2014 Denver Broncos FA additions – Will Montgomery

Will Montgomery reportedly signed a 1 year contract worth 1,325 M.

Two weeks after visiting Dove Valley he sign the deal that includes other incentives.

Good insurance sign for the Broncos.

He most probably will compete for the C starting spot or the main backup for interior Oline positions.

I still think that the Broncos are on drafting an Offensive Guard in the first or the second round of the Draft, if theirs right guys are there.

If not, wait for seeing a late pick or some interesting CFAs make it through training camp at least into practice squad.

Unfortunately both Clark and  and Ramirez played awfully under pressure in the Superbowl, they were the Broncos weak spots and have been exposed.

Denver defense had been improved a lot in the first day of free agency, now it comes the real deal for the future, the O-Line.

B grade, cannot give more for a 31 years old Olineman.

Welcome to BroncoLand, Will!



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