2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – FS


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Calvin Pryor FS Louisville Jr 5’11” 207 1st 1st Hard hitting rangy safety. Very aggressive and makes plays all over the field. Very versatile DB that has speed and quickness and likes to hit hard. Can cover and have field vision. Will need to bulk up a bit but from what I see in his video he could become one of the few best S of his generation. I like Moore more than most other Broncos fans, but from one side Moore is coming back a nasty injury and on the other side he’ll be FA next year. There is no certain thing apart Moore at FS in the Broncos roster, carter has been bothered by a knee for two years in a row, Bruton never developed more than situational defender apart been an ace in special team and Bolden was originally drafted as CB and didn’t impressed me that much at S in 2013. Pryor, IMO is even better than Moore when he came out. If Pryor would be there at 31st he should be the best player available for the Broncos and I even will understand if the Broncos are targeting him and more some spots ahead (25 – 26) to select him (especially because I think he won’t pass New England).
Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix FS Alabama Jr 6’1” 208 1st 1st Incredibly physical player that has an incredible instinct for the play and the ball. Lack elite speed but is quick and know where to put himself to make plays. He’s a mix of FS and SS and could play both, has really great size for a S and hit hard. Is also really athletic on the field. He could really be already close to be one of the best S in the NFL. I’m generally not for taking high in the draft Alabama’s player, since to me they already are finished product, no potential what they look is what they’ll be in five years and more, barring injuries. In this case I still feel that Clintox -Dix is close to be a finished product but he’s really good, I think he’d be one of the best safeties in the NFL right now. He has to address the body tackling issue, but with a good DB coach he’ll do it. I think that he’ll be long gone when Denver will select. He has the talent to go in the top 10 picks.
Dion Bailey FS Southern California rJr 6’0” 200 3rd – 4th 3rd – 4th Athletic, has great body balance and great awareness. Really good in run support, is fearless in tackling and is fast to come in the box and make the play. Does have to tackle better in open field. Does not have blazing speed or quickness. Played more added corner or safety in the middle field that can come in run support. Could be a SS in the NFL. This is in interesting prospect for the Broncos that use a lot of Nickel defense where they add a DB in the field is place of a LB (the MLB if Von Miller is playing). Bailey is a former LB converted to S in 2013 that has enough range for covering the middle field and has the LB instinct to tackle in the box and in the perimeter.
Kenny Ladler FS Vanderbilt Sr 6’0” 205 4th – 5th 3rd – 4th Really athletic and with some explosion prospect. Used to play deep and is able to read and react to the play. Lac elite explosion and aggressiveness but has really good awareness and understands the game. Has to do a better job tackling in open field and with his body balance in those occasions. I like what I saw from him. He’s the second best pure FS that I saw until now after Prior. He does not have the explosion and the aggressiveness Prior has but is really rangy and knows how to read and react fast to plays. He has to develop a better tackle technique in open field that is what Moore was lacking when coming out if college and learned to do. As last year Denver could try to take him out of the board at the end of the second day of the draft.
Christian Bryant FS Ohio State Sr 5’9” 193 6th – 7th 4th – 5th Hard hitting aggressive and explosive. Fast ball tracker, fluid in movements. Injured, broke an ankle in late September 2013, was team captain. Undersized but play much bigger than his size. I like a lot what I saw from his videos in 2012. I understand that he’s undersized at 5’09” and he’s coming back from a bad injury, but if he’s ok medically, he play exactly the way the Broncos want their defense to play, fast and hard. I’ll pick him in the 4th round and to me he has the talent and intangibles to be an early round pick, let the injury alone.
Marqueston Huff FS Wyoming Sr 5’11” 196 5th – 6th 5th Strong and energetic DB that has versatility (CB, deep S and SS). He’s fast coming down in run support and play physical. Is able to make a lot of play on the ball too and is really athletic. Is not the most fluid DB of this draft and is little bit undersized. No the most explosive prospect. To me he’s intriguing because of his versatility and his ability to play aggressive. Tackles quite well in the box and in open field and could be used all over the field. It would be a good addition for the Broncos that use to play a lot of Nickel defense.
Lonnie Ballentine FS Memphis Sr 6’3” 219 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Not the fastest but a hard hitting rangy S that has great size and enough fluidity to make good open field tackles. He read and reacts fast to the play and has great awareness being always in position to make the play. Lack elite quickness but at his size (6’3”) he’s an hell of athlete and has really good body balance. I like the videos on him and I think that strangely he is underrated since has exceptional size for a DB. His stock will continue to rise until draft day. He could be a really good back up at FS in his rookie year and quite impactful in ST meanwhile he adapts his play to the speed and power of the NFL.
