2014 season team preview – Second Day of FA review

What about the 2nd day of free agency from a Broncos point of view?

What about DeMarcus Ware.

The Broncos still have to figure out who will be the starting LG and MLB, but they get much better with this signing. Off course he could get injured so it would be like a waste of money, but any player could get injured. Anyhow what is more exciting me about this signing is that Ware will bring his intensity and leadership to a defense that is really young for the most parts.

I know the Seahawks killed the Broncos and had the youngest roster in the NFL, but having Ware opposite to Von Miller not only is placing the Broncos far ahead everybody else in the AFC West, but also in the entire AFC.

Ok, New England signed Revis, and it’s scary, but they still don’t have anybody to throw to and Denver already owned them in the past AFC Championship. They are the second closest team.

I guess San Diego could be considered third, close to New England, then Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, than Kansas City.

But they are all some impact players away from the Broncos.

This is just free agency but when you have to notice that the best players want to play for the Broncos, you cannot be happier, and it just happened 3 times in one day and half.

Now Offensive Guard and Middle Linebacker. At the end of the day the Broncos will bring in some veteran player to challenge some youth that is already here or will be acquired through Draft. I’m not really worried now, a rookie could be found to play right away as LG and Nate Irving was getting better and better as SLB towards the end of the 2013 season, maybe he just need to play MLB to be a good one, who knows?

OK, Mincey went to the Cowboys with a great contract for the Cowboys and Decker signed a good contract for the Jets; Broncos FO decided days ago that they were not going to resign him, they probably didn’t see enough added value in spending big money on a position WR were Manning already proved to be able to play with almost everybody, so they signed Caldwell for reasonable money and they’ll draft some other young player.

I don’t think Denver will bring back either Woodyard or Moreno; Ayers could be in the mix for a reserve role, but other than that nothing else.

Draft will be for offense: OL, RB, WR and some defense in the third day: CB, LB. Also KR-PR (second-fifth round). This it will be, don’t be shocked if the 1st rounder, assuming that Denver is not trading down, it will be an explosive RB that can also protect Manning, or per say, a better version of Moreno. I don’t know if this kind of player is there on the board, but I’m sure the Broncos are deeply looking for it, more than WR.

Another tough about WR situation on the roster now, the Broncos could try to use more TEs in place of Decker, Tamme-Dreessen could be a tandem and be used much more in 2014, they could just as good in tandem as Decker was in 2013.

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