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Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Yawin Smallwood ILB Connecticut rJr 6′ 2” 243 3rd 2nd – 3rd Does a good job reading and reacting to the play. Has really good awareness. Lacks elite speed ad explosion after the snap. Has good tackling technique. Really good size and really good athlete Interesting player that has good size but will have to bulk up. He has the capability to develop in a really good 3 downs NFL MLB. He plays really well against the run and shows capability in coverage.
Christian Jones ILB Florida State Sr 6’3” 232 4th 2nd – 3rd Versatility. Good pass rusher in college that has really great instinct and really first step out of the snap. His best asset is that he reacts really quickly to the play and is able to position himself to be able to make a play. Needs to bulk up and gain more power to be able to disengage blocks in the NFL. In the video I saw I see little evidence of dropping in coverage and the lack of experience in that area could be a concern. Really good prospect that could be more suited for 3-4 OLB that for 4-3. Anyhow he display a great asset of abilities and overall the capability to read and react fast to the play. If the Broncos are interested in a versatile LB I think a late 2nd round pick will have to be used for him. He needs to be used for his strength at the beginning of his PRO career while he’s being developed.
Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin rSr 5′ 11” 246 2nd – 3rd 3rd – 4th He has great instinct for the play. He’s stout and powerful for the NCAA, although his size in the NFL could be a real concern. Still he has really good tackling technique and has a great closing speed. He looks to be a leader on the field that is able to organize the defense. I like this prospect but I think that the broncos would like someone with bigger size. He’s flashy and made a lot of plays in the NCAA but because of his size his production in the Pros could be really affected.
Shayne Skov ILB Stanford rSr 6’2” 245 3rd – 4th 3rd – 4th He has good size but really struggle disengaging blocks from bigger Olinemen. Does a good job tacking good tackling angles. Not the flashiest player at the position in this pool of prospects. Played against top competition in college. Needs to gain strength and power for battling on the line of scrimmage in the NFL. Displays great awareness and effort. I guess the Broncos are targeting him regardless what I do think. My question is are they willing to use a 2nd round pick on him (that would be a stretch) or a 3rd round pick (could be that a couple of others teams selecting before the Broncos could consider Skov too, so it’s not 100% sure he’d be there in the 3rd when Denver will select)? I hope they’re targeting him at the end of the third round. He’s an effort guy, no doubt about it, and has a lot of football knowledge and good size for the position. Unfortunately he does not have explosion after the snap that in today NFL is required for being successful at 4-3 MLB. Could he succeed without that? He did in college, it could be really complicated in the PROs but with his efforts and work ethic and a team that believe in him, I think he could do that. Would Denver have patience in a win now mode?
Max Bullough ILB Michigan State Sr 6’3” 245 6th – 7th 4th – 5th Has really good size, has capability to drop in coverage. Does not have elite athleticism and need to gain power by bulking up. Shows good awareness. Has been suspended before the biggest game of Michigan State had in 25 years. The suspension is something he should have answer to a lot of questions at the combine. Anyhow he has great size and could develop his playing style. Has decent acceleration and great knowledge of the game; I won’t mind if the Broncos will use their 4th round pick on him. He could be selected way higher than this from a team as Cincinnati that is not scared off by the suspension.
Andrew Jackson ILB Western Kentucky Sr 6-0 257 7th 5th Great closing speed and athleticism. Good instinct. No big evidence of coverage ability. Will need to bulk up and get more power in order to not been pushed around by Bigger lineman in the NFL. We’re now in the second week of FA and the Broncos didn’t sign yet a MLB. I’m not really sure that Denver FO will look for yet another young MLB in the Draft, since Irving and Johnson are still on the team and they were battling last training camp for the MLB spot that at the beginning of the season was then assigned to Woodyard (out of position) and then to the training camp signee Paris Lenon that happened to start in the SB.
