2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – OC


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Weston Richburg C Colorado State rSr 6’4” 300 2nd 2nd Big Olineman that has great awareness and play nasty both in run protection, where he discloses really good power, and in pass protection where he shows his experience with a really solid footwork. Has some inconsistency issue and sometime looks to be shut down. I have mixed feeling about him. He looks to be an All-Pro waiting to come in some plays and an average player in others. There is not a clear hole in his game but looks inconsistent at times both in pass protection and in run protection. Maybe, if he’ll fall to the end of the third round he could be a valuable pickup and could be taken as C/G backup as a rookie.
Marcus Martin C Southern California Jr 6’3” 310 2nd – 3rd 3rd Needs to do a better job finishing his block, too many times his assignment is free to follow the play and make the tackle. Powerful and athletic, needs to do more consistent job with his footwork. He is mobile and has power to get to the second level of defenders. Has good awareness. All in all a good prospect that could use one year to sit and adapt to the speed and power of NFL Dlinemen. Denver could use its late 3rd round on him because I think he could play at G too, even if even there he’d need to learn and develop for a year. I’m not sure he’ll be on the board still in the 4th round, it could be depending on which position is sliding in the draft, a run at CB and WR could “help” the Broncos cause and let interior linemen to slide.
Travis Swanson C Arkansas rSr 6’4” 318 3rd – 4th 4th – 5th Tall Olineman that has some strength and anchor well in pass protection, Still has problems with speed rusher and lacks elite power to be a strong contributor in the running game. I think that he’ll need time to develop bulk up and become stronger. Has to get better in his footwork too. The Broncos could use a middle rounds pick to select him as they did some years ago for Philip Blake, although I don’t think He could be a G in the NFL.
Tyler Larsen C Utah State Sr 6’4” 312 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Big size C that is a little bit underrated IMO. He has to gain more power and be a little bit more explosive in the pass protection but is able to move a bit and reach the second level of defenders if asked to. Could get used to play at G but looks like a better fit at C because he does not have elite strength on video. Still does a good job in both run protection and pass protection. If the Broncos are looking for depth on Oline, he could be a late round pick. He does a good job in all facet of the game thought he could not have a high ceiling. Worse case a reliable backup and C and with some development at RG/LG too.
Khalil Wilkes C Stanford rSr 6’3” 286 CFA 7th Underrated prospect that has good, not great size, and will have to get a little bigger in the NFL. Still he moves very well, is powerful in the run protection can move the dlinemen and takes good angles. Has good speed and quickness, is able to reach the second level of defenders and block there both in the running game and the passing game. I like what I saw from Wilkes, I understand that he’s powerful but not overly powerful and that he’d need to gain size. Anyhow he’s a solid player that in the right scheme and situation could really thrive. The right scheme IMO is a mixed one as Denver uses, more power blocking but using from time to time some angles and some zone concept. Looks to be a smart player and looks to have the tools to surprise.
Corey Linsley C Ohio State rSr 6’3” 298 6th – 7th 7th – CFA Need to gain more power. Looks physically better suited for the zone blocking scheme, not really fast but precise in his movement. Looks to take good blocking angles. Will have to bulk up and gain strength. I guess the Broncos are looking for bigger lineman that has more power. Still he could be interesting to develop because looks to have really good football IQ and will just need time to prepare for the NFL:
Zac Kerin C Toledo rSr 6’5” 310 CFA 7th – CFA Has really great size, need to play more aggressive and finish off his assignment. Has good mobility and does a good job with his feet in pass protection. Needs to become more powerful in the rushing game. Looks more as prototypical C than a G in the NFL, could need a year or two before he could be ready but has the size and pass protection skills the Broncos really look for.
