolina. Interesting blend of receiving and returning skills. He could end up being the main return man for the Broncos as rookie while studying from Wes Welker the slot position and how to block some. Then take over in in second season.
Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss Jr 6’2” 221 2nd – 3rd 3rd Really good routes runner. Has good size not great but he’s big and he is fast. Good and willing blocker. Denver met with him. I think that with all the talent at WR there are chances that he could be still there in the 3rd round. He is exactly what the Broncos miss at WR another fast routes runner that has size, like Decker was.
Kevin Norwood WR Alabama rSr 6’2” 198 3rd – 4th 3rd Reliable WR that lack elite elusiveness but is a sure catcher and reliable routes runner that make incredible acrobatic catches. High Motor guy, if it’s possible to use it for a WR. He can and is willing to block, looks to be the opposite of a primadonna and make plays all over the field. Not the fastest WR but the one that is always making the catch. Love him. There is no one thing on his video that Payton Manning would not love. He has good enough size and speed and know how to get open.
Dri Archer WR – ST – RB Kent State rSr 5’8” 173 3rd 3rd Big Play player. He can create a big play out of nothing being a WR, RB or Special Team returner. He has elite elusiveness and agility, incredible athletic abilities and speed to get open down the field. Does not lack quickness to become really good slot receiver. Plus his elusiveness and acceleration capability and body balance make him a top returner in this draft. The Broncos need e change of pace back and a special team returner. I understand that there is no evidence of his blocking skills, but he is an electric runner as a running back, one of the top prospects as returner and a very good WR. Given him the time to develop as WR as the Broncos conceive the position (timing and blocking) he could be a big play at the RB and ST position in his rookie year and be ultra-productive for the team. I think he would add another dimension to an offense that is already between the best if not the best of the NFL.
Davante Adams WR Fresno State rSo 6’1” 212 2nd – 3rd 3rd – 4th Good size, though not great, good speed and very good acceleration. Great routs runner. Can block and do it well. All in all not too impressed. I think that with the talent at WR, he’s a bit overrated, in another draft he could surely be a 2nd rounder, this year he’ll slide, IMO. From a Broncos point of view he’s a great rout runner and can find ways to break coverage in the vertical game. He blocks well. Didn’t see him in crossing routs at all. I think that he would surely be a really good addition to the roster, but not in the second round and probably some 2nd round grade will fall into the bottom of the third round.
Jared Abbrederis WR Wisconsin rSr 6’1” 195 3rd – 4th 4th Quick WR that knows how to get open in short, intermediate and long yardage. Really great awareness for his position on the field. Can block and is a willing blocker. Would have been way more productive in 2013 if not inconsistence QB play. He has all the looks of the great Slot receiver on the making and could be also a Nº2 WR and execute well enough screens. I like him a lot and I think that he’ll slide into the third day of the draft because the talent at the position. Still he is the clearest and most talented slot WR and because of that and the importance of the position in nowadays NFL he could get out of the board even in the 2nd round (that is where, in a normal draft, he could be selected).
Devin Street WR Pittsburgh rSr 6’3” 198 4th – 5th 5th Possession WR that have good size and have also some speed. Run good routs, isn’t afraid to catch in traffic and is a willing blocker. Has really good hands and in a normal draft for WR would be selected somewhere between the 2nd and the 3rd round. He could be really a Decker clone and could really be that he’d be there in the 5th round. Even in the 4th, the Broncos could pull the trigger in the big target WR that knows how to move the chains.
L’Damian Washington WR Missouri rSr 6’4” 195 5th 5th Tall receiver that has speed and awareness. Lacks elite athletic ability but is able to make incredible catches because his concentration. Runs good routs and can block some even though he has to learn to do a better job in this area. He will have to bulk up and gain weight to absorb a bit of NFL hits since he looks to play fearless. A very good prospect that in another draft would certainly end up in the second day of the draft I think in this year could be there in the 5th for the Broncos, He looks to have the height of Demayious Thomas and the weight of Caldwell. He will provide great value in the 5th round.
Ryan Grant WR Tulane rSr 6’0” 199 6th – 7th 5th I think this prospect is the real deal. He’ll come out late in the draft, at best in the 5th round, and the only elite skill you can find in his videos is intangibles. The most of the times it’s really hard to evaluate it on prospect and people in general. In his case is all there. He does not have a great size, he has a pretty pedestrian one, he does not have elite speed or quickness, but still he find ways to get open and make  spectacular catches. He knows where he is in the field and looks to know the weakness of opposing defenses being always where he is supposed to be. Plus he blocks and is a leader on the field. Love him, I can be wrong but I’d like the Broncos to believe him and to select him at the end of the 5th round, he’s not worse than Tavarres King.
Michael Campanaro WR Wake Forest rSr 5’9” 192 6th 5th Quick and fast, has great awareness of his position on the field and uses as advantage to get open and have extra yardage. Has thick body and his not afraid of contact. If the Broncos are looking for a Slot WR that could help right away he is one of them and for a cheaper price than 1st and 3rd rounds. Has to be evaluated if he could bring something into the returning game and if he can block or at least learn to block, if so, he’d be a steal.
