2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – OG

Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
David Yankey OG Stanford rJr 6’6” 315 1st – 2nd 1st Left Guard this year. He moves well between the lines, is capable to get to the second level of defender as to move on screen passes. In addition he looks to be a closer, staying with his assignment until the play is over. Lacks a bit of explosion at the snap and could cause some trouble at the beginning of his NFL career. The Broncos have a hole at LG at the moment and he could be selected in the 1st round and plugged in on day one. He’ll need to bulk up a bit, since the tendency since Fox took over is to have bigger linemen that could play nasty. His height is exactly what Denver is looking for.
Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi State rSr 6’3” 340 2nd 1st – 2nd I like a lot what I saw on his videos, especially the one against LSU. Has a mix of good run block and pass block, just a little shorter player than the ideal but have good power and really good awareness and close out his blocks. He can run to the second level and can anchor at the LOS. Good job staying low against powerful inside pass rusher in pass situation and has the athleticism to move laterally and accelerate on screens. I won’t cry if Denver FO selects him at the backend of the 1st round. With a good training camp he could be the starting LG on week one and progress while playing. Has a lot of potential and could develop in a star.
Brandon Thomas OG Clemson rSr 6’3” 315 2nd – 3rd 3rd – 4th Has experience at LT too. Good Prospect that will have to gain lower body power to be an effective G in the NFL. Has to become more athletic and less lethargic in pass protection, does well his steps but then sometimes he’s not aware enough to be as quick as it takes to block his assignment. Thomas is a prospect that will need development, both physical and on his game. Cannot be counted in as a week one starter. I’d prefer if Broncos FO would select him if he occasionally falls into the 4th round.
Dakota Dozier OG Furman rSr 6’3” 302 3rd 3rd – 4th Not that many videos on him playing in internet. He played T in college but will play guard in the NFL. He looks to be a responsible kid that has the size and potential to develop in a reliable starter at G. Has to gain more power but has the frame to put on some more muscles, looks to play 100% every snap and has quickness. Looks to be a motivated man and it’s a plus. I think he’ll need a year or two to develop in a starter so I’d prefer the Broncos, if interested, to look at him in the 4th round. But selecting 93rd overall is already almost a compensatory pick so if Broncos FO like him and don’t want to lose him the 93rd pick sounds ok to me.
Trai Turner OG LSU rSo 6’3” 310 5th 4th – 5th Good prospect. Lack elite quickness but does a good job in pass protection and looks powerful in the running game. Is able to pull and get to the second level. Does a fine job with his hands in the block. Has good footwork in pass protection. He will need time to adjust to the speed and the power of NFL defensive lines, but has all the tools to emerge as a NFL starter in year 2 or three. He is especially o good commodity for a team as the Broncos since he does a good job both in pass protection and in run blocking.
Anthony Steen OG Alabama rSr 6’2” 310 4th – 5th 5th Does a really good job on the running game, powerful and quick to reach the second level when asked. Looks to always try to finish off his block. Lack ideal size and could be a factor against 6’5’’ inside pass rushers in the NFL. Disciplined player that would need less time to be useful but cannot be counted in as a week 1 starter. Little bit undersized (for what a 6’2” could be called undersized) but looks to be very polished in his game. He could be a reliable backup early in his career and the Broncos are a little thin at G position right now.
Kevin Danser OG Stanford rSr 6′ 5” 312  CFA 5th Have to learn to not overrun the play and stay with his assignment. Has to be more mobile in the passing game, sometimes he became a little bit too lethargic. Has to gain lower body power and strength to compete with bigger and more powerful NFL Olinemen. Has good blocking technique, really good size, room for adding muscles and play with effort. Does generally a good job with his feet in passing situation, has to raise his awareness level and be more patient. He’s massively underestimated. He probably needs a year of development to adjust to NFL speed and power but other than that he could have a brilliant future in the NFL especially if he ends up in a team with All-Pro starter, like Denver has, to learn from.
Spencer Long OG Nebraska rSr 6’5” 320 7th 6th – 7th Good prospect. Injured his knee in October and will work out in the middle of April for NFL team. He’s able to move his man and to reach the second level. Anchor quite well in the passing game, lack elite athleticism but plays with big effort. I like what I saw.  The knee and the injury rehab is my main concern over this solid prospect. He could have lower ceiling than other player over which I have the same grade but he does solid things against the pass and is a run stuffing O-lineman.