This kid deserve a look, IMO, because he is able to make plays, he has great closing speed and also could be developed in a good dumper against the run gaining muscle and size in the weight room. I don’t think he is an immediate starter so he could be a option for the Broncos late in the draft, from the 5th round on if he’s still there, he could be an interesting prospect and project. Denver is not looking for starters in this draft, with the possible exception for a capable Olineman (G or C) that could be selected between the first 3 rounds, so a 5th rounder could already be a bubble guy in training camp. This down to CFA I think that if Denver should be interested in Jackson and be brought to Dove Valley to compete with the others linebackers and fight for a 53 men roster on his rookie year, barring character concerns.
Avery Williamson ILB Kentucky Sr 6’1” 238 6th 5th – 6th Good instinct, capable to shed blocks and to drop in coverage. Possess really good game speed and play with intensity. Need to bulk up and be more powerful. He is a little short in size but in line with the other LB Denver selected in the draft the past three years. He could be another Kentucky alumni that could be seen on Denver uniform, at least in training camp. He’s need a full year of development, physically IMO, to be able to match up with NFL Olinemen and big running back. He has the football knowledge and instinct to become a successful MLB in the NFL but right now he’s need to adjust to the power and speed of the Pros.
Cqulin Hubert ILB Southeastern Louisiana Sr 6’1” 250 5th – 6th Didn’t face top level opponent in his NCAA career. Lack a bit of size but looks a bit like Joe Mays. He has good closing speed and looks to take good tackling angles. Not tested with top power and speed and this could be the concern about his play. Big thumper in the running game, he’s able to read and react fast to the play. I like what I saw. “Small” college prospect that could surprise. Broncos MLB has to have the ability to shut down the run and this is what Hubert looks to do best, hitting hard and reading well the play. Additionally coverage is every year more demanded and it’s one area where I didn’t find evidence of competence o internet. Plus the lack of top competition could explain why this prospect is rated as 26th best MLB out of 2014 class. To me he’s much higher and I won’t cry if the Broncos take a flyer on him in the 5th round.
Jack Tyler ILB Virginia Tech rSr 6-0 230 6th Underrated prospect. Lack ideal size but play with a lot of pride. Lack elite quickness but plays with a lot of awareness and plays stout. Looks to be a leader that is able to put him-self in position to make plays. Good run stuffer looks to have the mental toughness to develop his covering capability. He lacks ideal size but I like a lot the videos on him. Looks to have the mental capability to become a 3 down MLB in the NFL, making up with toughness and awareness to his size. Will need to bulk up and to adjust to the speed of the NFL but I bet he could have the tools if in the right scheme and environment. Could contribute too on special teams.
Brock Coyle ILB Montana rSr 6’1” 245 CFA 6th – 7th Running game thumper. He looks really solid and has good enough speed. Looks to enjoy hitting with violence. Shows some capability in dropping in coverage. Has not exceptional athletic skills and does not have ideal size for a 4-3 MLB. I still like enough what I saw in his video to think that he could be really worth a look next training camp. He looks more field ready that some other prospect I gave better draft status and he could turn some heads if he will put enough work ethic in.
Keith Smith ILB San Jose State Sr 6-0 229 CFA 6th – 7th He does not have the ideal size. Still he is explosive to the ball and has really good awareness. He plays really well the running game and has some knowledge of dropping in coverage. Looks to be really bilked up and have power. I like the video on him I saw. On the field he makes up for his size with being explosive and always around the ball. Looks to be a side to side LB. He’s underrated IMO because of his size. Still the Broncos will not look to find an immediate starter in the 3rd day of the draft and at the moment look like they are thin at LB, especially at MLB. A late 6th rounder is quite worthy IMO.
Preston Brown ILB Louisville Sr 6’2” 260 5th – 6th 7th – CFA Good size, lack top speed and top acceleration. Does a good job reading and reacting to the play. Has some experience dropping in coverage. Looks a little bit light, will need to bulk up and gain power. Not an explosive player and need to learn a better technique of disengaging tackles from Olinemen. I would rather prefer an explosive a a bit undersized MLB. This is the only reason why I downgraded him for the Broncos. The lack of explosion is penalizing him on his first step and his lateral movement are not really fluid. I think he cannot start on day one for a team like the Broncos on a win now mode, so I won’t select him until the end of the draft. I think he can gain more strength and power and he could become a capable starter in the NFL. Could be that the lack of speed or explosion won’t make him a star in future years, but in the correct program he could become a solid starter in a couple of years.
