2014 Denver Broncos FA additions – DeMarcus Ware

3 years, 30 M, around 20 guaranteed.

We are gonna kick some a___s in 2014.


I love it. I also guess that there will be some injury options in the contract, since it involves this much money.

This is really big, and speaks itself for what players see in the Denver Broncos as Organization and as place to play.

Is the number 1 choice for the elite players.

Ware come first to Denver after being free-agent for the first time in his career. He and Broncos FO make it happens.

The Broncos are always a Manning season ending injury away from being an average team, with Manning playing the Broncos are the leading horse for representing the AFC in SB 49, and is not even close.

As fans, we cannot ask for more.


Thanks DeMarcus, Thanks John Elway.


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