2014 NFL Draft – Prospects scouting – DT


Name Position College Experience Height Weight General Projection My Broncos Grade General scouting notes My Broncos scouting perspective
Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh Sr 6’1” 285 1st 1st Super athletic, powerful and explosive. The only knock on him is his size; he’s undersized for what NFL likes at DT. He could be employed as DE by 3-4 teams. He’s a playmaker, no doubt about it. I really don’t think Denver will have a shot at him, even if he slides he won’t pass the 22-24th pick surely he won’t pass San Diego. In case he does get to 31st, I hope the Broncos will forget the size they look for DT and select him in a heartbeat.
Louis Nix DT Notre Dame rJr 6’2” 331 1st 1st To me he has been over criticized. He played well also in 2013 but he faced much more double teams to be always effective. I especially liked the video against Michigan where he was a disruptive force through the whole game. If not doubled he was in the backfield. I also don’t think he’s a slam dunk NT, I think he could play the 3-technique in the NFL too. I like him better than Jernigan, maybe because I heard and read about how he wasn’t focused on playing and other stuff that are all a bunch of lie. If he won’t succeed in the NFL will be for other reason, He’s strong and extremely athletic for a guy of his size. I saw him running on the edge of the field to tackle the QB…what about that. If he will be still there at 31st I’d be really happy if the Broncos select him, then again, he is a little undersized to be the tall and big DT the Broncos are probably looking for, would they pull the trigger? Is even he on their board? I’m not that sure.
Timmy Jernigan DT Florida State Jr 6’2” 299 1st 1st – 2nd A little undersized, really powerful and with some interesting quickness. Is not explosive at the snap thought but plays with a lot of intensity that helps him make plays. He has not the incredible skills Donald has, still is a more dynamic than Sly Williams when he came out in 2013, thought Williams looked more explosive at the snap. Similar players, has to be see if the Broncos will select the similar kind of player two years in a row.
DaQuan Jones DT Penn State Sr 6’4” 322 2nd 3rd – 4th Big and powerful Dlineman. Lacks explosion and quickness at the snap, could occasionally get to the passer but have his best plays against the run. It’s difficult to move him for Olinemen, strong has enough agility to move very well laterally for a guy of his size. He could be what the Broncos are looking for at DT, but lack quickness and explosion to be consistently a factor in the pass rush. A 3rd round pick is the maximum IMO.
Deandre Coleman DT California rSr 6’5” 314 5th 3rd – 4th Big powerful Dlineman that plays really well against the run and can create occasional pressure in the passing game. Lacks elite explosiveness and quickness to be a factor in the pass rushing game but has raw power and has beat double teams to make stops against the run. In this case he is a pure run stopper. I don’t believe he’ll last until the 5th round because the lack of size in this year DT class. The Broncos to select him will have probably to spend the 3rd round pick or will have to trade up at the beginning of the 4th because teams that use 3-4 defense will start the 3rd day with the pressing need to find the last few run stopper to put out there. He’s not finished product but in one year could be effective if well coached.
Ego Ferguson DT LSU rJr 6’3” 315 2nd – 3rd 4th – 5th Big and powerful. Has good size and rely on his strength/power. Has some athletic skills and is able to move laterally to fill holes. Lacks explosion and quickness, does not project as a factor in the pass rushing and rely too much on his bull rush. He looks bigger than his size on the field, could be an interesting prospect for the Broncos if they are looking for a run stopper DT. But not until the end of the 4th round.
Anthony Johnson DT LSU Jr 6’3” 308 4th 4th – 5th Has more the body of a 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DT. Is powerful and has some quickness. He’s athletic. Rely too much in bull rush only and needs to learn better technique. He is powerful but has the room to bulk up. An interesting prospect that is really similar to his teammate Ego Ferguson, a little bit less powerful and a bit more agile. Has the chance to develop in a complete DT at the next level but will need time and caching. In a Broncos point of view I see him as his teammate as a mid-rounds pick with something better because the quickness.
