2014 Denver Broncos FA additions – Aqib Talib

The Broncos signed CB Talib late on tuesday to a huge 6 years 57 M deal that includes 26M in guaranteed money.

I graded this deal as a B because I want to give the doubt to Denver FO. I expct them to have offered to DRC a deal similar or something closed to and I guess he or his entourage tourned it down.

This is why I have a B and not a C.

I think Talib was good with New England, and steal another weapons from youe best opponent in the past season is also appealing. Anyhow you leave your opponent open door to go and get your former employee (with a huge chip on his shoulder) and, worse, much worse, get a better option in Revis (that will be cut today).

I hope Broncos FO graded TAlib better than DRC and close or even better than Revis because Talib comes with his character concerns that were neutralized in New England but there is no sure thing in Denver (might Tracy Porter been left out two years ago because of this same reason?).

I would have rather prefer Denver to re-sign his own players (DRC in this case) since it’s already clear how they melt in this locker room, I just think DRC played cocky over his situation and Denver FO didn’t like it.

It could end up being a mistake by both sides.

Welcome Talib.

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