Robert Herron WR Wyoming Sr 5’9” 193 4th 5th – 6th Smaller WR that is really athletic and explosive. There is no sign of blocking skills and run some easy routs, but he did it very well. He has great acceleration and is really difficult to tackle on open field. Has some experience at special team returner too. I’m not very high on him. He could be developed as slot receiver for the Broncos and I think he has great talent, but in a draft so deep at WR he could slide and I think that he could be on the roster board in the 5th round.
Josh Huff WR Oregon Sr 5’11” 202 5th 5th – 6th Slot receiver with very good quickness and athletic abilities. He has some speed and a really good body balance that helps him running really good routes. No evidence of block skills. Interesting blend of explosiveness, speed and routes running. If the Broncos are looking for the next slot receiver to develop, he could be on their radar in the middle of day three.
Tevin Reese WR Baylor rSr 5’11” 163 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Undersized quick and fast. Great production in college. Could become a factor in the special team as returner. He has game speed and really good hands. He mix of good hands, quickness and speed could be interesting to evaluate in training camp despite him being quite undersized. Also returning skills could be a plus for him.
John Brown WR Pittsburg State Sr 5’10” 179 5th – 6th 6th – 7th Not that many videos on him. He’s a fast and explosive receiver that becomes really elusive in open field. Has good experience at special team returner where he put up monster numbers. An intriguing prospect from a small school. Dominated at his level of competition, He could help the Broncos in Special teams right away and could eventually learn to play the slot or Nº2 WR in a year or two.
Mike Davis WR Texas Sr 6’0” 197 6th – 7th CFA Another quick slot WR that occasionally could use his speed to play outside. Looks well built for his size. No evidence of blocking skills not elite athletic abilities but solid routes running and field awareness. All in all an interesting prospect to bring to training camp and let compete for the slot backup position. No evidence of special team returns abilities.
Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley Sr 6’3” 219 6th CFA Really good size and good speed. He dominated at his level of competition and has all the physical tools to do well in the Pros to. I found no evidence of his blocking skills and to some kind of advanced rout running. He looks to be a raw deep threat that did the most he could with his speed and size. He does not look powerful, he’ll need to bulk up and will need to absorb some of the hit at the NFL level. Has interesting game speed but nowhere close to the 40 yard dash he put on at the combine, kudos to him for the performance. He looks very very raw, he’d need a year or two to adapt his body and his game to the NFL, but has all the tool to do it and if not asked too much and too soon from him, he could develop in a constant threat in the Pros too.
Cody Hoffman WR Brigham Young Sr 6’4” 223 7th – CFA CFA Great size and good speed. Powerful possession WR that could also tried at TE. He is strong and can block some, even if he has to learn better technique. Has really good concentration and can make critical catcher. Lacks elite athleticism and quickness. Interesting blend of size and catching skills mixed with some good enough speed.
Josh Stewart WR Oklahoma State Jr 5’10” 178 7th – CFA CFA Another electric returner that is also quick in recuperating the body balance after catching the ball and getting some more extra yards. The return skills are very interesting.
Quincy Enunwa WR Nebraska Sr 6’2” 225 7th – CFA CFA Possession WR that is too small to convert to TE and not game speed enough to play outside in the Pros. Will have to polish his route running and be more focused to overcome his drop issue. A nice possession WR with not that much ceiling but that if can learn and become a good route runner could be a nice addition since he can block also.
Matt Hazel WR Coastal Carolina Sr 6’1” 198 6th CFA He has some very good body balance that use very well in order to make catches and to gain extra yards after the catch. Has some acceleration. Lacks elite speed and athletic abilities, still run quite good routes. In a draft lake this one at WR I think there are some chanced he’ll unfortunately fall, also because the level of competition he faced in college. He’s a good player that could have even more potential that is up to the offensive coordinator to develop into field production.
Austin Franklin WR New Mexico State rJr 5’11” 189 7th CFA Has quickness and athletic abilities. Will need to bulk up, no evidence of blocking and special team returns skills. Has really good body balance and good burst. Could be evaluated as nº2 receiver depth or slot depth. It would be easier for him to make a 53 men roster if he’ll bring some special team skills to training camp, but I like the quickness and the body balance that he shows he can use.
Bennie Fowler WR Michigan State rSr 6’1” 217 7th – CFA CFA Possession WR that can work all around the field. Has thick body and looks powerful. He’s a bit inconsistent and can alternate some great concentration catches with some easy drops. He could be brought to camp to compete.
Albert Wilson WR Georgia State rSr 5’9” 202 7th – CFA CFA Has speed and can block some at college level. Will need to bulk up. Has some return skills and some acceleration and elusiveness. Denver could be interested in his returning game and develop him as slot receiver. He can block and is electric in special team returns.
