2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – OT


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M Sr 6’5” 305 1st 1st Great quickness at the snap and great footwork, really good pass protection. Bend well and anchor well. Has great athleticism and is a really good run blocker, is able to get to the second level of defender when asked. I don’t think the Broncos will trade up so high for him
Greg Robinson OT Auburn rSo 6’5” 332 1st 1st Strong and powerful in the running game, use his skills to move away the opponent and finishes his block. Anchor well in the pass protection. Has good but not great footwork, but has incredible body balance and is able to blend and block the opponent. I don’t think the Broncos will trade up so high for him
Zack Martin OG Notre Dame rSr 6’4” 308 1st 1st Anchor well and bend well in pass protection. He’s quick after the snap but could have better footwork. Needs to finish better his assignment. In run protection he’s able to get to the second level of defenders but then sometimes he looks like he cannot find his assignment. He is supposed to be long gone when Denver will select and it’s possibly true with all the teams that needs Oline help. Still his run protection could be better and I think he is a bit overhyped.
Taylor Lewan OT Michigan rSr 6’7” 315 1st 1st Strong mountain of a man that has great athletic skills. Have really good footwork for a man of his size, bend well and anchor well too. Need to use his body better in the running game. He plays nasty and finishes his assignment. I don’t think the Broncos will trade up so high for him but I like his nastiness.
Joel Bitonio OT Nevada rSr 6’4” 315 1st – 2nd 1st Really quick at the snap, looks nasty in his blocks, great lower body power and balance, anchor well and bend well too. Is capable to bull in the running game and shows power to move away defenders. Denver could target him at 31st, if he’ll be still on the board. He’s a versatile Olineman that could start right away bot at G and at RT for the Broncos, giving value to the 1st round pick. He’s a little undersized (at 6’4”) compared with what the Broncos drafted in high rounds under Elway but he fits the power scheme that Denver uses mostly.
Cyrus Kouandjio OT Alabama Jr 6’5” 310 1st – 2nd 2nd Big defensive lineman that have an impressive look. Have a good footwork for a player of his size, I would like to see a disruptive power and strength out of his body that I cannot see, sometimes it looks like he’s dancing on the ice and I translated it into doing a better job in anchoring and bending in pass protection. I can better see his power in the running game where he looks disruptive at times pulling away his opponents and pancake him. He has to do a better job finishing his block. I think that he could play RT in the NFL or even be moved inside to the G position. In Denver scheme he could become a reliable RT, with some work, pulling well in the running game or he could be moved directly inside to LG keeping Franklin at RT.  But by no means I’m thinking Denver should use the 31st pick on him, only if he’ll be still there in the second round.
Billy Turner OT North Dakota State Sr 6’5” 315 2nd – 3rd 2nd Mobile big Olineman that looks to have the power to block in the running game and the footwork to dance in the pass protection. Could have even better potential because he played in a smaller college (even if North Dakota State is no a no name anymore. He does everything well lack just elite explosion. I think he could be plug in at RT or G and he could end doing a fine job in year 1 and develop in a really good player by the end of his first Pro Contract if in the right situation with a great Oline coach as the Broncos have and experienced Oline. He would probably be a great fit.
Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee Jr 6’6” 327 3rd – 4th 3rd Big Olineman that has good power and can move the pile in the running game. Has good footwork for a man of his size but can get better. Lack quickness at the snap and can have problem with speedy rusher, will need to bulk up a bit. An interesting Olineman that has the size and the power to play both G and RT for the Broncos. Has enough footwork to become a reliable RT soon in his career.
Cameron Fleming OT Stanford rJr 6’5” 323 2nd 3rd He does everything well at RT. Has the frame and the power to play also G. Moves quite well in the screen game, bend well his knees, does fine job with his footwork but he can still improve that area. Not particularly quick and powerful. Interesting Olineman that could be used at RT and G in training camp and hopefully he could end up being ready to start in week one or be a really good backup. I think the Broncos have the opportunity to find a surefire starting Olineman in the first two rounds, if he’d be there in the 3rd he could have good value if the Broncos failed to add a lineman before.