Jonotthan Harrison C Florida rSr 6’4” 304 7th – CFA 7th – CFA Strong olineman with some quickness at the snap. Has really good size and strength. He will be asked to get a big bigger and I think he can add some pound being still effective. He’s not overly aggressive and will have to adjust to be ready for the NFL. Looks that he relied a bit on his natural size and strength to succeed in college. A very good developmental prospect that with patience could become a solid starter in the NFL. Has the size and the strength that could allow him also to play G.
James Stone C Tennessee Sr 6’4” 306 7th – CFA CFA Strong Olineman that looks powerful in the running game and does an all right job with his footwork in the passing game. Needs to finish off his blocks. Interesting prospect that has the size wanted by the Broncos and would need some time to develop. Really needs to stay focused and finish his assignment.
Matt Armstrong C Grand Valley State rSr 6’2” 302 7th – CFA CFA Looks bigger on video. Has strength and power does not move well and need to learn to anchor better in the passing game and to pull in the running game. Needs to improve his awareness and be quicker at the snap. Long term project at interior lineman. I see him as a long term project, couple of years to learn to play football at a total different speed and power. I also think that if he can develop, he could be more suited to play G in the NFL.
Gus Handler C Colorado rSr 6’3” 295 CFA CFA Local prospect that struggled with injuries in college but shows nastiness and quickness. Has speed and movement to reach the second level of the defenders. Has to get better with his footwork because although he looks to do a god job, too many time he get caught off balance by the defender. Will have to bulk up. Interesting prospect that would be good to check in training camp. He add nastiness to the Oline and looks to do well some things that the Broncos like to do on offense, as moving Olinemen in space and let them tackle in open field in screens or running plays.
Matt Paradis C Boise State rSr 6’3” 306 CFA CFA Needs to get more powerful and anchor well in the passing game. Not elite athleticism. Struggle a little bit with more powerful defenders. Will have to get bigger and stronger but looks to understand angles and looks to play smart. Another prospect in a class of C that has good basics but would need time to develop and could end up playing at G.
Dillon Farrell C New Mexico rSr 6’5” 292 CFA CFA Big size started 2 years at C and one at RT. No enough video on him. Interesting player because of his size.
Pat Eger C West Virginia rSr 6’5” 298 CFA CFA Huge size a lot of room to add weight. He’s quite quick at the snap and looks to be powerful too but often at some point he’s losing balance. Has to learn to use better his feet and his size. Gaining weigh he could become even more powerful and could eventually switch to G An interesting prospect that has the possibility to develop in a dominant Olineman if given the time and chance.
Wesley Johnson C Vanderbilt rSr 6’5” 297 7th – CFA CFA Started 50 straight games. Really Athletic and versatile (started at LT, LG, RT, C). Have been flagged only twice in college and allowed 7,5 sacks. It’s an impressive résumé. He’s a tall Olineman that does a good job with his feet but will need gain more strength. He has really good awareness but could really struggle with powerful dlinemen in the PROs I Guess he’s need some time to develop and to adapt to the NFL. This is the reason I have him only as CFA. Still his versatility is a big plus and he’d be one of the CFA that I would really like Denver to sign.
Bryan Stork C Florida State rSr 6’4” 300 5th NO Does overall a good job both in pass protection and in the running game. Lack elite Athletic abilities to be get consistently at the second level of defenders and looks like has to gain more strength and lower body power to better move the pile at the LOS. From a Broncos point of view he could be worth a late round pick in case they are looking for a C to develop. IMO they’re looking of r a versatile OL that could play C and G and I have doubts he could become a solid pulling guard in the NFL.
Gabe Ikard C Oklahoma rSr 6’3” 298 5th – 6th NO Athletic Olineman that for his size and skills looks to be a perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme. Struggle with big Dlinemen because he lacks elite strength and power but can make up with smart plays and good angles. I don’t see him as effective interior lineman for the Broncos as the Oline is built now. Denver looks for bigger Olinemen that can pull in the running game and in screens.

Prospects that I think would fit Broncos scheme perfectly:

Tyler Larsen –> 1 year development;

Khalil Wilkes –> 2 years development.


Prospects that I like:

Marcus Martin –> 1 year development;

Jonotthan Harrison –> 2 years development.


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