2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – SS


Name Position College Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Jimmie Ward SS Northern Illinois 5’11” 193 2nd 2nd A little undersized, physical player that has speed and play with a lot of energy. Has a lot of awareness and few times is not perfectly positioned. Tackles well will need to bulk up in the NFL. Pure modern SS, can cover some and hit hard and fearlessly. Has speed and can read the play. The Broncos just signed TJ Ward for playing SS so I’m not sure if they’ll go pure SS in the draft, sure Ihenacho has some trouble in his first year after the rookie practice squad but looks like a solid young player that will just get better by sitting behind a pro bowler. Still Ward is a really good prospect that could benefit starting his career as backup and at 63rd could be too good to pass up, although I think it more probable that he won’t be there in the second for the Broncos.
Deone Bucannon SS Washington State 6’1” 211 2nd – 3rd 2nd High motor player that started at Washington all his 4 years there. He occasionally misses open field tackles and has some problem in coverage from time to time. Other than that he is a fierce competitor and plays hard, hits hard and is a good modern NFL SS with great size at 6’1” and some coverage ability and is a physical presence that knows how to make big plays and create turnover. I would not blame the Broncos if they select him at the end of the 2nd round, because it’s possible that he’ll go much higher than that and is a high motor guy that will immediately bolster Denver DB depth. Also taking in mind that the Broncos use a lot of Nickel formation one additional DB is on the field a lot and he has the size and power to allow him covering TEs.
Craig Loston SS LSU 6’1” 217 4th – 5th NO Does a good job tackling in open field, lack elite speed and quickness. Looks less physical that what you’d expect by his body frame. He sometimes overrun the play and has suspicious cover skills. I got different vibes when watching a generic highlight and a game video, his intensity and his physicality were completely different in the game video than in his highlight. In the video he’s physical when he can deliver a clear hit, more plays he does not look physical at all. He tackles well in open field and in run support he overruns at times the play. I think he’ll have to develop his game to be effective in the NFL and the speed of the game will caught him out of position. Here again I think the Broncos could wait and select a later round pick or CFA to develop if they think the prospect have more ceiling than the young players already on the roster, that it could really be doubtful.
Brock Vereen SS Minnesota 6’0” 199 4th NO Not extremely fluid in his movements, good tackles angles in open field, willing tackler that will need to bulk up and gain more power. Lack elite quickness at the snap and lack elite speed and fluidity to cover big and speed receiver downfield but is a physical presence that can cover in the short and middle range. My Broncos grade is due to the fact I think this prospect will need time to develop and would not be immediately impactful or more impactful than Ihenacho or Carter that are already in the roster. His limited cover skills (at the moment) makes him a tough in the box SS as Ihenacho is, with Carter, if healthy, a better cover DB. If Denver wants a in the box safety out of this draft class, I Think they can select a CFA or use a later rounds on another prospect that would probably need more development but would not use a middle rounds pick.
Ahmad Dixon SS Baylor 6’0” 212 6th 4th – 5th Physical and dynamic DB that has enough athletic ability to be able to play man to man coverage with TE and inside routes. Does a good job tackling and like to hit hard. Knows how to create turnover. Has good not great size and looks stout. A prospect that will need to adapt to NFL speed but is highly dynamic and could be an immediate contributor in special teams were he’s really good in coverage. On the defensive size he has the tools to cover inside routs while I think he lacks elite speed to cover outside receiver. A SS that if develop a bit his coverage skills could end up being a good contributor for a team like the Broncos uses a lot of man to man coverage. Some immaturity concern related to on-field situation will “help” the Broncos to have him on the board still in the middle rounds or even later. If the Broncos are looking for an explosive hard hitter DB, he’s one of them and could come cheap.