Stephon Robertson ILB James Madison rSr 5’11” 230 7th – CFA 7th – CFA High production at FCS level. Plays with intensity and that makes up for his lack of ideal size. Is the kind of player that with work-ethic and effort will force a really good career in the NFL in given a chance. He physically reminds me a bit of Wesley Woodyard. I’m all in for Denver to bring him in to compete for MLB and WOLB. Didn’t see enough on him in videos to know about his coverage ability but he looks to be the kind of player that overachieve if given the chance and the type of player that I would like to have on my team.
Roosevelt Nix ILB Kent State Sr 5’11” 260 CFA 7th – CFA Versatility. He had played at LB and DL in college, being undersized but with a lot of intensity. He is really explosive at the snap and does an incredible job, considering his size, to shed block and penetrate into the opposing backfield and create havoc. He uses really well his arms. At 5’11” his size will for sure be a concern at the PRO level, but he has a unique set of skills that could be really effective if used in the right scheme. His motor and explosiveness could make him successful in the NFL even if it will be hardly a 3-down player.
Caleb Lavey ILB Oklahoma State Sr 6’2” 235 7th – CFA Not enough video on him on internet. The point is that I don’t know why, since he has been voted at all-Big 12 first team by coaches and was 10 in the league with TFL (12,5) and had 4 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles. It’s a huge productions and huge recognition at the NCAA level. He needs to add pounds at 235 lbs. but that happens to be a common thing for the most od the rookies. I just saw an interception of his on internet, nothing else. He probably lack top athletic ability but 12,5 TFL speak for his capability against the run. I think he’s really worth a deep look in training camp, he won’t be a day 1 starter but with time to beef up and learn the speed of the NFL he could turn out to be a solid Pro player.
Jeremiah George ILB Iowa State Sr 5’11” 219 7th CFA Lack ideal size, need to do a better job with his tackling angles. Has good instinct for the ball but at times need to be more patient with the play and tents to overrun a bit. He’s stout and has motor. Plays side to side. What I like less is that sometimes he tends to overrun the play and or looks to be impatient. Has good instinct but lacks awareness. Anyhow has really good athletic capability that make up for his lack of ideal size.
Glenn Carson ILB Penn State rSr 6’3” 235 7th – CFA CFA Not enough video on him in internet. He has good height for a 4-3 MLB, has to gain weight.
Andrew Wilson ILB Missouri rSr 6’3” 240 CFA CFA Not enough video on him on internet Still he was a tackle machine in a defense has a lot of NFL candidate this year. His size (6’2” 241 lbs) could be worth a look at least as CFA.
Steele Divitto ILB Boston College Sr 6’2” 237 CFA CFA Interesting blend of size and awareness. He shows also good closing speed. He is too light for his size, need to gain strength and power. Has rare coverage capabilities but could have hard time against the power runs in the NFL. I think he could have a good shot at playing 3-4 ILB. Denver uses the 4-3 scheme asking MLB first to stop the run. He could be a good addition for his coverage capability and his height but will need time to get bigger and his run stopping could still be an issue with big backs.
Cameron Nwosu
ILB Rice Sr 5’10” 240 CFA Injured. Has not the ideal size for a NFL linebacker. Still has a lot of football knowledge and play really stoutly. Great acceleration and power. Use well his lower body to occupy blockers and shed tackles. Play bigger than his size and he’s a good thumper. Looks to be really explosive and to have to ability to read fast the play and react accordingly. I like a lot this prospect. I understand that 5-11 MLB that can be productive in the NFL are really rare, but Nwosu looks to have really good football knowledge and plays fast.
Clarence Bumpas ILB Northern Colorado rSr 6’1” 245 CFA Lack top acceleration. Still has de endurance and ability to play side to side in the football field. Prototypical thumper MLB. His size and quickness could be a concern in the NFL Local University prospect that could be brought in by the Broncos and evaluate. There’s not enough evidence in his video to understand his capability in coverage. A College Free Agent signing that could be evaluate in training camp also to understand what he could bring in as special teamer.