James Hurst OT North Carolina Sr 6’6” 305 4th 3rd – 4th He has good strength and good footwork. Has quickness to get to the second level of defenders and pull the opponent in the running game. Is not too fluid in his movements. All in all a prospect that brings some skills to the Oline. He’s a good option at RT or G for the Broncos.
Michael Schofield OT Michigan rSr 6’6” 304 4th – 5th 5th Has great size. Had problem with elite pass rushers in college and isn’t fluid enough running to be a consistent puller in run blocking. Has also trouble with power rushers and has to do a better job anchoring in pass blocking. His footwork has to improve. Is quick at the snap. I think he has potential to become a NFL starter but will need time to develop is game and to get use to NFL power and speed. He will need to get more power in his lower body so that he could anchor better and do a better job at blending knees and footwork for been prepared against speed rushers.
Kevin Graf OT Southern California rSr 6’6” 295 7th – CFA 5th – 6th Underrated player. He has really good size, good knee bending, could do a better job with his footwork. Is able to be stout in the running game, can anchor or slide in the passing game. Has an interesting body that could allow him to play both T and G in the NFL. Will need to adapt to NFL speed no doubt, but did a really good job at times against Tuitt in the 2013 Notre Dame game as RT. I like him a lot in the power blocking scheme and I think the Broncos could be looking at him during the third day of the draft.
Matt Patchan OT Boston College rSr 6’5” 305 5th 6th – 7th Big olineman that has quickness at the snap but lacks some aggressiveness. Does not have ideal knee bending and does have to do a better job anchoring in the passing game and balancing his body in the running game. I can see Denver trying to develop him into a G or power blocking RT (if he cleared the doctors’ check).
Bryce Quigley OT San Diego State Sr 6’4” 324 7th 6th – 7th Athletic Olineman that adapted to T after playing TE for a couple of years. Started at LT in 2012 and 2013. He looks dynamic and powerful. Still have to develop but looks really good at this stage. Needs to gain strength and power to be effective in the run game. A shorter prospect (at 6’4”) that could be interesting for his potential both at T and most probably at G. Will need time but has really good athletic abilities.
Cornelius Lucas OT Kansas State rSr 6’8” 316 6th – 7th 7th – CFA Huge man. Incredible size. His size affect his footwork, obviously, does not look to have the power his size would suggest. Body balance also is a work in progress. I think that because of his size some team will select him earlier than what he should be. If I’m wrong a 7th rounder or even better as CFA he could be really interesting for the Broncos for trying to develop this huge player in a couple of years.
Danny Kistler Jr OT Montana Sr 6’7” 315 CFA 7th – CFA Huge size, looks to have power and react quick at the snap. Played G and RT against lower competition where he constantly develops his game. In terms of offensive linemen I like to select low if they need development and this prospect is really intriguing me. He’s raw and needs to elevate his play but looks like he did every year he played. He could be a gem if the Broncos would be able to have him focused in pure technical development for a couple of years.
Justin Britt OT Missouri rSr 6’6” 315 5th – 6th CFA Has good power and strength. Does not look really fluid in movement. Has to do a better job with his footwork to become a reliable pass protector in the NFL. Another development player with really good size.
Charles Leno OT – OG Boise State rSr 6’4” 303 6th CFA Not enough videos on him. He’s supposed to get heavier and move to G. He started 36 straight games at LT.
Austin Wentworth OT Fresno State rSr 6’5” 306 CFA CFA Will probably move to G in the NFL. Not enough videos on him. The Broncos interviewed him. He’s supposed to be a CFA at the moment and could be that Denver FO would be interested in his ability to play both T and G.
Matt Hall OT Belhaven Sr 6’9” 325 7th – CFA CFA Not enough videos on him. The size deserves a look in training camp.
Parker Graham OT Oklahoma State rSr 6’7” 308 7th – CFA CFA Interesting prospect that has a mix of every skills and bring versatility on the table too, having started both at LT and RG. He should bulk up to gain strenght and power and has to learn to ply up to the speed of the NFL. Interesting versatile prospect that will need time to develop but could end up at least being a reliable backup in the PROs.
Jared Biard OT Colorado State rSr 6’7” 318 CFA CFA Great size and great body balance for a 6’7” Olineman. Move well and is able to block in open field. Have to get more powerful and have raise his awareness. Average quickness at the line of scrimmage, has problem with speed rushers. Interesting size for a T, lack power to be used at G. Needs development but has great body balance and good enough footwork. I don’t see why the Broncos should not bring him to training camp.