Dezmen Southward SS Wisconsin 6’0” 211 5th NO Athletic and energetic prospect. Tackles well in the box and also in open field, has to raise his awareness since at times he get caught by play tricks. Looks well-built but still a bit undersized for the big WRs and TEs. A prospect that does everything fine and that will have to prove his ability to drop in coverage staying with top speed WR in the NFL. Looks to have high motor and to be a willing tackler. I don’t know how much Denver is looking for a SS backup and I think he should be there at 6th – 7th to be targeted possibly by the Broncos, meanwhile I think he’ll be selected around the 4th round by a more S needed team.
Vinnie Sunseri SS Alabama 5’11” 210 5th – 6th NO Lack elite athleticism, has large frame a little undersized. Play with a lot of awareness lack elite speed top cover receivers downfield. Looks like a football player, always able to do something for his team. I think he’s be better suited to play in a zone cover scheme, he lacks elite athleticism and speed that Denver requires to be able to cover man to man
Daniel Sorensen SS Brigham Young 6’1” 205 6th – 7th 7th Lacks top speed but has good quickness. Likes to hit, has a lot of awareness, knows lot to place himself in the field to make plays. Lacks top athleticism but makes up with high motor and with dynamic approach. Has to be better coverage skills that what he’s credited for. Although the lack of speed would indicate that for him would be better to end with a team that plays zone coverage scheme, he’s also one of the best ST prospect available in this draft. I think the Broncos should take an eye on him and would not allow him pass his last draft pick if they feel his ST value is high.
Isaiah Lewis SS Michigan State 5’10” 211 7th 6th Dynamic and physical, looks to be a good student of the game and make good decision in important games. Good tackler in open field, good explosion at the snap and fast to come in run support. He has enough speed game, he does not have the speed and the fluidity to cover outside receiver but is a smart player that knows which position to take in order to make the play. I think he is underrated. I think since he’s a bit undersized, he could go early in round 4, but at the moment he’s listed as late round draft pick and I don’t understand it. From Broncos perspective, I think they won’t select a pure SS with a middle round pick, if he really still on the board in the late rounds he could provide too much value to the Broncos too.
Nat Berhe SS San Diego State 5’11” 193 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Undersized, lacks elite athleticism. Good open field tackler, good awareness and vision, will need to bulk up and get more powerful. I think he’ll need time to develop and to adapt to NFL power and speed of the game. Still he’s underrated, I saw some od coverage in his videos and he plays hard and physical. If he can add some pounds and keep the same speed, I think he could develop in a good starter in the NFL.
Alden Darby SS Arizona State 5’10” 194 7th – CFA CFA Undersized, lack elite explosion and athleticism. Has good vision and awareness. Looks to be a good tackler in open field. 1st team All PAC 12 in 2013. He could be brought in training camp to compete, has some coverage skills that is required in today NFL S.
Jerry Gates SS – KR Bowling Green 5’11” 203 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Special team returner and playmaker that has been very successful with lower competition. Can create turnover and make plays on defense and looks explosive for the level of competition he faced. I think he could be interesting for the Broncos because of his returning skills more than for the DB. The Broncos for sure are thinking to dedicate a draft pick to the returning specialist and he’s one of the best of this year draft.
Sean Parker SS Washington 5’10” 190 7th – CFA CFA Undersized dynamic player that lack strength to be effective at the next level. He looks quick but does not have the elite explosiveness that would give him the edge in the play diagnosis. Has anyhow really good awareness and have enough speed to cover the crossing routes man to man. Another prospect that would need time to adapt to NFL speed and will have to bulk up to be competitive. He could be brought to training camp to compete.
Eric Pinkins SS San Diego State 6’3” 215 CFA CFA Lacks elite athleticism and power, will need to bulk up. He has good vision and some speed. Even only for his size it could be interesting to bring him to training camp and discover what he could do for the Broncos in the field a part run 4.44 in 40 yard dash.


Prospect that I like:

Deone Bucannon –> competing for starting role at S;

Ahmad Dixon –> special team contributor / 1 year development at S;

Isaiah Lewis –> special team contributor / 1 year development at S;

Nat Berhe –> special team contributor / 1 year development at S;



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