2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – RB


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Tre Mason RB Auburn Jr 5’9” 205 2nd 1st – 2nd Small size but big runner. Does not have elite power or quickness but has great speed and acceleration. Hit the hole hard and with a ton of speed, is able to accelerate if he sees the light and can make some defender miss. He can run outside with his speed and can run inside with the one cut downhill run. Complete prospect that just miss some quickness and power to be a top ten pick. He could be a really good complement to Ball. Has more speed than ball and can cover the role that Hillman apparently cannot cover as the change of pace back. Plus can do most of the things Hillman does. He can also block some. No evidence of catching the ball. I’d prefer if he’d be there at the end of the 2nd round as Ball in 2013. Anyhow if the Broncos can drop out of the 1st round and select him with one of the top 10 picks of the second it would be almost as good. I can also live with the Broncos selecting him 31st overall.
Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State rSr 6’0” 235 2nd 2nd Strong runner that have patience running. Can afford to take some hits and still can running. Gain extra yards after the first contact. Not elusive but has really good acceleration more than pure speed. Great body balance and footwork. Does not have elite speed and is not a downhill threat. No evidence on blocking and catching the football. I honestly think that the Broncos are not looking to the kind of player he is. I guess the Broncos are looking for the downhill threat that could proportionate a dual threat having Manning at the helm. The kind of quick and fast player they probably thought Hillman was going to be for them. Hyde is not that kind of player, is more a complete runner that can run inside and outside and is gonna break a lot of tackles but won’t make many defender miss. Still he is very good at it and would make really good things in tandem with Ball.
Devonta Freeman RB Florida State Jr 5’08” 206 3rd – 4th 2nd – 3rd Dynamic playmaker that hit the hole really hard and has really good acceleration. Has some really good lateral movement and looks to be one cut downhill runner. Lack ideal size and could struggle because of this. Look willing to block and do a decent job against the college top challenge in that category (one of the best blocker i saw in this class up to now). Will need to bulk up especially is lower body. He’s the prototypical change of pace runner. Really interesting prospect for the Broncos and surely the took a deep look at him. He’s an undersized prospect that plays physical and does a good job at blocking, when asked too. He also plays hard and has good speed and better than good quickness. His acceleration allows him to be a dangerous player once he get to the open field. I think the Broncos could look for him between the second and the third round, given that they draft at the end of each round. To get him around where they got Hillman would be perfect.
Jeremy Hill RB LSU rSo 6’1” 235 2nd 3rd He has some really good burst and can accelerate in traffic. Hits the hole hard. Sometime gets impatient with the play. No sign of blocking skills. Little, although good, signs of ball catching ability. All in all a player similar to Montee Ball in his running style. Has some more acceleration and burst than Ball. Has really good size and room to add muscles. Powerful player that could interest the Broncos only if he slides because I think that Denver is set with Ball as plodder and is looking a flashing runner to add to the roster to compete with Hillman. Hill is more a Ball clone, although is abilities are off the chart.
Bishop Sankey RB Washington Jr 5’10” 203 2nd 4th Inside runner. Has power and run when into the hole having some lower body balance and some quickness to make some defender miss at time. Has not elite speed and I can see him having way more problems running outside tackles in the NFL plus looks a little slow in direction changes too. Plays hard and he’s able to get some extra yards after the first tackle. To me he’s really similar to Ball. Depending what the Broncos are looking for, and I think they are looking for a change of pace downhill threat guy which he does not look to be for NFL standards, and if he’d slide a bit, he could be an interesting depth addition.
Terrance West RB Towson Jr 5’11” 223 3rd – 4th 4th – 5th Really interesting prospect that dominated at his level of competition and had incredible production. He has the power to run inside with enough quickness to hit hard the hole and has enough speed to run outside. The question is his level of competition and if he could block some and be a consistent receiver. An interesting player that is quite the kind of player that Denver is looking for (IMO) but not completely. The knock, from a Broncos point of view on him is the blocking capability, if he can’t block his value to the Broncos is low. This is the reason why I lowered my Broncos grade on him compared with then general feeling.
*Kapri Bibbs RB Colorado State rSo 5’11” 203 6th 4th – 5th Real one cut downhill runner. Has great vision and hit the hole hard. Has great acceleration and is able to add another gear on open field. Plays bigger than his size and has game speed. No indication of pass catching or blocking on his video. The trouble with him, from a Broncos point of view is the evidence of blocking capability and pass catching skills. Still the Broncos already had a private meeting with him and he has the trait of the change of pace runner Denver is in need of. The Broncos could reach up to the 4th round if they really like him because he could add a dimension to the offense that could make Manning looks even better, if that is remotely possible.
Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford rSr 6-0 226 5th – 6th 5th Really underrated downhill runner. What is really interesting in him is his speed and acceleration for a player of his size. He’s able to explode hitting the hole and have a really appealing speed and acceleration for a 6’0” guy. His size also helps him breaking some block. He could be one of the most appealing RB for the Broncos, given that the top tier guys looks much alike Montee Ball. The knock on him is that there is no evidence on blocking and on pass catching.
Senorise Perry RB Louisville Sr 6-0 187 6th – 7th 5th -6th Good vision and really good acceleration when hitting the hole. Has really good size and can get some extra yards after contact and break some tackles. Does have some pass catching skills. Really good body balance. No evidence of pass protection skills. Another really interesting prospect that has game speed and runs hard. He could be really interesting for Denver if it turns out that can block some. Has not elite speed but has really good acceleration and has a second gear that is able to use in open field. His body balance helps him to cut away defenders and find his path to extra gain. Not afraid of contact and because of his size id able to get some extra yard.
Charles Sims RB West Virginia rSr 6’0” 213 4th 6th – 7th Pass catcher, has been asked to block both in the backfield and in screens, Big size inside the tackles runner that lacks quickness. Has really good body balance for a runner of his size, lacks explosion and speed when hitting the hole. One cut runner. I think he could be interesting for his catching and blocking abilities. Thought he will need time to get use to NFL speed and power, I don’t see him has a part of a running backs tandem in Denver but more has a play action options that can receive the ball or block and from time to time run the ball as a “trick play”. He does not have the game speed that he shows in his 40s time, at all, looks pretty pedestrian.
James White RB Wisconsin Sr 5’10” 195 5th 6th – 7th Another un cut downhill small runner that this draft features in the middle rounds this year. He has good explosion and great acceleration, once he gets to the open field it’s problematic to stop him from scoring. No indication on consistent ball catching and blocking. He could be interesting for the Broncos in late rounds if Denver fail to address the change of pace runner before.
De’Anthony Thomas RB Oregon Jr 5’9” 170 6th 6th – 7th Small back that has really good speed but that will have to bulk up. I cannot see any evidence of willing to block, more of an outside runner too small to consistently hit the inside run. Not really elusive and good but not great body control. If he’ll slide, and I don’t think so, and if he could provide a steady return capability, so he could be somehow interesting at the end of the draft.
George Atkinson III RB Notre Dame Jr 6’1” 218 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Good vision and acceleration. Not enough explosive when hitting the hole and not overly aggressive in traffic. Does bring some returning skills that could make him even more attractive. He’s not the one cut downhill prototypical because he lacks the explosion that characterize this kind of players but has really good vision and acceleration for his size. Plus has good body balance and could be effective in the returning game and Denver needs a returner.
Rajion Neal RB Tennessee Sr 5’11” 212 6th 7th – CFA Inside runner that runs hard and is able to explode when hitting the hole. Does not have enough speed to consistently run outside. Not really elusive but because of his size and power is difficult to bring him down when he gets to the second level of the defense. Not evidence of pass catching or pass blocking. He has some explosiveness that makes him attractive other than his size and power. He could be developed in a good late addition.
Lorenzo Taliaferro RB Coastal Carolina Sr 6’1” 230 6th – 7th 7th – CFA Blocking ability shown at the senior bowl. Had an impressive production in his senior year and was dominant at his level of competition. Worth a look late in the draft, especially for his pass blocking skills that in Denver scheme are a must.
Isaiah Crowell RB Alabama State Jr 5’11” 215 5th – 6th CFA Possible character concern. Apart that he looks to be a complete back that play hard and has more power that what he looks to have. He’s quick hitting the hole and has the power and body balance to break tackles. Has some pass catching capability and looks to become a capable blocker. He could be a really interesting addition for the Broncos if they’d be accepting the bet on his off the field behavior, if this issue really exists. It looks like the Broncos are looking for effort guys so because of that I lowered my grade on this prospect.
James Wilder Jr. RB Florida State Jr 6’2” 229 7th – CFA CFA Big back that runs hard and has a really good explosiveness for a player of his size. Has some speed too and is really difficult to bring down when at full speed in open field. Has the ability to become a good blocker and has some pass catching capability too. Really interesting prospect that could bring really something to the Broncos backfield for really a cheap price. I really would like Denver to come up at the end of this draft with a different look at RB and adding a change of pace and a big RB like him could only help. UPDATE: he got into some trouble one month before the draft. Lowered to CFA but could really possible that he’s out Denver board.
Antonio Andrews RB Western Kentucky Sr 5’11” 219 7th – CFA CFA Big inside runner that runs hard and has some acceleration when hitting the hole. Is difficult to bring down. Lack quickness and has few lateral movement. Some pass catching capability as well as some return anility He could be brought in training camp to look for the 3rd and short RB that could give the change to Ball in some situation and could be tested as kick returner.