Daniel McCullers DT Tennessee Sr 6’7” 352 3rd – 4th 4th – 5th Mammoth Dlineman that has incredible size. Is able to use his size in the running game and occupy blockers. Still does not show the power that a man of his size is supposed to do and have to learn to have a better body balance. Show some serious athletic skills when in movement. Interesting developmental prospect that will need to be coached but can become a force in the NFL. He has the frame for becoming stronger and learning some more pass rush technique together with a better body balance could become a 3 down lineman. But it will take time and patience.
Justin Ellis DT Louisiana Tech rSr 6’2” 334 3rd 4th – 5th Quick and explosive at the point of attack, has great body balance, a little undersized with not many videos to watch on him Everybody is high on the raw prospect. To me is a middle rounds prospect also because I cannot see videos with several parts of matches in which he played to see if, apart the skills, he’s taking downs off or his consistency. The skills are there anyhow, as he’s a bit undersized. All in all he could interest the Broncos in middle or later rounds; Sly Williams has been selected last year to play as penetrator DT as Ellis looks could become in the NFL.
George Uko DT Southern California rJr 6’3” 284 4th – 5th 5th – 6th Quick at the snap, has some good pass rushing tools because he’s a good penetrator. Lack elite power and strength, stay low at the snap and don’t allow Olinemen to put hands on him easily. He has some skills to work on, needs to get more powerful to be a factor against the run. Has the potential to become a good inside penetrator. Denver selected Sly Williams in last year draft, but if he slides a bit and he’d be still there at the end of the 5th he could be a target.
Calvin Barnett DT Oklahoma State Sr 6’2” 317 CFA 6th Big physical Dlineman that occupies space and can create pressures to the QB. Has some power and really good body balance. There is some quickness too in his movements. Still a developmental prospect but one looking good. He is smaller than what Broncos have at DT now but has great potential and could develop in a 3 downs DT.
Caraun Reid DT Princeton rSr 6’2” 302 3rd 6th – 7th Athletic and quick prospect from Princeton. Played against lower competition and excelled there, shined in the senior bowl having multiple sacks in the game. Hold well in the running defense is a bit undersized and is able to move the blocker laterally to fill running holes. Smart player that show awareness and rarely overrun the play. I think that between the size and the experience he won’t be an interesting prospect for the Broncos until late in the draft, being him a bit of a project.
Eathyn Manumaleuna DT Brigham Young rSr 6’2” 296 7th – CFA 6th – 7th Dlineman that did really well in 2013 and that plays very well against the run. Very quick at the snap, has aome power. He will need to add weight and power to be ready for the NFL. He’s a developmental player but as Barnett he looks very promising.
Shamar Stephen DT Connecticut rSr 6’5” 309 6th – 7th 6th – 7th He has huge size. Really not many videos to watch on him. The Broncos connected with Stephen, I think in the E/W Shrine game, and I think that they are looking for a big DT that they could develop for a year under Vickerson and Unrein. Only I cannot find enough video and evidence about him. He run a slower 40s than Hageman and lifted way less than Hageman too. In which round the Broncos are targeting him? No Idea, 5th – 6th? Is it better to reach and risk with him in the 5th round of with Hageman in the 1st round?
Jamie Meder DT Ashland Sr 6’2” 293 7th – CFA 7th – CFA He does not have desired measurable but looks to be just a football player. He plays nasty and looks very fit and prepared for the opponent. High motor prospect that has lacks elite athletic skills but whose intangibles are off the charts. He looks powerful and quick, takes decision quickly and makes a lot of plays. He’s smaller than Unrein but looks similar for his approach to the game. Player at a lower level in college but with his high motor he could develop in at least a solid rotational guy at Dline.
Ryan Carrethers DT Arkansas State rSr 6’1” 337 7th – CFA CFA Nose tackle type of player. Has some mobility, quickness at the snap and power. He’s big and undersized. He will need to lose weight and add power to be successful in the NFL.
Jay Bromley DT Syracuse Sr 6’3” 306 6th CFA Big Olineman with wide shoulders looks taller than 6’3”. He can occupy space and has also some penetration skills. Lacks explosion at the snap and can become a bit more powerful also. A good developmental DT that can play NT or 3-tech. He’s more suited for the 3-4 DE in my opinion right now. Need time to adapt to NFL speed. And Olinemen power but has the size and the look of the NFL D-lineman.