Andrew Norwell OG Ohio State Sr 6’6” 316 7th – CFA 7th Not so many videos on him. Still his size is interesting. He looks not very fluid when reaching the second level. Looks to do a well enough job in the pass protection. Should gain some strength and power. The size is what the Broncos are looking for. Last year they select a T to be developed with the 6th round pick, this year it could be a C.
Chris Watt OG Notre Dame rSr 6’3” 321 5th – 6th 7th Injured twice a knee during 2013 season. Show toughness to come back from the injury and play banged up for several weeks. He has really good size but there are really few videos on him in internet to watch him play. Anyhow started almost 40 games for Notre dame at LG. Has experience and player against top level opponent in the NCAA. A player that could be used as backup player early on and then develop in a possible starter given that the issues with his knee could be solved.
Cory King OG Pittsburgh rSr 6′ 5” 325  CFA 7th Lack a little athleticism but has great size and look powerful in the running game. Would need time to adapt to the NFL speed and will be asked to gain weight and muscles. Does a good job with his feet. To me he looks grossly underrated. A guy that has two years of starting experience at LT and that would need a little bit of time. I guess he has much more potential that the most of the people think. To me he looks as draftable, or at least a priority CFA.
Kadeem Edwards OG Tennessee State Sr 6’3” 318 6th – 7th 7th Not enough videos on him in internet. Still has really good size and really good arm length. A prospect that has all the physical tools and just need time to develop his technique and adjust to the speed of the game in the Pros.
John Urschel OG Penn State rSr 6’3” 301 6th – 7th 7th – CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. How is it possible for an All American? Even more for a master degree in mathematics? I guess there is marketing against him. He has good size and great experience. I guess Denver FO has more information than me about Urschel. I down grade him (since I cannot grade him by myself) because of his size that looks to be not ideal for what the Broncos did lately at Oline.
Zach Fulton OG Tennessee Sr 6′ 5” 323 7th – CFA 7th – CFA Not that many videos on him on internet. Still looks good physically and have a really good lateral movement. Also looks to have enough power in his lower body to anchor well at the LOS. Needs time to develop, but looks to be the kind of prospect that a team like Denver could draft late to not let him get to be a FA. Good potential.
Antwan Lowery OG Rutgers rSr 6’3” 355  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. I saw various different weights for Lowery, this one is the highest. The lowest is 305 lbs. He has been injured in his last season and his weakest asset is explosion. Still he has great awareness and body control. I think that it could be useful to bring him in at training camp and study more in details what he could develop in.
Brandon Linder OG Miami (Fla.) Sr 6’6” 319 7th – CFA CFA RG this past year at Miami. Has great size. His mobility is influenced by his size, not the most fluid prospect at G. He needs to gain strength and power. He could be interesting for his versatility but is a project at the moment.
Brandon Webb OG Oklahoma State rSr 6’3” 326  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Looks to be a stout player that has to convert from T to G to have a chance in the Pro. Has to gain more power in his lower body. His size is interesting and Denver is in need to find young player to develop in useful players in a couple of years.
Brian Clarke OG Bloomsburg Sr 6’3” 306 7th – CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet.
Bronson Irwin OG Oklahoma Sr 6′ 5” 314 CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Great size and versatile lineman.
Grant Enger OG Oregon State rSr 6′ 5” 291  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Had 21 starts prior to 2013 at four positions in the Oline. Will need to bulk up and gain power. Experience and versatility. Worth a look in training camp to see if he could be developed in a useful player in a year or two. Great height.
John Fullington OG Washington State Sr 6′ 5” 301  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Great size, role versatility (he started 3 years at LG with experience at both T). Worth a look in training camp both at G and at T.
Jon Lechner OG Ohio rSr 6′ 5” 315  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Huge size. Worth a look in training camp.
Jordan Hansel OG Ball State Sr 6’3” 326  CFA CFA Named in the All – MAC first team, 38 starts in his career, record setting season in 2013 for Ball state Oline blocking. Not enough video on him playing on internet. Does not have elite athleticism. Looks to have good strength. Not fluid when running at the second level. Good size, experience, worth a look in training camp.