David Fluellen RB Toledo Sr 6-0 215 7th – CFA CFA Inside runner that has really good size. Is able to accelerate a bit when hitting the hole but has not the power his size would suggest to pick some extra yards in traffic inside. Above average pass catcher, struggle a bit picking his block assignment. He could need time to develop as a pass blocker but brings physicality to the table. Could be a development running back that in a year or so could surprise as 3 down backup or reliable re-placement.
Jerome Smith RB Syracuse rJr 5’11” 226 CFA CFA Change of pace back that has some real speed in open field. Worth a look in training camp.
Tim Flanders RB Sam Houston State rSr 5’9” 212 CFA CFA Has some explosion when he sees the hole. Has to learn to be more patient to become a better inside runner. Has speed to run outside and he can turn the corner there. No evidence of pass protection skills Interesting prospect that probably has less athletic skills that top draft candidate but that has good videos against some good teams. Looks to run hard and could bring some explosiveness to the table.
Silas Redd RB Southern California Sr 5’9” 200 CFA CFA Interesting player that runs hard and use well his body. Have some elusiveness and is underrated and can accelerate in open field.  Looks to be a complete runner. There is no evidence of pass catching or pass blocking. He has some knee injury concerns. Could be interesting to watch in training camp a position battle with other RB. Could bring good depth.
James Sims RB Kansas Sr 5’11” 200 CFA CFA Change of pace back with great size. Will need to bulk up especially his lower body but has exceptional acceleration in open field and with his size could also be used in short field situation. Intriguing cheap prospect. Denver likes to get a long look at Kansas underestimated prospects and Sims deserves a good one.
DJ Adams RB Portland State rSr 5’9” 210 CFA CFA Transfer from Maryland. Barring character concerns he has some elusiveness and has been overly productive at Portland State. Used as short yardage back at Maryland proved in Portland that he has some speed to go with and can make defenders miss. He could be a long shot but also a guy to take an eye on. I’d like Denver to figure out if he could be useful in the returning game.
Ka’Deem Carey RB Arizona Jr 5’10” 207 3rd – 4th NO Really quick in change of directions, does not have quickness after the snap and elite speed. Hit the hole hard but lack elite acceleration. Need to bulk up especially in his lower body to gain power and fight with NFL bigger defenders. I think he won’t add anything to the Broncos Team that is not covered by already signed players. He looks to be a mix between Hillman and Ball.
Andre Williams RB Boston College Sr 5’11” 230 3rd NO Big size runner that obviously is not the most explosive RB prospect. He hit hard the hole and has patience. Has some acceleration once he sees the light. Has some speed that enables his to run a bit outside the tackles. His big size could make him a perfect fit for goal line situations or third and short. I’d like Denver to find a downhill threat, which Andre Williams is not. Williams is actually an inside runner for which the Broncos already have Ball and could draft Hide or Hill high in the 2nd or 3rd round.
Lache Seastrunk RB Baylor rJr 5’9” 210 3rd – 4th NO Looks actually smaller than 5’10”. Has great body balance and quickness and use them to make defender miss. Has great, not elite, speed and could combine his abilities to become a downhill threat in the NFL too. Will definitely need to put up muscles to be ready in the NFL and is unclear to me if he could keep his speed with more weight. No evidence of pass protection skills and pass catching. He’s the kind of player that Hillman was in college. The point with him that when the hole is closed there is no way he can help opening it up.
Jerick McKinnon RB Georgia Southern Sr 5’9” 206 4th – 5th NO Former college option QB converted in running back. He has quickness and speed. Looks really elusive. Will have to bulk up and will have to learn a playbook as a RB. I don’t think the Broncos will be looking for a “special” weapon as he could turn out to be.
Storm Johnson RB UCF rJr 6-0 215 5th NO He’s dangerous when he hits the open field; the problem is that he struggles to run into the open field. He’s not overly elusive and lack quickness in the first steps. Has a nice acceleration and speed but lack lateral mobility. Looks to be a reliable pass catcher. I like his ability to catch the ball; I didn’t see indication of blocking ability, from a 6’0” running back. I don’t see still Denver looking, in later rounds, to a runner that is not a burner. To me he lacks vision to be successful as a change of pace back.
Marion Grice RB Arizona State Sr 6-0 207 7th – CFA NO Not explosive hitting the hole. Looks to be a 3rd down inside power runner that will need to bulk up. Not really stout in blocking although his size. Has good body balance for a runner of his size but is not elusive at all and has marginal lateral movement. He’s more relying on his size to gain yards. Denver is not looking for a plodder that could gain the 2 yards for the 1st down on third and short. I think the Broncos are more looking for a burner and change of pace back.


Prospects I think would fit perfectly in Denver schemes:

Devonta Freeman –> change of pace RB with blocking skills and pass catching skills;

Kapri Bibbs –> downhill runner;


Prospects I like:

Tre Mason –> complete RB, can block, cam catch and can be also a change of pace back;

Carlos Hyde –> powerful all around runner, bigger RB type;

Jeremy Hill –> power running RB, can catch the ball;

Tyler Gaffney –> downhill runner,

Senorise Perry –> change of pace back.




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