Garrett Scott OT Marshall Sr 6’5” 307 7th – CFA CFA Not enough videos on him. The size would recommend a look during training camp
Jack Harris OT Colorado rSr 6’6” 295 CFA CFA Not really quick at the snap, have problem with speed rush, has to do a better job with his footwork in pass protection and anchor better. Does bend well enough for a 6’6” man. He has some tool and usually the Broncos are aware of the local talent. I think he is worth to be evaluated in training camp because he has the size and some talent to work with.
Jack Mewhort OT Ohio State rSr 6’6” 308 3rd NO Inconsistent big Olineman. He has to get the fast rhythm to get it going consistently bot in pass protection and in run protection. Blows up some assignment from time to time and has trouble with speed rusher. Still when he’s in, he shows good footwork and really good power in the pulling game. Doctor Jekill Mr Hyde type of player What I see is that he has a lot of skills but sometimes he looks to be shut down. He needs less development than other Olinemen and could help sooner, but I don’t like his breakdowns when Peyton Manning is the QB and the Broncos have a passing offense (and un unproven Osweiler is the QB backup).
JaWuan James OT Tennessee Sr 6’6” 318 2nd NO Big Olineman, does not look confortable running to block in open field. He did put on a show in his pro day but on video (especially the one against Florida) he looks really normal. Slow feet, not the elite power you’d guess from a 6’6” 320 lbs guy, does have to anchor better. I think Richardson is the better player and with better ceiling. James is not a bad player at all but I don’t see him that much in Denver scheme or he’d need time to develop. Denver selects linemen early to play them or late to develop them, he’ll be gone in the 6th round for sure and I don’t think he could start for Peyton Manning in September.
Morgan Moses OT Virginia Sr 6’6” 325 1st – 2nd NO Does a good job in pass protection. However his footwork could get better. Could have some problem with small speed rusher that could pass “under” him because of the quickness at the snap for a man of his size. Needs to finish his assignment in the running game. Has some problem when reached the second level of defenders to identify his assignment and pull him away. I think he’ll be off the board when Denver will select at 31st. I don’t think the Broncos should trade up and get him, because Denver would probably need a T that does his best job in the running game, as Franklin does. Moses is very good in the Passing protection but doesn’t look the same good in run protection.
Seantrel Henderson OT Miami (Fla.) Sr 6’7” 331 5th NO Not really mobile, but it’s quite understandable given his size. Has to be stouter and anchor better in the passing game. In the running game you’d expect more power and strength. He sometimes struggles with body balance and will have issue with speedy rushers. To me is a pure development player which could become a really good starter at G if able to develop his technique and movement.
Kenarious Gates OT Georgia Sr 6’4” 318 CFA NO Not really mobile and not enough knee bending. Is not overly quick at the snap, will have problems with speed rushers.  Looks better suited for the zone blocking scheme, has good read of the block and is not overly powerful His body type, lean and smaller than other prospects and his skills are not suited for Denver power blocks especially in the running game or in screen pass that require Olinemen to run and powerfully block on open field.
Donald Hawkins OT Texas Sr 6’4” 295 7th – CFA NO Quick and athletic Olineman that does everything good but nothing elite. He does not look fluid in open field and because of that he sometimes looks like has missed the assignment. >Does not have outstanding power, but know how to place the angle of the block to neutralize his opponent. Will have to adapt to the speed and power of the NFL but I think zone blocking scheme teams could be higher on him that this consensus rating. The Broncos IMO are looking for bigger and more powerful prospects.
Fou Fonoti OT Michigan State rSr 6’4” 298 7th – CFA NO Not really mobile, does stand to tall approaching the block, not elite quickness at the snap. He’s smaller than the type of Olineman the Broncos are looking for in the Elway era.
Charles Siddoway OT Mississippi State Sr 6’6” 300 6th NO Not enough videos on him. He has been arrested on 24/04 for robbery. I don’t think the Broncos consider reliable somebody with this red flag on.

Prospects that I think would fit the Broncos scheme perfectly:

Billy Turner –> competing for RT starting spot;

Kevin Graf –> competing for RT sperting spot down the line in 2014 year / 1 year development.


Prospects I like:

Joel Bitonio –> competing for starting spot at LG;

Antonio Richardson –> 1 year development at RT and G;

James Hurst –> 1 year development at RT and G;

Bryce Quigley –> 1 year development at G;

Danny Kistler Jr –> 2 years development at T.


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