D.T. Shackelford ILB Ole Miss rSr 6’1” 246 CFA CFA Not enough video on him in internet.
Lost two years with knee injuries that required surgeries.
Damien Proby ILB Northwestern rSr 6-0 245 CFA CFA Not a lot of videos on him in internet. Received Honorable mention twice (2012 and 2013) and made a lot of tackles in his career
Greg Blair ILB Cincinnati rSr 6’1” 252 CFA He has good instinct and plays well the thumper role in the box. Is not fluid when dropping in coverage. Looks to get good angles to tackle. Not the fastest MLB on the 2014 group or the quickest. Looks stout tackling and could gain more strength and power. Not ideal size but a player with a lot of starting experience and good tackling technique. Could be brought in and evaluate in training camp, for what I saw he could be a thumper, given that has to be more fluid while covering and does not possesses top speed at his position.
Jack Doughty ILB Utah State rSr 6-0 234 CFA Not enough video on him in internet. I cannot find any video on him but his stats for 2013 are impressive. 140 tackles, 10,5 TFL etc.. MWC 1st team. Not bad at all. He could be brought to training camp and evaluate with time.
C.J. Mosley ILB Alabama Sr 6’2” 232 1st NO Plays stout and has some coverage ability. Has to do a better job recognizing the play thought he looks to play with full awareness all the time. Has been the leader of a great college defense in Alabama and shined against top college competition. Don’t take me wrong. He played in a 3-4 scheme first of all. Denver uses 4-3. Most of all, I saw lower rated prospects which tape excited me more. He is more ready physically and has really good size, but, playing for Alabama, as a lot of defense prospect in recent year from Alabama, he looks to already have reached his potential. Why I say that? Because Alabama probably has better facilities than some NFL teams, has coaches crew that would be a good one in the NFL too. Plus some of these Alabama prospects have been overrated because there is so much talent on the team. He’ll be a NFL player and most probably the first MLB chosen in the NFL draft, he’s just not my favorite and I hope Denver won’t use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a 3-4 player.
Lamin Barrow ILB LSU rSr 6’1” 232 4th – 5th NO Lacks the ideal strength for the NFL. Looks to tackle more as a Safety than a MLB Lacks the ideal strength for the NFL. Looks to tackle more as a Safety than a MLB
DeDe Lattimore ILB South Florida rSr 6-0 237 7th – CFA NO I actually didn’t like that much what I saw on his videos. He lacks power and strength IMO, which he could gain with good conditioning in a NFL team. His read was poor and too often the Olineman could easily erase him from the play or either he overrun or been caught out of place to make the play. The few times he was in place he made plays. It also looks like he lack ideal size. I think he could have chances with 3-4 teams more than with 4-3. I didn’t see any of the prototypical run thumper that Denver is said to look for and either there was evidence of above average coverage capability.
James Morris ILB Iowa Sr 6’1” 240 7th – CFA NO He has adequate size and does a good job reading the play. Does not have elite speed or quickness and need to gain power. Looks to have the mental capability to drop in coverage but lacks  lateral movement to stay with receivers. I’m less impressed that with other prospect ranked lower than him in this pre-draft process.
Brandon Denmark ILB Florida A&M Sr 6’3” 230 CFA NO Interesting player that in the videos is shown more as a pass rusher than as inside presence. I think he’s better suited for 3-4 defense as a dual threat at pass rusher or ILB. He has acceleration but not great speed; he’s not overly dynamic but has really good instinct for the football and has the patience to stay with the play and to finish it off. Does not looks like a thumper in the running game. I don’t think his skills pair well with what the Broncos schemes has been under Del Rio as DC. I think, for what I saw that he’s underestimated at the moment and has potential to became at least a good backup for the 3-4 defense since he could play different roles in that scheme.


Prospects that I think would fit perfectly in Broncos schemes:

Cqulin Hubert –> 2 years development at MLB / Special team player;

Jack Tyler –> 2 years development at MLB / Special team player;

Brock Coyle –> 2 years development at MLB / Special team player.


Prospects I like:

Christian Jones –> Depth at LB / Special team player / 1 year development at MLB;

Andrew Jackson –> Depth at LB / Special team player / 2 years development at MLB.


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