Chandler Jones WR San Jose State Sr 5’10” 174 7th – CFA CFA Speedy receiver that run good routes. Could be interesting to better evaluate his game speed in training camp.
Torrence Allen WR West Texas A&M rSr 6’0” 183 7th CFA Not too many videos on him. Loos to have some explosion and runs well routes. Has some speed to and catch well. Small college product that will face a steep learning curve in NFL training camp. He has the size and the quickness to compete for a roster spot in training camp.
Nathan Slaughter WR – ST West Texas A&M Sr 5’9” 184 CFA CFA Good return man. Can run the ball as a half back at the occurrence but cannot find evidence of blocking. Looks really elusive on open field. Played against lower level competition, will face steep learning curve. He could be evaluated for his returns skills and his elusiveness, two skills that the Broncos are looking for in this draft.
Kelvin Benjamin WR Florida State rSo 6’5” 240 1st – 2nd NO Incredible size, even more incredible blend of size and speed. He can block some but has to get much better than that. He’ll be asked to bulk up; he’s too thin for NFL punishing hits. Has a big problem with mental inconsistency, he’s capable to have a big drop and then make an incredible catch. Run very polished routs, thought almost all of them are vertical routs; I didn’t see any crossing routs or any quite complicated double step or anything. Too many important drops. Peyton Manning is not gonna like them. Decker had some drops but not this ratio. He’s great but I guess that Denver, with the win now mentality will look elsewhere. This is not implying that he cannot become a leading receiver in the NFL, he just need to end up in a good team with some more patience than the Broncos in terms of production now. I would like to see him in Green Bay with Rodgers as QB, one of the most accurate QB in the NFL if not the most.
Allen Robinson WR Penn State Jr 6’3” 220 2nd NO Good size, good speed, great production. In the screen he’s lethal. Does not block and he isn’t willing to do it. Selfish, instead to block for a team score he looks the play to unfold and finish. Questionable route runner, does not get to many times enough separation from the defender, even one on one. His talent is unquestionable, what I really didn’t like was his staring at the ply to unfold while defenders where tackling or going to tackle teammates of him at one meter from him. Ugly What I said is even more valid for the Broncos whose make the WR blocking a must. He reminds me of Decker at the beginning, but probably Decker was running great routes and off course was already a fearless blocker.
Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt Sr 6’3” 212 2nd NO Big and fast. Rare athletic skills can catch balls running out routes or across the middle. Deep threat. Can block even though he does not look willing to. Great athlete and prospect, still IMO he could be a boom or bust. I think he played great in college and was a star there. Denver has no big need at WR, and I would like a more elusive target.
Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers rJr 6’6” 225 5th NO Inconsistent WR that has outstanding size, great athletic abilities for a player of his size and concentration problems. Heeds also to bulk up and get stronger, no evidence of blocking skills. He is; IMO, better than when Gerell Robinson came out of college two years ago. He has some drop problems but anyhow has great size and is fast. Difficult here to predict id the Broncos have quit from the board WR with drops issues, last year King had the same problem and Denver selected him, here I go again with no interest from Denver for WR with drops issue.
Jalen Saunders WR Oklahoma Sr 5’9” 165 6th – 7th NO Transfer to Oklahoma from Fresno State, which is unusual. Has some game quickness and speed, is a willing blocker even at his size. Looks good on tape but will need to bulk up and get stronger. Has to be seen if can do some special team return too. I think he’s a little bit too much undersized. There is no evidence he could provide some special team help as returner, skill that the Broncos always evaluate in WR towards the end of the draft and CFA.
TJ Jones WR Notre Dame Sr 6-0 188 4th NO Possession WR that is a smart football player. Lacks elite athleticism and elite speed. I think the Broncos are looking for a big WR or for a burner.
Shaquelle Evans WR UCLA rSr 6’1” 204 5th NO Inconsistent WR that could drop easy balls and made tremendous acrobatic catches. Has to get better in separation and no evidence of block skills. Has great athletic skills lacks elite speed but has quickness. A bit of a project with no great size but a good body. I think the Broncos are looking to a burner or a bigger size receiver.
Trey Burton WR Florida Sr 6’2” 224 7th – CFA NO QB, RB, WR at Florida. Could be interesting for those teams that run the option, because he could be a dual threat. Also some other tricks with him playing WR and QB could be used. Denver does not play the option with Peyton Manning, even with Osweiler I highly doubt that some of that would be on the table.


Prospects that I think would fit perfectly Broncos schemes:

Odell Beckham Jr.–> special team returner / 1 year development to nº2 WR;

Kevin Norwood –> special team contributor / 1 year development to nº2 WR;

Ryan Grant –>  special team contributor / 1 year development to slot WR;


Prospects I like:

Cody Latimer –> special team contributor / 1 year development to possession WR;

Paul Richardson –> special team contributor / 1 year development to nº2 WR;

Bruce Ellington –> special team returner / 1 year development to slot WR;

Dri Archer –> special team returner / 2 years development to slot WR;

L’Damian Washington –> special team contributor / depth a Nº1 WR;

Michael Campanaro –> 1 year development at slot WR;

Tevin Reese –> 2 years development at nº2 WR;



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