2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – TE


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Richard Rodgers TE California rSo 6’4” 257 6th CFA Has some explosion and can get open but has some drops problem. Has good size-speed ratio for a TE and can block some. He’s a prospect that if he’ll slide to CFA Denver FO could have some interest to bring to training camp and maybe put on practice squad to develop.
Jacob Pedersen TE Wisconsin rSr 6’4” 240 7th – CFA CFA Tall receiving TE that has some speed and could be some sort of down the field threat. No evidence of blocking skills. Will need to add weight. If Denver is looking to bring competition in training camp he looks good in the catching department and has interesting size.
Colt Lyerla TE Oregon Jr 6’5” 250 7-FA CFA Red flags all around him, he was a fluid runner, pass catcher and powerful force at Oregon before he quit and being arrested for drug possession. He could end up being selected in the 2nd or 3rd round. The Broncos went to his private work-out at Portland State; I guess they wanted to check his shape and his skills. He could be brought in and put in the practice squad is the FO is ok in with his character risk.
Blake Annen TE Cincinnati rSr 6’4” 247 6th – 7th CFA Versatile TE that could plays also and HB and in special teams. He is powerful and can catch balls as short field target. He looks well-built and could provide competition to Dreessen and Green in training camp.
Xavier Grimble TE USC rJr 6’4” 257 7th – CFA CFA Big target TE that could become a threat in the passing game. Lack elite speed and athletic skills but catches well the ball and is difficult to bring to the ground because of his power and size. He could be the developmental TE that could be the Broncos want to carry in the practice squad.
Marcel Jensen TE Fresno State rSr 6’5” 270 7th NO Big size; plays special teams. Not enough videos on him on internet.
Eric Ebron TE North Carolina Jr 6’4” 250 1st NO Big TE that has some serious speed, given his size, and that looks complete: he can block and catch. Has some drops and have to do a better job with routes running. Now this said I don’t think he’s explosive enough or powerful enough to warrant a top 15 pick. This probably is the only weak position, together with C, in this year draft and there are teams in the top 15, starting in the back end of top 5 that have also a big need to a reliable TE. He’s reliable, but I think that he could be picked in the 1st round but if he wouldn’t I won’t be shocked. Just solid and overhyped. Denver, even id 2015 will be contract year for all the 4 TEs that were in the 53 men roster in 2013, has already better personnel on the team.
Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech Jr 6’5” 265 2nd NO Big TE, powerful, can block, has some athletic abilities but he looks like a possession TE, he is not explosive and not elusive at 6’5” 265. Again the Broncos are set at the position and he won’t be an immediate upgrade in any facet of the position compared with the personnel already in place. To me he is also overrated and could be a late 3rd rounder.
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Washington Jr 6’6” 276 2nd – 3rd NO Imposing prospect that has huge size and have considerable speed and athletic skills for a guy of his size. Still looks that he turns light off on a number of plays and let his assignment to win him out or run slowly his route. Other times he stonewalls his assignment and run full speed. He cannot and won’t be a deep threat; he’ll be a possession TE and will have a huge role in the blocking game. He is bigger than any Denver TE but is less athletic and less versatile than any of them. IMO will be chosen in the 2nd day of the draft but not necessarily in the 2nd round.
C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa Sr 6’6” 265 3rd – 4th NO Possession TE that is really good in blocking and is little bit more dynamic that Niklas but little bit less Athletic. He can be more of a factor in any passing situation but still lacks elite explosiveness and speed to be a down field threat. To me he is a really solid early 3rd day prospect that has a good mix talent to be solid NFL player for years to come.
Arthur Lynch TE Georgia rSr 6’5” 254 4th NO More athletic TE has more speed and can catch the ball also in the middle range of the field. I don’t think he could be a down field threat because he lacks elite speed and acceleration. Has some strength and can block some but will need to get stronger. The Broncos have personnel in place that at the moment is better than him.
Joe Don Duncan TE Dixie St rSr 6’3” 268 CFA NO Pass catching TE that dominated at his level of competition. Invited to the combine, couldn’t work out because of injury. He’s a little short of what Denver looks to like at the position for development.
Rob Blanchflower TE Massachusetts rSr 6’4” 256 5th – 6th NO Strong possession TE, has good body balance has good hands. Not that many videos on him The Broncos have a personnel in place that at the moment is better than him.
Jake Murphy TE Utah Jr 6’4” 249 5th – 6th NO He has some serious speed and acceleration after the catch. He has some power and body balance. He’s a legit threat in vertical offense; he could be really dangerous in the 15 – 25 yard pass vertical attack. Lacks elite athleticism and explosion. No evidence of blocking. From his videos he looks to be a little bit one dimensional. Speed and athletic CBs will give him hard time in the NFL and could blanket him. The Broncos have personnel in place that at the moment is better than him.
Crockett Gillmore TE Colorado State Sr 6’6” 260 4th NO Tall TE that looks leaner than his weight would indicate. He can block on the move but has some problem to anchor. Looks to be a possession WR with some drops issue and big target in short field positions. He lacks explosion at the snap and lacks elite speed. Has some athleticism and can make some spectacular catch at times. I think he’s a middle rounds talent (a 5th seems fair to me) because he does not do anything elite but neither he has really weak areas and has really good size. Still the Broncos are, to me, set at the position and could take a shot at the end of the draft or most probably with CFA.
Kaneakua Friel TE Brigham Young rSr 6’4” 261 7-FA NO Have drops issue. Tall, lacks elite athleticism, could be used in short yardage situation. Denver probably is looking for somebody to develop that could become also an all-around treat. He’s a bit limited by his lack of ideal agility.
Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame rJr 6’7” 270 2nd – 3rd NO Big and strong prospect that looks to be a blocking TE and 3rd down – red zone big target. Has great power and some valuable athletic skills for a guy of his size. I think he is one of the safest bet on TE in this draft but I would spend a late 3rd or a 4th round pick at best. Denver has Virgil Green in Niklas role and I don’t think is thinking to change this.



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