Jordan McCray OG UCF Sr 6’3” 310  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Great size, and All – ACC first team. Worth a look in training camp.
Josh Walker OG Middle Tennessee rSr 6′ 5” 323  CFA CFA Great size. Not enought videos on him in internet. Huge size. Worth a look in training camp.
Marcus Hall OG Ohio State rSr 6′ 5” 315  CFA CFA Has to bulk up and became stronger. Moves well on the LOS for a guy of his size. Lack elite athleticism. Needs to use more body balance in his blocks as well as stay low after the snap to not allow the defender to get a step closer to him. Has been ejected against Michigan and for that didn’t play in the Big 12 championship loss against Michigan State. Played in a great college Oline. Has really good size and room to add some power. Need to develop both physically and adjust to the speed of the NFL. A couple of years could be necessary but he could become a reliable starter with a team with patience and a not urgent need for a starter that could rush him to play when still not ready.
Ryan Groy OG Wisconsin rSr 6′ 5” 320 7th CFA Versatile Olineman. Needs to do a better job with his body balance and using hands during the block. Has to stay low in the block also. Has good enough feet movement for a player of his size, and could get better. Need to gain power and anchor better at the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t look fluid enough to consistently get to the second level and block. He’s too much of a project for develop as a good guard for Denver. The size is there just need to be more powerful and athletic.
Ryan Jones OG San Jose State rSr 6’3” 292  CFA CFA Has to get bigger, plays with effort and has high motor. Stays with his assignment and looks to finish it off. Has good footwork. Lack elite athleticism and need to user better his body when moving at the second defender level. Underestimated prospect that is more than worth a training camp call. Lack ideal size but has a great motor and looks really good at tomes.
Sam Longo OG Cincinnati rSr 6′ 5” 305  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Really strong player (47 reps at his pro day). Has really good size. Worth a look in training camp.
Stetson Burnett OG Tulsa Sr 6’3” 305  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Great size and best performance of the year against higher talent opponent (Iowa State and Oklahoma). Because of his size, experience at LG and LT and performance he may very well be a diamond in the mud. Will need time to develop and could be a practice squad candidate for a couple of years.
Tyler Shatley OG Clemson rSr 6’3” 300  CFA CFA Interesting player that was a defensive lineman until the 2013 season when he was moved to OG and ended up starting the Orange Bowl in January 2014. Worth a look because of his possible versatility and because his possible learning curve at the position and ceiling.
Will Simmons OG East Carolina rSr 6′ 5” 342  CFA CFA Not enough videos on him in internet. Great size. Incredible size. Worth a look.
Cyril Richardson OG Baylor rSr 6′ 5” 340 3rd – 4th NO Has to do a better job with his footwork in the pass protection. He looks to be a beast in straight forward pass protection, but lacks on lateral movements. Could has problems with quick DT and explosive LB in the NFL. I think Denver needs or somebody to start right away, which Richardson is not, or somebody to develop for a year or two, kind of prospects that at OG could be found later on in the draft or even in CFA.
Jon Halapio OG Florida rSr 6’3” 320 4th – 5th NO Struggle against bigger and powerful linemen. Has to become more powerful and anchor well at the LOS. Does a good job with his feet and have a fine blocking technique Has has really good size but lack of structural power and athleticism could be a liability for a pass happy offense as the Broncos are right now.
Xavier Su’a-Filo OG UCLA rJr 6’3” 305 1st NO Powerful, really good in run protection and paving the way to the second level. Not quick enough at the snap in passing plays, several times the defender find him a little late in his movement and as a consequence he remain tall on his feet while blocking. This is an issue in the NFL because all DT are powerful and quick. He could develop in an incredible running mauler. Still he could raise his awareness but you cannot teach quickness. As far as the Broncos QB is Peyton Manning and the passing game the core of the offense, he’d be a liability and few steps backwards compared to Zane Beadles.

Prospects that in my opinion would fit Broncos scheme perfectly:

David Yankey –> immediate starter;

Kevin Danser –> 1 year development;


Prospects that I like:

Gabe Jackson –> immediate starter;

Trai Turner –> 1 year development;

Spencer Long –> 1 year development;

Cory King –> 1 year development;

Zach Fulton –> 1 year development.



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