Parker Orms FS – SS Colorado rSR 5’10” 190 CFA 6th – 7th Undersized prospect that like to hit hard and have some speed to support the box from deep. Take good tackles angles, does not have elite explosion and elite athleticism, is able to position himself properly in the field to make plays. I like enough what I saw to consider that the Broncos, if they want more nastiness on the team should consider to bring his attitude to training camp, he could really define his role on the team and probably switch to SS in the NFL while contribute in special teams as a rookie.
Ty Zimmerman FS Kansas State rSr 6’1” 204 7th – CFA 7th Quite physical prospect that does not have blazing speed and explosion but knows where to put himself in the field to make a play. Not athletic enough to be an all around the field player hits hard and tackles well also in open field. Used often in the two deep scheme. I see more him has a middle range SS, that can play in the box with his size and cover TEs but not down the field. He would bring be a good value in the 7th round since has injury history and his lack of elite athleticism lower his stock.
Dexter Linton
FS Kansas rSr 5’10” 193 CFA 7th – CFA Good prospect that plays with intensity and delivers hard hits. Has versatility and could play both CB and S. Has a similar body frame that Chris Harris and play really physically. Has enough fluidity to be able to stay in coverage, will need to bulk up and become more powerful. Isn’t elite in anything but does everything well enough, I think he’s underrated because the team he played in. He is a good prospect that could be easily drafted. If he ends up FA, Denver would probably do his best to bring him to training camp.
Nickoe Whitley FS Mississippi State rSr 6’0” 205 CFA CFA Injured. Quick and explosive in the box, likes to hit hard. Looks little bit in trouble in coverage. Good size hitter that could have more value as SS in the NFL and for the Broncos. He could be brought in camp for competition for the backup job with Ihenacho, Carter, Bruton.
Avery Patterson FS Oregon rSr 5’8” 191 7th – CFA CFA Physical hard hitter that previous to his ACL was quick and fast. Undersized will have to battle with bigger player in the NFL, Recovered his speed and fluidity in running in 2013 but lost some of his quickness and physicality. A smaller prospect that could be brought to Training Camp to check his skills in coverage, since in the NFL he’s be too much undersized to be a S in the box each other play.
Gabe Lynn FS – SS – CB Oklahoma rSr 6’0” 206 CFA CFA Nasty DB that has really good size and likes to hits hard. Has not elite athleticism and speed. Interesting to bring to training camp and let him compete.
Maurice Alexander FS – SS Utah State Sr 6’1” 220 7th – CFA CFA Has speed and acceleration. Athletic plays with nastiness and is able to make plays. He’s more suited to become a in the box SS, has incredible size and plays very physical. He could be brought to training camp to evaluate better.
Robert Nelson FS Arizona State rSr 5’10” 175 7th – CFA CFA Good coverage skills, have to gain power and strength. Undersized cover DB that likes to hit. He should be brought to training camp to better evaluate his versatility that could add something to the Broncos roster.
Terrence Brooks FS Florida State Sr 5’11” 200 2nd – 3rd NO Not as aggressive as it would look in his video. Mainly very nasty when it comes down to his assignment but really less aggressive on open field. Has some missed tackle, not overly powerful, looks to be quick at the snap and to be a good tackler or at least to choose goo angles. Not always instinctive to the ball, has really good playmaking skills. He’d need time to feel comfortable to NFL power and speed.
Tre Boston FS North Carolina Sr 6’0” 205 6th NO Does not have elite game speed. He’s really fast coming down in run support, sometimes overrunning the play too. He’s a good tackler but a less willing tackle in open field while seems fearless in the box. Get lost at time in coverage and gets late on the ball. I like the size but I think he could be more suited for a kind of zone scheme and to play more SS than deep S as he’s be in Denver scheme and the Broncos looks to me more deep at SS than at FS.
Jonathan Dowling FS Western Kentucky rJr 6’3” 190 7th NO Great size and quite rangy. Is really fluid for his size. Does not tackle well in open field and does not come downs as fast as you’d wish in run support. He’s tall but not strong or physical, two key parameters for the Broncos.
Ed Reynolds FS Stanford rJr 6’1” 207 4th NO Has great size but does not play as physical as he could. Has good straight speed but lack quickness. Is able to read the play but lack explosion to be impactful all over the field. Tackles well. I like his size but his lack of explosion and physicality (sometimes he is physical but is not his mindset) worries me.

Prospects that I think would be a perfect fit in Broncos scheme:

Calvin Pryor –> Competing for starting spot at S;

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix –> Competing for starting spot at S;

Christian Bryant –> 2 years development at S.


Prospects I like:

Kenny Ladler –> special team contributor / 1 year development at S;

Marqueston Huff –> special team contributor / 1 year development at nickel DB;

Lonnie Ballentine –> special team contributor / 2 year development at S;

Parker Orms  –> special team deamon / 1 year development at in the box safety;

Ty Zimmerman –>  special team contributor / 2 year development at S;

Dexter Linton –> special team contributor / 1 year development at FS.













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