Bruce Gaston DT Purdue Sr 6’2” 308 7th – CFA CFA Nose tackle prospect that has power and is quite stout against the run. Does not bring that much in the pass rush. He will have to become even more powerful but he could be an interesting addition for the training camp.
Ken Bishop DT Northern Illinois Sr 6’0” 306 6th – 7th CFA Undersized, has good explosion at the snap, looks powerful in his bulrush. He’s athletic and agile moves really well and can change direction fast. I think he’s a little bit too much undersized for what Denver looks for. Still has some real skills that probably a 3-4 DE needy team will weigh more.
Chris Whaley DT Texas rSr 6’3” 269 7th – CFA CFA Looks to be a 3-4 DE. Injured. Former RB converted to Dlineman. Was having a breakthrough season when injured his knee. Penetrator DT that injury free looks to have a ton of potential. Sounds a bit to Henry Melton, and invitation to training camp could be interesting.
Beau Allen DT Wisconsin Sr 6’3” 333 CFA CFA NT prospect that have to become more powerful and gain some lateral agility Has good size and could be interesting for the Broncos.
Khyri Thornton DT Southern Mississippi rSr 6’3” 304 6th CFA Big and powerful Dlineman. Has the look of the 3-4 DE, he’s a dynamic space eater. Really few videos on him. I think that he could be more suited for a 3-4 developmental DE.
Jimmy Staten DT Middle Tennessee rSr 6’5” 303 CFA CFA Big raw Dlineman that played at a smaller college. Again there could be the Broncos interest in bringing him to Training camp to compete and then develop him for a year or two using practice squad too as it happened with Saliga.
Mike Pennel DT Colorado State – Pueblo Sr 6’4” 332 CFA CFA Huge size and raw. I hope the Broncos will take a deep look at training camp.
RaShede Hageman DT Minnesota rSr 6’6” 310 1st – 2nd NO Incredible size. Is really explosive and quick at the snap. Lacks elite power and strength to beat consistently his opponent, completely blanketed when facing double team. Much quicker and explosive in 2012. Has the room to add bulk and become more powerful. I’m quite sure the Broncos will have hard time evaluating him. He is the exact type of player they want to replace Kevin Vickerson on the Dline in 2015 and I’m sure they want to draft a player of this kind. IMO he cannot be the Broncos 1st round pick, because expectation will be really high on his productivity and he won’t reach that production. He will have to bulk up and gain power to be a factor in the running game, where he wasn’t a factor in college or at least not as much a 6’6” 300 lbs. should be. He won’t make it to the 63rd pick and trade up in the second to get him it would be a very bad idea. To me it would be better to wait and try to develop one other guy that could be drafted later, but I understand that this will be a tricky situation for the Broncos, they want a replacement for Vickerson and they need it now, if they don’t decide to go with a different kind of player to pair him with Knighton or Sly Williams they will really think to draft Hageman in the first round. And I don’t like what I saw.
Will Sutton DT Arizona State rSr 6’0” 305 2nd – 3rd NO Quick and Powerful and athletic but undersized. His size could be a huge concern for the NFL. The Broncos want bigger D-linemen. He’s probably not on their board or he carries a much lower grade that 2nd – 3rd.
Kelcy Quarles DT South Carolina Jr 6’4” 297 2nd – 3rd NO Big and strong Dlineman, is powerful but looks to lack quickness and explosion to be a real pass rushing factor in the NFL. Played alongside Clowney so some of his production could be due to the constant Clowney double teaming. Less powerful then others prospect, has little bit more quickness but rely only on bull rush in passing downs. On running defense he has been blanketed too much by a single man to be account on as factor.
Zack Kerr DT Delaware rSr 6’1” 326 5th – 6th NO A little undersized, with well-built body played against lower competition and dominated at times. Has great power and he’s also quick at the snap. Athletic, can move well in the field and occupy blockers. There are some questions with him, mainly about his size: the Broncos want bigger Dlinemen out there.

Prospects that I think would fit Denver scheme perfectly:

Aaron Donald –> competing with Derek Wolfe for his starting DE/DT position;

Deandre Coleman –> 1 year development for Vickerson DT position;


Prospects I like:

Louis Nix –> competing for Knighton starting spot;

Calvin Barnett –> 1 year development in Vickerson DT position;

Eathyn Manumaleuna –> 1 year development in Sly Williams DT position


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