2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – QB


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois Sr 06-feb 222 2nd 2nd Fast release, good but not great size, great accuracy and arm strength. Can perform in horrible weather. Played a lower level of competition, but he dominated. Great job with his footwork in the pocket, great presence in the pocket, not a natural runner but can try to escape and had good success at his level of competition, not sure if he’ll succeed running in the NFL. He is capable to completely make any sort of throw distributing the ball in every place in the field, a la Peyton Manning. I think that he’ll be selected higher than projected by professional analysts, in the 1st round, around the pick 20th, maybe somebody trade up and pick him just after Manziel will be taken (16th overall?). I really think Elway is taking this guy in consideration and if in any case he’s still there in the middle of the second round, the Broncos will try to move to get him, with or without Osweiler. Garoppolo is really good but raw, a year or two under Manning to get the sense of the speed of the game in the NFL and then he’ll be ready to Bring the Broncos to SBs.
Tajh Boyd QB Clemson rSr 06-ene 225 5th 6th Inconsistent dual threat. He can take off and run powerfully with a great acceleration but he can also throw the football. Make some bad decision at times and has not great size. The Broncos interviewed with him. If interested I hope they’ll wait and see if he drops until the 6th round, which he won’t I think. He’s being underrated because of the receivers he played with in college but he actually deserves some credit to for hos successful his team has been in the past years and the leadership he brings to the table.
Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech rSr 06-jun 254 5th CFA Slow release, strange mechanics at times, impatient at times, inconsistent accuracy throwing down-field. Big size, not really flashy running the ball. Long term project at QB that will need to learn better mechanics and to release the ball faster. Also pocket awareness is an issue that he’ll have to find a solution for. To me this is the Broncos grade and the general grade, I don’t think he’s now worth a 5th round pick. Is just my opinion, I wish him the best.
Stephen Morris QB Miami (Fla.) Sr 06-feb 218 7th – CFA CFA Strange mechanics, fast release, good footwork, great accuracy also under pressure in the short and intermediate yardage. Not the strongest arm. Good read on defenses. Denver met with him, Boyd and Smith, at least that I know. I think that he could be the CFA addition that Denver looks for every year. My question is, would he agree on coming to Denver in training camp with few hopes to get at least in the practice squad? I won’t.
Garrett Gilbert QB Southern Methodist rSr 6’4” 221 7th – CFA CFA Good size, good release, not so much zip on the ball, can buy time and prologues the play with his feet, throws well under pressure. Great short yardage and intermediate accuracy. He could really be interesting for the Broncos because of his size, the good arm and his ability to throws even under pressure.
Chase Rettig QB Boston College Sr 6’2” 214 CFA CFA Inconsistent mechanics, good release, great arm and good accuracy. Resilient player with good but not great size. Has to be a better job with his foot in the pocket especially when under pressure. Still he can deliver the ball under pressure. Not really mobile QB has to learn to get out of the pocket a bit to escape the pressure and sacks. To me he is underrated, he could win a 53 men roster spot as third QB, he looks like a competitor and is more ready to play than many other more heralded “late round QB projections”. And his mechanics are not looking soo bad as some professional analysts are portraying.
Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville Jr 06-mar 205 1st NO Great accuracy in the short and medium yardage, accuracy in long throws diminishes dramatically. Looks to have a strong arm and can escape pressure with his feet. Exciting to watch but a little bit thin for the NFL, will have to bulk up. Fast release of the ball but strange mechanics. IMO because of the strange mechanics on occasion the ball looks to float more; these balls will be easily picked in the NFL. I really doubt The Broncos would have intention to select a QB that is not Andrew Luck. Still Bridgewater looks to me like late 1st rounder, early second that will be select before because he is a QB.
Blake Bortles QB UCF rJr 06-mar 230 1st NO He is really good. He’s the new prototypical NFL QB with size and strength, big arm and feet that can let him escape pressure. Only that he can throw accurate passes also under pressure. He does not have the fastest release of the ball of all, but is still pretty good. Strong arm. All his flaws have to be picked by professional scouts on his videos, because I really can’t. IMO if Houston selects him as Nº1 pick, there is no problem. I think that Watkins and Clowney are the best players in the draft, but close second are Matthews (OT) and Bortles.
Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M rSo 6-0 210 1st NO He has been incredible in college. He could do so much with his feet and leg and his accuracy was great with or without pressure, on the move or in the pocket. So elusive and fast. The point is that all of this cannot be evaluated or represented in the NFL. I’m not saying that he cannot do it in the Pros too; I’m saying that nobody did yet. He probably will have to become more of a pocket passer. His short size will be a problem? I don’t think because his Oline size at Texas A&M is pretty much the same one of a big NFL Oline. Will he have to bulk up? Yes. Will this affect his quickness and his balance? I don’t know. Big Pro gamble. It’s difficult to not love what he did in college because was so fantastic to watch and so effective that there could be little comparison (Vince Young and Reggie Bush the closest). Good for the Broncos that will never have the doubt on passing on potentially the guy that changed the NFL offense. He’ll be selected the latest at 15th.
Derek Carr QB Fresno State rSr 06-mar 218 1st NO Tall and thin QB that has great arm but low accuracy in medium/long range throws. I didn’t like the videos on him. IMO he’s overrated because of his size and arm strength but he’s still very raw. I wouldn’t touch him until the 3rd – 4th round, but he most probably will be selected at the end of round one.
Brett Smith QB Wyoming Jr 6’1” 205 7th – CFA NO Bad mechanics, he has to work a lot on that, has to work on his footwork too in order to stay balanced when throwing the football and while throwing it, really mobile QB, maintain great accuracy under pressure, can prologues the play buying time in the backfield with his feet. Really raw. I wonder why he came out of college as a Junior. He shouldn’t have.
David Fales QB San Jose State Sr 6’2” 212 6th NO Fast release but not so zip on the ball, good pocket presence and can run to escape pressure, can throw under pressure, can throw downfield but does not have the strongest arm. Even if he’ll end up undrafted, too many teams will pursue him because of the “upside” he could have. Looks to me as a smaller and less strong copy of Dysert.
Zach Mettenberger
QB LSU rSr 06-may 235 3rd NO Tall and big QB. Strong arm but no mobility in the pocket. Injury risk, he has to do a better job reading defenses. He looks to have a really good arm but the injury risk is too high.
A.J. McCarron QB Alabama rSr 06-mar 214 3rd NO Not the fastest release, the ball has less zip that what you’d desire, strange mechanics at times, good accuracy overall also under pressure. Not enough evidence of running skills to escape pressure. I think that Alabama prospects have already reached the potential they have, and there is no ceiling for them. I guess he’d become a reliable QB that does everything well but not spectacular. He knows how to manage games and will be asked tom do just that in the NFL.
Aaron Murray
QB Georgia rSr 6’1” 207 4th NO Smaller QB, has quick release and good accuracy in short and intermediate yardage. Played hurt. I really like him, but I think the Broncos do not believe in shorter QB with knee injuries in the past, but then sure they’ll like his toughness.
Connor Shaw QB South Carolina Sr 6’0” 206 7th NO Really mobile small type of QB that has great arm strength and can be also a threat with his feet. Has deep ball accuracy, good release and mechanics. Too small for Broncos standard. Developmental project for some smart team could become, with a couple of years, one of the best backup in the league. I really like his videos.
Jeff Mathews QB Cornell Sr 6’4” 223 7th – CFA NO Not the fastest release but nice zip on the ball. Big QB with great size, quick taking off and running the ball. Inconsistent passer. Gilbert from SMU is my favorite CFA for the Broncos because he looked as a better passer than Matthews in his video.
Tom Savage QB Pittsburgh rSr 6’4” 228 2nd NO Slower release than Bortles and Bridgewater, better mechanics than Bridgewater, does everything quite well but somehow ends up with a mistake or a “defense miracle” in an important moment of the match. He’s rising really fast since a month and a half, I don’t know if it’s really good for his future career, I know is good for his present pocket. He seriously needs to sit for a couple of year and get use to the NFL game speed. If a bad team, with a bad Oline id selecting him and forces him as starter sooner, I don’t think he’ll ever develop in the next “Tom Brady” as he has been appointed. The Broncos cannot take him high (second round) because Elway already took Osweiler there. To me Savage is a good late 2nd – mid 3rd round pick, a la Griese for a comparison, with injury history and all.
Keith Wenning QB Ball State Sr 6’3” 218 6th – 7th NO Pocket passer only, have heavy foot, no the best zip on the ball, fast release can throw downfield but not the greatest arm. Good short tom intermediate yardage accuracy. Maintain really good accuracy under pressure. If he goes undrafted, that it’s were the Broncos could be interested, too many teams will pursue him.


Prospects I think could fit perfectly Broncos schemes:

Jimmy Garoppolo –> 1 year development at QB;


Prospects I like:

Garrett Gilbert –> 2/3 years development at QB;

Chase Rettig –> 2/3 years development at QB.


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